I can't wait to be able to sit again lol

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Hey ladies... I am new to this journey and I just...

Hey ladies... I am new to this journey and I just recently heard about BBL =) and now I'm hooked!! I am so ready!! =)

After 1000's of reviews and tons of research later. I have chosen Dr. Salama. Everyone I have talked to so far has been super sweet!! I have already sent my pics to Nancy and she showed them to Dr. Salama.
I decided that I wanted to have a face to face consultation with him. So I called and made an in house consultation for Feb. 19th. I cant wait to see what his opinions are then!! I think a face to face consult is so much more reliable than sending pics via email- those are just my opinions =) I just want to make sure I have enough fat for what I want done. =)

My Before Pics and my current measurements!

I am 5' 4" and I weigh 152 lbs.
34dd- 32- 37.5
Other extra measurements I took...
Butt- 40.5"
Love Handles- 36"

I can't wait til my in house consultation which is on the 17th of this month =) I am so ready to put my deposit down and finally start my countdown to my new body!!

Put my deposit down today :)

I was able to get a March date, thanks to one of my new bbl sisters!! Everyone there is super sweet and so helpful!! I am sooooooo glad I chose to be a SALAMA DOLL!! Ahhhhhh I'm so excited!!

What do I need to start taking today?

I will be receiving my package next week but the only thing I know to start taking asap is Iron pills and Vitamin C pills. But I don't know how much of each? How much should I be taking daily? And am I missing anything else? Thanks in advance ladies :)

Wish Pics

Finally Booked my Condo =)

Trying to find an affordable place to stay was so much harder than finding a surgeon lol. Apparently this time of year is the busiest down there. I feel soooooooo much better with that out of the way!! I thought I was gonna have to get a more expensive place to stay. I found my condo on hideaway.com =)

So now all that is left is my medical clearance which is tomorrow!! Pray everything goes well for me!!

Got my Medical Clearance

I finally got my clearance last week. I went to Physicians Immediate Med in Cumming, Ga. It was only $225 for everything!! Dr. Yost or Dr. Halliburton @ 770-888-8777. A lot of Dr. Jimerson's patients go to them to get their clearance!!

Got my perscriptions filled. The cost would've been $307 but thanks to my insurance I didn't have to pay that much!!

Chin Lipo

I just noticed that I never put in my review that I am also getting my chin lipo'd :) From what I've heard he doesn't do the jawline but that's fine with me. As long as that fat pocket is sucked out I will be lovin it lol. When I gain the slightest bit of weight that's the first thing I notice. I haven't seen many reviews/updates for the chin lipo so I don't really know much about it yet. I guess I will find out in a fews days :)

Pre-Op today!!!!

Ahhhhhh I'm so freakin out! Pre-Op at 6:30 this evening. As of right now I will be the 1st surgery of the day tomorrow :) I don't know how I'm gonna sleep tonight. I hardly slept last night lol. My mind just keeps racing!! We're about to grab some lunch and check into our condo. Then go out abd enjoy my last night of sitting for a while lol

I will see you guys on the other side!!

My heart is freaking out!! Everyone say a prayer for me :) Thanks in advance ladies!!

I made it :) Everything went great!!

I got to the surgery center at 7 and did the pregnancy test and changed into the sexy blue paper panties lol. He took my pics and then drew on me and took some more pics!! Then Alex(anesthesiologist) came in and asked all of his questions. My husband was able to be in the office while I did all that too so that was a good thing. Then Alex too me to the operating room and got me up on the table which was tiny. Then he asked me my name and bday and was I was getting done for everyone in the operating room to informed I guess! Then he put my iv in which hurt like a mother lol. And then he put me to sleep. I woke up on my back so I asked if I can roller over on my stomach and someone helped me flip over. I was able to leave and get back to my condo at 12:45pm. Everyone starred at me walking thru the hotel but I did not give a what lmao!! Now I've been up walking every 2 hours. I've also had to take my pain meds every 2 hours cuz I'm in so much pain. I've been eating and drinking my Gatorade every 2 hours too since I'm already up!! Well my meds are kicking in so back to sleep I go!! I will post a pic later :)

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments!!


1100 cc's

He removed 2500 and put 1100 cc's in each cheek :)

Got my boards today!


Today was rough! I actually went #2 today and washed my garment and showered for the first time! I could barely eat since last night cuz I had so much food and #2 backed up. But now I feel so much better til the next #2 lol. I hate taking my garment on and off. It freaks me out and it hurts extremely bad. My first massage in tomorrow and I am dreading it!! Please keep the prayers coming!! :) these pics are from today

Does anyone know when I can start putting the arnica gel on?

1st Massage

Omg that was miserable!! I had a tummy tuck in 2008 and when my husband rubs it and his nail hits it the slightest bit it feels like someone's got a razor blade to my stomach. So I knew it was going to be bad for me!! But after I felt great until I put the next garment on lol. I was in a 2xl and she put me in a large. But it felt like it was an extra small tho lol!! Now I can hardly breathe but if I want a tiny waist that's what I need to feel like lol!! Here are a few pics from right after the massage!!


Last night was horrible. After my massage I moved to the stage 2 large and I called Ruben and left a message and 30 mins later Dr. Salama called me back and told me that if it doesn't loosen up at all he wants me to change back to my first garment after surgery. He said he would rather the garment be too loose than too tight. Cuz too tight can damage your skin. And he wanted to see me the next morning if it doesn't loosen up. So about an hourbafterbi got off the phone with him I tried to go to sleep and I couldn't breath or move without my skin feeling like it was on fire. So I got up and told my husband to get it off of me. We had to cut it off cuz i was starting to get light headed and very very sick feeling. And it hurt too bad to try to pull it over this booty!! I put my day of surgery garment with all the pads and calmed back down!! So I went to the surgical center where he was and Monica helped me and gave me a foam price for my chin and told me I needed a XL not a large. So I talked to her for a lil bit then left and headed to the office. Nomie got me my xl garment and since Eileen(massage therapist) was busy we decided to put it on back at the condo. Its too tight to add all the foams right now. I have the back one in and a thin abd pad in the front and its super snugg!! So tomorrow I am going to try to add the front foams in when I get up. My garment is so tight right now there's no creases at all so I'm ok with that!! But I will add the foams in tomorrow sometime for sure!
Here are some more pics from today!! The dress was right before we walked on the boardwalk for like 20 mins. It got hot quick lol

drains removed tomorrow hopefully

Well I ended up putting my foam boards in the night of the 28th(4days post op) and then the next day before bed I was able to hook to the very tightest clasp on my xl cg. I don't think I want to squeeze my booty into a smaller garment. We shall see!!

Tomorrow I have my 2nd massage at 10am and then hopefully my drains can come out before I head back home!! Ever since my first massage my drains have been weird lol. At first after surgery my front drain was draining like crazy and my back one not too bad. Then had first massage. Front drain slowed down like crazy and my back drain started draining more than my front. But ever since yesterday neither one of them drain really so I can't wait to get them out!! I was worried the front drain may come home with me but since its barely even draining Im hoping for the best!!

I can't wait to get home to my kids :) I miss them so much!! And then there's my bed..... lol

Pics 6 days post-op

These were taken this morning right after my shower!!

before & afters

6 days post-op

Drains are GONE

I had my 2nd massage today and right after Nomie removed both of my drains!! I feel SOOOO much better!! We had an 11 hour ride home back to Atlanta so I am really glad its been a good day. I have a pallet of blankets and tons of pillows so I can lay down in the back with the seats up. My husband has a 2014 Sierra crew cab so its roomie :)

Garment Change

I bought me a large cg today and its so snug. I can't fit the foams in it yet. But I will by tomorrow. I have my first home massage tomorrow morning at 10am! I can't wait actually lol even though I known its gonna hurt. I'm just so impatient I'm ready to get my waist smaller :) I will do a measurement update at my 2 week mark even though I know I'm still swollen. I have a measuring addiction lol.
It has been sooooo hard not sitting! I dream about sitting and sleeping on my back and sides lol. I didn't think I would have such a big problem with this but I am. I look at my couch and I'm like I just wanna plop right down Haha. But I won't!! :)
Ohhh I was able to shave my legs today all by myself lol. Its been in the 80's since I've been back home from Miami!!
I think that's all I have to update right now. I will let you guys know how my massage goes tomorrow! Here are some pics :) I will take more tomorrow after my massage!!

Massage by Tiana

I got another massage today and it was great!! I barely have any fluid left. Just a lil on my lower back. I do have a lot of scar tissue starting to form so I'm healing pretty fast!!

Lymphatic Massage Therapist in the Atlanta area!!.
Tiana- (678) 856-3864
She will drive to you for a small fee :) She does a lot of Dr. Jimerson's ladies!!

Small Waist Cincher

I finally fit into my small waist cincher i got from Dr. Salama's office!!

Sorry I haven't updated much lately

Here's a pic from 4 weeks post-op!! I love my new booty :)

6 weeks post op- before and after

I weighed myself today and I weigh 146. I was 153 before bbl :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Moises Salama is an amazing surgeon! I will refer him to anyone I know that is thinking about having plastic surgery! Him and his whole staff are very friendly and they do everything they can to help make things easier for you!

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