Hello sistas it's been awhile, hope everyone is doing well, update with pic

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Hello my bbl sisters I am 41 and always wanted a...

Hello my bbl sisters I am 41 and always wanted a booty. When i was a teen everyone would tell me i have no butt. I never knew doctors could sculpt bodies this way. I knew they would do implants but i never wanted those so i am so thankful i found this website and as a result dr Salama. I liked dr Jimerson's work too but i decided i am going to aventura with my husband and my daughter since i cant stay more than 3 days without them so i thought while ill be healing they can have a lil vacation so dr Salama seemed the best choice in the area, actually i would say the best choice period. Hope he gives me the body i want as i am very aware that results also depend on the amount of accessible fat and body shape. My sx date is not til june 6 2014 cuz he is a busy man. I am glad at least i got that date cuz otherwise id have to wait til march 2015 when my daughter has spring break. I cant go winter break cuz my son comes home from college at that time. So if any of you ladies cant make it the week of march 22-29 of 2014 pls let me know we can switch. I am 145 lb currently and my measurements are 32-30-40. I want a smaller waist, some hips (which what i liked about dr Salamas work) and projection, i am not a big fan of shelf .

More bbl wish pics

I got most of these from other bbl sistas

A few other wish pics

A few other wish pics

More wish pics

More wish pics ;p

Like her round hips

I like her round hips i dont like when they make them kinda pointy on the sides

Definitely wish pics

Definitely wish hips but dunno if its doable for me cuz these girls are thicker naturally

Pics with clothes on

A few pics with clothes on. I like my body a lil better this way but without i feel i look like a boy

With clothes

I like my body with clothes on better

Every woman and man's wish pic lol

So happy earlier date

Hello my bbl sistas. Nancy called today and gave me the great news. They have a march date right on my daughter's spring break, i guess someone canceled. So i might be salamafied earlier than i thought. Thank God i will not have to endure the heat of the summer with those garments. It'll be perfect cuz in chicago will still be snowy. I am ecstatic. I just hope i am not pregnant cuz i am like a day late. I hope hope hope i am not cuz i am gone be 42 in a few days and i have 2 guys but if it happens it happens i just feel too old for that lol.

I meant 2 beautiful kids not guys lol

I meant 2 beautiful kids not guys lol

Wish pic

My favorite salama booty bigbootytinywaist :)

Booked my room finally

Took bigbootytineywaist advice and started looking at room reservations and i freaked out for a moment cuz the good ones were taken and the rest were so expensive cuz i am going spring break. Thank God i found one right on the boardwalk in hollywood just like nancy described it where i can go for walks when i am able to after sx. Lets just hope nothing gets screwed up cuz its hard to find other at that time


Hey bbl sistas could you pls tell me where do i find that sx simulator


I had to delete and crop and upload again my preop pics cuz i felt they werent discreet enough

Wtf is wrong with real self and pics

Rs is uploading the pics all bad

Another try

Trying to upload again it shows only half of pic

More wish pic hehehe

Love her hips and waist

Again probl with rs pics ughh

Wish pic

Wish pic

Rs get it together

So, i went to south beach miami

I went to south beach miami and let me tell you, every time i went there before i was wondering how can so many beautiful women be so lucky to have such juicy bodies lol? Can i say now i can tell which ones have had bbl? If it wasnt for my sister's big mouth i would have never found out but she had it done, but you cant tell too much cuz first she was flatter than me preop plus she didnt do as much research and didnt go to the right dr. She mentioned bbl and i googled it and voila realself popped up and after checking local doctors no one had the results the southern drs give so after i looked at salamas work i loved it. So thank god we have those doctors :)

Happy thanksgiving y'all

Happy healing to the ladies that just got their sx done and good luck to the ones that are going soon :)))

Adding some new wish pics and some old ones that didnt upload properly

More wish pics

Recent weight gain for my sx

I think i am close to what salama told me to gain i am about 157-160 now i fluctuate. I used to have a hard time gaining weight before but i did well in couple mns lol i think i need to slow down cuz my sx is not til march

And side view

Side view after weight gain

Sorry forgot to add pic

Side view

Some new wish pics previous Salama dolls

Some new wish pics

So went for new year's eve and saw a drunk girl that had bbl

Lol i went to the bthr and this girl that a nice booty, was so drunk she took her dress off and voila she was wearing a cg. All this time i thought most people were born with a nice booty but a few of us. Lets just hope the style of big bootees doesnt change lol. Happy new year to all the bbl sistas and hope 2014 brings nice booty for all the girls that are scheduled this year and keep improving the ones that did. Of course the main thing i hope that y'all have a healthy year and the ones to come xxxxcx

Anyone else going end of march?

Are any other salama girls scheduled from the 22 of march til april 2nd

My new booty obsession

One of the sistas bf sent her a wish pic and i googled the girl and bam i got obsessed with it

I was so emotional today

The reason why is cuz i got the flu last week never in my life felt like that. I am one if these people that cannot sit still even sick. And i dont get sick often. During the flu i got this terrible back ache that i never had before so i went to my acupuncturist who told me i have complications from flu, back inflammation. He helped so much but this whole ordeal kinda scared me and kinda reminded me how difficult this procedure is, which is one of the reasons i decided to do it in the states. Just in case. Guys for the first time in my life i felt like this virus was gone take over and i wouldnt be able to fight it. The pain that i experienced reminded me of what i am about to put my body through. I hope it turns out kinda of what the spongebobchicka said that it was more discomfort than strong pain. I hope i stay healthy and it doesnt affect my long term health cuz i got no time for that. Sorry just feeling a lil insecure perhaps cuz my date is approaching and i feel its much harder when you have kids. Thank god my husband is a good support system

New hip wish pic

Too excited dunno how to calm down

I scheduled my labs tomorrow please pray for me ladies that tests come out right

Got my clearance

There was only mild bacteria level in my urine but they gave me antibiotics i hope they dont give me any trouble for that. Sooo nervous so much to do as i have my finals at school next week. Thank you all for the love and support honestly not even family as supportive as you guys xoxoxo

New preop pics with weight gain

I am around 155 lbs now hope its enough cuz its hard for me to gain more, some days i wake 152.

New preop pic with weight gain

Its funny my 6pack is covered by fat now

Salama girls pics

Some of salamas work

Shopping for sx

I got my p ez and half foam roller on the mail. Got my meds and supplies and i bought about 6 cotton tshirts that i can wear under my garment for like 3.80$ at forever 21. So stressed out getting ready for this. I hope i didnt forget anything. One week from tomorrow i will salamafied hopefully if all goes well. I just cant wait to get over with this and get on with my life

I am here y'all

So i got here today at 9 am. I brought some crappy weather from chicago but oh well. I am praying everything gies well. Thank you ladies for all the love xoxoxo

Monday is my preop and tue the 25th is the sx day

Soooo nervous


The bootys ive seen at salamas office, pics dont do justice . Nikki minaj got nothing on them. Ive been through some family things ill update u ladies as soon as feel ok at the recovery house xoxoxo to alland thanks for the love and support

900cc each side

I just feel beat up

So beat up and swollen face


Kinda glad he put 900 cuz boy 1100 looks huge in person

Before & after


Same pics just adjusted

I adjusted the pics a lil bit cuz my app wasnt working and just took a screen shot


When does this get any better as its getting worse


My husband is worried about leaving me alone so he told me to get someone to sleep in my condo for couple of days. Do u know how should i pay she left it up to me since i am over the worst part

First massage

I have been complaining a lot i know but i am a whimp. Anyways i love everyone at elite, Nomi is super nice to me. I only met dr salama the day of the surgery and he did amazing work especially my back is carved. Today i had my first massage with eileen, she is nice but i was swearing and crying lol. The good news is that. massage is not too long otherwise i would've passed out. It felt better afterwords but the smaller garment kinda doesnt make it last lol. The first few days i was at recovery which i liked. Even though i came here with my family recovery house is irreplaceable as the ladies there know what theyre doing. I was lucky to be with a good group of girls. The first couple days maybe 3 are the hardest, everyone is different but once i stopped taking the percs and took tylenol extra strength instead i felt much better. Xoxoxo to all of you and thanks for the support


I can see the hourglass creating but ladies stage 2 cg is pure hell. Worse than 1 day post up. I am scared to take foams off cuz i dont want fluids to go back to where eileen squeezed them out of as that was the worst pain ever. Butt looks bigger in person my husband said i look kk

Side pic

Other its a lil smaller but everything on right is more swollen

Forgot pic

With foams

Pics in a dress

Pics above

Pics in the dress i have foam boards and cg

Ok ladies, the vets were right

Today i feel 100% better, had my 2nd massage with celia and i liked her better. Had my back drain removed and i feel like a new person

New pics

Doing much better with pain just very tired

Sorry forgot pics

My stomach looks kinda ugly now so ill wait for that

See what i mean

Drain removal

Please tell me is it really painful to remove your own front drain?

To all girls from all drs

If you need a caregiver that really cares about your well being, i had this lady she was like a guardian angel to me, i would ask her to rest and sleep and she wouldnt, when she would serve me food she would wrap the fork with a napkin. So cute. Besides that she would cook and clean everything in my condo spotless so i could feel comfortable and like at home. Worked for one of the top surgeons in the area so she knows everything. Inbox me if you need her number. Xoxoxo


To add insult to the injury i got the worst heartburn ever. I think is from leaning on my stomach all the time lol


Ok so from right before surgery i pointed it out to salama that my right buttcheek is bigger than the left, he agreed. So from day one post op i noticed the difference was even bigger than before. Last day at the post op before i left i mentioned it to him and again he agreed but said too early to tell. Problem is i feel it that he confused sides and forgot which side is bigger and i think he put more on the bigger side. The side that is bigger has more bruising as well, on the smaller side bruising is almost gone which is another indication that he worked more on the bigger side and put more on that and the smaller side keeps getting smaller. On my right side i look like kim k on the other like my old butt. I am so upset cuz this recovery has been hell for me i didnt want a revision or second round.


The smaller side has had this flatteness to it to

I like my results

I still love his work i just wish u didnt have asymmetry so i didnt have to do revision. Still sore though cant wait for soreness To go away. My seroma is back but at least i am drain free :))

Pardon my saggy boobs lol

Just got out of shower and since i got a seroma thats thats the only time i am without garment, or when i poop lol

Pic in a dress

A lil blur

I started taking bromelain

My chiropractor where i am going for massages gave bromelain as antinflamatory, but i was reading online it helps the body get rid of fat. Can that interfere with the fat grafted?

Yoga mat that i can drive with

Half foam roller its actually dangerous cuz your right leg falls asleep while driving. I got this thick mat that works for me for driving but i got suv so i fit with it. One of the girls cut the sides so it would on the seat

Before&after same dress

Gourglass :)))

And another :)

Another pic

Lol typo


Square hips

This dress shows how square my hips were

Too much compression

I put my vest on top of cg taking Nomis advise and it created a great degree of pain and swelling and dents. I finally realized what was wrong cuz the dents were getting bruised and painful so i took ilovemybootay advise who is a genius, took hooks from 1st stage garment and sawed them on stage 2 cg and i am planing to tighten it on the sides too. My pain got much better that burning sensation went away and back its smoothing out

4 weeks

A lil bit better but still having some soreness depending on the day. The most nerve wrecking part taking off your garment seeing weird dents sometimes so trying to adjust foams and boards to make it better but yeah this is a long process, not easy. My butt has soften and evened except couple areas of firmness and 2 dents so hopefully fluffing will make those better. Still happy with results just minor imperfections and abbs still look kinda messed up, hope it will smoothen out. This dress made my bum look good before bbl too :p

Forgot to add

Havent sat on my bum yet, when i drive, short drives i put yoga mat underneath my hams and bopy on my lower back. Hope i can make it to 6 weeks without having to sit. Cant wait to sit and sleep on my back though cuz i wake up with swollen eyes everyday.


I bought vedette 136 in medium. I would refer to their size chart before you buy it cuz mine is already looser on the lower part. As you all know i was past 6 weeks and i wasnt doing well with pain. Once i got the vedette i finally got rid of foams. Its hotter in it it than lipo exspress and it smells like rubber but it has very nice compression on the entire back, which is where all my pain was. Honestly the worst part of this recovery has been the cg and i should have gotten it a lot earlier. The lipoexpress is useless as it creates a dent on my back which as a result makes swelling and pain on my back awful. I wish i had not spent 90$ on the xs but maybe i can use it later stages or when its too hot cuz its not as hot as vedette. Vedette its sooooo comfy even though it offers great compression, it looks sexier too. Many of the tall girls complained it. For me its actually loose on the crotch closure and i have it close on the third hook doesnt ride up cuz the material kinda stick to skin which cuz the rubber which probably makes it inappropriate for early stages. Its a shame they dont make cg comfy for tall girls cuz i saw how much my roomy was suffering

My height

Btw i am 5.4 which makes kinda average on the short side.

7 week update

I used dread wearing this dress cuz my square hips, i am wearing vedette 136 s with abb board, thank god i am free of foams but i might have to put them back on cuz my seroma is back :((( other than that i like my shape

I had to delete

I had to delete and upload again cuz my face was showing even though i thought i cropped it

8 weeks

Since they say by now results should be permanent here are my measurements before&after
My waist kinda fluctuates between 26-27
My results are natural but the booty greed kicks in and i could have used a lil more volume. There are a few imperfections like couple of dents on my lower right abb and right cheek, i still feel my left side is a lil smaller. I love my results in clothes, its when i am in panties or naked where i could use more volume. I am 42 and i am surprised to see how many heads i turn especially at the gym, i think its all in the shape he gives. So overall i am very pleased with my results. I never measured myself right after. My first measuring was 10 days po and since then ive only lost inches on my waist, booty lost maybe half inch thats all even though i lost 6 lbs since the procedure. Its not easy recovery, its long and you have to be patient and careful. I can say the biggest relief i got from pain was when i switched to vedette even though it makes me itch. Please ladies dont rush into this, prepare yourself with money and time off so you can recover properly, there shouldnt be shortcuts. I didnt sit or sleeep on my back for 6 weeks, actually i still sleep on my stomach cuz i got used to it
Getting abb boards has been a challenge dealing with their office, i am very frustrated cuz that has made my abb dents worse :(((
Its sad cuz Salama himself is very good about replying in seconds but his staff...... I am still waiting more than 2 weeks later for my boards, idk what happened the first one was delivered next day cuz you pay 15$ for shipping. When i called they said i didnt receive it cuz they didnt ship it, no apology nothing.......

Follow up

Ive been mia but everything is good, turning lots of heads, at a club this girl told my husband i have a nice butt and if she could touch, he told her thats ok i can touch it for u lol. Went to fl saw salama he said everything looks good accept my lower abbs he said theyre very irregular so advised me to put more compression and continue massages and use foams on top of board, ugggh this is a long procces. But finally i feel much better. My measurments have gotten smaller cuz i lost almost 10lbs didnt even try, but my butt looks the same. I love my shape

I meant to say

I meant to say measurements all over have gone down even butt cuz i lost weight but somehow it doesnt look smaller it looks ok. I havent been good about working out when i do workout my butt gets bigger

Couple more pics

I think it matches my frame, any bigger it would look funny

Beyonce is wearing our cg lol

We were complaining the whole time this, hope it doesnt ride up like ours does

So worried

I woke up with pain on the right side, this side was usually bigger now its getting smaller than the smaller side. Ughhh this procedure is a roller coaster. I dont even work i didnt sit on my butt til like 7 week and i still sleep on my belly

One month difference, been exercising a lil more

Left june, right july

Rs is tripping

I thought i saw a difference :)

4 months

4 months basically your life is back together. You'll still feel those areas but its nothing, more like tightness. Still happy with my results, with certain clothes i get a lot of stares. I do at the gym too. I still believe Salama is an artist. I have couple minor dents on right cheeck which i sent him pics of, he said that might be due to scar tissue so do some deep massage. It has improved but still there. The cheeks are also same size i believe. I like myself in clothes more than naked as i would love just a tiny bit more volume and roundness. My ab dents have gotten a lil better but not lot, i am doing velashape for that so hopefully it will improve. I still wear lipoexpress vest. I love their corset without straps too doesnt bunch up like squeem, i think i even like it better than the vest so i wear it when i go out but at home i wear vest cuz it supports more upper back. I also still wear my self made ab board cuz the dents. What i did i took salamas old board took the fabric covering part and based on the shape and size of that went to target got those flexible chopping boards and made a board. The only thing is i have to wear a cami under or it will make me supper itchy. I dont wear it when i go out. The new boards they have didnt work for me. This flattens my dents. I doubled the flexible board so its sturdy and the vest doesnt bend it


Forgot to add the pics. This dress got a lit of heads turning i just wish i looked like this with anything

Size not salamas fault

I only got myself to blame for the size cuz i forgot my phone so no wish pics and i was scared to tell him go big cuz i saw some huge booties in his office that wouldnt look good on me. That night i wore that dress i heard a group of African-American ladies that were saying girl got a donk, i wanted to turn my head and smile at them. So i think he did whatever he thought would look good on my size or maybe thats how much he could fit in cuz my skin looked like it was about to burst after sx. Ok y'all have a good one enjoy the new bodies and good luck to the ones that dont have them yet. I highly recommend Salama. He is very honest but i think he sculpts beautiful bodies. As i said before his 2 star review convinced me to go to him as it was close to my wish pic. Problem is after this procedure we want perfection. Luv y'all


I put one of my wish pics next to mine which i didnt even show him. Even though we have different bodies, i m thicker on top and skinnier thighs i think it came close :)

Sorry forgot pic


Another one

Pls tell me he is not amazing. We quickly forget how we were. Even though not big but 100% better. Ok ill stop lol

5 months today

Wow where does time go. I went out last sat and for the first time i got so much hate from women and lots of love from men lol. It was kinda shock cuz all the time when i went out i would usually receive compliments on my clothes from women, now so many were ready to fight with me and i m not that kinda person

With certain clothes it looks bigger

With this dress booty looks much bigger

I want my arms lipoed

As u can see from pics my arms dont match now so any input from the sistas that got them done is welcomed, how do they like it, is it worth it, any deformities problems?

I m back

I've been mia deleted all my pics cuz an ex bf, he is very good with computers, started digging and hacking. I was afraid hr was gone find something and plast it all over i am uploading a few pics and couple before and after. I am still happy with results i just want more lol. I wish i hadn't gotten scared and had told him to put more.






Everything Is going well. I lost about 10 lbs a few weeks ago and I freaked out cuz I thought i lost my booty but I gained some of it back and it's there nothing got lost. Still love it, still have booty greed but most people tell me no I shouldn't touch it or it would look stupid. Hope all my sistas here are doing well, if you guys have any questions hit me. Its sad some of the vets are completely gone but oh well people have lives. I just remember how much their posts meant to me they gave me hope and made kept going. Luv y'all

Waist cinchers

Btw has any tried that whatawaist cinchers kimk is saying?

10 mns

Yes ladies whatever u see at 3 mns is what u get. There is such thing as fluffing which the difference is people will ask me now all the time if i had something done. I still have some dents on right side u just cant see on this pic, which dr offered to do a revision but i am still debating if i wanna do it. Still love his work and glad I chose him, if i did it all over again I would choose him again. I honestly cannot trust other surgeons after him as he exceeded my expectations. So basically i see a lot of difference after fluffing, like before I would get attention depending on what clothes i wore, now i get attention even wearing a coat, so I dunno wth i am gonna do when summer comes in summer clothes. Definitely wearing a vest still make a difference with swelling, not as much as before but it does

1 year today

still very happy with my results. I saw Salama for follow up, i might do my arms and a mini tummy tuck. If i had to do it all over i would have still picked him again

Sending some love to you all

everything is great, booty greed is real fir sure and Salama is da man , an artist. For all sistas that have unevenness on abs i noticed yoga helps a lot

Wish pics round 2

As i said before i scheduled round 2, I mentioned before I believe that I didn't get as close results as my wish pics cuz i freaked out last minute and asked for not that big, plus I believe that even if i asked for wish pic results it might have not been realistic cuz my skin was too tight and he wouldn't have been able to fit that much fat in there, i am kinda happy with projection, i want more hips. I m still happy with his job, but the round 2 would be good also to get rid of thst extra fat in bra line and arms and chin lol. Anyway hope everyone is all well, I haven't salamas latest work cuz i get greed lol, i m sure his booties are banging. Xoxoxo y'all


I am gonna be 3 years in march ???? I still love my results. Salama is amazing. It seems like all my vets have gone mia . I'll still update though. He could have given more but I freaked out last minute so i told him not too much. Now i like though. Have a good one y'all

Per request pics of abs

One of sistas asked me for ab pics since I had problems with that for awhile. Now I believe the dents were caused by my seromas, which are not dr S fault, this man is an artist. Plus i am not young and I had csection 22 yrs ago, as you can see from pics most dents are in that area. I asked dr S and he told also I have a lot of loose skin and a mini tummy tuck would improve the apearance, he included the price in my revision price which was a great price. So don't fear, if you follow their instructions you'll have an awesome recovery. So I've had tremendous improvement on dents. I was patient though, i stll give my tummy massage with my knuckles in the shower. As for post op, compression, compression, compression so you don't get seroma like i did. Even though i was far from when it happened, i had heard many people would have to go to doctor to have it aspired, he would answer promptly and i was able to get rid of it with his instructions. I can tell you he so much more helpful than his staff with replying. Yoga helps a lot with dents too, the first time I did yoga it was like 6 weeks post up, i felt like the tissue was ripping apart, so i am assuming that was helping with scar tissue. After that first yoga session i felt like i was new


I was looking at my old pics and couldn't keep myself from updating and saying how much salama changed my body. So glad i went to him. He's amazing period. I hope my revision goes well. Xoxo
I am repeating, the reason why it's not as dramatic is cuz i asked for this, sometimes even this is too much ???? Idk how other sistas handle bigger ones, I feel like I already get attention, and while i am vain on my own I don't like attention. I only did this for me. Salama is an amazing artist. I didn't loose much fat, initially i was freaking out cuz I thought i did but it's all there, if not a little more now

He is an amazing dr. I liked what he did on me so far and what i saw on the other girls i saw at his office and recovery. I thought all these beautiful butts of his on real self were not all real but boy what i saw there pics dont do justice to his work. My roommate had 1800 cc and he made it look real. I hope mine turns out as nice. I have to change my rating for his staff. Preop they were all great, but post op care sucks..... Dr Salama is the only one that will help and reply fast

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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