Surgery with Dra Yily on April 24, 2013 - Helpful Information to Her Future Patients Below

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Hello Beautiful Ladies of RS! I have been a...

Hello Beautiful Ladies of RS! I have been a faithful stalker every since I stumbled upon this site back in april of this year. I have always toyed around with the thought of having a bigger peach (Georgia native), because I've never had much of definition in that area but I was okay with it knowing the high prices for such surgery. Now, that it has become more mainstream it has also become more affordable and i want in! lol! I have always been a small framed woman, never had weight problems but after having my three children my stomach was destroyed with stretch marks because of my small stature and so were my breasts. In 2005 and 2006 I had some cosmectic surgery to help with those areas but after many years of raising children and not actively exercising it seems that some things have descended by gravity! My oldest child just turned 16 last month and my youngest is 11, I will be graduating with my BA in April of next year and I have always been the person that did for everyone else without asking for anything in return. I want this BBL for myself, as a gift to me and all my accomplishments and to finally get the look that I have desired for so long. After much consideration I have decided on dr. Salama, I sent my photos to him via email and this morning Nancy responded with his recommendations. He said that I was a good candidant for the surgery with the fat that I had and would have a signifigant difference in the projection of my buttocks but if I wanted big/large then I would need to gain 5-7 more pounds. I was quoted a price of $7,779 and if I wanted additional lipo areas an additional $500 per area. Of course I was told about the 10% deposit to scheduale a date for surgery and to hold that date. My question for right now is which cosmectic credit loan business leans more toward people with low credit scores? I don't want to have a lot of inquiries by applying to them all and although I can pay the amount it would be better for my family budget to try and get financed. If any of you Beautiful women can be of any assistance or have any knowledge of which one to apply to please let me know becfore I call Mrs. Nancy back. I really want to get this ball rolling so I can begin to look like I have always felt on the inside. Peace and continued Blessings.

Ok Ladies!!! I have now fallen in love with Dr....

Ok Ladies!!! I have now fallen in love with Dr. Yily's work but I am having the hardest time finding information on her - number, ENGLISH website, etc. can ANYONE help me with this issue? Would love to go ahead and book with her so I can start my journey. You may email me direct or post here. I would greatly appreciate ANY and ALL work.

-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:- This...

-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:-

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Ok! here is the amended version of the yily enail...

ok! here is the amended version of the yily enail that i posted and was flagged and removed by administrators due to yily's personal information (email, bank account number and phone numbers, if you need these please feel free to privately contact me and i will share this information with you).


Here is the information you need!!!

I’m receiving deposits through (had to remove but can send personally if needed)

Account number: (had to remove but can send personally if needed)

Name: Yily Loramny De Los Santos Rosario

You have to deposit 500$ ( no less than $200.00) US into my account to assure the date of the surgery, Here’s my bank information:

Please go to your home branch and make a wire transfer of your deposit to the following account:

Intermediate bank: (Had to remove this information due to privacy concerns but I can send it to you personally if you need it)

Beneficiary bank: (Had to remove this information but can provide it to you personally if needed)

FOR FUTHER CREDIT TO: (had to be removed but can provide it personally if needed)


Lipo of thighs is 300$USD extra.
Lipo of arms is 250$USD extra.
Lipo of chin is 200$USD extra.
Lipo of knee is 250$USD extra.
Lifting crural 2,800$USD extra.
Braquioplastia 2500$USD.
Vaginoplasty 2,000$USD extra.
Botox 350$USD extra.


The lymphatic massages cost 31$USD each session (10 sessions)

If you want to buy a second garment, the price is 140$USD

In case you need a blood transfusion, the price is 250$USD

The compression sleeves cost 80$USD

For all medication is 250$USD

-HEPARINE 40 MG: to prevent the thromboembolism
-CLAVULIN 1GR: antibiotic
-DICLOFENAC 50MG for the pain
-OMEPRAZOL 20 MG is a gastric protector
-TROMBOCIL CREAM: relief of superficial haematomas

Dose of medication

If you want to buy the medication in your country

-HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days.
-CLAVULIN 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days.
-DICLOFENAC 50MG: Take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours, then at 4th day take 1 every
8 hours for 10 days.
-OMEPRAZOL 20 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days.
-VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
-FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.
-FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.
-THROMBOCID CREAM: Apply on the operated area 2 times a day for 10 days.

In case you want to buy them here I sell them at 250$USD or Jacqueline can help you buy them in the

Recovery house and hotel

We recomend you to stay in the country for 2 weeks. If you can't stay that long, you must stay at least

for 10 or 8 days minimum.

The places we recommend to stay at are:

-Spa Jacqueline Marrero “recovery house”: 90$ per day. If 2 people share a room the price would be
75$USD per person. It includes: round-trip transportation to the airport, room with 2 beds, 3 meals,
nurse 24 hours, security, access to internet WIFI, Transportation to surgery.

If you're staying at the Recovery House (Jacqueline Spa), contact them and send your flight
information (airline, flight number, date, time). They'll pick you up at the airport.

-The hotel of the clinic CIPLA: 100$ per day. It includes: 3 meals, WIFI, nurse 24 hours. The round-trip
transportation is 70$USD.
But if you want to stay in a hotel close to the clinic instead of the recovery house:

-Hotel Plaza del Sol: It’s 45$USD per day. It only includes breakfast. No nurse.

Scheduling a date and the deposit

When you decide to have the surgery you need to say to me the exact date you want to have surgery (I
don’t work on Sundays and I prefer not to do surgeries on Saturdays and Thursdays) and once the date
has been set and you’ve booked your flight you have to send me your flight information and a deposit of
500$ US (it can be more but no less than 200USD$)

Choose any day you want (you don’t need to ask me if it’s available or not), I will write down your dates
but only lock the date to people who have sent me the deposit. The first person who sends me the
deposit is the first patient of the day.

How to send the deposit

To send a payment just needs the email of the person sending the money.

My e-mail adress is: (Had to remove thus but i can send it privately if you need it)

To send money with PayPal, follow these steps:

-Log into your PayPal account

-Click the Send Money tab.

-Select the type of payment you want to perform: a) personal (to send a gift, pay debts or
expenses, or simply to return money to family or friends); b) commercial (whether to pay for
goods or services).

-Click Continue.

-To change the source of funds for payment, click Change.

-Select the source of funds like using the radio buttons and click Continue.

-Review the information and click Send Money to complete the transaction.

I’m receiving deposits through Chase Bank

Account number: (had to remove this but if you need it I will send it you privately)

Name: Yily Loramny De Los Santos Rosario

Once you’ve sent the deposit you need to send me in an email your confirmation number and the user

I haven't canceled or erased any date so don't be worried.
We're doing this because we want to be sure that the patients will come to have surgery.
Some of them confirm their dates and we wait for them but they never come.

I don’t like to perform more than _____ surgeries these days

Monday (3), Tuesday (3), Wednesday (4), Thursday (1), Friday (4)

Before surgery

- It is VERY important to have a good hemoglobin level to have the surgery done. Also i recomend you to
see a cardiologist few days before coming.

-You should start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, vitamin C.
-Stop smoking
-Stop taking drugs
-You should have a doctor or nurse that able to drain your liquids when you get back to your country.
-Your hemoglobin levels have to be more than 12 gm/ dl.

-You should have the tests done there to be sure that you can have surgery. The tests are: Creatinine,
glucose, full blood count, hematocrit, EKG, radiography

-You need to bring loose clothes, a shirt to wear under the garment, baby wipes and maternity pads.

-You have to bring any identification to the clinic (ID, Passport or driving license) To have the admission

After surgery:
I will give you instructions and recommendations for your recovery.
You should bring loose clothes and maternity pads.
You will stay 1 night in the clinic and it’s included in the quote.

You have to wear the garment for 3 months and can’t spend more than 45 minutes without it.

Transportation to the clinic

-If you stay at JAcqueline’s she will pick you up from the airport and take you to the clinic.

-If you want my driver to pick you from the airport is 70$USD (the round-trip transportation)
-If you want to go to the clinic by yourself , the address is:

Av. Pedro Henriquez Urena 137 between Av. Abraham Lincoln and Av. Tiradentes. Suite 208


I only accept cash. I don’t accept financing, credit card, care credit, check orders or checks.

You can also pay me through Western Union.

You can pay me with US dollar or with Dominican pesos.


I usually use continuous epidural block.

Some patients want general anesthesia but it is subjected to the anesthesiologist and I trust in him. He
knows what anesthesia is the best for each patient.


The name of the airport is Aeropuerto de las Americas

And it’s located on Av. Las Americas.

Things you have to know:
The procedures separately are more expensive than if they're done together.

The insurance is 250$USD

The garment I use is distributed by FAJATE.

Things you should do:

You should wait 3-7 days for a response because I’m getting 85-95 emails per day and I have to do
surgeries, attend meetings and I also work in others institutions.

Please just send me one message with that I mean that you can email me a lot of times but it’s better if
you do in the same message so I don’t have to click on ‘’filter messages like these’’.

Please don’t send me messages from 2 or more different emails because I can’t filter them and it’s
difficult to know who I am writing to.

I need you to be sure before sending the deposit and please confirm your date 2 days before the

The day of surgery

You have to fast the day of surgery so don't eat or drink anything but water.

You have to be in the clinic at 7 am, you’ll have the test done, the consultation with me and then the
surgery. One of my assistant will be with me to translate and for a better communication.


I perform the super wet technic with ultrasound.

I inject the fat in all direction as long as It doesn't compress the sciatic nerve.

The fat injected in the buttock will depend on how much fat your butt can resist and your hips size. I
can't determinate before the surgery how much I will fat graft to you.
After having the BBL done you can sit on your butt. And you will sleep on your back.

If It is injected so much fat in the butt it can necroses or form abscesses, but it only happens if the
patient don't have care after the surgery.

Most of the butts in the wish pics that some of my patients send me are made of PMMA and I don’t
use that. I just do fat graft and the fat injected in the buttock will depend on how much fat your butt
can resist and your hips size. I always try to do my best but we have to be aware that there are limits
injecting fat. I'll reduce your abdomen the more I can and transfer the most amount of fat I can.

These suggestions are based on each person.

Please don’t ask me to send you pics because I don’t have time, that’s why my executive advertising is the only one who uploads them to the site.


If you want to speak with my assistant or secretary, you should call my office: (had to remove but i can provide this information to you if needed) Teresa speaks Spanish and Yira speaks English and Spanish.

I really prefer that you ask me all the questions

Dra Yily De Los Santos
Cirujana Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva

Old Journey Derailed, New Journey Is Up and Running - Dra Fatima Almonte is my Doctor!

Hello RS, I've missed you all!! My journey with Yily didn't happen due to some family issues and money strains. Since all of that I have changed doctors, dates, and expectations. I found Dra Almonte and love her attentiveness, SPEEDY contact and her qualifications and her genuine kindness. I am waiting to see if my date is available and confirmed and as soon as it is I will let you all know. To everyone who took the time to document their journey here for me to stalk and research over the past year : I truly thank you and appreciate everything. Peace and continued blessings :-))

New wish pics for Dra Almonte to transform this body into:-)

I've always been a small framed woman and I'm not trying to look all unnatural and out of proportion. No Nicki booty, or humongous J Curves. So here are my only two pictures, I'm super excited - AGAIN!

Pump the BREAKS. Need to re-evaluate doctor.

Hi! I'm kind of on the fence about Baez - NOT her work but her professionalism and organization. Some things shouldn't be an issue and to have several small issues mount up to a huge issue is just not the way. More thought needs to be given. Thanks to alwayswantedabooty for sharing the review with me. Thinking about x'ing Baez and going ahead with Dra Fatima Almonte... Decisions..decisions ...decisions.

Peace and blessings Beautiful Lady's:-)

Back in the Game! 62 Days and counting until I see Dra Fatima Almonte in person: December 11, 2013 YAY!!!!!

Hey Loves! Well today I received my conformation surgery date from Dra Almonte'a assistant Lesly. She is so sweet and kind. I received a great ALL INCLUSIVE price that covers the procedure (complete with garment, tests, post operative meds) transportation and recovery stay (complete with WiFi, Cable and 3 squares). To to it off she works out of CECIP. It was very easy getting in touch with her and KEEPING in touch with her. Her assistance has answered all of my questions, concerns and calmed my fears. I have all the contact numbers - even cell numbers! Where do they do that? It was easy to submit my payment and now it's just time and I'm so excited to FINALLY be having this done! I will be having Liposculpture of full abdomen, full back, sides and flanks. I've always been small so I think I will gain about 10 extra side to be on the safe side to insure the best results. Due to family issues I missed my appointment in April with Yily but I chalked that up to it just wasn't meant to be. Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement. Special thanks to Im_so_ill for her help and everyone else who has shared their journeys. Peace and blessings!!

Left out the BEST part in the last post!!!

Damn! In my rush I left out the main part oft surgery - THE BBL! ##Duhhh Lol!!! I'm just TOO damn excited!!! :-)

So I have 2 (TWO) dates secured! Almonte' on 12/11 and Yily on 11/13: I need help! Opinions please!!! Who to choose....!?

So, it seems I have two surgery dates. Yily responded today which I wasn't expecting AT ALL, since she is SO busy but she did. Her email included everything that I needed to know, or thought I needed to know AND she went ahead and out me down for 11/13 WITHOUT a deposit. Dr. Almonte has me down for 12/11! I like Dr. Almonte'a attentiveness and the fact that she is genuinely concerned got her patients and that her price $3950 is ALL inclusive including the 10 day recovery house, all transportation, good, meds, tests, wifi, massages, aftercare, 24hr, nurses. You just can't beat that. However, I haven't seen much if her work. Yily on the other hand I know her work well and what she is capable of. Her fee does not include the recovery house fees so that's extra money on top of the surgery (3200). Ladies please help me in deciding. SOUND OFF - I'm listening!

Texting with a sprained hand - EXCUSE THE ERRORS AND WRONG WORDS!

Please excuse the errors in the above text. I'm trying to post with a sprain hand, I hope you ladies understand what I was trying to say. Auto correct doesn't help either. /:)

I'm LOOKING for her! Buddy anyone!

Hi there! Is anyone planning on going for surgery on or around November 13th or December 11th? I am looking for a buddy because I really don't want to go alone. My mother is deceased and my closest friends can't get off of work. Anyone interested please let me know. Thanks a bunch:-)

Always Expect the Unexpected!

...I am learning this daily. Had a date with Yily in April of this year - the unexpected happen (BMW transmission replacement). Took surgery money and handled that. Chilled for awhile to stack money back up. Cool, got that up and reached out to Yily again only to find out she is expecting and going on leave soon so I get a Nov., date - the unexpected happens (family drama/narcotics abuse/stabbing). Contact Yily again and reschedule for a later date in Nov., then unexpected happens YET again (family member dies). I'm beginning to think this surgery is not in the cards for me. There is always something popping up. And to too it all off - I finally heard from Dra Duran with a quote and available dates (after months of emails). I'm scared to confirm for fear of the unexpected. I also have quotes and available dates from Baez, Almonte, and Robles. This is just pure fuckery, I tell ya! What to do, what to do???

Finally sent my Deposit & and got my DATE SECURED!!!! Dr.Almonte 6/16/16

Finally got my date secured! On my way, to a better me. I'm too excited. I wanted to go sooner but this is the earliest date available. Almost changed it due to the number sequence 6-16-16 (666) but the devil is a lie and He has no bearings here! If any ladies are going around that date please feel free to message me and maybe we can travel together as I have a husband and children and he will be home with the kids. I don't want to go alone but I will if I have too:) Going back and forth about this surgery, swapping doctors, loosing money and recouping it I am glad that things are finally coming together. I don't think that I will have too much more to update until I take flight but I will do my best at documenting everything. I have attached my wish pics, Bernice Burgos is THAT chick. So natural looking. Anyway Peace and blessings RS!!??????

Wish Pics

Some of Dr. Almonte's Work


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

NO LONGER GOING WITH YILY (she is a sweetheart) but I decided to go with Fatima Almonte.

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