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Hello Ladies. I am 28 years old, 5'3" and 157...

Hello Ladies. I am 28 years old, 5'3" and 157 pounds (will post picks later). I have a 7 year old daughter and it is time for me to get the old me back. In high school I was a cheerleader and a dancer (ballet, jazz, tap & hiphop) so my body was on point!!! Boy do I miss those days but Lord willing not for long. I have been wanting to do this surgery for about 3 years (gained over 50 pounds while pregnant with my daughter) but knew the chances were slim to non because I was still a struggling college student. I graduated last year but I am back in school because I am a "if you gonna do it than do it big" type person so I am planning to go all the way for my master's. In the past year an a half I decided I am going to really commit to getting a Brazilian Butt Lift. I found this lovely sight and starting researching. After reading countless reviews and researching doctors I was torn between Dr. Salama in Aventura or the "bootty man" himself Dr Jimerson in Georgia. I choose Salama because I didn't want to deal with hotels and all the stuff that comes along with getting surgery out of town (and just in case some sh*t happens, he ain't to far for me to get to his a$$!!! LOL). I spoke with Nancy a week later after making the decision, email some picks of myself to her and after she reviewded them, we scheduled my appointment a year from the date week spoke. My appointement was set for 06/16/2014 which was the earliest appointment unless any cancelations and I put my deposit down. I was cool with that because I did not want to take a loan out if I have a whole year to pay it off and I have a whole year to get mentally, physically and emotionally preparred for this (reading the reviews helped me to see this ain't nooo walk in the park). Nancy asked if I would like to meet Dr. Salama and I assured her I will at a later date because God knows what will happen in a year lol. From that day on, I became a realself and ass junkie. When you ladies say you will be on the "ass hunt" it is true!!! I have been on so many websites and all kind of stuff looking for the ass I want. I came down to one person's butt who I love and that is Tahiry from Love and Hip Hop!!! I love the projection she has, how it sits on her body and how it jiggles!!! I have pictures of her and other women who's butts I like on a photo lock app (my daughter is constantly playing on my phone and God knows that is the last thing I need her seeing in my photo album lol).

Consultation March 26, 2014

Hello Ladies!!! I apologize for not writing my review about my consultation earlier. I'm gonna start from the beginning. My appointment was at 12pm but I arrived at about 11:45ish (I left early because I was afraid I would get lost). The place is really easy to find and the parking wasn't bad at all since there is a parking garage. I brought my ex (who today is one of my best friends) and one of my girlfriends with me since she is contemplating getting a mommy make over done. The waiting room is small but nice. There was a few seats left so we sat separated for a while after a whine we were able to sit together. Let me tell you when they say it is a waiting room that is exactly what you will be doing WAITING!! LOL. I did not get called in until about 1:45. Thank God I had my friends and my tablet to keep me preoccupied. The room was filling up like crazy!! When I was called back I let my friends come in with me because they have seen me naked anyway and I didn't want to leave them out there with the waiting room filling up. So we wait about 10-15 more minutes and the man who will be working on me walking in the room. Either I was really tired or Dr. Salama had an aura around him when he walked in the room. LOL. I was nervous and at a lost for words (I am never at a lost for words). He shook all of our hands, sat down, asked me a few questions and explained everything about the procedure in detail. So much in detail he answered most of the questions I wanted to ask anyway. He told me he would use a small cannula for my abdomen (because I do have some stretch marks on my tummy from pregnancy) and be more aggressive with the flanks. I'm not gonna lie, I heard aggressive and got nervous. He said that he does injected the fat with an antibiotic because the "Lets face it, the butt is a dirty area." During the consultation he looked me over and explain exactly where he would lipo, where the incisions would be, where the drains would be, where he would inject the fat, how he would inject it and 50-75% of the fat will stay. After looking me over he told me I had a square shape butt with tight pockets meaning I may not get a much projection as I wanted but he said he can definitely work with it. He said he would inject the fat to the butt and hips in proportion to my body. Now in my mind I wasn't thinking of getting fat injected in my hips because I was so focus on my butt. So I asked Dr. Salama do you think i need hips and he said "YOU NEED HIPS!!!" LMAO!! Me and my friends died laughing and he felt bad because I was poking my bottom lip out like I was sad but I told him "No need to apologize because I want to know your vision". We all laughed but I am so happy to know he has a sense of humor because he was so serious and stern the whole time!! He told me I need to make sure I walk after surgery, get lymphatic massages 2-3 times a week, get a heating blanket and a yoga ball. Dr. Salama said he wants me to take 5-10 minutes out of everyday for a whole year and roll my abdomen on this ball so that any scars that form underneath my skin will stay flat. He also said he wants me to stop taking birth control pills a month before surgery and to add high proteins like fish, spinach and/or Lentil bean soup to my diet because I will loose a lot of blood from this procedure. Afterward I showed him pictures of what I was looking for (Tahiry Jose) but he pretty much let me know that isn't possible for me :-(. He said that it all depends on how much my butt would be able to take so we ended it off at " Dr. Give me an apple booty because this pear has got to go!!!" LOL. We shook hand and I thanked him for everything. Afterwards I met with Ms Nancy (ya'll are right, she is gorgeous) and signed my credit card slips. I also met Ms. Cynthia and she is such a sweetheart. They both gave me a hug and made sure all the papers I needed signed were signed off. I also ask Nancy if I could switch my date from June 16th to the 13th. She said she would do her best and she will make the call. I thanked everyone and assured them that Lord willing I will be seeing them in a few months. When I walked out through the waiting room it was worst than before!!! There was men, women and children in there sitting and standing. I just looked at my friends and said "Lets get the heck up out of here." LOL. Nancy Late called me and told me she was able to switch my appointment to the 13th and my new pre op is June 3rd. I am so excited and nervous!!! I do feel much better now that I have met him and have a better understanding of the procedure and what I need to do after. I am still reading reviews and learning new things so VETS I do want to say I appreciate you and all of your updates. Please keep 'em coming and God Bless you!!!

Forgot to add.....

I also forgot to add that the doctor said that I can gain 5-7 pounds just so he had more to work with. I have been trying but I end up getting sick last week (I caught some bug going around that you can't keep ANYTHING down). I'm just getting back to myself so I have been small portions because I'm getting full pretty fast. Also I have been having dreams and negative thoughts about the surgery. It's my nervous I guess so I just keep praying about that all goes well during and after surgery.

Pre Op Clearance

Hello Ladies!!! I got a call from Zuny yesterday about the post op clearance. She told me I need to take 1000 mg of Vitamin C (500 in the morning & 500 at night) and 325mg of Iron. She said I need to have my pre op and clearance letter in two weeks prior to surgery. I let her know the my primary care physician will be doing that for me and I called Zuny back a little later to let her know that I will be going for my pre op on the May 20th. I was nervous about the price of the pre op because I know my insurance is not gonna pay for that since this is an elected surgery. Luckily the nurse said it will be $100 for everything since my insurance won't pay. I'm thinking "Thank God" because I thought I was gonna have to pay anywhere from $300-$500 bucks based on a review I had read. Now I am just praying that all will go well with the preop. 5 weeks to go!!! :-)

Waiting for Clearance

I got my bloodwork, EKG and urine test yesterday. My doctor said the EKG is looking good so now we have to wait for the rest. My doctor asked if I was nervous and I told him does a fat kid love cake. LOL. We both laughed and he said I should be fine. The nurse scared me because she also works for Strax and she said the recovery is very painful. Man I am not looking forward to the recovery but this is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I'm praying that my result are good.

I am still shopping for things I know I will need and let me just say that Amazon has been my go to for things I needed. Last week I ordered the arnica gel, 30x arnica pills, bromelain and Pez Urinal (Zury said they no longer provide arnica pills). All together $24.24. I thought that was pretty good compared to going to Vitamin Shoppe and paying the same amount just for the bromelain pills and arnica gel. Smh. I also will be getting one of the fisherman folding chair from Amazon as well. That way my butt can hang off the back and I can sit on my thighs. I got a warming blanket from Big Lots for $25. I need to get some tight T-shirt to put under the garment. I am thinking of going to Styles for Less or Rainbow and getting some of their cheap crop shirts. I also want to get some more night gowns (the one's that look like muu-muus that zip or snaps in the front). During these two weeks I am home I want to be as comfortable as possible and won't give a damn how I look lol. I have bought a vest and two waist cinchers but I have yet to buy a garment. I went to the Swap Shop off Sunrise here in Florida and a lady Mrs. Maria sells any garment you can possibly think of there. I told her about my procedure and she gave me her card to come in (when I am feeling up to it) to size me for a stage two garment. That way she can see what size won't put too much pressure on my butt. Her stage 2 garment run about $60. She also has the vedette 136 that alot of vets seems to love so that will be first on my list to get. I figured that not to bad for not having to order online. I also have plenty of gauze, medical tape, alcohol swabs and compression socks. I know I still have alot more to get. Thank you Bellisima2013 for the well put together list because it is so helpful and OptimisticPalm for keeping in touch and sharing you experiences with me. Much love too you and everyone sharing their experiences. Stay Blessed. 3 weeks to go:-)

Pre Op Today!!

Hello Beauties!!. I went in today for my pre-op!!! :-) I signed off on a whole lot of paper work and all my payments (thank goodness I got there early because there is ALOT of paperwork to sign). My Aunt came with me this time for support and she didn't really feel comfortable with me getting this surgery at all. Luckily I didn't wait nearly as long as my first appointment. We met with Nomie and she is such a doll!!! She explain everything I need to do: how to drain myself, wearing garments, medication (prescribed percocet, 2 antibiotics, colace and i forgot the other because its only if/as needed), and how to sleep (on my stomach with one of my legs propped up so the I am not all the way on my side nor all the way on my stomach) for the first two week. Then after that I can lay on my stomach because they don't want too much pressure on our abdomen afterwards. Me and my Aunt was checking out her shape both was like "She looks good!!" LOL. When she asked if we had any question I said "If you don't feel comfortable you don't have to answer this question but did you get butt done?" She said yes she did (a year ago) and we all just laughed. I told her she looked amazing and she gave me tips on what she did. She is proof that as long as you keep up with wearing your garments and do right by the post op instructions the results do last. She told me that "Dr Salama is awesome" and that I am "in good hands" (Honestly made me and my aunt feel so much better about this). I also asked her about the bromelain and arnica and she said to take them 3 days before surgery and 7 days afterwards. Also with the percocet, she said that they give a low dose of percs so if the are not working "DO NOT double up on them" instead I may take them a little sooner the assigned time and let them know so they can work something out. Based on her experience and reviews, a yoga roller or rolled up yoga mat seem like the best thing to sit on the first 6 week after surgery. Nomie said after six weeks, sit on my boppy until my butt feels like it is ready (she said "you will know when its ready!" Lol). My surgery is next Friday at 7:30 am so I have to see him Saturday and the come back on Wednesday for my first massage and post op with the doc. again. Then I come back Friday for my next massage. Within the paper work they also give a list of things you will need and what for. Most things I have thanks to the reviews so thank goodness for this site and everyone who participates on here. The reviews truly do help and inspire others. Any who, Nomie gave me the staff's numbers and she said to call her if I needed anything. I thank Nomie afterwards and we gave each other a hug and she said she would call me the day before surgery. I'm so ready to get this done now. I am super excited and grateful that I have love and support from my family, friends and my RS vets.

I'm home!!!

First of I got to praise The Lord and made it home ok. I just are 1/2 a bowl of soup and took my first round of medication. The Nurse said he out in 1600 ccs!!! I'm still in shock. I believe it though because my ass is HUGE right now. Thanks for the love. I will try my best to put up pictures. One of these medications has me sleepy so I'm gonna get a little rest.

Feeling So happy

I'll start from the beginning. I arrived at the surgery center a little before 7 so I waited for about 5 minutes when Ms. Monica came. Had me change my clothes and meet with Dr. Salama. Took pictures of me from every angle and we talked again about what I was looking for. He asked if I want a shelf and u told him a little but not much because it makes the but look fake. He said he agreed because it ends up taking away from the projection. I explained to him that I had gotten sick about 2 months ago so I lost some wait. He agreed and asked if he needed to would u be ok with him lipo'ing my inner thighs. I told him take whatever you need!! Lol!! Afterwards I met with Sergio and he is such a sweetheart. We all had each other laughing in the room so trust when I say that they are all sweethearts so don't be intimidated. Afterwards I told my family I love them, gave them kisses then it was off to the surgery. Sergio gave me my IV and he says he is gonna give it to me had and dirty. I said that just how I like it Mr. Sergio!!! Lmao. Then before I knew it I woke up in the recovery room in my side. It was so crazy how fast that went. So the nurse asked if I wanted water or ice tea to drink. After she bought me my tea I guess she seen me trying to feel my tush and she said "Woo 1600 ccs per cheek!" I said say that again please lol. She said 3200 ccs all together, 1600 each cheek. I was in shock because I remember I had a short but with tight pockets lol. I must say I wasn't no where near what I thought I would be afterward. I was talking and laughing. Just walking and pending down is the issue. I couldn't pee for some odd reason. I call Dr Salama and he told me to sit on the toilet and run some water. After some hours of trying I eventually could go and then couldn't stop. Lol. But that's ok because as long as I'm going in good. Thank for all the wishes and prayer. Sorry the pictures I have are in the toilet. My sister said she just couldn't help it.

Earlier today at the doctors office.

Dr Salama said everything is looking well. I noticed while I was home one of the antibiotics made me throw up everytime I took it. Other than that I have no nausea. Luckily I brought it with me and he says he no longer wants any of his patients taking it (thank God!!) So now I am taking just the Oxcy, cipro and zofran (as needed). One of my drains was twisted wrong in my argument so now I am draining like crazy. I put on a cincher while I wait for my garment to wash & dry.

Aunt Flow

Aunt Flow started this morning and I was a wreck. The pez and tampons are not friends but I'm still figuring out ways to manage. I have been shifting sides throughout the night like the doctor asked me too (about every 2-3 hours). I am able to button my garment and cincher on the second row now. My sister and I clean my self up including the garment, gauze and ointment in the morning and before bed. I take one Oxcy in the morning when I get up, one in the afternoon and one before bed now. It's not really painful just uncomfortable. Other than tag all is well and the same :-)

First Massage

I had my first massage today with Celia. It was PAINFUL!!! I took a pain pill about an hour before and i guess it helped as much as it could. It felt like fire was shooting up my sides. I do have to say once she was finished I did feel sooo much better. Ms Celia is the bomb and she is such a sweetheart. She put me in a large garment. Dr Salama came in half way through the massage and told me everything is looking good and when I come back Friday they will take out the back drain. He also said he wants me to measure how much fluid is coming out of the front drain (drain it at the same time, once a day). So far all is well and I am feeling more like myself everyday.

2 week update

Hey there! So tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post and I feel much better. At one week post I got my second massage and back drain taken out. It felt like a pinch and it was over. I have been sleeping on my side and continue to alternate throughout the night. I have cheated and slept on my stomache a fee times but I can't help it. Lol. Today I went for my third massage and to take out my front drain. I'm free y'all!!!! :-)
The front drain did hurt at first when Nomie pulled on it but after wasn't so bad. They gave me new foam and a board but I can't wear the board nor get another massage until I get rid of a pocket of fluid I have build up :-(
I have to have extra compression on the pocket of fluid so I have to double up the foam on that side of my abdomin. Other than that I have been feeling much better aside from the stiffness in the morning. I will post pictures soon just hard to get some in because now that mommy is doing much better my daughter is not letting me have much me time. Lol. I hope all is well ladies and to all awaiting surgery.

Updated pics

So it been 2 1/2 weeks since surgery and I'm still happy with my results. Now my issue is I love my results now but I know they will change since it's only been two weeks :-(
I am hoping they don't change two much because I am really happy. According the Jimerson after 2-3 weeks the size doesn't change so I'm hoping to God that is true. I am still rocking my stage two garment day and night with foam. The pocket of fluid is still there on my left side but it is getting much better. I think I will be able to get a massage on Monday if things continue on this path. I am back to work later today so I have my half roller in the car already lol. Pray for me. Best of luck to all and thanks for the support.

3 weeks post

So I'm three weeks post officially!! Yay!!! Everything is still going good and I go for my massage Monday. The doubled up foam did its magic because I'm not feeling or seeing any fluid (Thank God). At this moment I am only having two issues:
1) the thong on his garment is too damn thick and hard. I sing a thong person anyway but even when I have wore them they were never this annoying. The thing has cause some soreness that I thought was where the rain was healing. Come to find out it's irritation from the thong. So today I decided to try a little something so I took the bandaging tape and tape the thong part together to it can be skinner. So far it feels soo much better. If it continues to go this smooth all day tomorrow I will sew it together tomorrow night.
2) Monday when I go for my massage I am going to ask if I am able to wear my cincher vest to work and out side of work wear my garment with foam and board. My issue with the garment at work is that for some reason I always have to go #2. Lol (sorry if this is tmi). It is miserable having to take 5 minutes to take off all my clothes, open the garment, take out foam and board, then pull down my garment to finally go. It drives me insane because I hate using bathrooms other than my ones at home anyway and now I have to damn near get butt naked in one. Lol smh. I know 3 weeks maybe too soon to go 8 hours without the garment but I will at least have compression on my back and abdomen during that period. If anyone has experienced this please give me some insight.
Other than those issues my butt is still looking good. Heads definitely have been turning but I still keep it classy and not wear anything revealing. The closest I came to anything revealing my curves today was a long maxi skirt, spaghetti strap t shirt with a cardigan and still got some stares (and shade from a few chicks but no biggie). I still greet them and continue on with my day. God bless and I wish everyone the best.

In love!! Lol

4th Massage

So I had my fourth massage Monday and it was painful (not as much as the first though). Eilyn put a machine on my to help through the massage. It was still painful but I couldn't not stop laughing because it tickled too. Eilyn kept laughing at me because I was saying ouch but laughing at the same time. I have to say Eilyn and Celia are the bomb. Also I got the green light to start wearing my cincher to work at 4 weeks (I started 3 days early). Thank God because I was miserable. As soon as I get home I jump in the shower and throw my garment , foam and board back on because I like to know everything is secure. My days off I don't even touch the cincher. Lol! All is well here and I wish everyone the best.

6 weeks

Tomorrow makes 6 weeks and I am still satisfied with my results. I went for my massage a couple of days ago and my sides are still the most painful part to get massaged. Only issue I am having is I ended up getting a rash on my right shoulder and between my breast and armpit. I have been putting some rash cream on it and it's getting better. I was told by Cynthia to put a maxi pad there because it's from the garment rubbing on my breast and shoulder. I measured myself because I kept feeling like I am loosing volume. I an glad I did because so far (knock on wood) I have continues to measure between 42-43 inches. I am up to a 44 inch right now but aunt flow just came for a visit so I know I'm bloating. My waist is between 28-29 inches and would probably be smaller if I ate more healthy. I have been doing better but I still eat fast food more that I should. I moved to an extra small cincher. The cincher is from the office for doing a review on Realself, yelp and google. My butt is trying to soften up. All around where that garment touches is soft. The rest is still hard. I does jiggle though lol. I plan to finally start sitting in my boppy since Nomie said to wait that long. I have only sat on my thighs on the roller. I hope this goes well because the roller is annoying to sit on even with the stuffing on top of it. Hope all is well with everyone. Take care and stay blessed

8 weeks

I am officially to months post and all has been well so far. I have been sitting in my poppy still and have only sat without it twice (each time was no more than an hour). I was nervous about sitting on the poppy because I thought I would end up shrinking some. I have been measuring everyday and it hasn't changed (42-43 inches). My massages have been getting better but I am still a little tender in some places. Where I had the pocket of Fluid I have some scar tissue so I was told to lay back on the heating pad specifically on that side for 30 minutes everyday. My waist is 28 inches but I think I and going to get the next size smaller cincher (2xs) to wear during the day and then I won't go any smaller from there. I do not want my waist super tiny to the point it is obvious I had surgery done. Lol. Also my waist and back are always inching (I guess from healing). I like how my butt looks more and more everyday. I told Celia I was worried about losing projection and she said not to worry since I'm 8 weeks. I can still fit in some of my pants but there are a lot I'm going to have to give away. My sisters can't wait but I am waiting until I hit 3 months like the doctor said. My butt is still tingly when I sit for too long so I take a little walk. Also I had notice that I had a stitch poking out of the incision on my back and on my lower left side. Nomie stated that sometimes the don't come out so if I see any just let her know and she will take them out. Thank God she didn't have to dig it out like she said she sometimes have to. She said that they can get infected if sitting out too long so if anyone faces this problem please let Salama office know and if need be have them or you doctor remove it.

15 weeks

Still happy with my results. Still wear my full garment 12 hours or more and cincher when I'm out or at work. Still have some hard spots from the fat injection. My back and sides are good but hurt like hell when my friend hugged me to hard. Havent been doing as much exercises as I should but I do some planks, push ups, etc. at least twice a week.


I tried to put up pics but they won't go. I upgraded to the iphone 6 and it will not put the pictures up :-(

I am writing this review almost 6 weeks post and I must say from the time I decided to go through with the BBL procedure I have been so grateful and blessed to go through this experience. Dr Salama and his staff have been so helpful through my recovery. The only thing I could complain about is the wait time but it is worth it.

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