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Hi, im a 23 yrs old student wanting to change my...

Hi, im a 23 yrs old student wanting to change my body for years. My greatest insecurity is my lil butt.

I came across Dr. Salama through this site and was excited with his work. I quickly called and talked to Nancy to book a date with him. Until this date, not once have i regret my decision.

Due to cancellations, i was able to get Feb 5th :)

Total cost for surgery is $7,800... Dont know yet what i want to add, maybe inner thigs

Today i got my OK to go through with this prodecute. If you live in miami i recommend going to;

5673 SW 137TH AVE
MIAMI FL 33183- 1101

Paid only $200 in total. Just want to advise that when you are looking for a clinic to do your lab work and ekg to ask for the total cost, they only tell you the doctor's visit cost. Some have a different price for each exam not included and others dont tell you that the blood work examined will be billed later to your house for like $200. Pls ask for the final price!

Since i live in Fl, i did not receive the package, but asked Nancy for it tho.
She gave me only medical and vitamins info.
She mentioned that you only need to take Vitamin and Iron, but i got the rest on the list anyways since i want to be extra ready.
I got all my vitamins through walmart and vitamin shoppe for like $30

As per doctor's recommendation, since im 5'2" i need to be at 140lbs for best results.

Today im 131lbs, was 118lbs when i joined Team Salama. To gain weight, ive been eating alot, especially at night. I am sick of eating...stuffing myself with all kinds of food and feeling super full all the time. With one month left and 9lbs to go, i have just been eating huge late dinners and drinking Ensure Plus. Im scared that ill get used to eating this much.

Someone in RealSelf mentioned about getting a discount on prescriptions, by signing up to this one site. its free and helpful to those uninsured. One member who used it, said it worked on walgreens. Will have to tell you later on what that site was....

Thanks for reading!

RXRELIEFCARD.COM By foreverbooty, she used it at cvs

By foreverbooty, she used it at cvs

Does anyone have a copy of their package from Dr....

Does anyone have a copy of their package from Dr. Salama?
I never got mine cause i live close by but i heard theres alot of tips in there...

Please can someone send it to me?

Please and thank you!

Got the package from Cynthia herself. Very nice...

Got the package from Cynthia herself. Very nice staff :)

Qs: i would like to add inner thigs but maybe arms. How
Was ur end result in that area?

For those who had to gain weight for surgery and...

For those who had to gain weight for surgery and had to gain alot in the last month, did you notice something weird about your results or heard anything?

I have about 3 weeks left to surgery and still not fat enough. I saw Nancy and Cynthia personally and they told me for better results to gain 5-10 lbs. I'm aiming 10 lbs but i heard other BBL doctors that gaining weight in the last three weeks prior to surgery are actually unstable and could damage your appearance. Any clue on that?

After surgery, i know we can't sit down for 4-6...

After surgery, i know we can't sit down for 4-6 weeks, but i have class!!!
Im gonna be missing one week (1st week Post-op), but i dont want to miss more or else i fail :s

Luckily i was able to get 3 online but one is in campus: class is once a week for 3 hrs straight.

Any ideas?? I dont want to seem obvious that i had surgery....

MEDICINE My doctor prescribed clindamycin,...


My doctor prescribed clindamycin, percocet, and zofran.
I have no insurance and Ive read many going to cvs or walgreens or even walmart.
Well, I got all these 3 prescribed medicines for only $40 at Costco! Again, no insurance.

Did you know? You dont need to be a member at costco to use their pharmacy, just show your prescription at the front and they let you right in

Hope it helps :)

PRESCRIPTIONS Scartch the costco thing better...


Scartch the costco thing better if you go:

Today i paid the remainder of the balance... And let me tell you, Nancy and Cynthia are super busy!!! I paid in cash in person in their office and nonstop they kept getting calls and on top of that they had bunch of sticky notes to call people back lol :). They are so sweet even with the constant work, love them :)


Ive been successfully gaining weight. Im currently 137lbs :). I have fast metabolism and beginning of this diet i only stuffed food... Did not work!
I did ensure plus but they're expensive and i needed more than that...

So, as per Cynthias advise, to get a weight gainer from vitamin shoppe and i found an excellent one called "Russian Bear 5000". Note: DONT workout!

My daily routine that helped me gained weight was:
Six cups of the protein in whole milk (312 cals each)
2 peanut and jelly sandwich (370 cals each)
And regular food. (I consumed about 1300- 1500 a day)

IMPORTANT NOTE: for those who are trying to gain weight as well, you must understand that you need to eat more than 2000 cals a day in order to gain. Remember 1lb=3500 cals, and if you are trying to gain... Those first 2000 cals is not what helps you gain, its the next cals you consume that counts!!! Good luck to all!

I hate counting calories and i hate peanut butter an jelly sandwich but its a must if i want to get the results i want! Since Jan 15th, i was 131 lbs, today im 137 lbs!
(as of two days a go, im only keeping this weight and very gradually gaining the rest (goal 140lb) trying to make it as healthy as possible ;p


I think the last week or so seems the longest lol!
Im all set, bought everything i need minus the food ( ill do that a day before)
Now i have an athelete body and have been playing soccer foverer.
I have more muscles in my legs and butt and been gaining weight in the top. Cynthia (in person) told me today that i still need to gain more! :( so idk... In a couple of days ill post my before pics (im so ashamed of them :p). So yeah ill wait...

My boyfriend is gonna help me after surgery but...

My boyfriend is gonna help me after surgery but hes having trouble getting off as many days as possible... How many days did you really need help, like really really needed the help?

I really dont like sharing personal stuff but this...

I really dont like sharing personal stuff but this is just bothering me... Ive been all depressed today. I just found out that this girl literally told my bf to wait off on the marriage, our Marriage that is soon coming up. Of course he said no, and this girl was just a distant coworker of his. It really bothers me how there are some women like that...
We had an argument today, and idk what he thinks anymore is like she planted a seed on him or something....
He was the only one who knew about this surgery, i dont think i can count on him anymore...
(Sorry but i think i feel a little much better just writing this)

Love you all.

First of all i want to thank you all for always...

First of all i want to thank you all for always being there, for me and all the bbl sisters here. It really makes this journey a great difference when we all share our experience and are there for each other. Such a great idea this site was....

Since last time i wrote i got a huge headache and was afraid to take any medications, as per the package mentioned. But if anyone is interested, cynthia did tell me yesterday that Tylenol is pretty much the only thing she recommends for headaches. I still havent taken one cause the pain subsided but will consider if it starts up again- im just afraid of any complication later on.

I have less than week and im strating to look for the massages around the area. Im a little confused though...
I remmembered someone mentioned that we have to get a combination of lymphatic/deep tissue massage. I called 'Wonderful Touch' and they mentioned they are separate massages, and that lymphatic is light touch and deep tissue is heavier and that he recommends the light touching. Fabnewme had trouble with Massage Envy about this light touching but this spa was saying that is not good to do the deep tissues when you are still brused. I would like to get your advice on that please. If anyone had massages in miami, please recommend me to those places.

Ok been busy but i would like to give my...

Ok been busy but i would like to give my experience and tips.

My surgery was Feb 5th.

Wish body:
hips, round bubbly butt. Hourglass shape.
Showed him a pic and i asked if i needed a shelf for that look he said he could put a mini shelf. So i was like ok. (I thought a mini shelf is how your butt is off ur back. Like an L and not a slope. ). I dont know yet still but what done is done and we'll see what i can do to improve it.

First feeling:

Woke up with lots of pain... I was crying... had to be in a lot of pain medications and was kept there for hours. I tried to leave but i almost fainted. The nurses were always helpful. Luckily i had my meds in my bag and the nurse gave me the one for nausea. (Brings all ur meds, gatorade, and crackers)

When they wheeled me out i was a mess, horrible, and swollen everywhere. My boyfriend met up with me and later he told me i was almost unrecognizable, he told me he almost cried.

1st- 3rd days post op:

For first three days has been Horrible....In lots of pain and very unconfortable. For me, it was hard to eat... I tried but i was very weak. I couldnt last standing up so i was fed while lying down... then i just got sick of food in all. iron is so important but i hated the site of beans and lentils so my bf quickly went and bought some protein shakes and that helped alot.

getting up:
every time i tried standing up i was stiff so what helped me was stretch my legs and arms before trying to stand up. (Ex: bring ur feet up to ur butt). also get muscle relaxer!!!

what not to do:
Oh on the first day, i had an exam to do... I tried to take it (it was online), but i threw up after i finished. i couldnt even concentrate what they were asking... So yes when in the package say dont do anything extraneous like signing important papers, they mean it!

I got a funnel from walmart ($1), used for car oil change but what i liked about this one is that the bottom was long so i didnt had to stretch my legs out as long to get around the toilet seat. I peed on myself varous times even with the funnel so what i do know its push it up to my skin and that would prevent leakage. my bf would always help me pee and even clean the tunnel throughroughly for next time. I love him...

I did #2 in the first or second day without Colace and even i was hanging on to my bf while i did it because i was hurting to bend and sit. Didnt hurt as other girls here were saying. I couldnt even clean myself, i couldnt reach and i was weak so no matter what business i had to do my bf was always there for me:
To hold me, clean me, and dress me up again.

I bled alot and thus had the garment to be washed everyday to prevent infection. Important: use cold water only to remove blood stains.

I had an old set of sheets put on the bed with a black trash bag put under to protect the mattress. I barely felt the bag at all, besides i was in so much pain i wouldnt even care if i was just placed in plastic lol. I got a pad from the office so that helped alot especially in the first day or two because i was bleeding like crazy.
i was sleeping on pads for the first two days.

Regular routine:
its so important to walk every 2hours for 10 mins at least. It helps you get your strengh back and helps you feel less stiff little by little. Take your meds and read carefully on the bottle's instructions. For me i needed my percocets, i tried to switch to tylenol because of the headaches but the pain got worse. So i took my percs on time... There was times i forgot for hours and the pain increased so i had to be careful not to miss them. For the headaches, taking alot of proteins helped alot to minimize them.

Day 4 post op:

Had first massage. It was painful but i was ready. I took two percocets before my massage and that helped alot!
Oh i took them on an empty stomach and with little water... Stupid me. So what it did was damage my esophagus so even if i drank water my esophagus was hurting and it lasted for days. (Actually today stopped hurting) so pls pls pls have food in ur stomach and ur suppose to have a glass full of water with every pill. After massage i felt alot better.

Day 5 post op;

I got worse. I suddendly got fever: 102F. Horrible night... Dr salama told me to take tylenol pm and i did. i took two and just waited until i feel asleep. Woke up great.

Day 6 post op:

Eat walk sleep...etc

Day 7 post op:

Second massage. Was painful as well but i got throught it. I took two percocets before going there i didnt want to take a chance. i got new garment much harder to get on than the first one. Also got my back drain off yes!!! There are so annoying!!!
I was told that i could go back to normal activity since i walk so much better so that night was the first night i actually slept good. That day was actually my first day i was able to eat actual food :) i ate until i was satisfied, didnt want my body to get used to eating alot of food now.

Later that night i tried to walk around walmart. First time ever outside... Couldnt do it. The moment i walked in through the doors some guys stopped us and told my bf that there are handicapped cart for me. Hahah i was walking still crippled and on top of that my lips were so pale (symptom of iron deficiency) I started to feel faint
So i just waited in the car while he got some things i needed. I did it next day and didnt felt faint anymore but still walked funny. Didnt care i was happy i was out of the apt for once.

Other things:

My bf and i constantly do it, so since surgery we couldnt wait so, so far we've done it 3 times. First time left an after pain for days but it was worth it bc i was stretching too and then it didnt hurt after that. Positions:
Doggy style and one where he is kneeling and you glide off the bed into a plank (allowing ur butt to hang in mid air)

Its important to have your
Garment at all times. Only had it off for when showering, massages, or #2.
my garment i first had was a size S. second garment was S as well but it is so much tighter. After you eat on your 2nd garment they give you, you dont fit anymore. So what i did was go back to my first garment, train myself with pads at all times and then live in my second garment. Evelyn told me that at this stage your body is like a play dough and your garment is so important to have your body tight so that your skin will not choose to be loose. they cant control what you do outside this office so the end result is really up to us. this makes sense... so many girls here that were bashing on dr salama. That the surgery was not worth it and i read their experience and thats exactly why!!! Bc they whine about their garment and only wear their loose garment thinking thats ok.

Sorry but havent put my before pics yet but will do soon. Also dont want to put my post op pics just yet until i look much better.

get arnica gel! Super helpful.

Arnica tablets!

Hope i went everything... Will update when i can.

Oh also... This surgery is no joke! Every phase of this journey has its complications. Dont just think that once you wake up from sux you're done. No! From getting your Strenght back to sleeping face down (before sux i normally slept face down and now its so unconfortable to sleep like that) to living in your garment is a struggle.... So please think about what ull be getting to. And if you really want it make sure its with the best doctor that will give u ur desired body the first time.

Take care.
Miami Plastic Surgeon


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