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I finally did it! I submitted my pics to Dr....

I finally did it! I submitted my pics to Dr. Salama's office and I'm waiting for their assessment. I hope that I am a good bbl candidate.
I'm not sure of what the next step will be but I can't wait to start my journey. I have read alot of the reviews and looked at pictures of his work. I hope that I will have similar success with my procedure. #fingerscrossed

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Sooooooo, I have to lose a little weight before I have the surgery. Once I lose the weight I will be around 138lbs. I'm 5'2" and I'm concerned that I won't have enough fat at that weight. I know that the doctor knows best where this is concerned but that doesn't stop me from wondering. I've decided that I want a heart shaped bootay, lol!!! I don't have my date yet since I haven't put my deposit down yet. I hope to have it by the beginning of September. Yay!!!!!


I put down my deposit and I finally have a surgery date. My transformation will take place on 10/10/14!!! I'm nervous now because things just got real! It's no longer something that I am just dreaming and fantasizing about. I need advice on how not to go crazy with anticipation while I'm waiting for my date to come. LOL, HELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!
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