March 15th, "The Second Time Around" - Aventura, FL

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I had lipo and fat transfer done in June 2011. I...

I had lipo and fat transfer done in June 2011. I am not happy with the results. The local cosmetic surgeon has offered to do a revision at half the cost, but I am not confident in the skill ability. I actually joined this site in June 2011 and had STRONGLY consider traveling to have the procedure done, but decided against it due to my work and school schedule...surprisingly not because of cost (the price would have be almost the same).

I cannot say anything new or different than all of you have shared about your desires and motivation to have this procedure reasons and motivations are the same. I will add that I am 35 years old, no children, I am 5' 4" and I estimate my current weight to be between 200 and 210lbs (haven't weight recently). My heightens weight ever, over the last three years has been 242lbs. At one point no matter what diet and how much exercise I was gaining weight every week.

In 2009/2010, I learned that I had a tumor on one of my adrenal glands. My doctors believe that cause many hormonal changes and the weight increase was a byproduct. I'll stop here and say that I've never been small and have always been "heavy", but the 242lbs was just awful! I will also add that the procedure in June (nor having my adrenal gland removed in 2010) was my first surgical experience. I have had two biopsies and a breast reduction. All were procedures that went well and had postive outcomes! I have, since June 2011, had other consultations and recently had a virtual consultation with Dr. Salama.

I have admired his work and the information shared by his patients. I talked to Ruben on Tuesday and again today, and have decided to have the procedure redone by Dr. Salama on March 12th. I am already excited and nervous. Dr. Salama recommends a tummy tuck in order to remove the excessive skin that will result from his liposuction technique. He will be addressing the abdomen, the flanks, the full back and inner thighs through liposuction as well as perform the tummy tuck and fat transfer. I am thinking about including the arms but Ruben said I can finalize that during the pre-op consult when I arrive the day before.

I am looking forward to a sexy figure, and hour glass shape and extremely prominent projection of my butt. Dr. Salama believe he can successfully add 1000 cc of fat to each side and I was pleased to hear that as my previous doctor said she was only able to inject 250 to each side (very disappointing). I was concerned about the tummy tuck because I have read review regarding the pain from both sides (i.e. it's very manageable v/s it's awful). I don't expect recovery to be a breeze, but I am an admitted "punk" when it comes to sever pain. So I'm doing as much research as I can on how to prepare for it and manage it. So based on what I've been reading for months (and it's so very much on here and the various other websites).

I am planning to do a great deal of things to prepare such as: 1) trying to encourage a friend to join me on the trip 2) exercising, not too loose weight so much (he wants me to be 200lbs or very close to that number), but to build up strength in my arms and abs and legs so that I can help ease moving around 3) being more mindful of my diet, making healthier choices, which is not new because I had been doing weight watcher for the last year 4) investigating the hotels recommended by Ruben and trying to find out the nearest amenities such as Walmart or Kroger so that I can buy fresh fruits, veggies, water, coconut water (instead of Gatorade, but same purpose) That's all I can think of for right now. But there is so much other stuff that I know I need to research and learn.

The wealth of information on this site alone based on the experiences and research is so overwhelming. One thing works for one person, but another reports something that works best for them. I wonder if the administrator can streamline all of the recommendations (just points and tips, not commentary) into a link under the FAQs? Like use this for this, make sure you have this at home afterwards to aid in this, or this makes this easier. That way site users don't have to search each person's posting or updates. Just a thought, but also more work (lol).

Any-who, I wish I had not allowed myself to be bound by work and school this summer, and had the sense enough to at least have a consultation with Dr. Salama. I am certain I could have saved myself $8000+ and been well into enjoying my new look by now. BUTT (spelled that way on purpose) life is a learning experience and I am glad to have Dr. Salama as a recourse versus being stuck with the results I have now. I will post before pictures when my surgery date approaches and I have someone take appropriate pictures of me (that allow me to maintain my identity). And of course I'll post pictures afterwards.

If anyone has tips and tricks to share, feel free to drop a message. Finally, I will be traveling from Chicago. Most likely leaving on Sunday, March 11th. I have read where others who have/are traveling alone offer to link up and share the cost of hotel and to have the company. I am interested in doing something like that if I am unable to convince someone to tag along. Please reach out if you have a surgery date near mine, will be traveling alone and are interested in "collabrorating". To all who have dates coming up soon, best wishe! Peace and Blessings!

Date changed from March 12th to March 14th.

Date changed from March 12th to March 14th.

BBL ladies, especially those of you who are in the...

BBL ladies, especially those of you who are in the recovery process, if you need a "pick me up" or are bored, go to the tummy tuck section of this site and read
Her name is Michinbriz (well, that's her profile name). Even though many of you have not had or will have a tummy tuck (I will be having one and that's why I've been reading those reviews too), I still recommend reading Michinbriz's blog because it is purely hilarious! It's like reading a novel. You won't regret it...the only thing is laughing may not feel so good.

Pre-Op Testing - Completed February 13th Pre-Op...

Pre-Op Testing - Completed February 13th
Pre-Op Clearance by PCP - Completed February 20th
Payment for Procedure - Completed week of February 27th
Trip from Chicago to Florida - 9 Days Away
Procedure - 10 Days Away

Pre-Op shopping is partially complete. I have the white panties and tanks, a few dresses and yoga pants. I bought some comfortable shoes that slip on. They are Merrells. They zip but don't have to be. When they are zipped, they fit like a glove! T.J. Maxx and Marshalls are great stores and have been where I've gotten all of my clothing. Try the clearance sections first though and if needed they do offer layaway. You will also find Spanx garments at both stores too. I haven't purchased those yet either, but the selections and style offerings seem ample. I decided to leave busy work/project to keep myself occupied in Florida the night before. So I will go to Walmart/Target for groceries and essentials...doesn't make sense for me to load up a suitcase with gauze, benedryl, funnel, etc. Walmart/Target are universal so I'll get all of that supplies there. I do have Tylenol PM, Docolax, and Pepto already in my medicine cabinet so I'm throwing that in my bag...doesn't make sense to buy what I already have. I also bought wipes to take with me and here's why. Walgreens have a brand of cotten-like wipes for adults that are the size of washcloths with aloe. I really like them and think that for the first few days they will be the all in one that I need to feel as fresh as possible. I will do some post-op trip/surgery shopping this weekend, so that when I land back in Chicago I can return home knowing that I have what I need since I live by myself. An if things are slow with recovery I have several friends that I can stay with.

Hmmm, let's see, what else. Those of you who have already had the full Elite Plastic Surgery experience already know this, but I'll reiterate it. So far, Dr. Salama's team (Ruben and Naomi) is great! They are friendly, polite, and caring. Now, that is to be expected. But it really makes this a better process. I call and email Ruben ALL the time and he is so receptive. They are busy, no doubt. And have just opened a surgical center, so it's understandable. They have been good at being responsive, overall.

I have been only taking vitamin C and iron. My iron level was at 12 so that is a good thing and I anticipate that when it is tested the day of my procedure it will be higher.

I was keeping a journal, but between work and school it's been hard. I wish I had the time to devote to journaling about this experience because it was a good way to ease the intensity and anxiousness that I have felt. Also, a year from now, I'd like to be able to have my thoughts, feelings, and experiences written down because I'm sure I'll forget some of this.

As of now, I may be changing some of my procedures. I'm not sure yet and won't know until I have a face-to-face consult with Dr. Salama, but the changes will be contingent on if he indeed continues to recommend a tummy tuck. If not, I'll possibly be adding a breast lift.

I'll be staying at the Best Western in Adventura. I may rent a car (for my friends to drive). I know that transportation is included but I do not like to wait on rides, especially when I do not feel well!

So here's the dirty part, ladies. I am sure I will not post anything on here until a week or so after my procedure. It will really just depend on how I feel. If, after reading this update, you want to say/share something with me, please let it ONLY be well wishes (don't wish me luck, just blessings or well wishes, or positivity)! I already know that members of this site are interested in pictures but asking or hinting about won't make me post them. I want to, plan to, and will post pictures! Trust me. I want to share my entire experience and results with all of you because so many of your stories have been meaningful and helpful to me. But I also recognize my tolerance for nonsense and people's foolishness. There has been a great deal of unnecessary garbage on this site recently and I will not tolerate it! So the best way for me to avoid it is to set my expectations upfront so that we are all clear. So again, please:

1) Please, do not send "good luck" messages. Only messages of well wishes, blessings and positivity (energy).
2) Please, do not ask about or for pictures. I will, in due time, post before and after pictures. I give you all my word on that provided you all honor my request.
3) Please, do not have conversations in my comments section with other members. I know it's not done intentionally or with ill intent, but please go to the profile of the person you want to communicate with if you have EXTENDED questions or comments...not saying to you can't say anything to another person who also make a comment but if it's more than one just go to their profile, please!
4) Please read, and maybe re-read, before asking questions.

I know some of you may be reading this and think that I am being harsh or that this is unnecessary. Even if you don't like, agree with it or understand it, please just honot it or you can decide to not visit my profile. The more I think about it, the things I have asked of you all may be things that we practice and apply to everyone on here.

Finally ladies, if you have had your procedure and are feeling the effects of post surgery depression, visit other sides of this website, for procedures like gastric bypass or breast reconstruction or tummy tuck, so of those stories are so very inspiring and those procedures, for some, were life saving. It will help to put things in perspective.

Well, that's all for now. It's been so difficult to not be so vocal on this site and it's been even harder to not be obsessive with all of your stories (as well as the tummy tuck stories and breast lift/reduction stories). And even with some of the negativity this site has been WONDERFUL. I know she's not visiting this site anymore (per her last post) but I have to tell you all that Bronzedashian's STORY (and her results) really was the turning point for me. After having this procedure done last June and not achieving the outcome I wanted, I sort of gave up. Coming (back) to this site lit a fire in me again. You all, over all, caused me to believe that I could achieve the figure and shiloette that I so desire! For a brief second, I beat myself up for not choosing Dr. Salama (or Compos) last year (see my initial story for those details). But with so many great STORIES I quickly gave myself the permission to GET THE HELL OVER IT, lol, cause I had to get a game plan together! I want to thank two special girls on here: Bosslady23 and Lana234...I look forward to a long lasting friendships with you both! As some of you know, this isn't a cake wall, FINANCIALLY (God knows that after these procedures I will have spent approximately 20K that could have been easily used for so many other things), mentally, physically or emotionally but I am so looking forward to wonderful results and an increase in me being comfortable in my own skin!

I wish you ladies NOTHING but ALL things positive and blessed! So many people would love to make "refinements" to their physical beings but cannot afford it so let's remember how fortunate we are!

Feel free to send me a private message or post a comment with questions, I will be logging in as normal, lol, over the next week, just not posting updates.

Peace and Blessing!
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Greetings, just want to provide a status so that I...

Greetings, just want to provide a status so that I can have a "journal" of my experience. I'm at the airport. My flight is in about an hour and a half. I'll be going directly to Dr. Salama's office to check-in. Afterwards, going shopping and to the hotel. My pre-op consult will be in the morning, but surgery may be delayed until Thursday. I'll find out for sure when I meet with Ruben this evening. I am very excited. Extremely nervous. But HIGHLY prayerful and absolutely trusting God for His grace and mercy thoughout this entire journey!

It's wonderful that quite a few of us are having our procedures this week. I am sending and wishing for only positivity for each of us, those that are in their recovery phase and those waiting for their day.

Peace and Blessings!

Day 2 post-opt. Surgery went well, thankful to...

Day 2 post-opt. Surgery went well, thankful to God for that! So much to say and I will, I am just tired and it is hard to type on my cell phone while laying down. My first nurse left earlier this morning and the second one should be landing shortly (not really nurses, but my very best friends). I'll have my friend update with more later. BUTT (yes, pun intended) I will say this: I had this procedure last year and this time I feel far worse than before!!!! I know everyone's body is different and that a few of you report recovery bring smooth with little pain, that is wonderful! But I am extremely sore and stiff! I am so sore and stiff that I am very thankful that I only had the BBL! I cannot imagine having this done while combined with other procedures...just can't! Okay, I'll be back later today or tomorrow. Pictures probably won't be posted until Monday.

First thing: NO PICTURES YET. I had a low-grade...

First thing: NO PICTURES YET. I had a low-grade fever over the last few days, so there has been no energy to do anything extra. Also I need to get my before pictures when I go back for follow up, which is this Thursday. I'm feeling better this evening. My temperature is stable, but I was told to expect it to fluctuate. It is important to take the antibiotics and eat, as well as take the pain medication! Real talk, no other way to put that! It is also very important to keep the garment on!!!! While feeling sick, I decided to lay down before putting mine back on after showering and trust me I paid for that twice. It's also important to get up and move. It helps with circulation and work the lymphatic system (hint...the massages). Speaking of the massages: it hurt like hell, specifically my sides/flanks! Celia came to my hotel room to do it for the first time yesterday ( that probably was a smart move since my surgery was Thursday). I was glad for the doctor's sake because my agony would have scared some potential clients away...I'm certain of that! Celia was nice and actually wasn't applying the normal pressure given during a massage, but it still hurt like hell! In the end, she has you stretch and eases you into a yoga position and that felt great. I'm doing that on my own because she'll be back tomorrow (YIKES!).
Let's see, did I say "don't think all you should eat is soup"? Please plan to eat real food! Foods and veggies high in protein and iron. That is key. Even if you don't eat a huge helping at one time, getting those things in make a difference.

BM: I have had two with no problem and no stool softener or laxatives. It could have been helped by my cycle started Friday night/Saturday morning (Lord, thank you for allowing it to finish today!).

My first follow up was Friday and was with Nomie. She moved the dressing and changed my garment. Another hurt like hell experience. But let me pause here and say that I expected most of this stuff so these are not complaints. I didn't have massages before. This is new. But I keep telling myself to take it like a champ because it will get me where I want to be.

Results: So far so good. Haven't had much nausea at all and no vomiting (again, Lord, thank you!). My waist is shrinking by the day! As I shared in my last update, I didn't have the tummy tuck. Dr. Salama actually recommended that I wait and see how this went because I didn't have much skin and it was tight ( haven't had kids). I was cool with that because no matter what I did to calm and encourage myself, I was most afraid of the TT. However, with giving him the okay to not do it (doing it would have limited the amount of fat he could lipo, I think he said to just one liter) I had to accept that my waist was probably not going to be the small sized I dreamed of! But hold up, wait a is far better than I expected! And I'm still retaining fluid and swelling. The hour glass shape is definitely here and if I do my part it should be easy to maintain and even improve (and that is my plan...REAL TALK!)!
CC: I had a quick follow up with Dr. Salama on Sunday. He told me he injected approximately 1400 cc per side! No words to express how surprised I am...I pray that I maintain it or as close to it as possible! And no, it's not a huge, ghetto booty either! It looks real and proportioned with my body (remember my waist/stomach isn't flat)! It is hard though! I can't wait until it softens up!

Odds/Ends: I forgot to get a funnel. I started peeing using the small garbage can in the hotel bathroom. It wasn't so bad, it just worked the heck out of my thighs!!! On Saturday I got smarter and started using a small plastic bowl they gave me to empty my drains in. It is much easier to use. No bending to pick it up and no have to stretch my legs for the garbage can. Oh, not sure if this was suggested by anyone, but get yourself a plastic tumbler cup with a lid and straw. It will make drinking while laying down on your stomach a breeze! I even found one with a flexible straw, so it was effortless. I met another girl at my hotel with a similar cup so I am convinced it's a good thing to add to any of your prep list.

What's next: massage number 2 tomorrow. Doctor's appt Thursday and drains out. Massage number 3 Friday. Home Saturday. Will update again Sunday or Monday...hopefully with pictures (at least after pictures).

Take care everyone. Peace and God's Blessings!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Will provide more details later.

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