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Hi ladies! After years of wanting this I am...

Hi ladies! After years of wanting this I am finally doing it!! I am going with Salama. My date is set for April 30th. Whoop Whoop! I havent decided yet if I am going to post pics, but I probably will. I will be posting again later, in a rush right now.

LADIES IN SOUTH FLORIDA LOOKING FOR MASSAGES: I found a few places, I can give you the numbers. I will write a review when I actually try them. But I know some ladies may need massages right now, so just let me know an I will provide the info. Good Luck everyone!!

I finally have some time to sit and share my...

I finally have some time to sit and share my experience so far. I have been wanting this for a while and had my eye on Dr. Salama the whole time. Then this year when I decided to do it I saw his prices went up to $8499! So I decided to try other doctors. My first consultation was at South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Alexander. He told me he could give me 500cc and I didnt have to gain weight. I told him I wanted bigger, he said 500cc is fine for my body and that I woupd retain all ALL the fat! Soooo, I didnt care for his responce so I didnt go with him. Next, I went to Pascual MD, I was going to have surgery with Dr. LaGrasso. But, the more I looked at his before and after pics and read about when he worked at Sleek MedSpa, I got scared. I was so frustrated with researching doctors and scared I wouldnt like my results, or I would have major complications. I only want to do this surgery ONE TIME! So, I said forgot the price! I am putting my life in this persons I went with DR. SALAMA. The only doctors whos results I really loved where Mendieta, Salama, and Jimmerson. I liked Dr. Yily as well, but the more I looked at her pics the bodies looked so fake. It was clear they had surgery, the curves looked too unatural for my taste. This is just my opinion, Im sure others love her curves, I just personally didnt. And Jimmerson is in ATL and I didnt want to fly. I know people do, and I would have if I really had too, but I live in South Florida I have plenty doctors to choose from without having to fly. It came down to Mendieta and Salama, I looked and looked at pics for hours and went with Salama.

The consultation with him went great, everyone at his office is sooooo nice and friendly. The wait was ridiculous! I waited 2 n a half hours!!! Ladies be prepared! The wait is looooong! And what was so weird was I originally had a 1:30 appt but they called me and said they had cancellations so could I come in earlier. Ok thats great! So, I came in at 12. But, I still didnt get in to see the doctor until 2:30. It was a little frustrating. When I finally saw the doctor, I was so relieved!
Dr. Salama was very nice. He said my butt was long and loose (yuckkkk) so it will accomodate plenty of fat. I am 5'2 and weight 135 and he asked me to gain 10 to 12 lbs. I am trying, but gaining weight isnt that easy for me. He said he could get me good results with the fat I have so it wouldnt be a big deal if I didnt gain it. But the extra fat would assure a bigger butt. He explained the procedure in full detail, explained all the complications that could occur, and my next stop is meeting the sweet and lovely Nancy to schedule my surgery.
Nancy is the absolute best! Her and Cynthia are both so sweet. It ended up that my fee was a little lower because I was local so I didnt need transportation. I was paying them the full amount right at that moment which gave me another 1% off (not much, but anything helps) I added inner thigh Lipo which increased it by $500. So my total is $7912. Not too bad at all. I didnt schecuale a date at that time because I was going to take the first available cancellation. A few days later Nancy called me with my Apr. 30th date! I was like wow! That was fast! She actually tried giving me a Monday that was like 3 days after she called me. But that was too soon, I needed enough time for my boyfriend to free his schedule.
So thats my story so far ladies! I go on Apr.18 for my blood work and EKG and at this point I am just counting the days, eating alot, drinking fluids, taking a multi vitamin with Iron, and vitamin c, and trying to be patient, but I AM SO ANXIOUS!!! Excuse any typos, I am on my cell while my laptop is at bestbuy getting repaired. Good luck everyone on their journey!!!!

Hello ladies! I received my packet from Dr. Salama...

Hello ladies! I received my packet from Dr. Salama last week. I bought my iron and vitamin c. I didnt fill my prescripions just yet. I'm going to wait about another two weeks for that. Getting my blood work and EKG on April 18th. I bought my heating pad and chucks. Whats driving me crazy is trying to gain these 10lbs. I have been eating like crazy, drinking ensure, eating fast food n donuts, and still barely any weight gain. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! I only have 5 weeks left!!!!!! Oh ladies..I bought Iron pills from the vitamin shoppe called comfort iron. I have not been constipated at all! I highly recommend them. I never have constipation problems anyway, but this comfort iron is helping with prevention. OMG, I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I need a good waist cincher and I think I will have everything I need.

I decided to stay in a hotel the night of my surgery because I have to go back to see the doctor the day after surgery. I live in Royal Palm which is about an hour away, so instead of making that drive I will stay nearby.

Good luck ladies! Ttys!

Hey ladies. I am 9 days away from my pre op appt...

Hey ladies. I am 9 days away from my pre op appt and 3wks away from surgery. I am very nervous and excited. I have gained enough weight I think. I think I got close to 10lbs n then decided eneough was eneough. I feel so fat n eating all that junk had me feeling really grossed out. I usually eat very clean n healthy, n this was not for me. I decided I am going back to eating right. Its funny cuz at first I couldnt gain weight, then it was like over night I got huge! I dont want a huge ass anyway, I want it big and heart shaped, but I dont want a big shelf or a big donkey butt. I thought I wanted that at first, but the more I think about how I have to grow old with this ass, I think a nice fluffy heart shaped will fit my frame the best. I am more concerned with him getting my waist n stomache flat than having a huge ass. And we all naturally get bigger as we get older n I dont want my butt to be out of control when Im 50 or 60. Anyway, to each their own, I definately dont knock anyone who does want it ginormous. Its your body and your money..get it however it will make you happy. Just do it safely. I am officially counting the days yall! I just hope all my preop tests are perfect because the show must go on! Good luck n prayers to everyone going into surgery!!!

I have my pre op appt tommorrow!!! I will be...

I have my pre op appt tommorrow!!! I will be getting my EKG done and all my blood work done while I'm there. I just hope my results are all ok so I can still have my surgery on Apr. 30. I have been taking 100-200 mg of iron per day and 1000 mg of vitamin C. The last time I had blood work done was about 7 months ago and everything was normal, so hopefully nothing has changed. I'm concerned about my blood count being low because I have had that issue when I was younger. Ughhhhh, I AM SO NERVOUS!!! Well ladies, I will post tomorrow after my appt. I am not sure what what exactly happens at the pre op appt, but I will share my experience.

I have been officialy cleared for surgery! Noemi...

I have been officialy cleared for surgery! Noemi from Dr. Salamas office called me yesterday to tell me my results came back and everything looked great. I cant believe its only 6 days away! I been so busy I havent even had time to think about the surgery. I have family in from out of town, so I been playing host. I have assignments due, and remodeling projects that Im working on (me and my man own a contracting/design company) and I have a 3 yr old keeping me busy. And to top it off I was in the ER with my son until 5 am! Ends up he has strep throat. Hopefully I wont get sick too, otherwise I may not be able to get surgery on Tuesday. So far I feel fine, hopefully I STAY fine. I wont be posting again until after surgery, I should be adding pics at that time too. Good luck everyone! See you on the other side!

I have been officialy cleared for surgery! Noemi...

I have been officialy cleared for surgery! Noemi from Dr. Salamas office called me yesterday to tell me my results came back and everything looked great. I cant believe its only 6 days away! I been so busy I havent even had time to think about the surgery. I have family in from out of town, so I been playing host. I have assignments due, and remodeling projects that Im working on (me and my man own a contracting/design company) and I have a 3 yr old keeping me busy. And to top it off I was in the ER with my son until 5 am! Ends up he has strep throat. Hopefully I wont get sick too, otherwise I may not be able to get surgery on Tuesday. So far I feel fine, hopefully I STAY fine. I wont be posting again until after surgery, I should be adding pics at that time too. Good luck everyone! See you on the other side!

I cant believe tomorrow is the day! I'm going to...

I cant believe tomorrow is the day! I'm going to be packing my bag in a little while. I'm staying at the Ramada Inn tomorrow night so I can get to Dr.Salama's office easily on Wed morning for the first post op appt. My man postponed all projects for 3 wks so he can be home at all times helping me. My dad is staying with my son so we can stay the night in Aventura. I think thats it. I am ready!!!! This is really happening!! I have been praying that I make it through this safely. Thats my biggest concern, making it through surgery alive and well. Not going to lie, I am really nervous and scared. But, I pray God keeps me safe. Good luck to everyone else going into surgery, please say a prayer for me! I will post again either Tue after surgery if not too tired, or Wed after the 1st post op appointment. GOOR LUCK YALL!!!!

Ladies. This shit right here is no joke! The pain...

Ladies. This shit right here is no joke! The pain is incredible! I kept passing out when I would stand up. My man had to carry me from the car to the hotel room yesterday because I passed out. I feel a tiny bit better. Im not passing out and getting dizzy anymore. But my body hurts so much when ever I move. I had towokids and both were natural, no epidorals or anything, and this is a thousand times worth. I will be going back to Dr. salamas office soon for my post op appt and Im toing to have some eggs n toast. Give me a few days for post op pics ladies, because truthtully, Im in to much pain to be taking pics. I could barely post this! Thanks for the well wishes, and good luck everyone

Omg, I feel like such crap. I feel worse instead...

Omg, I feel like such crap. I feel worse instead of better. My ass is so stretchd out that the skin feels like its ripping. Im taking pain meds, n they def help, but LAWD!! This is CRAZY! My lipo areas burn n feel very sore and stiff like I over did the gym. I dont know how Im going to poop! Ugh! Id anyone has suggestions on how 2 feel better..I AM ALL EARS! Cuz this shit here has me ready to cry. Oh, I have an icepack on my butt...that has helped my butt so much. Specially the crack were its really bothering me.

Im feeling much better. Thanks to newbootyinc and...

Im feeling much better. Thanks to newbootyinc and of course my Dr. Newbootyinc gave me the best advise cuz I was goung thru it with having a bowel movement. And Dr. Salama called me yesterday to check on me and answered a few questions and also made me feel better. He really is a great doctor. He absolutely cares about his patients. I was so grateful when he called and checked right when I was at my worst.

I forgot to update on my 2nd post op appt/1st...

I forgot to update on my 2nd post op appt/1st massage! Sorry yall. Well, that was yesterday. It really wasnt so bad. I had a 2pm appt n the office called and asked if i could come in at 12, or at 3pm because they had a schedualing conflict. I decided to take the 12 n get the appt out of the way nice n early. Mind you, it was like 10:15am when they called n I live about 1hr n 15 min from the office. So I had to hurry up n call my dad so he can rush over n stay with the kids n get ready quickly so I could be there by 12. I get there about 15 min late, (i did the best i could with the time frame i had) and theres another lady waiting to get in for a massage whos appt was also at 12!!! Wtf! Apparently, she had the original 12 appt. But when they called her to confirm she didnt answer her phone n she never called back to confirm that yes, she was still coming, so they called me n gave me her 12. That lady was so pissed, n cant say I blame her. But I was glad they took me at 12. Moral of the story: CONFIRM ALL YOUR APPTS AT ELITE PLASTIC SURGERY! If you dont confirm they assume you are a no show n will give ur appt away quick.

Now for my massage.
It really wasnt bad, I took one percocet like 20 min before on an empty stomache. I didnt want 2 get sick so I made my husband stop n get me a cheese burger, which I why I was a lil late. It hurt and burned a little bit, but afterwards I felt so relieved! I cant wait 2 go get another (tomorrow). They removed the back drain add put me in a med garment and foams, which is tight as fuck! I hoping it feels better by 2mrw, otherwise I may need a bigger one. Its really tight on my legs cuz there so swollen. I had inner thigh lipo. Remember ladies, if you have inner thighs done like I did we cant switch into a thong compression garment cuz we still need to compress our thighs. Unless you buy a seperate thigh compression thing. I was looking forward to getting in a vedette and following newbootyinc's blueprint, but looks like I have to stick to something with leg compression and squeems. Its ok. I have a plan Im sticking to and It will work out. I go back tomorrow for massage #2, and to have the front drain removed. Getting online tonight to order my waist cincher/squeem. And nx wk I will be trying a new massuese closer to home I will let yall know how that works out, especially for the local ladies. I can tell you this lady specializes in post op lipo massages and her rates START at $60. She said it could be more, she needs to see how much work I need. I really wanted to keep going to Dr. Salamas office for massages, but that drive is to long and uncomfortable. This lady is only like 20 min away. Will update soon!!!

8days post op. 2nd massage today, front drain...

8days post op. 2nd massage today, front drain removed. The massage felt so good. It hurt but its the good pain that feels great. Like when ur back is sore and u get a good massage at the spa n it hurts but feels so damn good. It was like that! Lol. My tight ass medium garment is already pretty loose. The massuese at Dr. Salamas office, Celia, said I will be in a small very soon. The office gave me another garment n i ordered 2 waist cinchers online..a med and a small. Celia told me I could go head and start putting the heating pad on at home. She also told me she can feel while shes massaging me that Im healing much faster than average. She can tell by how the tissue under the skin feels, and it feels like Im more days post op than just eight. That was some of the best news I heard since the procedure! I go back in one week for another follow up, and I mine as well get another massage while Im there. Monday I will be trying a new massuese closer to home and my man will start massaging when I start using the heating pad 2mrw. I feel so much better n my ass still looks great. Like I said before Im going 2 take new pics when Im at 2wks post op.

I promised the south florida ladies reviews on...

I promised the south florida ladies reviews on local massage therapists and here goes:
Today I went to Sirena Spa & Skincare. Theyre located on Military Trail in West Palm Beach. They have a lady named Jami who specializes in post-op massages. It was HEAVEN!!! Yes, it still hurt, but if it doesnt hurt, theyre not doing it right. 1st she put me in this big sleeping bag looking thing that heated up and she got everything nice and warm. Then she massaged every lipo area very thoroughly. She massaged me exactly the same way they do at Dr.Salamas office. After that she ended it with ultrasound therapy on each area of lipo. I had huge knots in my inner thighs but she was able to get all that out. At one point they had two women work on me, one on each thigh. I left there relaxed, muscles loose, with so much fluid removed that I was able to put a new squeem on over my garment and foams. I was there for two hours!! My man was pissed about that, but I wasnt. I loved every second of the two hours, even the painful parts. She has also had lipo so she was pretty informative. She told me about eating pineapples, making a pineapple water to drink, and drinking calandula tea. Apparently all these things help the fluid retention. So yea, Im happy I went there cuz I got new tips on top of a good massage!
My only issue was that when I first got there and they put me in that heated sleeping bag thing they had me lay on my back on my boppy pillow and I felt that was too much time on my butt so I told her I wanted to lay face down instead. When I left there I called Dr.Salama to make sure that the whole body heating pad was ok since my my butt was getting heat too. Dr.Salamas office said no heat on my butt, so I called Jami so that she would know my particular doctor doesnt want heat on it and next time we will do that part differently. I know that different doctors do different things, so if youre going to try this spa I would find out from your doctor his preference on heat on the butt.
I feel really good today, no stiffness and I see my waist getting smaller and my butt still looking good! I love my new body!!!

Heres the info for the spa for the local ladies that need massages.
Sirena Spa
122 N. Military Trail
West Palm Beach
(561) 429-5443
Her rates START $60 per session (regarless of the length of session)
If you purchase a package.
That rate can be higher based on other factors, she has to see you to establish the rate.
Good luck ladies

Omg!! I got my menstrual today and Im wayyyyy...

Omg!! I got my menstrual today and Im wayyyyy early! I dont know if that good massage brought it down early, lol..or if the procedure brought it early, but Im freaking out about having my period while in this damn garment squeezing me to death! Any advise? Omg, I hope I dont get cramps! Sighhhhh :o/ not good

Im 15 days post-op today. Posted new pics wearing...

Im 15 days post-op today. Posted new pics wearing the same poka dot bikini as my before pics. You can see a HUGE difference and ita only been 2wks! I switched to a small garment today with board and foams. Celia at Dr.Salamas office said I will be in an xs in a wk. I told her I hope not! I dont really want to go smaller. She said sometimes ww dont have a choice, my lipo areas are shrinking fast n I have to change the garment accordingly. Shit, If my lipo areas keep getting smaller, Im going to look like Angel Lola Love witb all this ass! Ladies, the pics dont seem to represent the true size of my ass. I think some vets can cosign that our asses look bigger in person than they do in the pics. Anyway, I am in LOVE with my new body. I just want to be out of the garment asap!!! I am so sick of wearing maxi dresses, I want to go shopping but I need to wait until my size stabilizes. Ughhh, Im so anxious to get new clothes and hit southbeach in a thong!! Lmao. I still have alot of bruising, but much better than before. I dont have anymore pain, but I still feel stiff, especially when I first wake up. I get my massages every 2 days, the in between days I use a heating pad and me n my man massage me. I massage myself in the shower too. I take the garment off twice a day. In the morning when I shower and in the evening when I massage. Im still too stiff to bend down to reach my feet, but everyday that gets a little better. I am soooo happy with my results. No complaints at all.

Those new pics have some shadows under my butt and...

Those new pics have some shadows under my butt and my butt is still dark from bruises, so you have to look hard to see where the true creases are. Front shot and side shot as well, all have shadows coming in from the left side


Finally took my measurements. My waist is 27in, my ass is 43in. LOVE my waist to butt ratio! Dr. Salama did a great job.

day 23

A few changes to write about, but not much. My wait is now 26in, butt is 42. I am still wearing a medium garment with the butt cut out because I need to continue compression on my thighs. I now wear a small squeem over the CG and of course foams and board. I get massages every Mon, Wed, and Fri. I use my heating pad and massage myself with coconut and grapeseed oil on the days that I dont go to the spa. Most of my clothes fits me, except it looks wayyyy better on me now. Well, it fits when Im just trying it on, nothing fits with the foams, board, and garment on tho. I HATE the foams and board. I mean I really, really hate it! The garment with foams and board add 3 inches to my waist!! I cant wait to be able to wear regular clothes with no garment. I would say that not sitting and having to wear this crap for so long are the worst for me to deal with at this point. But, I can tell you I wont be one of the ones wearing this for as long as possible. Im switching to a spanx type garment asap and stopping the board and foams as soon as I possibly can. I did this to look amazing in my bikinis, Im in south Florida so I practically live in a bikini this time of yeah, I need to be out this garment and foams shit asap. If I have issues with swelling I will wear the garment longer, but Im going to keep hoping that Im one of the ones that can get out of the garment phase at 8 wks and never look back. Wishful thinking. I sleep much better now. I dont wake up every few hours anymore, my skin still hurts around my sides but the stiffness has also improved alot. I been having issues with finding tight fitting tank tops to wear under my cg. I bought extra small tanks and their still loose at the waist and then I get creases from the tank wrinkling under the garment. Yesterday I got a spanx tank top, this is the best fit so far. I wore it inside out so that the seams wouldnt leave creases on my body. This has been the only thing that worked. I thought about wife beaters, but I was scared the ribs would leave marks too. I will be going back to work in one week and I am NOT happy about having to wear all this foam and the board. Ughhhh! My work clothes fit me but not over all the foams, so Im going to have to buy new work clothes just to wear with the garment. Sucks. Maybe by next week it will fit....I hope. I will post new pics at 4 wks post op. Good luck to all the ladies with new sx coming up, n happy healing to everyone fresh out of surgery!


My bad ladies, I am in a small garment with small squeem over it...not a medium like I stated above.

4 weeks post op!!!!

Finally at 4 wks! Yayyy! I drove for the first time today. I used a rolled up towel under my thighs and the boppy pillow at my back. It was very uncomfortable, but thats as close to sitting as Im going to getfor another 2 wks. I love my new shape. My waist is tiny, just like I wanted. My booty is big, but not huge, just like I wanted. I wanted a heart shape, n instead of a shelf I wanted a slope with more fat at the bottom of the cheek and I think Dr. Salama delivered. My measurments havent changed since my last posting. Still a 26in waist and 42in booty. Im still wearing the small cg, board, foams, and small squeem on to. Instead of buying a new garment, Im going to have this one taken in...its definately time for something tighter. The small squeem is what giving me the compresssion I need right now, because the small cg is not very tight anymore. I posted my 4 wk pics and the difference is really amazing! I still feel a little stiffness, but overall I think Im doing pretty good. Ohh, I still have bruises. Im sure you can see them in some of the pics. But I have alwqys been someone that bruises easy and then they take long to go away, so I expected this. I am soooo happy i will be sitting in 2 wks and Im closer to saying good bye to the garment! Good luck ladies n happy healing!!

XS compression garment now

I broke down and ordered the xs compression garment. I found that when i try to wear a smaller squeem over a cg that isnt tight enough it causes more indentations and creases. I guess it makes the garment underneath crease more. Idk, but I couldnt take it anymore. The small is getting to loose even with the squeem over it. I did try to have it taken in, but it didnt feel right. I ordered the same cg that Dr. Salama gives out, but in xs and used overnight shipping. Im sure I will need an xs small squeem soon, I will order that tonight. Im going to try the vest this time. Ughhh, Im sooooo sick of these damn garments!

6wks new pics

Hi ladies. I am 6 wks today and feeling n looking great. I started sitting a few days ago. It felt really strange, like my butt was going to explode and it felt a weird combo of numbness and soreness. But it felt so good to finally sit and be able to lay on my back! My waist is crazy from the side! I havent had a waist this small since I was in my 20's!!! I saw the doctor last wk. He said everything looked good. I have a slight bit more projection on one cheek. Nothing noticeable to most ppl, but I always had that. You can see in my before pics that my butt cheeks were not the same size. Dr. Salama was the one who told me I had a lil more projection on one side. I love his honesty. Some Drs will tell you their work is perfect even when you yourself see the obvious mistakes. But he was honest n pointed it out right away. He said as long as it remains slight we wont do anything, but if after it drops and fluffs its very noticeable we can fix it. I dont want more surgery, so unless it turns into a huge flaw I will leave it. I love love love how my body looks now! N i love my Dr and the whole team at Elite!!! I put up new pics. I tried to show yall as many diffrent 'looks' as I could. I had my blinds up trying to get natural light in my bedroom for these pics. It started pouring after a while, so you can see the pics started to darken too much so didnt get a chance to take one with legging. The pic was way to dark n the flash was in the mirror so you couldnt see the pic clearly. Maybe next time Ill post legging pics. I go back to see Dr. Salama next wed for my next follow up. He told me to stay out of my garment for a full 24 hrs before my appt so his office can take pics. I went back to my old eating habits, which is very clean and healthy. I very rarely eat fried foods, I eat lots of fruit, veggies, n high protein. I only eat complex carbs like brown rice and whole wheat, but I only eat carbs the first half of the day. I eat what I crave when Im PMS' that usually my cheat days for the month. Will start the gym at 8 wks post op. I have never done much cardio and wont be starting now. I will do weight training and hi intensity interval training which is the closest I get to cardio. I dont go crazy with working out. I do a few fays a week and I take week long brakes when my body feels tired. It works for me. At 8 wks I will stop wearing my garment. I will wear my squeem around the house, garmnet to sleep, but when Im out I wont wear anything unless I am getting alot of swelling. But I think that my eating habits will help keep the swelling down. I think thats all ladies. More pics at 8 wks.

trying to respond

Sorry everyone. I was trying to respond to everyone, but RS must have a glitch. My replys are all over the place. I opologize

8wks post op

8 weeks post op

Today I am 8 wks and 2 days. I'm still wearing a garment. I still have some swelling and feel uncomfortable without it. I am in an 2xs garment. I found a place in the wellington mall that sells garments, but the 2xs was too loose. So I went back to lipoexpress garments and ordered the 2xs. I just find that theyre the only brand that gives me really good compression. I ordered a new board from Dr. Salamas office. I have still been using the foam too because the garment from the mall was too loose. Hopefully I wont need the foam with the 2xs from lipoexpress. Now I get massages just once a week. Im already at 16 massages, so I dont really need anymore, but I just love the way my waist shrinks even more after massages! The place I go to puts a fat reduction cream around the waist, then wraps seran wrap around it, then puts heat on so you sweat like crazy around your waist, then they do ultrasound therapy, and then lymphatic drainage massage. I LOVE how they make me feel and look. I might keep going to them just for maintenance. I also get my brazilian wax from them. Cuz ladies, when your body is looking right and you put that slinky lil tiny bikini, theres nothing like waxing it all off! I highly recommend this spa. They are now carrying garments as well. They carry fajame brand. I didnt buy any from them because I found out they were selling them after I already ordered my lipoexpress 2xs. They do eveything pertaining to post op, and Ivette, the girl that does waxing does the best brazilian wax in west palm beach area! Oh, I started working out this week. I did 10 minutes of HIT tabata, with focus on legs and glutes, it was not easy. I got really out of shape from not working out. I did that my first day. My 2nd day I swam laps for 20 min. 3rd day I squats and lunges HIT Tabata style for 5min and low intensity cardio for 10. I was too sore after 10 min of HIT Tabata the 1st day and it made me have more fluid build up, so I didnt want to do 10 min of that again. I didnt do crunches, but I did push up and planks to work my core, arms, shoulders, and back. I been eating bad the last 2 days, but Im PMSing, so thats normal for me. Ill be back to my normal eating habits in a couple of days. Bad for me is eating a burger or wings for lunch or dinner instead of a normal low carb, high protein meal with veggies, and at night Ill have frozen yogurt instead of a protein shake before bed. So, its not horrible, but its not my norm either. I think thats all I have to update right now. I still cant wait to get out of this garment, but I dont want to mess up my results, so Im going to do what ever I need to.

3 months!

Im a couple of days shy of 3 months. For the most part, Im still happy with my results. I only wear my garment at night now. Its a xxs and I wear a xxs waist cincher over it. I wear the foams and board with it as well because even the xxs is too loose without it and I refuse to buy a smaller garment just to sleep in. I stopped wearing the garment during the day about 2 wks ago. My waist pretty much stays around 26in even without the garment all day. If I ate alot of sodium it goes up to 26.5in. My butt went up half inch. Its now consistently 42.5, but when I retain fluids from eating too much salt it goes up to 43. I stopped watching what I eat. This is very hard for me yall. I like eating clean and eating healthy, but I loose weight too easily and noticed for a lil while my butt was getting smaller. LADIES THAT NEEDED TO GAIN FOR SURGERY: We have to be very very careful that we dont loose too much weight! We tend to already be slimmer with extra weight around the middle, and we usually loose weight easily. The booty gets smaller unless you try to maintain the surgery day weight! I went back down to 135lbs, my butt went to 41 n a half!!!! I know its not a big loss, butt to hell with that. So now I have to maintain my weight at 137 which is what I weighted the day of surgery. If I watch what I eat too much, I loose those extra couple pounds very quickly. I still work out, but I really only do weights and swimming just cuz I love to swim. The only thing Im not happy with is that my butt is too soft. I mean its fat not muscle so I have to constantly do weight bearing glute excersises to make it feel firm. I had a very loose butt to begin with, filling it up with fat didnt change that like I hoped it would. I think if you have tighter skin around your butt, it may not feel so soft. It makes me scared to think how all this fat will hang in 10 yrs. So in the gym I must stay. Sighhhhh. I am very curious to know how it feels when the fat is injected into the muscle as opposed to just the butt. Some doctors inject the fat into the muscle as well, Dr. Salama does not do this. You have a higher risk of embolisms with the fat injected into the muscle which is why he doesnt do it. But there are doctors, such as Perry and I believe Mendieta, that inject into the muscle and have never had issues. Just something to think about when choosing your doctor. I dont know if the booty would feel firmer or not, but Im very curious about this and wish I would have thought of it before surgery. Besides that, Im happy with everything else. I go to the beach often, I wear my thong n LOVE IT!! Never been able to do that before! My butt is not huge but its definately big, I get stares and comments all the time, its pretty funny. I went to the waterpark in Orlando with my man and the kids and my man told me that guys in the wave pool kept talking about my ass. I was at the shallow end with my 3 yr old and my man was at the deep end with the older boys. Everytime I stood up out the water they would say look at it, look at it! He thought he would join the conversation and was like "yea you see that shit! That shits crazy! Look good right? I know.....thats my wife, I get to look at it every night." Lmaooo! I thought that was hilarious! Most of the time I dont mind the attention, the only time I wasnt comfortable was when I took my 15 yr old step son to his High School to sign up for the basketball team. I wore tight ripped jeans, a tank top, n jordans, tried to keep it simple. All those little HS boys was breaking their necks. I think he was embarassed and that made me uncomfortable. So next time I will try to somehow hide the ass when I have to go to the high school.
I probably wont post again for a while, its hard finding the time, but I promise to try to keep updating with new pics atleast because I know how much we need the pics when trying to decide on a doctor. Good luck and happy healing ladies!!

3months pics

8 months post op in 4days

I haven't posted in a long time, and I am really sorry about that ladies. I really just don't have a lot of free time on my hands so I will keep this short and sweet. I have gained weight and lost weight in the last several months. As I have stated before I struggle to be thick, I have a naturally slim build. When I gained weight my butt is the first thing to get bigger, it gets huge. My waist also thickens up tho which I don't like. When I lose weight my ass gets smaller, but so does my waist so my butt still looks large in proportion. I haven't really been measuring, but I just measured for the review. Waist 27in, ass 42in. I don't wear a garment anymore. Haven't done that in months. I have a waist trimmer for working out that makes your waist sweat, when I use that my waist will go to 26, but it creeps back to 27 after several hours n I'm good with that. Yes, 26inches looks sexier, but 27 is fine. When I stay consistent with heavy squats my butt will go to 43in. Just giving you ladies ideas that can tweak your results. I haven't been consistent with heavy lifting tho. Anyway, I guess that pretty much it. Not too much has changed. Oh, when I gain weight my stomach looks lumpy. Its important to try to maintain your weight to keep the results looking smooth. Although my ass looks bigger which I love, and that works fine with clothes on, my stomach does not look as smooth when I gain weight and since I am a bikini year around type of female, I need my stomach to look smooth. So I rather have my butt look a lil smaller to maintain a flat belly. I'm still happy with my results. But, you definitely must work out and maintain your weight to keep your results.

more pics

more 8mo pics

Sorry. Posting the pics separately. The site is not working too well for me right now. Ugh, its taking forever so won't put up too many.

8mo pics

more pics

more pics at another time.

I give up y'all. I'll try again tomorrow

trying again to post a few 8mo pics

one year in 4 days.

Still happy. Must work out and eat right to maintain results. Some days booty looks huge. Other days smaller. I believe water retention and of coutse weight gain, has a lot to do with it. Remember ladies, I didn't want a huge booty, I think I'm very proportioned.

sorry, 11 months post op, not a year. pics

deleted all pics. deleting acct.

No particular reason, it has simply run its course. Time to take it all down. Good luck everyone on future surgeries. Remember this is a good jump start to a great shape, but working out and eating right are a must. Research! Research! Research! If you don't have the money for the doctor you really want and for your follow up care, put it on hold until you have saved enough. Good luck ladies.
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