Tips on Garments, Burns and Hyperpigmentation post BBL (Salama) - Aventura, FL

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I have already had my surgery and originally I was...

I have already had my surgery and originally I was only going to use this site for info and not ever post anything. I did not want to risk the chance of being found out considering my profession. I also did not tell anyone except my husband that I was getting this procedure done. Recently there was a young lady who was severely burned and I felt really bad for her. My husband said I should start posting b/c I was also burned and developed areas of hyperpigmentation. This info could help somebody make an informed decision. I just want to make it Known that posting on something like this is not my thing and I will be very non specific with photos and dates for privacy reasons but I do want to help. I also want to state that Dr. Salama is a very good doctor but I feel he is taking on too many patients. I Barely saw him. The staff at elite is wonderful and very accomodating. Nancy and Nomie and very good with emailing back quickly and the massage therapists especially Celia are top notch. I do love the shape of my body and my butt. I just wish I wasnt burned or hyperpigmented. Both are being cared for and it is improving but it will take a long time.

garments/postop care

I will try to always get right to the point in my posts without idle chatter.

1. Do your research and know your body. If you dont like something fix it right away. If you dont feel you have enough compression tell them. I would have left FL in a large if I didnt say something. Instead I left in a small cg.

2.Once you get home stay in a thigh in garment as long as possible. I know its uncomfortable especially if you didnt have thigh lipo but it is the only garment that will give you tight compression on the pubis and lower abdomen. I can give this advice b/c I have spent well over 1k just trying different garments and I have an actual trunk full of them. Stay in a thigh in as long as you can stand it.

3. If you are like me and have thunder thighs there will come a point when you need to go smaller but cant get the cg past your thighs.In that case vedette 136 and 107 or 111 are best. They give good compression from the pubis to high back. 107 and 111 are the thong and panty version of the same garment. Think about an extra panty or boyshort garment for that time of the month. 107 and 111 do not have hooks or zippers but dont be fooled it is tight. They have a latex inner layer. I luv the latex anything, great compression. The other vedette garments like the 128 i cannot believe girls are using this like 3 and 4 weeks postop. They are not built for what we are doing.

4. If you are using garments with the hook/eye combo in the crotch and need to go smaller but cant b/c its literally splitting your vagina in two, you can order extenders made by leonisa. I ordered mine from the pink room. This way you can go smaller without sacrificing your privates.

5. Order epi-foam from biodermis. It has a silicone side that when pressed against you really helps with skin healing. Use there silicone strips on your incision sites once they are closed. Especially on the hip area. Mine have almost disappeared and the coloring is almost gone. Im still treating but confident they will almost undetectable.

6. Latex vests over the garment are the best. I used sqeem but they only go to xs. Jancriss has latex vests and cinchers that go to 3xs and are thick and very well made. Its very stiff at first and will take two people to put on first few days. I am currently in a 3xs vest. They also have garments that are much tighter than lipoexpress garments. I had to actually cut one off of me bc it was suffocating.

7. invest in massages. Massage envy should be a last resort only. They do not cater to surgery patients. Look at chiropractor offices as they also usually do ultrasound therapy too. Also call lipo surgeons in the area and ask what massage therapists they use. Most surgeons that do lipo recommend massage therapy post op and they have to send their patients somewhere.

8. Do not use cotton in your belly button. Use a marble or a super tampon tip or something that is round but also rigid that will hold its shape once you are compressed in your garment.

9. You cannot drink enough water. It is vital to healing all things especially the skin. I drink at least 64oz. I used to drink a gallon a day but with the garments its tough. Just when you think you have peed yourself silly drink more. Your skin will thank you.

10. Drink fruit and veggie drinks at least twice a day. I don't mean the kind you buy but the kind you make yourself. I have a nutribullet. Use spinach, broccoli and pineapple as staples and then add whatever else. Even when you look healed on the outside you are still healing on the inside. You need it.

11. The board dr. Salama gives is garbage. It crumbled first use. I ordered a board from ann michelle lipo express (something is weird with the site now) and all boards from the pink room I switch boards depending on the garment and vest I'm wearing as some work better with others. My skin a few months postop is still extremely sensitive and hurts. The boards eat me up one compressed. And so it doesn't leave permanent marks I also change the position of the board per Dr Salama so that upper and lower abdomen can get equal flattening time. Some board can be cut to better fit your body. I use the one from ann michelle the most. I cut it and safety pinned the fabric back very taught. The boards hurt my ribs so thats why I cut it. Do what you need to for your body. The pink room also has a triangle board for your lower back top of but region.

12. invest in an ultrasound massager. I bought this one luv it. Got one from ebay.

I really dont want to post but this site helped me so much and I feel I should give back. Give me time to sort thru my photos. I need to be careful what I post.
I really cringe at the idea of naked photos of myself on the web.

product pics

I also forgot to add one of the most important things for after care..... A heating pad. Get one that wraps all the way around or one for back and one to lay on. Even when Im in garment sleeping i lay on it. When I couldnt sit I laid on it watching movies. I still do. Makes a hug difference in the look of your stomach and lessens the lumps as long as your massage while your skin is still hot.


Thanks to all that have commented its really beautiful to see women supporting each other. Here are a few pics I feel comfortable with. They are not the best quality bc I did not take them with the intent of anybody but my husband seeing them. And to shut down any naysayers who think this might be a fake profile, some people are more private and want just info. For me personally it's not necessary to blog and post pics about every aspect of my life that is not me. If that's you that's great. When I researched I never saw anyone with burns. Now I know it depends on the words you use to search. The girls that did have burns always referred to it as being from the garment or they had it covered with cream or a bandage and I really couldn't see it. But now I know. My job is not to discourage anyone from Dr. Salama or any other Dr. Quite frankly Salama makes girls into bombshells but you should know about the possible complications.

More pics

What my burn looks like as of now

It takes time to heal. My lower back burns have turned into hyperpigmentation. But all areas on my stomach sides and lower back with regards to hyperpigmentation is lightening Slowly. Tomorrow I'll give advice on treatment. That's really why I decided to post bc I noticed nobody really discussed the treatment of burns or hyperpimentation and what to buy and who to talk to and unless you are in the healthcare field you probably feel lost on what to do. The pic of what it looks like today is not the best. It looks much more healed in person. I feel confident I'll be bikini ready for summer.

burn healing

Merry Christmas, I uploaded two preop pics. I had a very distinctive bikini on so I colored over it. I also wanted to show what I meant when I cut my board. This was an ann Michelle board but they are very wide and wraps around my side and kills my ribs so I cut it to fit me while still giving me the proper coverage. I currently have a 43 inch hip and teeter between a 27 and a 28in waist. I am 28 in now b/c my period is on and I am bloated and everywhere I had aggressive lipo just aches and puffs out. I had 1000 cc in each cheek. I was very vocal about not wanting to look like a cartoon with a tooo big butt and I asked for an anorexic waste. He gave me what I asked for. I am happy with my butt and the size of my waist and I think I look like my wish pic. I am past the two month mark of when he said you could stop wearing a garment, however I am still in a garment with vest and board and foam. My skin can not tolerate just a garment. I am still getting massages and they are still a little uncomfortable around my mid stomach, low back and flanks. I just got the ok to go in a hot tub. I cannot wait. Since I'm being vague about when I had surgery and how many months postop I am, I wanted you to have proof that I am a person that actually had surgery bc/ this next section is in the arena of medical advice and trust on a forum such as this, is very important. Also without any specifics I am 100% qualified to give this info and not just because I had surgery.

1. Whatever Dr. you are having surgery with you MUST stay in contact with them even if you are out of state. Call or send pics and email. They know your situation best.

2. You can always in addition to talking with your surgeon get a second opinion back home but they may ask some specific questions that you may not know the answer to and keeping in touch with your surgeon will be imperative.

3.everybody is different but under no circumstance can you receive 2nd or third degree burn from a garment. technically There are 6 degrees of burns and a third degree burns means all layers of skin has been burned through. If a hot probe on the inside of you killed your skin on the outside to the point it turned black the probes heat had to damage all layers of skin from the inside out. How could a garment do that?.

4. A burn from a garment would be first degree classified with reddish areas that might be bumpy and raised on the surface of the skin that hurts and probably itches as well as the surrounding area. (I have those too from board and garment)

5. A lot of the number classification of burns has been replaced instead with a burn depth classification ranging from superficial to full thickness to identify the possible need for surgicalintervention.

6. You ladies that were not told you were burned but were told to apply a thick white cream called silavadene to a blackened area of your skin, you have a burn.

7. Silvadene (aka thermazene or silver sulfadiazine) is a prescription topical antibiotic used for the prevention and treatment of infection in 2nd and third degree burns.

8. there is some controversy over the use of silvadene bc/ it is believed to cause slower wound healing. mine took almost two months to close and to stop bleeding.

9. I wouldn't worry about the fact that we are wearing such tight garments while our burns are healing. Compression garments are used in burn centers to encourage flat healing of the area instead of a scar that buckles and might impede movement in that area. The garment also reduces the inflammatory response and the amount of blood that could ooze from the scar.

10. Even though silvadene causes slower healing I have also read studies on moist therapy for wounds in that a wound kept moist around the clock will heal slower but the quality of skin that forms will be much better looking and feeling than a wound left open to air and free radicals. I have seen both in wound care and I personally agree more with moist therapy. SO even though my wounds took a long time to close it looks better then if i didn't have cream on it. the skin on my lower back is completely flat no bumps. My side burn is raised but its still healing and for skin that was blackened I'm shocked that it looks the way it does.

11.****** Dr. salama will tell you to apply the silvadene cream twice daily. In the beginning stages I found this difficult bc quite frankly the garments are so tight and it takes so much work to get the CG on and off I just didn't want to be bothered. Your burns are supposed to be thickly covered with cream constantly which is a challenge bc the gauze pad or abdominal pad you are probably using to cover it with is absorbing a lot of the cream and by the time you change it next, your burn has already not been in contact with the amount of cream it needs for hours. When I got home a made a bootleg colloid out of Saran Wrap. I took a square of Saran Wrap just enough to cover the area, applied cream to my burn, taped the clear wrap over it and covered it with an abdominal pad. This way I had constant moisture on my burn and if I was sick and didn't feel like changing my bandage it didn't matter bc the same amount of cream I put on in the am was still there at night. I noticed better healing with this technique. But talk to your doc first they may or may not agree with it. Clear wrap doesn't breathe but I had no choice since I couldn't keep thick cream on it constantly.

12. keep your wound clean with luke warm water and soap per Dr. Salama. He will want pics to see if another agent will need to be prescribed to help slough off the necrotic tissue or wound debridement. I didn't need it but my guess is he would order something like a product called santyl.

13. With pictures or an in person consultation he will decide if you need a scar revision. He charges for the local anesthesia which I don't agree with since it was a mistake. I had laser lipo on another area of my body previously and I was never burned and only hyper-pigmented at the entry points which for my skin type I had already anticipated. Laser lipo can be done without being burned. There is also skin resurfacing which flattens and softens the scar but does not resolve the coloring issue associated with the scar per my surgeon at home.

14. your areas may hurt, mine had no feeling. You can use your post op narcotics. Ask the doc but it would be ok to use asa or Motrin in a few weeks after your drain is out. You don't really want to take meds that can cause bleeding while you have a drain in and it could increase bruising which you will have enough of already.

15. I am a few months post op and I still take a slew of vitamins as if i were two weeks post op. Vitamin e, c a, bromelain, a multivitamin zinc are very important. I only started vitamin e a month postop. I used the make me heal vitamins also and drink raw fruits and veggies (dark green leafy veggies).

16. my burn is still healing so I will keep you updated with a pic maybe once a month or once every two months since it heals at snails pace there isn't gonna be a whole lot of fast change.


Irritation, hyper and hypo-pigmentation

If you have irritation from the garment or board make sure you keep it covered with what feels good to you. Some people had sensitive skin prior to surgery and may only be able to use certain things. Personally I use hydrocortisone ointment which decreases inflammation and itching. If you have an option between and oint or a cream always choose oint for an area that will be covered b/c it will stick and stay on the surface of the skin longer. If it was a visible area such as your face you would use a cream so it's rubbed in without a greasy appearance for aesthetic reasons. Once i rub the oint in about 80% of the way I covered mine with a silicone strip and used paper tape to hold it down. The paper tape down does not hurt at all when peeled off. If your skin can handle a bandaid you can use that or you can use the Saran Wrap method. The directions for a silicone strip say not to use anything under it b/c the silicone may not be released into the skin evenly but in this case you would not be using it to heal a wound you would be using it to decrease irritation so the board doesn't touch that area. The silicone feels soooo good on my skin. I know those strips aren't cheap but it works for me. Some days I have to put the board on top of foam. Some people may put the board on top of the garment for a few days with a vest on top just to get a break. If you don't like hydrocortisone maybe shea butter, jeans cream, vitamin e oil, calendula etc.

Hyperpigmentation (HP)

1. HP is The darkening of an area of skin due to an increase in melanin production. Mainly affects darker skin complexions with a higher concentration of melanin in the skin. For lighter skin complexions or fair skinned people, you re likely to see HP in the form of sun damaged skin b/c uv light causes melanin production. If you have ever heard of melasma in pregnant women that is also a form of HP.

2. If you are a frequent hyperpigmenter then I'm sure you have seen a dermatologist before or know what to buy so you can use this info without hesitation. For those that this is you first bout of HP, keep this info in your head as you go see a dermatologist FIRST. Get the script from Dr. S for hydroquinone but make an appt with a dermatologist. Dr. S is a surgeon not a skin specialist.

3. hydroquinone (HQ) has some issues with it and you will have to decide if you want to use it.

4. I believe HQ is banned in several european countries. HQ has been shown in rodents to possibly act as a carcinogen. Currently the FDA has it classified as a safe product. Personally I do not trust the FDA and their classification of what is safe. I have seen a lot with them that I do not like.

5.HQ increases your sensitivity to light and you must wear sunscreen. You should be wearing sunscreen over any scar regardless.

6. HQ can actually cause a darkening in some people. So even though it is a bleaching agent, in some people it has the opposite effect.

7. you and a dermatologist together should decide if and when to stop treatment if you feel it is of no use to you.

8. ******If you get a script for HQ with the directions of apply once daily, DISREGARD and apply twice daily. HQ MUST be applied twice daily. Physicians are not medication experts either and sometimes they get a little confused on directions.

9. u can get HQ otc as a 2% product and as a prescription of 4%. Personally I like the Neocutis brand which you can find a provider that carries it on their website. Its swiss technology and they are very advanced when it comes to skincare. I also have a doc that makes HQ moistened pads right on the spot for me. They work the best for me b/c its fresh. The stuff from pharmacies has been sitting around. My surgeon at home works with a top notch licensed aesthetician in house that helps with treatments.

10. Most people will benefit from a multi therapy treatment regimen rather than a single agent HQ therapy. Rather than give you my specific regimen, I will give you some products to ask your doc about. My therapy is specifically for me. Everybody cant use everything somebody else does.

11. *****in order to speed up the process of lightening, you need to increase skin cell turn over via an alpha hydroxy agent or a retinoid. alpha hydroxy agents= glycolic acids (peels), lactic acid, citric acid and mandelic acid. There are so many products but lac-hydrin is a prescription lotion and amlactin is an otc lotion. Also these pads may be of benefit As far as retinoids there are many OTC and a few in prescription strength. Tretinoin is the one most prescribed. Retinoids are very irritating to a lot of people and can cause extreme dryness and irritation. Retinoids are applied at night as they work best with the body at that time plus you are not worried with irritation while you are sleeping. You may have to start with application once every three or two days and build your self up to an every night application. Here is a site with one of the highest concentrations of retinoid otc DO NOT USE AN ALPHA HYDROXY DERIVATIVE AND A RETINOID MIXED TOGETHER. Usually its alpha hydroxy in am and retinoid at night. I believe the alpha hydroxy inactivates the retinoid.

12. We talked about healing from inside out with fruit and veggies, water and vitamins but topical vitamins are important too. Some people have good results with vit e oil to some people it can be irritating. Find a lotion with vit c, a, e, something pure like at whole foods.

13. Whatever product you pick look at the ingredients list. If the ingredient you want is very low on the list the product is probably not worth buying b/c it doesn't have a lot of the active ingredient in it which means it may be as effective as lint in your pocket.

14. *****HP is best treated when it first develops. I know my skin, as soon as a wound closes i don't wait for the HP, I automatically treat b/c I know its inevitable.

15. These treatments take 1-2 months before you will see the slightest improvement. DO NOT deviate or stop your treatment b/c you don't see progress. After 3-4 months talk to dermatologist if you don't see improvement about adding agents.

16.There are also various laser treatments that might help ex. IPL These treatments are best on light to fair skin. Sometimes in darker skin complexions it burns the melanin in your skin and makes your patch even darker. IPL is best when you have a good level of HQ built up in your skin and the wavelengths in darker skin must start very low and increase slowly with each session. I had it done before, made it worse and it doesn't exactly tickle either.


1.The opposite of HP, loss of pigment in an area.

2. I have it on my lower back along with HP bc if you look at my scar pics when it peeled parts were pink where my brown color has not come back yet and other parts of the same scar turned darker. On my lower back everything is blending nicely as time goes on. The light areas are becoming my natural color and the dark areas are lightening.

3. for Hypo-p try not to get HQ on these areas and apply something that will cause skin cell turnover. we talked about alpha hydroxy and retinoids and skin vitamins for nourishment.

4. Hypo-p mostly is something that resolves itself and it just takes time for the pigment to return. For more permanent loss of pigment issues there are UV laser treatments to stimulate melanin production and medical cosmetic artists can mix a pigment in your exact skin tone and fill in the area with a tattoo your exact color. I have seen it and you cannot tell its amazing. Tattoo Will fade in 5-10 years depending on how much sun exposure and then you will need it redone.

Hemosiderin staining (HS)

1. if your bruising appears to linger for a long period of time or you have extreme blotchiness, it might be HS. it looks different on everybody so you need to see a doc for diagnosis.

2. Two products used are Amerigel care lotion and creams with vitamin K oxide such as Auriderm post op gel

Things I forgot

Please forgive me I work very long hours and many days in a row without break and always remember things after the fact.

Aquacel AG/silvasorb

1. We talked previously about silvadene cream (ssd) for burns. One of the components in ssd that gives it it's antimicrobial activity is silver. Yes like periodic table of elements silver but a little different, kind of but hard to explain. There are also otc ( over the counter) wound dressings and creams and gels that also have silver in it but do not have the prescription grade second component in ssd that fights bacteria which is its sulfa component.

2. If you have a sulfa allergy you won't use silvadene so there are other options that unfortunately are more expensive bc I don't think they would be covered by insurance but I'm not sure.

3. We also previously talked about the difficulty with applying ssd cream twice a day bc its difficult taking off the garment and the cream just soaks into the gauze instead of your burn. Wound dressings made with hydrofiber and silver ( Aquacel and silvasorb) solve both issues including the allergy issue you may have with ssd.

4. If you don't like the Saran Wrap method, or your wound is oozing too much for Saran Wrap bc nothing will be absorbing the blood or puss, or you doc doesn't agree with clear wrap Aquacel and silvasorb can help.

5. Both dressings release silver into your wound/burn at a controlled rate which means you don't have to change the dressing as often. They also create a gel once the dressing comes in contact with the ooze from your wound keeping your wound moist for better healing.

6. Both can be left in place up to 7 days bc they can absorb much more fluid than its own weight. When it leaks its time to change but change it before it gets to that point.

7. They are expensive $100 plus for five sheets (diff sizes). I mentioned them bc a lot of professionals inboxed me and I can tell they have the money to purchase. Don't feel bad if you don't, I could afford and still chose to use my cheap clear wrap method. Either way discuss with doc.

8.use for moderate to severe wounds.

9. I chose not to use or ask salama what he thought bc of expense and I wanted to shower everyday. That hot water on my body was magical in everyway. It makes fighting to take the garment off so worth it. With these dressing you would sponge bath and massage therapist would have to work around it. Kinda difficult.

10. I have seen hospitals use Aquacel on burn victims but never silvasorb.

11. There are all types of dressing but I'm not gonna get into it.

Proper cream application

1. At salamas office they use a wood spatula to apply ssd cream to burn. You should be using a sterile glove as to not introduce bacteria or particles into the wound.

2. As a matter of fact during this process I want you to use a glove for every application of cream or lotion or oint or gel. Here's why, if you use bare hand you girls may have nails which carry a lot of bacteria but even when would closes still use a glove bc you want all cream/lotion/oint to be absorbed into the affected area not your hand. There is nothing wrong with your hand and its a waste for 50% of it to go on a place where it's not needed.

3. With the exception of ssd which should stay on top of wound, all other creams lotions gels need to be rubbed in deeply which may hurt but you gotta get it in there. Apply a lot of pressure when rubbing in. Tip from my surgeon back home.... Makes a difference.

4. Another reason to use gloves... Alpha hydroxy and retinoids will degrade your pretty manicure/ polish .... Not important but thought you should know lol.

Ambien alternatives for sleep deprivation

1. I dont know about anybody else but once I had this surgery I could not sleep. Laying on your stomach for 6 weeks is terrible. I used to be in tears bc I just wanted sleep.

2. Dr S will prescribe ambien and I personally I hate the way it makes me feel. I woke up with residual grogginess and a hangover like headache every time.

3. He will write for a 10mg tab but I cut mine up into fourths to get a smaller dose which helped some.

4. If you are having trouble sleeping and need to be alert for work ask for Temazepam instead. It comes in 7.5, 15, 22.5 and 30 mg. Its one of the sleep meds approved for the Air Force bc of the lack of residual grogginess and you feel more refreshed in the AM.

5. Personally I hate taking medicine and try to use herbals when needed. SOme things to look into for sleep are melatonin, valerian root, theanine, kava, and chammomile or lavender tea.

6. Melatonin is naturally released in your body and if you take extra keep at a low dose like 3-6 mg.

7. DO not take these herbal sleep remedies except for the tea along with ambien or temazepam.

Psuedomembranous colitis (PMC)

1. When I received my scripts in the mail my face went dead when I saw the one for clindamycin b/c I know it has a high incidence of PMC. Dr. S likes to prescribe this for post op infection prevention.

2. PMC is inflammation of the colon characterized by diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain usually caused by a bacteria called C. Diff for short.

3. Any antibiotic can cause diarrhea but clindamycin is one of the top offenders.

4. I developed PMC in Florida. I didn't have Diarrhea but instead I had a bowel movement probably 6-8 times a day. The consistency was like baby poop and there was a LOT of it and the smell was terrible and I had bad stomach cramps. I know TMI but at least you know what it is. NOmie is a good nurse and she will write a script for you. I chose to not take any more oral meds so I let it resolve on its own bc I had to switch antibiotics anyway bc I became allergic to clindamycin. ( I had a rough time in FL)

5. I do not recommend for you to let it resolve on its own. The doc will ok either FLagyl, vanco or rifaximin to treat the PMC. They usually go to flagyl first.

6. *****If you have to take flagyl be very careful about ingesting anything with alcohol in it and I am not talking just about liquor for a good time (i am pretty sure you are not drinking since you just had surgery) but mouthwash with alcohol or food with sugar alcohols as an ingredient, and some cold medicines. You will have a horrible reaction and feel very sick with nausea and vomiting. I have had this happen to me before even though I know about it b/c I forgot about sugar alcohols in food.

*******Making your garment bathroom friendly

1. The lipo express garments that Dr S gives has an opening to pee (use a female urinal and it will be your best friend) but a thong back and some girls actually take their garment of every time for #2 OMG. B/c of my issues that was not gonna happen.

2. Either massage therapist knows how to split the garment up the thong so when its time for #2 you just pull it apart in two to either side of your butt and you can do a number two without taking it off. Ill try to post pics its kinda hard to explain.

3. Let them do it the first time b/c you dont want to mess up your garment and if you spilt it to high up you will loose compression on your lower back where the triangle foam is.

Splitting your garment

Here are a few pics on splitting your garment up the thong back for going #2 quickly

1. The first pic is an absolute no no.... I had to buy the same size garment again and they r like $100 plus. Eliyn was so mad at me lol. ( massage therapist)

2. The second pic is split too far up the back and I lost compression on my lower back to the point the triangle foam piece was sticking out. This will make more sense once you have surgery.

3. The black garment is properly split. You want to split up the middle where the thick band is on either side of the band but stop at the base of the triangle maybe even a smudge lower just to be safe. Then try it on and cut further if you feel you can or need to without loosing compression.

4. Even though the tan garment is split too far up my fingers are across the base of the triangle where I should have stopped.

5.******** these garments are tight and sometimes you will have to cut the garment around the hips etc? So that you do not develop an unnatural shape. Wherever you split or cut your garment put fray check (you can get from fabric store or Walmart), seal a weft, clear finger nail polish or whatever you want in order to stop the garment from continuing to split where you cut it once you put it on. This will insure you don't loose compression in key spots by the garment shredding on its own. In the last pic the white stuff is dried finger nail polish.

6.****** and last but not least the life saver..... Have the massage therapist put a long abdominal pad around your thong area so it's not so far up your butt and irritating you. The material is made in the pit of hell and it feels like it.

7. Now you can pull each thong piece to either side of your butt and quickly go to the bathroom.

Not too happy

I have been working a ton so I don't have a lot of idle time but I just wanted to quickly update. My areas of hyperpigmentation are clearing up quite nicely. Some areas are completely gone and others are very light but I can tell a difference with the products I have been using. I finally worked my way up to the highest strength of Tretinoin. I am preparing my skin for some peels Im gonna do myself in order to even out my skin tone. I think I am going to see if the peels work on my burn area first before I see about getting the skin in that area excised. As far as my bbl results, One cheek is larger than the other and I completely loose my hourglass when i am out of my garment for a few hours. I also have loose skin around my entire midsection. It's not hanging skin but because right out of my garment I look great and then in a few hours it fills out, that is loose skin. I do still have some fatty areas on my stomach and I would like my butt a touch bigger. So I might do a revision or just have my surgeon at home do smart lipo on my stomach and the backs of my thighs to make my butt look bigger. I don't know what Im gonna do yet. I just hate that I didn't sit for 6 weeks and have worn my garment with foams for such a LONG time to be disappointed. But my skin is much less sensitive now which is good and it has everything to do with going to the hot tub. I will update pics of my skin after I do my peels. It takes a few months to get several applications in because I cannot do the high strength ones b/c I have a darker skin tone.
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