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If anyone is scheduled for a Friday in early July...

If anyone is scheduled for a Friday in early July with Dr. Salama and you want to trade for another day of the week in early July please let me know! My current date is conflicting with my work and it's causing me a ton of stress :(
7/3 would be perfect but 7/10 would work too :)

I'm not even sure if we're allowed to trade dates but I'm desperate so I figured it won't hurt to try lol

Triangle board for lower back?

I'm thinking about ordering a triangle board for my lower back that I found online. I've seen it mentioned on here a few times but I haven't really seen anyone that actually used it? I mostly see the foam being used in the back of the garment. How many of you used the triangle board and how many of you think it was necessary?!

**Also, I'm still hoping to trade my surgery date with Dr. Salama for a Friday (even a Thursday might work) instead of a my Tuesday date if anyone is interested :)

Productive week

This week has been really productive while preparing for surgery. I paid off the majority of my balance, got my labs done and got the results cleared, booked a condo on airbnb for a week and ordered all of my supplies online. All I have left to do wait for the supplies to get here so I can start packing, get the EKG done, and book my return flight back home. My condo reservation is flexible but since a plane ticket is not I'm waiting until the very last minute to book it in case there's anyyyyy chance at all that Dr. Salama gets a cancelation and I can change my surgery to another day that week, ANY day but Tuesday would work at this point
:( I've seen soooo many girls on here that needed to change their dates and it always worked out for them so I had really high hopes that I would be able to get another day but it doesn't look like that's going to happen for me???????? I never expected it to be this difficult that's for sure but I guess he's really booked. I'm so mad at myself for jumping on the first date he had available just because I was desperate to get the surgery done this summer...I wish I would have thought it through more instead of just taking it and hoping it would work out. Since I own my own business I can't just "take off work" and have someone cover for me. There is no one else lol So it's going to be a rough week for us if a miracle doesn't happen.

Anyway, I'm done complaining! I'm just excited to get my old shitty lipo results redone and spend a week in South Florida. My normal weight is usually 145-149ish but I messed around and ended up at 170 yiiiikes. I just kept thinking I'm getting lipo so whatevaaaa and out of nowhere boom 20 extra pounds. So I really can't wait to get this done because I feel sloppy and chubby :( I'm down to only 1 pair of jeans that fit right now and I'm going to have to wear them every day until surgery pretty much lol

So far Dr. Salama's staff has been so helpful. Nomie, Nancy, Megan and Jesenia especially. They got me in for a consultation appt at the last minute when I called the day before because I found out I was going to be in town for the day, they respond to emails super fast and answer every question I've had. I'm really happy I decided to switch to his office from another Dr. I was booked with back in April. I always wanted Dr. Salama from the beginning but I thought I couldn't afford him and it turns out it's only costing me about $2k more than what I was going to pay with the other Dr and it's definitely worth it I think.

Sorry in advance for how long this turned out to be lol good luck to every one going to Salama this week :)

Arnica post op?

How many days after surgery did you guys start using arnica gel or taking arnica pills? None of the nurses have suggested it or recommended using arnica or Bromelain. I just got it because everyone on here uses it but now I'm not sure if I should since no one in the Dr's office has said anything about it. Im itching like crazy. How did you use the gel? Put it on and then put the garment right back on over it? Or put it on and leave the garment off for a while?


Even though I'm pretty much talking to myself on here because no one cares to answer questions on reviews with no pics, I figured I'd try ONE more time to ask a question because I don't want to keep bothering the office and input from people who've been through this would be helpful. Basically, the office was out of stage 2 garments in the size I needed so they gave me a stage 2 that was 1 size too small to use in the future. In the meantime, my garment from surgery is way too loose even with all the foams and being clipped on the last row. The stage 2 that's too small feels so much better on than the other garment but I can't fit in it with the foams. So how important are the foams?! Which is better to wear?! The stage 1 with the foams even though it's too big or the stage 2 without the foams even though it's too small? Anyone??

Supplies FYI

Just a heads up for anyone having surgery soon that is shopping for supplies right now! Don't overdo it! I spent like $150 on supplies and didn't use any of them!
What I bought:
50 chux (I didn't bleed at all after surgery so I didn't use any of them)
Vinyl bed cover (didn't use it because Dr. Salamas office gave me 3 huge bed covers big enough for 1 side of the bed and I never bled on any of them)
2 pairs of extra compression socks (didn't use them because I was alone all week and I couldnt change my own socks so I had to wear the ones from surgery all week)
Adult size wet wipes (didn't use them because you can shower the 2nd day and every day after)
P-Ez funnel (this is a must! I can't imagine doing this without the funnel. It would be impossible)
3 pairs of non slip socks for over the surgery socks-(didn't use them because the office gives you a pair)
Bromelain-(never took it, the office didn't suggest it)
Arnica gel & pills-(didn't use either, the office never suggested them)
Extra bed sheet-(used this just in case because the bedding was all white)
Gauze & tape-(only started using this after the 1st massage (day 4) and you only change it every time you shower so you don't need much)
Mini 1st aid kit-(never needed it)
Lips foams-(didn't use because I got a bunch from the office)
Ab board-(haven't used this yet because I haven't been instructed to do so by the office)
Slippers-(you def need these)

I packed 5 maxis dresses, 5 pairs of underwear, 5 boy shorts and I ended up not wearing clothes or underwear the entire week. I wore a maxi dress once to my follow up appt and once to my massage. Underwear is unnecessary. It's too much with the drains, garment, etc. I think that's it? You really don't need much! Hope this helpful and saves you some money :)

How much longer?

How long are we supposed to wear the foams for? I'm tired of looking like a fluffy marshmallow. When can I start wearing just the garment? Or just the garment with a squeem or waist clincher over it? I don't get how this whole garment thing is supposed to work at all. I'm still in a 3xl from surgery and it's too big even with the foams but the 2xl is way too tight even at 2 weeks post op. Why is my garment size so huge when I don't look huge?! I've never worn an XL in anything in my life so how am I too big for a 2XL right now?! There's girls on here that are talking about being in S & M garments and I can't even get into a 2xl :( I don't get it. And I don't think my waist is getting smaller either. Everyone makes it seems like with constant garment use and compression you keep shrinking. I'm definetely not. My waist appears smaller because it's contoured but my waist measurement is the same as before. How is this possible :(

7 month Update

It's been 7 months this week. I haven't been on here in so long because it's just depressing :( I'm just really bitter about everyone else's results lol so I try not to come on here and dwell over it. My overall body shape is much better and there's a lot of improvement in the way my stomach looks now compared to the previous lipo I had but I guess I just expected more. My butt measures the same as before (46") but it does look better/fuller except for 3-4 big dents on the left cheek. It looks really natural and other than the dents it's exactly what I was hoping for. Since I already had a nice big butt to begin with I just wanted it to look fuller and perkier but the same size. Dr. Salama really listened to what I wanted and did a great job making it happen. I'm dreading the fact that I need a revision because of these dents because I can't imagine spending another dollar on this surgery after the $12k it cost me the first time. I have a ton of loose skin now on my stomach and back that I didn't have before and there is no difference in my back fat at all. I'm really wondering if the fact that I wore my post op garment for 3+ weeks after surgery is the reason I have so much loose skin? The office ran out of my size garment and had to order it and mail it to me so I was stuck in the same post-op garment for the first month which was way too big and had no compression even with the foams. My waist is smaller by only 3 inches. I have these weird rolls leftover on my sides under my bra line that Dr. Salama said was probably just swelling at my post-op appt but it's been 7 months and they're still there and exactly the same. My bra band exaggerates them and they're even more noticeable in clothes just like the dents on my butt.

I think my overall shape is improved but I'm not really sure if it's worth the dents, loose skin, leftover rolls on my back and sides that I didn't have before and the money I spent. The inner and outer thigh lipo were not worth it. No differences there at all. I actually have 2 big dents on either sides of my thighs now, I'm assuming from the outer thigh lipo. If my back fat was gone, bra rolls were gone and I had no dents I would be 100% happy with the results and I feel it would have been worth the money and painful recovery for sure. The loose skin is only a problem when I'm sitting down so it's not the end of the world and I knew it was a risk with aggressive lipo. The appearance of my stomach looks so much better so I'm thankful for that. Dr. Salama's pre & post-op care was on point. He's straight forward, honest and up-front about what you can expect and he listens! I'm so happy with my decision to go to him for this surgery and I know there isn't a better surgeon out there. I don't blame him at all, I think he's great.

How does the revision process work? Does anyone know an estimate of how much the revision costs? I've been putting off emailing the office to find out what I need to do to get a revision and how much it costs just because I almost don't even want to know but I can't live with these dents and weird rolls forever.

Have you guys seen this craziness?

Yikes???????????????????? Another reason why I'm so thankful I found Dr. Salama. This is so scary!


Exactly one month away from the revision surgery. I'm dying to get this over with. I use to wear nothing but crop tops but I haven't been able to for the last year because I have these weird rolls leftover on my sides and this crazy sagging back fat that I didn't have before. I can't wait to be smoothed out and roll free again. Preparing for the revision is so much less stressful than the first time. It helps that Dr. Salama's staff is so amazing. Can anyone who's had a revision let me know what to expect? Just as much pain? Drains again? After the first surgery I swore I would never do this again because it was so awful. I'm hoping the revision isn't as bad. T-31 days!

I HATE my butt :(

Its been a year and a half since my first BBL and almost 5 months since my revision. The revision ruined everything. Before the revision my thighs were disgusting from sagging skin and dimples caused by the the inner/outer thigh lipo but at least my butt looked nice (except for a couple dents on the left cheek). Now I have disguting thighs and a messed up butt to match. I have thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills from ER visits due to complications from the revision surgery and my butt looks and feels like shit. I'm contemplating posting pictures but I just dont know. I wake up every day depressed from the unbearable feeling of regret constantly weighing on me. And to top it off I'm in debt now with these medical bills. I didn't even need a BBL. I needed the lipo and though what the hell might as well make my already perfect butt even better. I should have never done anything to it the first time.

Outer thigh lipo ruined my legs

Dents and rippling skin on both of my outer thighs as well as dent/flat spot on the side of butt cheek. It looks like I have MAJOR cellulite now. EVERYWHERE. My butt is covered in these same exact dents.


My butt before vs. right now. Huge dents, scar tissue that feels like rocks under my skin and a giant red scar from the incision right in the middle of my butt cheek.


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