Package Received!!!! Coach or First Class???.. Team Salama! BBL 2/19/13..

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Like most of the women on here. I've been stalking...

Like most of the women on here. I've been stalking this website for the past year. Doing my research. Hoping for the best results for my new BBL sisters, by my favorite doctors. And now it is finally my turn to jump on my road to an improved me.

I'm 27, 5'10, 190lbs. I've always been the tall & lean girl w/ a stomach! smh.. I swear my body had a baby without me knowing it! I hate going to a store and not being happy with the way 85% of the things I try on fit me. I've always wanted the type of body where almost everything fit me nice. The weird thing is, I feel more comfortable naked, then I do with clothes on.. I'm not looking for a "Buffy the Body" body, but I definitely want a "Damn, she got a Body" body.. lol.

My interest centered on Jimerson, Salama, Mendieta, & Salzhauer. Price never really came into play for me. I've was really just interested in the Dr who was producing the kind of results am looking for.. Salama Definitely won the War! It helps that a lot of the women on here are his patients.. lol. But he gives a very natural progression from waist to hip, which I love.. Jimerson was my second favorite, but I just wasn't seeing enough of his work.. All of my research as far as results go, has been done on this site. I never like looking at the Dr's websites. RealSelf is the Yelp for Plastic Surgery. I love It!!.. (I'm gonna need my 10% for that slogan. Thanks!)

My next step is researching were I want to stay. If I can find a hotel, that has a full kitchen in the room, with access to a gym.. That would be perfect! (I want to do all my walking on a treadmill).

Oh, and before I forget.. I'm def looking for an earlier date in 2013. So if you can help, plz do!

P.S. To my future BBL sisters. Hurry and set your dates with Dr. Salama. I'm sure you've read this before, the price is going up!

Till my next entry, GN

So I had The Worst dream last night! I was at the...

So I had The Worst dream last night! I was at the doctors office, (the one I'm glad I didn't go with), & I was sooo nervous! I just kept praying that I didn't come out looking like a freak.. Then I saw this girl come out of the surgery room, LOOKING LIKE A FREAK! Then she said, "Didn't Dr.****** do a great job?" .. Then I wokeup from my nightmare.. lol.. Thank Jesus!

So I had to take a break from the site. It was...

So I had to take a break from the site. It was consuming my life, and making my wait drag on! But I miss you guys!

I really need to start planning and getting my list together..

I'm still trying to get a sooner date, so if anyone wants to switch, or is canceling.. Message me! thanks. lol

I've been having a lot of doubts about getting the...

I've been having a lot of doubts about getting the sx lately... As much as I say I don't care what people think, I don't want anyone talking about me, & calling my new body FAKE! This decision I'm making to alter by body is for my own happiness.. I don't know how prepared I am for people to try and stomp on that.. My family and most of my friends I've told are happy for me and support me. Hopefully that'll be enough..

Till next time.

Hey RS Ladies. So I had another scary sx dream! I...

Hey RS Ladies. So I had another scary sx dream! I dreamt that I was at a basketball game with Chris Brown. He was my bf (I don't even like CB, so I don't know where that came from!) Then we all of a sudden were at our house and Draya came over. She was on the phone and told me she was in a rush, and that we needed to hurry up. She took me into the room, and started setting up. She told me she had to inject me with a local anesthetic, and that I would be up during the whole thing. At this point I felt so duped, cause I knew I read on RS that I would be sleeping. Then I just let her start to do her thing, as she's still talking on the phone. In my head I knew it was wrong, but I just wanted the BBL soooo bad!. Then I woke up from my dream! I wish I could have seen my results!!!!

LOL, besides my crazy dream. I'm soooo done with waiting on this thing!! I feel like I've put my life on hold.

I took my pics down. I'll put them back up when I'm closer to my date.

Still looking for a sooner date. Hopefully the very beginning of Feb. The place I want to stay at isn't available till then.

Till next time.

So the main thing I'm scared of is getting he...

So the main thing I'm scared of is getting he triangle at the bottom of my new booty. I've been to strip clubs where I've seen the girls with it. Now I'm starting to see it on RS. I don't think I want to use the garment Dr. S includes, after I get my drains removed. Does anyone know if using that type of garment is Mandatory???

A couple of you gals don't know what the Triangle...

A couple of you gals don't know what the Triangle is. So I searched the web for some non RS ladies.. I found one that can give you good idea of what the Triangle is.

I'm sooo excited I was able to get an earlier date...

I'm sooo excited I was able to get an earlier date. I'm kinda upset though, the place I was going to be staying at is no longer available. Now I have to find something new. I'm looking for an apartment to rent out, anyone have any suggestions?? The next step is purchasing these plane tickets. My friend is coming with me, so of course I have to purchase hers. It's not that expensive though, $200 rt. I'm so excited, I feel like everythings coming too fast now, I'm only like 10 weeks away!!! I've gained like 20 lbs since booking my sx. I have to start going to the gym again and eating right!! I cant believe I let myself go like this!! Ill put up some pics when i'm closer to my date. Who else is getting their sx around my date?!?!?

OMG, so he place that I was going to stay at fell...

OMG, so he place that I was going to stay at fell through again!! WTF! I'm getting sooo annoyed. I wish I didnt wait soo long, but I was also trying to get a sooner date... smh. I'm looking for a 1 bedroom apartment, with a separate living space. I feel like Aventura and the surrounding areas only have studios. All the nice places are either UBER expensive, or taken!

I still haven't received my package! I'm going to start having anxiety attacks!! I have to call Nancy before I worry myself to death!! I love her though, she's soooo patient and helpful, SHES THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

So far I've purchased my plane ticket going to FLL, oneway. It was $90, which I'm sooooo happy about. I'm thinking about coming back in First Class, HOLLA!!! lol.. I just want to be extra comfy, or as comfy as possible. The ticket isnt that expensive, a little over $300.

I've also purchased:
Heating Pad

Lol, I'll update this as I go along... lol

What is our diet supposed to be like after our SX???

I'm soooo Happy, I FINALLY received my package!!!...

I'm soooo Happy, I FINALLY received my package!!! I thought I never would, for some reason. Now it's just a matter of booking my flight home and getting the rest of my nessesaties!!

As far as my flight goes, I'm not sure if i should do 1 First Class seat, or a row of Coach seats. the price is pretty much the same.. Tell my whats you think ladies!!

*Just noticed we can remove pics again!!*

I give all my thanks to the creator(s) of RealSelf. Without this site, I would have gone with a Dr. who I now know would not have made me happy.

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