Tall *Salamafied* Irish Girl - 1 year post Op and pregnant

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I am 5'8 and weigh 135lbs. I've always been...

I am 5'8 and weigh 135lbs. I've always been considered beautiful, although I've only recently started enjoying the way I look. My weight is very stable and I've been eating junk for the past 3 months. (I moved and started going to school fulltime and I'm a mother of a two year old so I reverted back to old eating habits) I have actually lost a few lbs recently (stress probably). But let me tell you, I feel like shit. I miss eating clean, and apparently my weight is stubborn. That could be a problem for me, but we shall see.
I have big boobs. I have always loved my big boobs and my big hips, but I never wanted people to look at me from behind because my flat butt didn't match the rest of me. I really like my body, save for the butt. And it is a real insecurity for me.
I am not looking for a huge butt because that would look strange on me, however, if I could get the hollow areas filled out, I think it will be more in harmony with my wide hips. Also, I do not have much waist definition. That would be beyond amazing. I feel so grateful that this surgery exists, hopefully I am not too thin to achieve what I want.
I am currently in the process of speaking to Dr. Salama's office in Aventura, Florida. I've seen his work on a few skinny girls. If you know of any other Dr.s who are good with thinner girls, please let me know.
I can't wait to have this surgery. I am not concerned with the weight gain or loss after surgery. I am more concerned with the amount of fat cells that actually "take". I am still doing research on the whole weight gain issue, but it seems like there is a lot of different opinions on it.
I am an artist. To me, the vision I have for my body is very much like the vision I have before I create something. I hope that my surgeon and I can make something beautiful....and that the fat stays where its put!

What I'm Currently Working With

Here are some pictures of me currently at 135ish lbs. I am the mother of a two year old. My stomach is a tad looser than it used to be but I don't think I need any kind of TT. I am not wanting a huge butt, just an existent one! I do want a small waist but I think that my rib to hip ratio is too small. Does that make sense? Like girls who have a long torso are able to get more narrow waists. I am all legs...like a frog.

I got an email today from Cynthia at Dr. Salama's office. It said that he had viewed my pictures and to call the office to find out what he thought. I tried calling but the office had already closed. I will update tomorrow on what his comments were.

The photos I attached are the ones I sent his office.

Talked to Cynthia at Dr. Salama's office

She said I need to gain 20lbs! That seems so ominous. I remember I weighed about the same in high school as I do now, and I was so afraid of gaining weight so I started calorie restricting. I actually damaged my metabolism (which was already fast) and I began packing on the lbs til I got to about 150-155 and it stayed there no matter how much working out I did or calorie restriction. Finally I gave up on dieting and started eating healthy foods in combination of junk food and threw my scale out. Crazy thing, my metabolism restarted and my weight crept down back to my normal range. SO the thought of putting the weight back on kinda stirs up some mixed emotions for me. When I was 150 I had more booty but I also had more belly. Now that I'm more slender my stomach flattened out but my butt disappeared. LOL

That is why I am grateful for this surgery. Ok so I am scheduled for August 8th, assuming I am able to gain the weight needed.
She said to send her some of my "wish pics" but I have a hard time finding anyone that already has wide hips. I'm guessing more of a heart booty?

Only my husband knows, and I don't plan on telling anyone else... I just love squats... LOL

I am dedicated to gaining weight, however my approach is not going to be to stop working out and stop eating right. I plan to lift heavy and keep the blood circulated. I'm going to continue with my fruits and veggies and then add a avocado/peanut butter type of smoothie at night to store more fat. If that doesn't work for the first month, I will try what Cynthia suggested: "Monster Mass". 2 years ago I had high cholesterol, but by adding jogging and fruit to my diet I knocked it down 70 pts. I am determined to keep as healthy as possible on this journey.

I read some scarey reviews.

Ok, so I was trying to find more Salama girls to see if I could find one with my body type and I stumbled across a terrifying review of this girl who sustained horrible burns to her stomach that had to have skin grafts to revise. She claimed that other girls who had seen Salama had, had lesser burns as well from the liposuction. She said she thought it had something to do with the fact that she was already thin?? OMG! That scared the absolute shit out of me. My stomach is one of my better features. Please someone tell me this is rare. I am going to email Cynthia tomorrow to ask about lipo burns. I know that with plastic surgery, you're not going to be perfect coming out. There are going to be things that you probably won't like after, especially if you're really critical of your self. However, I am trying to weigh the benefits and the risks of this surgery. Ok, so if my stomach looks a little weird from lipo, is that better than always being self-conscious of my non existent ass? I think the answer is yes. Is there anyone out there that has a normal looking stomach after surgery?
If I had a bum at all I probably would cancel my surgery...but the fact is, I don't and I would settle for just an existent one. There is no fat on the sides of my butt! I am more concerned with contour and the lines of my body than I am with size...although I've seen some of y'alls huge asses and they are really sexy.
Do any of yall know anything about what I should expect my tummy to look like afterward? I have had one child and my skin, although not as tight as prebaby, is still fairly tight.
I still think it's worth the risk.
On a side note: I have gained 2 lbs!
Also, my surgery is actually August 7, 2015. I don't know why I put the 8th.

Wanted to show yall my muscle booty

I know the change is subtle. Last year I lost 40lbs of baby weight by jogging every other day. The picture on the left is my jogging body. The picture on the left is my weight training body. I added an inch to my butt. I liked the side projection, however, I was still to embarrassed to take photos from behind.

My butt went upwards and my legs got more tone. I really miss the gym.

my butt seriously some padding

I sat on my husband's lap today and he was like "Ouww! your butt bones are cutting my thighs!"....thanks honey...thanks, Ill be sure to leave a blanket and a pillow on the couch for you. LOL

It's 3am and I can't sleep

I had a late night with my 2 year old tonight. She took a late nap so that meant a later bedtime. By the time she fell asleep, I was wide awake and wanting some "me" time. That led to looking at this website and the many amazing butts on it. I also looked at some modeling photos I had taken for my portfolio last year. I had lost all the baby weight through weight lifting and eating fruit and veggies. I felt amazing, however, even though I had been squatting heavy (I had a trainer at the time, and I told her I wanted a muscle booty) for six months I still didn't have the body I wanted. Don't get me wrong, I love my body. But it seems that when I work out, I get strong and lean, but my butt disappears as well. I've been reading your all's reviews and it seems like I'm not the only one with that problem. So I am going to post my portfolio pics. These pics represent the best shape I have ever been in. I have never been more consistent with running and weight training and eating right as I was last year. These are the results, but they also show that no matter what I do, my butt and waist are genetically pre-dispositioned to be wide and small respectively. I really loved these photoshoots but I remain self conscious about my butt.

What I have vs. what I want.

Here is a pic of what I have and what I would like to look more like. The girl in the pic looks like her ribs taper more than mine, so if I really want that tiny of a waist I'm guessing i'll have to enlist in the help of a corset or waist training.

So I emailed Cynthia about all my fears of liposuction. She usually gets right back to me, but she hasn't responded in three days. She's probably annoyed with all my anxious questions, but I don't really care. I don't mean that in a disrespectful way. This is a scary, expensive surgery and I am going to need all the encouragement I can get. Or she might just be really busy. Either way. I am not as nervous any more about the lipo. There is a risk of abnormal scar tissue and that is a risk I'm going to have to take. I have gained 5lbs since this journey started. I have been taking baby steps to gaining. I am doing the same things I did to lose weight. I am adding one thing at a time. Like a plant-based smoothie with hemp seeds, chia seeds, peanut butter and bananas. I have to use fats to gain weight. Carbs don't make me gain weight. I was overweight when I was carb restricting and miserable. That's just my body tho. I need fat to get fat.
I hope all of you are doing well.

I'll update soon with weight gain pics.

2 weeks in, 4lbs gained. (although it could be water weight, I'll take it)

I have gained a little weight which is good. My goal was to gain about 4-5lbs a month. We will see how that goes. I have also done more research to what kind of butt I want and what my specific fears are.

Something cool that has happened... I am moving to the Miami area before the surgery so I don't have to worry about flying with my booty! I am going to be pursuing acting and modeling there. Pretty much my only contacts are there. One of my favorite photographers is based out of Miami and I know he will help me update my portfolio when all of this is said and done. Also, I have a contact with a really good agent there. I am almost 30 so fashion is out for me, but I can do swimsuit and lifestyle modeling as well as acting. I love art and creating things (feeling beautiful doesn't hurt either). I am so excited about this next chapter in my life.

So my butt goals are more like the comparison picture as well as probably something like Candice Swanepole, has anyone else noticed she has more ass than any other VS model? She's amazing. Anyway, her butt isn't huge, but it suits her. I am hoping for a butt that suits me and a stomach that allows me to continue swimsuit modeling.

So if the liposuction doesn't look good or it is lumpy, I will have to settle for acting, which is fine. Acting, modeling, painting, and generally anything creative is the realm I want to be in.

Please pray that the lipo turns out well. I really appreciate all the support.

Why do lipo burns happen? How can they be prevented? -A doctor's answer

The only technologies in liposuction that generate heat are laser liposuction treatments.

When harvesting fat for fat transfer, lasers are typically not used in order to not damage the fat prior to transfer.

Perhaps the most common reason patients develop skin healing issues is the inappropriate use of VASER liposuction.

In this technique, an ultrasound probe is used to break up the fat prior to removing the fat with liposuction.

This technology has the the ability to cause skin damage.

Regular traditional liposuction, if used at the base of the skin, can also cause skin damage.

The layer at the base of the skin has a fine network of blood vessels. If these blood vessels are damaged or torn, it can lead to skin with a lack of blood supply, causing skin necrosis.

The great majority of skin healing problems from liposuction are not thermal burns but mechanical trauma to the underside of the skin.

Patients who are cigarette smokers or generally unhealthy are at a substantially higher risk to develop these issues.

Surgeons who use inappropriate techniques are also putting patients at high risk.

At times, treatments need to be aggressive to leave impressive results. In these cases, the chances of slow healing is also increased.

Go to an experienced surgeon with board certification in plastic surgery and ask about his or her complication rates.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.

Butts, Butts, Butts.

Every time my husband sees me on my phone he teases me and says "butts, butts, butts" It always makes me laugh. But seriously, I should be doing homework now. Looking at reviews is like my treat. I need to get back to work.
Interestingly enough, I just got through debating the ethics of people who get plastic surgery with one of my professors. He was aiming his criticism towards women who use plastic surgery to look younger. He said that they are insecure and catering to a shallow society. He was basically laying partial blame of our "shallow" society on people (like me) who get plastic surgery to enjoy life better.
I politely gave him a piece of my mind.
I told him that while society can be shallow about what is beautiful, that doesn't mean that beauty has no value. I also said that just because a woman wears makeup or gets cosmetic surgery doesn't mean that she is inherently insecure or desperate. Besides, if it enhances her life then it was a success! Our society (and men like him) largely value women for their beauty then crucify them for wanting to attain it. Life is short, and I will not feel guilty or make others feel guilty for wanting to enhance their experience of life. I come from a religious family, so this is an attitude I have come up against often.

My surgery is 4 months away

It feels like it will never get here! So my weight is slowly creeping up. Weight fluctuates so it's hard to tell. I am somewhere between 138-142. My goal is to be 155. I have 4 months. 5lbs a month is the plan. I really wish I could get the surgery over with sooner, but it will be better this way because slow weight gain is better. Fast weight loss/gain is mostly water weight. I want some good quality fatty fat cells.
Sometimes I get way too analytical about the surgery. Will this really make my life better, is this really worth it, what's the point of this really..yada yada. I think too much. The truth is, I am gonna love my Salama booty.
However, I am pretty down to earth. I know that there will be things that I probably don't like about it, imperfections and such. This surgery isn't about perfection. It's about improvement, enhancement, and overall shape.
I am continually reminding myself to not be so hard on myself. I'm coming up on thirty and the past two years haven't brought much sleep. I can see the affects of age on my face (I think it's mostly from lack of sleep) and today I felt discouraged because I have aged so fast the past 2 years. Then I started thinking about fat grafts to my face...and I am not trying to keep having surgeries, you know? I usually don't feel this way but it made me think that no matter what, we have to be loving to ourselves and try to enjoy life no matter what.

So I have been thinking about fat grafts to my face. Also, I have a scar on my left eyebrow that is starting to droop and I am having that fixed soon. I am just tired of thinking about surgeries.

My husband calls me the "Mommy 2.0" (he refers to all my planned procedures as upgrades)
That's a good way to look at it. I am still me, just upgraded :)

Here's to always loving your body and enjoying life!

I don't have much to update. I am still slowly gaining weight. I will have my husband take pics soon. I was squeezing my fat stomach the other day and he caught me and said "Oh, babe, you're going to be fine! You have plenty of fat".... while I appreciate he was trying to encourage me, it did not come off that way. I just looked at him with a blank stare. That's not the right kinda encouragement I am looking for. To me it sounded like "Wow, honey! You've really gotten fat!"
I'm a little sensitive over the pudge I guess.

This is what an extra 7-8lbs of fat looks like on me

Biding my time now. I was dreading swimsuit season this summer but after seeing that older woman rocking out her thong and her cane on the beach encouraged me to enjoy my summer no matter what. I'm not gonna lie tho, I am really looking forward to next summer.

I am challenging myself not to put any of my life on hold.
I grew up with acne in high school and I would hide out in my house because I was so embarrassed. I lost a lot of years to the shame of bad skin and I never want to lose any more time due to an insecurity. It takes practice.

Starting and Current Measurements

I realized I never gave my measurements. My starting measurements at 135lbs were 36, 27, 39.5 Now they are 36, 29.5, 39.5 at 141lbs

Honey, could you pull my fat?

This was kinda awkward and funny all at the same time. I had my husband pull my fat to the front of me to see what my waist might look like after surgery. LOL he really puts up with me.
I think if I want a really tiny waist I'm gonna have to use a corset or waist trainer. Either way, it's gonna look wayyyy better!

Just ate an entire bag of mini frosted donuts.

metabolisms are strange things. When I was skinny I was eating a ton of carbs and about 2500 calories a day (not heavy lifting, I eat 3000 when I lift heavy) but when I was calorie restricting I couldn't eat anything without feeling immediately bloated and held on to that "extra 15lbs". I will admit when I stopped calorie restricting I ballooned out a little bit but I think that's just because my body was in starvation mode. Well, fast forward 3 years of eating unlimited calories and unlimited carbs, my body went back to being my skinny weight. I know everyone is different, but for me, I was actually hurting my metabolism by calorie restricting. So, I added fruit and some green juices to my diet and ADDED carbohydrate calories like potatoes and rice (not loaded up with fat) and I my weight slowly crept down. How frustrating I spent 10 years freaking out over my calories and running my ass off at the track and all the while I just needed to chill the f out. I was never fat. I seriously think I had body dismorphic disorder.
So how does this lead me to eating an entire bag of donuts? Well, when I was healthy I ate a ton of fruit. Like an entire watermelon for breakfast. And I would snack on fruit throughout the day. When I did that, I NEVER craved sweets or chocolate. Since I have been more unhealthy lately, I have been unmotivated to eat anything other than donuts and strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. I can polish of a box in a day. I'll throw a little salt in there via a pizza or something but mostly, I just want sweets.

That was a long story...anyway tomorrow I'm going to start adding fruit as snacks again to help me curve my craving to binge on sweets because that's not really helping anything. I haven't gained any weight this week and my joints ache.

Also I am going to add that smoothie I said I was going to but never did. It's a banana peanut butter smoothie. I'll add that at night and see if I notice anything different by next week.

3 months until I'm headed to Salama

I wish I could get the surgery sooner. On a positive note, I started snacking on fruit and my sugar cravings vanished. No more bag of doughnuts of boxes of ice cream. I already feel much better. My family and I went to a farm yesterday and my husband snapped this shot of me. I thought it was a good pic of me in real life to demonstrate what I want.
Hope you're having a good day!

Here's a closer shot of what where I am vs. what I would love to have

I have always been more top heavy. With a bigger, rounder butt, I will look more proportionate with my big boobs and heavy hair.

feeling a tad discouraged

I was so pumped for my surgery in August, but now I am not sure it's going to happen. I was slowly gaining on schedule (about 1-2lbs a week) and had gotten up to 148lbs. Well, my husband left on business and I juggled full-time mom with full-time school and I am surprised I have any hair left. All y'all single moms out there are BEASTS and I have so much respect for you. I lost 5lbs in 10 days. Oh also, we decided to get a new puppy a day before he left....stupid idea. However, we figured it out and have an amazing little furball that loves our other dog and my daughter.

I sent Cynthia an email with my weight update. My surgery is in less than two months and I am starting to worry that I will not have enough fat :(

Looking at maybe switching my date to December. BUMMER anyway, here are the pics I sent her today. Hopefully tomorrow I will hear back from her.

Postponing Surgery

I had a pretty stressful 2 weeks recently and I lost 5 of the 10lbs I had gained :( I decided to postpone my surgery until December. I will have 3 weeks off of school and have more time to recover and gain weight for surgery. I am not going to be lazy about anymore either. I had plans to be more healthy about my weight gain but didn't really put them in effect. I was more concerned with school and being a mother to juggle any more. I am going to start implementing some small changes (because I find that those are the most effective). My first goal is to drink more water. The second is to eat fruit when I am craving sweets instead of processed junk that hurt my joints and make me tired. I am just going to start with those. I will be adding healthy fats and maybe protein shakes for weight gain after I get the hydration and processed sugar sorted out. I have to keep things really simple in order to be consistent.
I am sad that I have to wait until December. :( I am ready to be healing. I need do this the "healthy way" instead of just eating whatever. Eating whatever isn't working. I plateaued at 145. Sorry this is so boring. I am so bummed! December 10th is my new date


I regret postponing my surgery. However, I will get an extra week to recover if I go in December. Any thoughts on my weight gain? I am 142 at 5"8. Do yall think I should gain more? I keep dreaming about an earlier date because December seems forever away! I want lipo of the abdomen, flanks, upper back, and arms. I don't want any thigh lipo. Just wanted to ask yall if you think I have enough fat. I am going to email Cynthia too and see what she says. Maybe they will still have my old date. (probably not, but this is just me wishing I was having my surgery in august still) All these beautiful Salama girls coming through are making me excited and ready to go!

Reschedule surgery to September

Ok, so I decided that December was just too long to wait. I got my husband on board and then I scheduled the recovery house and my surgery for September 29th! Much happier about this date. I am ready to put this surgery behind me. I talked to Zuny about any special dietary restrictions and stuff. I told her that I will be bringing stuff to make smoothies. She said the recovery house has a blender. I am going to be doing lots of smoothies while I am there. I like fresh produce but I hear they are limited on that. I really have no idea what to expect. I've been doing a lot better getting fruits and veggies in. I just want to keep that up ESP while I am recovering. High salt foods are a no-no for surgery. Swelling can get outrageous with high-sodium foods. I have a lot of planning to do now. Plane tickets are around 400 right now. I am really dreading the flight home. I'm gonna miss my hubby, 2yr old, and my dogs. Any veterans out there reading this, please update! Every time I see a newsfeed post I get so excited. You all look so beautiful. I can't wait.

Made it to 150lbs! 15lb weight gain

I started at 135 and now I am at about 150. That is 15lbs! Cynthia told me to gain 20lbs so I only have 5 to go! I have been adding Ensure and Boost drinks and they have effectively helped me gain slowly. I started drinking about 4 of them a day (they are about 360 calories for a little bottle of a lot of vitamins, minerals, fat, protein) I know they aren't the best source but they are effective for weight gain! I have gained 8lbs in the past 2 weeks or so. I never thought I'd be so happy over weight gain! I need to find a massage therapist in town. Anyone out there know what I should be looking in a massage therapist? Hospital, doctor's office, chiropractor, day spa?? I am a little lost and when I asked Cynthia she only answered part of my question. She said they should be an hour long. I am going to book 10. 2 for before surgery and 8 for after. I need to schedule my medical exam with my doctor as well. I will upload my chubby pics tomorrow!

Me at 150 (finally!)

70 days to go and only 5lbs to go. What did you all wear on the flight home? I was thinking a long maxi dress, but I think I remember someone saying no dresses tho.

EKG and GP apointment on this monday

Oh my gosh, now that it is getting close, I freaking live on realself. It's like I'm in the obsession stage. So I had my blood tests a week ago and had the results faxed to Dr. Salama's office. I called to make sure they got it and I was told that my blood tests were being reviewed and if I didn't get a call then everything was clear and not missing anything. The only thing I am missing is an EKG and a doctors clearance letter. That appointment is this Monday. I feel kinda weird telling a doctor why I gained weight on purpose lol. "Well, you see Dr. B.... I was born with an unattractive backside so I've decided to degrade my health by eating shit for 6 months to get fat so that I can have surgery to get the fat sucked out and put in my ass. Then I will crush my ribs in a tiny structured vest for a brief period everyday to shrink my ribcage :D" I'm going to be GORGEOUS, YAY!" Perspective is everything. The reality is, I am going through all this now, but I know in my gut if I turn out like any of his ladies recently that I've been stalking, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of my new body and it will be soooo worth it. It's just a hard thing to explain to strangers. He's a doc tho, so I expect him to be professional and he's not a newbie, he's heard it all before. Wow, I am really ranting tonight.

I will update how Monday goes. I don't know why I'm nervous. Maybe because this could make or break my booty dream.

For anyone struggling to gain weight for surgery

I've traded out Ensure Plus for Boost Plus. The Boost Plus has 10 more calories per drink. They have 360 calories for a little bottle- lots of calories from fat and protein (which are what make me gain weight) The boost goes down smoother. I find that ensure tastes more grainy. I am slowly gaining and holding onto the weight. I've gained 15-17lbs so far. All of it is from adding boost/ensure. I drink one when I wake up because I am always running around. Any time I am too busy to eat, I drink one or two. At night I drink 2 before bed. I haven't been rigid about it, I just drink them whenever I think about it.

Doc's visit

The doctor's visit to get the medical clearance letter went so much better than I thought. He had a thick accent (sounded Indian). He was so kind to me and said "Will, it make you happy?" ...."Then great!" He was really happy for me and wished me luck. Also, they accidently forgot to write up my EKG so he said to not charge me for it! Feeling really grateful right now! I faxed my EKG and letter from the library and now I am waiting on the nurse and Salama to review my tests tomorrow. Hoping everything is good! I need to start looking and shopping around for items to take with me.

That feeling....

when you update three times and realself is still "almost done" uploading your update after 30 minutes

Weight Gain and Questions for Vets

I've written this a few times, hopefully this time it updates.

I am at 154lbs and feeling fat enough for my surgery. My goal was from 155-160 so I am pretty much there. Really happy about that!

I have been anxiously checking my email all day to hear back from Zuny if my labs were good. She said they were on the nurse's desk and I should hear from them today. Cynthia told me last week that if I don't hear anything back then that means I am good to go. Smh? I would rather just be called/or emailed either way. My labs are the last obstacle so I am really anxious to hear I am in the green. Did you all get notified about your labs? Going to call Monday if I don't get an email tomorrow. I don't want to nag them but I am so eager!!

Here is my list so far:

Lotion (because I am a freak and lotion any time I shower or wash my hands)
Oversized shirts to hide garment on the flight home
Tanks to go under garment
sheets and covers for sheets (what does the house provide?)
Female Urinal (the long kind)
Hand sanitizer/wipes
Arnica Gel (any one have experience with this?)

My list needs work. I am going to stalk some of the veteran's reviews to find out what they bought vs. what they really needed. Was there anything yall just HAD to have to be comfortable. Anything you wish you had bought/ or hadn't bought?
Is the bbl pillow worth it?

Issues with LabCorp

So I was wondering why I hadn't heard from Salama's office about my lab test results when I realized that most of the ladies on here got their blood done with their primary doc and got their results through him/her. I just moved so I don't have a primary doc. I just selected whoever had openings and got lucky to find a gem. He was so kind to me.

I never got my results from LabCorp (their patient portal isn't showing my results either) and I got an extra bill in the mail for $28 dollars.????? I paid in full the day I had my labs drawn so I am wondering why I am getting another bill. Not to mention I never received the results in the first place. The only thing that is $28 dollars on my bill is a Routine Urine Culture (I did not see that on Salama's list). That's weird right? It said that the test was requested by my physician...?? If that is the case was something up with my blood? Or is LabCorp overcharging me? My labs were on the nurse's desk to be reviewed at Salama's office and I doubt LabCorp kept my urine hanging around incase Salama ordered another test. Really confused on this one. My husband said they might do the culture every time as a part of the routine and are just now charging me for it.

So Salama has my blood tests. I have no idea if they were good. LabCorp has sent me an extra bill for ambiguous reasons. LabCorp is closed today, but I am irritated I got a bill (when I already paid $206 for the tests he requested).

They are open at 8am tomorrow morning. I will call and try to figure out what is going on and to see how I can access my results. I guess a part of me is scared I gave my self diabetes or something from all those bag of doughnuts I scarfed down among all the other fatty and processed foods I ate. (Why didn't I stick to the nuts, avocados and peanut butter??) I had to go with the ice cream and doughnuts. I need a chill pill right now. I'll find out tomorrow.

Also, I went to the fair yesterday and had so much fun with my husband and little girl. I was really chunky, but I wore a little white dress, cowgirl boots and did my makeup and treated myself good even though I have cellulite forming on my inner knees and calves (SMH??) I didn't even know cellulite could form there! LOL It was good to treat myself good even though I felt disgustingly flabby and gross. I had to fight negative thoughts about myself. But those thoughts will always challenge me, no matter what. Fat or not fat, booty or no booty, i have to shut negative thoughts down because they rob my life. Gaining weight has been good for me to value myself no matter what weight I am. Although, it will feel good to run and not ache all over. I want to be healthy in my mind and body.
It is funny how this journey of plastic surgery has helped me with that. A lot of people who are against plastic surgery might think it would be the opposite. Having a doctor tell me to gain weight has helped me deal with the "guilt" of being heavier. Do any of you all ever feel like that? Like people assume you're lazy if your heavy? I was heavier than my sisters so I always felt like they and others assumed I was the lazy one or undisciplined or a glutton. I remember when I was 19 one of my family members said "Just stop eating those bagels!" She's like 5'6 105lbs and eats whatever she wants. I would get singled out about what I was eating a lot. ( I was a sugar addict) I started slimfast in high school. You guys.... I was 16, 5'7 and 125lbs-ish. I DID NOT NEED TO BE ON SLIMFAST. I used to feel ashamed at doctor's offices because of my weight, or at family reunions next to my model skinny sisters. My bones are bigger than theirs too. Their rings sizes are like 5's compared to my 7.
So between Salama telling me to gain weight, and forcing myself to dress my heavier body up, this plastic surgery has been a mental healing journey for me. The biggest lesson is learning to shut that negative, guilt ridden voice up in my head and LIVE. And although I love my family, anyone trying to educate me on what to eat so I can be skinny like them can go to hell. (ok so I still have anger issues but at least I am not ashamed of my body anymore) Going home for Christmas with my big booty should be interesting LOL. I'll just tell them I am on the Bagel Diet.

Finally got my clearance!

Labs were good. They didn't bill me for everything at the time of service. I called billing and they didn't know why I was billed an extra $28 dollars, I called Salama's office and they didn't know either but they told me my labs and everything were good! So I'm in the green!! I called the place where my blood was drawn and they were clueless too and spelled my name completely wrong. I just paid the bill. I was more relieved that I'm healthy on paper. The urine culture WAS on Salama's list. I just didn't realize it. It was "UA&CS" I think.
Stoked about my surgery but I'm nervous about leaving my 2 yr old and am starting to feel guilty. I just want to hurry and be back with her. I'm not sure what to expect when I get back as far as physical interaction with her. My heart hurts when I think about being away.

Wish pics

I don't normally like adding wish pics because I haven't found any that have a similar shape as me. They all seem too unrealistic for what I'm starting with. Regardless, I love the fullness and shape of these booties. I like a full upside down heart. Interested to hear what salama recommends for my butt.

It's really happening!

Beautiful booty coming soon... 1 month to go!!!

25 Days to go!

I've been doing some life shifts and it has been harder to keep downing the food. I lost 4lbs because I was so dang busy. I am now at about 150-151. I lost the weight in 2 weeks so I am sure I can put that 5lbs back on in 3 weeks. (Enter boost to the rescue) I was thinking about the issue of weight loss after surgery. It seems to be a hot debate. I plan to lose weight after surgery. I know my butt will go down. That is ok with me. Lifting weights gave me a decent projection. I was happy with my profile when I worked out. What I don't like about my butt is that from behind it is way narrower than my hips making it look like a trapezoid. I just want to change the shape of my butt, not get a huge butt. I am not knocking huge butts, its just i plan to enter the modeling scene down in Miami. I have some contacts down there. I will be doing commercial and swimsuit modeling. If the liposuction doesn't go smoothly then I won't be doing swim. It is still worth the risk to me because I have always absolutely hated my butt. I would rather give up modeling and love my body then have a model body but not enjoy it personally. I will be waist training afterwards too. Another thing, with all the stress and the high fat foods, my skin has been breaking out really bad. I can't wait to have this surgery and get back to my old diet and workout regimen. Excuse me, I have to go raid my fridge and watch TV. ;)

Measurements at 153lbs

My starting weight was 135lbs and my measurements were 36, 27, 39.5
My weight now is the opposite at 153lbs and my measurements are 37,31,41

I have gained I inch in my boobs, 4 inches in my waist, and 1 1/2 inches in my hips/butt. I feel gross. I have also gained acne on my face, chest and...you guessed it...my butt. Lovely. Oh well. I know that when I get back to my normal lifestyle, all that will go away. just 20 more days. I am getting nervous about the recovery now. I am still a little confused why we are instructed to get deep tissue massages. Won't that damage the skin after lipo? Lymphatic massages are much more gentle. Really confused about that one. I'm going to ask Salama during my Pre-Op
I'm also considering getting my yoowho waxed for the first time in my life. Every time I shave I get red bumps and ingrown hairs. I think I am done with shaving down there.

2 weeks until my makeover!

I've tried to lose weight for most of my life. Trying to gain weight is annoying and difficult too. After surgery, I am not going to try to force my body to do anything anymore. I am just gonna live and work on a healthy lifestyle. It's over scale. And we are never, ever, ever, getting back together.

BBL Pillow came today!

It's a lot smaller than I thought which I'm grateful for. Still wondering how people have used it on the plane ride home. Do you buckle up while sitting on it? There were no one way flights back so I have to endure two landings and takeoffs. How was walking around the airports and traveling? I'm just trying to figure out how well I'll be getting around.
My first Brazillian wax is scheduled two days before I leave. Nervous about that! I'm also getting my armpits done. 12 days to go!

7 days to go!!

Omg it's so surreal now, I have a hard time sleeping!! I was reading bealove's update and she mentioned getting broken capillaries in her legs after her bbl journey. Well I already had some of those and after this weight gain, they've gotten worse! Acne and broken veins, yuck! I'm feeling really gross and ready to get back to my healthy lifestyle. It's hard to imagine Salama turning this mess into something sexy. I keep reminding myself "no more trapezoid ass, no more trapezoid ass" that helps me remember why I'm doing this!

So nervous!

So many different emotions this week as I prepare to leave my little one and go under the knife. So many conflicting thoughts of being selfish for spending all this money and being gone so long. Mall I have to do is look at some pics of myself from behind and my resolve snaps back! Here are some pics of me out and about

4 days before I'm a Salama Mamma!

I was trying to get my daughter dressed yesterday (which has turned into a daily battle recently) and all the curtains were open. A car drove buy and there I was, in full view, only in my bra. I remember thinking "oh well" and I was back to chasing my daughter. I feel so gross and blubbery. I had a vision of what I might look like to the driver. Immediately, Mrs. Doubtfire in the fat suit came to mind.
Been reading about the terrible hurricane of 1900 in Galveston TX today. I thought I'd share a little humor to offset the gloom I was feeling! Thank you, Robin Williams, for all the years of laughter and joy you brought to my family.

3 days to go!

Just got my Brazillian wax... Oh my god, I seriously was about to cuss the girl out. I was cussing myself out for doing it LOL. The labia part was TORTUROUS. Doesn't help I had a wookie growing down there. My husband and toddler drove me to my wax. I was handing her things during the drive and I kept noticing him trying to stare at my hairy armpits. I was like what are you staring at. He said every time I raised my arms he expected to hear chewbaca howl. He was like you're hairier than me! Liar! He's way hairier. This whole week he's been staring at my crotch and armpits like their the freaking 8th wonder of the world.
For some reason I can't see my comments. Will try on my desktop at home.
Not sure what I think about the bald look. Right now it just looks like an albino bald rat to me. However bikini season would be much nicer now! I'm sure it will grow on me

In Dallas! Boarding the plane to Ft Lauderdale

Keep your thoughts and prayers with bootylicious22. She is in surgery! Good luck girl! Salama is gonna take care of you

I have a bunch of pics of everything I bought and packed. Will try to post it later, this flat, trapezoid butt is boarding the plane!

Quick update!

Justin picked me up from the airport, he took me to Dr Salama's office and I signed all the forms that basically say if anything goes wrong their office isn't liable. That was really scary. Then I met beautiful Noami (sp?) she was so nice and went through my preop instructions. She gave me my boppy pillow then I text Justin I was done and he drove me to the recovery house. I feel kinda stupid for thinking I would have my own room lol. Anyway I have one roommate and she's really nice. Lordes made me some delicious food and made me feel like my mom was taking care of me. The girls here are great and I know I'm going to enjoy my time with them. I slept right after I ate. My surgery is at 1130 tomorrow! I have to wash with hiblicens soap tonight and tomorrow. Not your face or your privates. No makeup or jewelry. I was overhearing some of the girls talking about visitors. It's good to know that we can't have visitors at the recovery house for y'all's reference. I'm so so nervous. Also definitely bring a maxi dress!! You're not going to want any pressure on your butt. Thank god someone gave me one here or I'd have to order and overnight one for my flight home. Pants just aren't big enough to not put pressure (the ones I brought anyway). Can't eat or drink past midnight. The food here is really good. Just looked up her name in my email, it's Nomie, she's lovely with a big beautiful butt! I've never seen so many beautiful butts before!

My supplies

Not pictured are my 4 fitted tshirts from Walmart $3 each.

Last preop entry

Justin's on his way to pick me up! I just got lightly scolded by grace for not bringing medical tape. I forgot mine. Also, I don't remember it being on the list? She said it was. Oh well :/ Bring medical tape to hold your gauze on!

I made it alive!

Your alls comments made me smile! I love you girls.
I'm laying face down in my pillows, hard to chicken peck my keyboard on my phone. Surgery went good, thank you for all your kind words and prayers! Salama said I had s square butt and the weight lifting I did all last year is why the dents were more pronounced. My throat is so froggy and voice to so raspy, so glad it's finally over. Salama checked on me after I woke up and told me he got 1600ccs in me! Dang, that's a lot! I couldn't make out the rest of what he was saying. He said he thinks he did a good job filling in my dents but I'm not sure what else he said. My biggest complaint after surgery was extreme nausea. More when up for it!percs are kicking in


My dents obviously took a lot to fill. That's so funny, I was a squatting weights and lunges to get a muscle booty, but Salama says that makes the butt look more square from behind. I'm passing in and out of sleep all the time. Had my roomie take a snap shot of my butt. Wow!!! Really hope those dents don't reappear after swelling snd settling. But I know you can only do so much with plastic surgery. Here's my butt!

more pics

Will get back to everyone when I'm feeling less loopy. About to leave to see Salama for my Post op. Bring slip on house shoes and loose maxi dress. That's what they want you to wear to post op appt. one girls gave me a dress I really would just rather wear my robe but grace wants me to change?

One more thing

I asked for an upside down heart with no shelf. He said my butt was long enough and he would shape me like that. Last night was kind of hellish. I'm really glad I'm able to get up by myself and take care of myself or I might have had a bit of a panic attack. Will tell more later

At my post op visit! Love it!

Grace helped me shower and put me back in my garment. So greatful to her and my roommate. I can't imagine my husband doing all this work for me. I was told the best undergarment shirts are LONG wife beaters. The list says tshirts but I'm finding out long tank tops are better

Rolling into day 3

Started itching last night. I was also feeling a burning sensation around my front drain. I thought it might be because my shirt was too short so I asked Grace to change my shirt. I've been really blessed to have the other girls here. They all chipped in a long tank so I wouldn't have to order stuff. One of them gave me two dresses. I'm seriously grateful. One thing I wish I had is one of those distance grabbers. Make sure all your stuff is high and reachable or buy one of this grabber thingies.
Anyway so back to changing my shirt... Omg I haven't felt pain like that yet. It was brutal trying to tuck that thing in. Made me really nervous about my massage tomorrow. I wish I could be put under for that! My skin is beyond tender. Anyway I think changing my top was a good idea because I haven't felt that burning sensation again. Just a whole lot of itching going on. A text pics to my husband and he's in love already. One reason I didn't want my thighs lipoed is because my husband loved the diamond shape my fat made. I had to get my thighs done because there wasn't enough fat in my arms. Kinda hoping that diamond is still there. It's ok if it's not. My husband already loves my results. He keeps talking about touching it. Part of me is like "hold on" I've been a stay at home mom for almost 3 years, did long term breastfeeding, took care of everyone... I'm kinda just remembering who I am besides mom and wife. I told him to let me just own my new look before he gets too grabby grabby. He can't help himself though. He tries to just be reaffirming but he always gets a sexual comment in there too lol. I want to remember who I am before dibs are claimed. I hope that makes sense.

Will take pics after my massage tomorrow! Pray when you think about me, really scared about my skin being touched

Use arnica!

NyNy15 and Bootylicious22 had their surgeries a day before and the same day as mine and they're way less bruised! I started tonight. Don't be afraid to use arnica right away. After first shower get that gel on! It works! Remind your caretaker or put it on yourself.
My butts gelled up in front of the fan right now. Tomorrow at my massage I'm going to give her arnica to put on me.

Side note: missing my baby. My husband sends me pictures of her happy all the time but I still hurt for her.
Another note is my elbows are killing me from propping myself up. My massage is tomorrow at 11am


My apt time was 45 minutes ago. I'm still waiting to be seen. I'm so nervous, I think the percs are wearing off. I'm naked in the waiting room. I should have waited to take drugs.

1st massage

Hearing a the horror stories and the pain from tucking my shirt into my garment made me certain the massage was going to be ritual torture. I'm happy to say that while it didn't feel good, it was not as painful as I expected! Deep sigh of relief* it's good to be prepared but I was really just living in so much fear about it. Fear was my real enemy today. Thighs hurt the worst for me. The ultrasound machine hurt worse as well. I talked Celia's ear off. There wasn't a quite part of my massage. I talked about our families and small talk and anything to keep my mind from it. J did hear a little fluid moving. She said I should be able to get my drains removed Monday.I didn't like laying my butt on the boppy pillow. For some reason I thought we stood for the stomach part. I was scared about damaging my fat cells! Love my shape so far! However, I do hope the bottom rounds out more. It seems like it tapers a bit. Love my stomach!

Big day for me

Went number 2 today, started my period (way early), took a shower by myself and now I'm waiting on Lourdes to make some lunch.
This next part is going to be tmi, just a warning. I couldn't push my poop out, it was too hard and impacted. Sorry gross. I used latex gloves and "freed" it up a bit and was able to take a significant poop. It was a bunch of hard balls. So sorry to be so gross. After I pooped I felt better. I just squatted over the toilette. I didn't have troubles cleaning myself. I took a shower right after. When I got out I had Lourdes come in the bathroom because I was feeling light headed. She made me lay down. Love love my results so far! Dreading loosing volume but I better just accept that I will. My butt is not round yet but I expect this to change in the months ahead. Really love how he shaped my torso and am overwhelmed to see myself with a butt!! Praying fat cells stick

Day 5- feeling more normal

First day off meds. I feel sooo much better today and getting around well. I took two Tylenol no Percocet. I feel way better. No me gustan las drogas. My Spanish is non existent but I'm trying to learn a little whe I'm here. Lourdes is a angel. I took my garment off by myself and went another #2 like yesterday. Gives "shitting bricks" a whole new meaning. Rocks really. Should have a normal stool next time. Lourdes was like "you had to help yourself out?" Big eyes..I was like "yes" no shame. I felt way better. This happens with my two year old if she gets dehydrated. There's a "plug" then it's normal. I don't have to help her but you get my point. I'd say don't be afraid to help yourself out or use a suppository. Sometimes the problem is mechanical and easily fixed. i didn't take any stool softener because I don't like loose stools. Now that I'm off Percocet I should be fine.
One reason I really wanted to write today is to ask the veterans if they experienced a lot of heat on their abdomin while laying down. It's day five, my skin on my stomach gets like sweating hot when I lay down. Anyone experiencing this? I just got comfortable in bed and really don't want to dig thru my po paperwork. Tried searching realself but haven't found my answer. Cold feet, hot stomach!

Update on burning sensation

Nomie just stopped by the recovery house and told me the heat is completely normal because of healing and inflammation. She said it might feel like hot oil. That is exactly how I would describe it. It's like a cold sweat. I'm cold but my stomach is sweating and hot on the inside

I love Lourdes

Day 7- drains out!!!

Today was the best day I've had so far! I got my 2nd massage and this one I actually enjoyed. There were some ouch moments, but it felt good to me. I did take 2 percs so That helped. I also added a rolled up towel under my back so the weight of my body shifted to my back instead of on the boppy pillow. Celia said I had no fluid on my stomach and Nomie came and removed my drains. Didn't even know she removed the back one I didn't feel it. The front one burned like hot coals. Then I turned around in the mirror and really looked at myself for the first time and took it all in. I was so overwhelmed and happy I cried! I've never had a butt!! Nomie gave me my ab board, waist cincher, post op instructions and the letter to take on the plane. I love my shape and get really overwhelmed when I see pics. Ive had a short looking torso my whole life. The way Salama sculpted me makes my torso look lean and proportionate to my legs. I'm so happy right now. Praying my butt doesn't disappear in 6 months like I've heard a lot of thin patients complain about. Fingers crossed* so happy

Another pic day 7

Before and after

Before and afters are my reward to the pain and waiting. This is my current makeover. We shall see in 6 months what my final makeover will be. Cannot get over my waist and butt! Beyond happy! Thank you Dr. Salama :D

Garment timeline

Salamadoll01 asked about the garment and foams. I remember being confused as well.

This is just a general reference to what you can expect after surgery. Over time doctors tweak and evolve their instructions so know this is only for reference. You may get slightly different instructions. obviously,follow those.

When you get out of surgery, you will wake up in your garment. My garment was unbuttoned and loose with abdominal pads in the front sticking out. You get your next garment at your first massage. They stuff you, your fatty, and your foams into the new tighter garment. The picture I'm posting shows a timeline after that.

The last shower

I just took my last shower here and I'm ready to get home to my husband and baby! Today was agonizing, pacing the house, wanting to just start walking Home lol. I'm so desperate for my baby and my husband I've had moments where I regretted doing this. This surgery has helped me realize what is really valuable in life. Yes I have a body I love, but mostly all I care about is my family and all the things I want to do during my life that have nothing to do with how I look. But that's not something I can mentally overcome. feeling beautiful helps me pursue those things. I'm glad to enjoy my beautiful body and I am going to have a BLAST wearing new cloths and lingerie. But really I'm most grateful that I made it alive, met some really amazing women who I'll never forget, and get to go back to being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and aunt. I have ideas, goals, visions and passion. The surgery made me feel more beautiful and sexy and will bring lots of joy to me. But, it never changed my worth or value. I think if surgery helps you have a better relationship with yourself then it can help bring out the best in you and your true worth. But being more beautiful doesn't make you worth more. Yeah society treats beautiful like their on a pedestal, but in reality they're no more valuable than anyone else. Plastic surgery is about relationships. How you relate to your family, how you relate to the world, and how you relate to yourself. The most significant relationship is the one you have with yourself. So these are my thoughts on day 8. I want to genuinely love myself and love others. I want to share my beauty with the world while it lasts and never use it to make others feel lower than me. Society may give status for it, but that's a false elevation. You will and always will have worth and value, even if you are badly injured or burned, your true worth wouldn't change. You're beautiful and loved, enjoy your life. (your big bootyiful life!) I guess my point of all my rambling is that I've spent a lot of my life seeking perfection and worth from my looks when really there's a lot more to me than a juicy booty ;) I'm ready to start focusing more on those things and surgery helped me with that. Maybe that's why people go MIA after surgery, it freed them up to live more. Ok, I'm done lol

Home Sweet Home!

Thank you everyone for reading my last post and being so supportive! It is so good to know that others feel the same way I do. I'm excited for all the girls going through right now and happy for all of those already in bootyland!

I am on the drive home right now from the airport. We live 2 hours away! So far I'm really comfortable in the front passenger seat with my knees bent, facing the rear and tons of pillows. I won't beat around the bush, the flight home was a real mental challenge but I made it. I had to go number two before my flight. I took off the garment went number two, got suited back up and showed up at the terminal exactly when they started boarding! I was sweating! I also got stripped searched because of the foams around my butt lol. Two TSA ladies took me to the room and I showed them. One asked for my surgeons name and the other was so nice and said I looked great. I also told the flight attendant and she was super nice about it. The only way I could sit and protect the booty was to put my backpack behind my upper back, and use the boppy pillow on top of the bbl pillow because it was digging into my thighs.
When I got off the plane my daughter saw me and pointed, smiled then let a little frustrated whine out and came to me. I slowly waddled towards her (I was so stiff!) she didn't explode with joy or cry, she just lay her head on my shoulder while I held her (oops! Not supposed to lift things this early) she is a very energetic child and never does this. I just held her and cried. I glanced over at my husband and his eyes were huge and he mouthed slowly that he liked it. Lol
We stopped at target so both her and I could walk around. I was walking in front of her at one point (huge mistake) and out of nowhere she runs behind me and with both hands smacks my butt with all her little strength. We did this as a game before I left...lol not smart.... it hurt so bad! So in 6 months if there are little hand print dents in my but, that's why. I was super scared for a minute. If you have little ones, don't turn your back for a second!!

Mistakes and questions

I was reading how some girls massaged themselves after surgery or how their husbands did it for them and I thought "hey, that's what I'll do, and if it doesn't work out, I'll just schedule some".... well, now I realize I should have had some lined up. It doesn't help we recently moved away from the city. I feel like this surgery has cost my family so much already, driving into the city 2-3 times a week is stressful on my little one. Luckily, I did find someone closer who does a "lipossage" it's basically a deep tissue massage that claims to help "release fat" through the lymphatic system. The lady said that she has had one other post liposuction patient who's stomach was hard as a rock but a few weeks after her massage, she saw huge improvement. Isn't the hardness just a phase of healing? I'm so confused and I have no time to be researching. Anyway, she's on vacation for another week so I have to wait until then to get massaged. My husband was up late last night massaging me and I felt bad because my daughter woke up at 315 and was awake until 5 for some odd reason. This surgery is costly on different levels. 6+ months of healing, garments, plane tickets, recovery house, massages, vitamins, blood tests, added stress, and I would say the hardest for me right now is not being able to fully be here for my family.
My body:
My butt is going down little by little but it still looks really big to me!
My legs are really bruised. I can't reach comfortably to put arnica on. It seems I am having a harder time bending than most. All of my liposuction sights get really hard. I massage them in the shower and my husband massages them at night. (I am so grateful for him but I'm tired of asking him for help) I already feel guilty for all this! lol
My stomach looks really smooth.
My butt measures at 44.5 inches
I haven't measured my waist yet.

It seemed like my garment was starting to get too loose on my stomach so I ordered the next size down, a large....there is NO way that thing is getting over my huge, hard butt. How did yall deal with downsizing garments and pulling them over your butt??

12 days post op- new garment

Finally squeezed into my new garment from lipo express. I had my husband man handle me into it. It feels way better. It's a a little tight around my knees but my thighs feel better. I was having awful pain in my thighs and now I'm not. I've used the foam roller and massage myself in the shower. Really like my results so far. My butt is still not round. It's still top heavy. Waist is beautiful. He lipoed under my breasts which gave them kind of a lift. They feel way better. I've lost volume but that's ok. I mostly care about shape. There is a flat spot on the left butt cheek where he was unable to stretch my skin any more. Hopefully when the booty drops its less noticeable. I can't imagine going through all that again! I'm ok with minor defects.
I remember being curious about ppls stomachs after lipo (I was so scared about abnormalities and burns) so far I dont have any and I'm really pleased with my stomach.

My new garment from lipo express

I like this garment way better than the thigh length one. The other one was leaving groves in my lipoed thighs and it hurt. It is already getting stretched out/loose on my waist. I'm going to get the waist taken in soon. It was $130, but I don't plan on buying any more. Not much else has changed. Started wearing the ab board. I definitely need to cut those pointy corners down. Ouch!

Rough day

My husband just started a new job and is gone for a lot of the day. I don't lay down or rest from the moment my daughter wakes up (around anywhere from 530am-9am) til the time he comes home at 4pm. I cleaned all today because every night it looks like a hurricane blew through from my 2 year old,our puppy and from me dropping everything! I just haven't cared about cleaning because bending down is such a pain. So everything waist down got out of control. Anyway, I could bend better today so I had to get the wreckage under control. The break I was supposed to get didn't happen and he fell asleep watching her while I was in the shower. I was losing my patience with him because he was supposed to take her to the park but was dragging ass. All I wanted to do was use my heat pad which is impossible with her around. Anyway, long story short we ended up in a fight because of it and he got frustrated that I was calling him out and blamed my surgery and started reaching for anything he could to avoid apologizing. I was so mad, I NEED time to massage myself! I don't need any more anxiety about recovery and my results. So I'm feeling a little low right now. He's been so awesome and supportive... However under stress and fatigue, he was quick to use my surgery against me. My results look great but it's hard to be happy with the dark shadow of him using the surgery against me.

Puppy Approved

She always cuddles with me when I'm upset or down. She walked across my legs (I was scared she was going to walk on my butt!) then curled up beside me and rest her head on my butt. It didn't hurt and I was glad for a friend tonight.

First Local Massage

I moved to the middle of nowhere. The only massage therapist that could help me is 35 minutes away. I met her today, she wasn't the warmest person. I had to start and keep the conversation going. She was confused on why she couldn't massage my butt... I had to explain it to her twice. But she wasn't nice about it. ugg..I wish there was someone closer to me so I could be more picky. Anyway, part of her massage entailed pulling and kind of pinching my skin. I didn't like that. She said that part might bruise on my stomach. Something doesn't seem right about that. The next time I go I'm going to ask for a regular deep tissue with no pinching?? She found some clogged lymph nodes near my vajayjay and in my thighs, I felt way better after she massaged those. It is so hard coming from Salama's office and trusting other professionals (who have never even heard of a BBL) to do these massages. The lady wasn't very nice and I had the weirdest feeling that she judged me. I could be reading her wrong but she had a smug demeanor with me. I'm going to try to wear her down and if I can't get her to warm up, at least I can get some good massages. I also thought I was paying for 60 minutes, but she told me that the deal I bought was for 30 minutes???? I have to get clarity on that. She has a deal for 18 massages for 650 but I only bought 8 for $300. I'm pretty sure I should be getting 60 minutes. Oh well. Why can't Celia live around here! LOL I miss her. She was so sweet and professional. She spoke to me the whole time and said it would help her with her English. Gosh that woman was awesome. Tomorrow is my 3 week mark. Trying to find something sexy to try on but after going thru all my old clothes, I realize I've been hiding for some time under baggy bag lady clothes. I need to go shopping! I tried some workout clothes on tonight and I felt like I looked buff even tho I haven't set foot in a gym for over 8 months. This makes me want to go to the gym LOL. I'll be like Yeah, I work out! NOT. I just paid out the ass for an ass and now I have to keep it up. xD The butt is looking rounder and my new large garment is getting looser around the waist. Time to look for a seamstress.


Almost 3 weeks

Measurements and Funny Story

My measurements are:
43-44 (just under 44)

Swelling is going down everywhere. When I was at my fittest, with very little body fat, my waist never got below 27. So I will be corset training to get a more dramatic curve going on. Can't wait for that. I bought one from Orchard Corset last year but soon after decided to gain weight for BBL.

How I'm feeling:

My back is super numb and I have tingling sensations often and everywhere he lipoed. I am getting around way better. I would say that the 3 week mark is when I started feeling about 80%. I can bend almost normally and feel healthy.

Funny Story

I just remembered this from when my husband and our two year old picked me up from the airport after surgery. I had to pee so bad so we all went into the family bathroom. I lifted my dress and my daughter looked at all my bruises and my butt and said "ouch, ouch....yuck!". LOL Children are so honest. Then I did the penguin walk over to the toilet, got my funnel out and peed. I was trying to kind of hide from my daughter, but I saw her walk beside the toilet and the look on her face was priceless. It was horror, disgust, and confusion. My husband and I laughed so hard. He said it reminded him of Mrs. Doubtfire when the kids caught him peeing like a man in the fat suit. A couple of days later, my daughter went to go pee in her potty and I noticed she was standing up. She had a lid from one of my water containers and was trying to pee through it!! I was like "Oh, that's a good job, but it's easier if you sit!!" I helped her sit, but oh my gosh that was funny.

1 month pics

Will have more commentary soon!

5 weeks-started driving

I'm in my 5th week and wanted to bring up my first complaint about my butt. I was hoping for an upside down heart. However , I have a round butt with one flat side because he couldn't stretch my skin any more. The flat side isn't his fault and may need a revision down the road if it's super obvious when I'm done healing. In no rush to do this again. Ok so most of the fat is still high and projected but I have very little in the bottom lateral sides. I keep hoping "fluffing" helps the fat settle down. On the flip side, I'm WAY more confident with my body than I ever have been and every where I go I get constant affirmation on Dr. Salama's artwork (which is crazy and fun) but it's not about what every one else likes it's about what I envisioned. I think he did his best (which is beautiful) but to take it to the next level of what I want (full upside down heart) it's going to require a round 2. Two early to tell yet. Who knows maybe the fluffing fairy visits by 3 months and I'll be a happy camper. In his defense, I had absolutely NO lateral butt fat even after weight gain so my natural trapezoid butt is still poking through some. I honestly have not found 1 review with the dents in their butt like mine pre op. I surfed realself for hours trying to see if anyone's fat shifted down and I didn't find any hope. You girls starting with some junk in the trunk are lucky!!

Happy note: workout clothes look hot hot hot on me and my husband loves the big booty. My stomach looks amazing but I cut one of my garments to try and adjust it and I ruined it!! Had to order a new one and for the past 5 days I've been in a too lose garment and developed a small seroma on my stomach. The new garment arrived today thank God!!!

Can't beat the 3/4 view


Happy Friday the 13th! 6 week pics

I'm really happy with the outcome of surgery. I used to feel so fat at 150. Now I can just focus on being healthy and not worry about the scale. This is my heaviest weight and I feel really sexy. It only gets better from here. I'm never starving myself again. Thank you Salama. #FUscale

Happy Thanksgiving! 2months

Very grateful for all the wonderful ladies I've met on this sight!! There's nothing like a booty sister. I remember my roommate at the recovery house joked and said that booty love was bringing white and black girls together. She said it better than that. I had respect for her from the begining because she did all her own shit and helped me. The night I couldn't get a hold of the caregiver, my roommate was there. She did all her own laundry and was on top of it. She was always checking on me. She was a tough. I was so grateful she was there!! There's Something different about the relationships we make on here and through this journey. They're really special. I've told one sister about this surgery and although she was happy for me, it just wasn't the same. Love you all and hope you have a great thanksgiving! I thank God for you all!

Feeling bummed about my stomach

I sent pics to Nomie of my stomach. I have a few bumps. They feel like fat on top of a knotted muscle. That's the best way to describe it. She said it was scar tissue and normal and too keep massaging it and compress. But the board doesn't sit flat on my stomach. There's gaps where my ribs and muscles push out further. My XS waist cincher is too big. so is my garment. More are in the mail. Cheaper ones from Amazon from cyber Monday. I hope the scar tissue goes away. If not I'll be looking into options like steroid injections. I want to wear bikinis and lingerie! Any veterans out there with similar experiences feel free to chime in!!

Never thought I'd have a butt!!

From square to round. I am really amazed at how different I look and feel!

This is the best "straight on" I have right now

Here ya go ChristiesChange! Sorry the quality sucks. Will have hysband take better ones later. Also adding a hip pic I found. You can see a dip in one side but not the other. Doesn't really bother me but I do wonder what caused it.

Factual update (ok some sentiment too)

SO, I've obviously been sentimental about this experience. I have been deeply impacted by the people I've met. I had some issues at the recovery house, but not really on a personal level. It was more an issue about how they run it. For example, they can have up to 6 or more (I thought I remember Grace saying 9) patients in the house and Lourdes and Grace get to sleep on the couch (when all the beds are full) and take care of them. HOLY COW. They need more help! I will give an in depth review of the house, Salama, and everything else soon. I have a lot to say but never have time to give it proper attention. My biggest advice about staying in the house is to try and be open and social even if your an introvert like me. Try to be as positive as the medication allows LOL. I joke with my husband that the recovery house is like a glamourous opium den. We are all high and all in pain. That is bound to make for some irritation and drama. Try to make the best of it and be helpful and respectful. If you do, then your time will be a lot easier. I didn't let Grace scolding me for the buying the wrong stuff (the stuff on the list I was given by the office) make me draw into myself. I pushed to be nice anyway, I mean this lady might have to wipe my ass in the future so that is humbling in itself. But it all worked out and I had some really great conversations with her and Lourdes and I felt like a member of the family. I wish my little girl had been their so they could've met them. Like I said, I will do an in depth review of the place soon. I have no hard feelings towards them and feel so much gratitude for their kindness and taking the time to share their stories and mother me. I got sentimental again!!! DANGIT!
Waist 27
Hips 43
Bust 36

Butt gets sore when I sit too long. I started sitting at 7 weeks for brief periods of time. I started sleeping on my back at 8 weeks. MY BACK BURNS LIKE HELL in the morning! My garment is too loose and the one I ordered in the mail is about 5 days late. I plan to wear compression for 6 months or as long as possible. I wish I had ordered all my garments prior to surgery. Oh well. My lumps on my stomach seem to be getting smoother. I massage them until they are red and i'm buying more massages. Someone asked me about modeling and I can't find the comment. We were supposed to move to Florida and that didn't happen because of my husband's work so i'm still stuck in the middle of nowhere. I had contacts there that could help me. It's not a huge deal tho. I can model in whatever city we move to. I'm too old for fashion (although I used to dream about it!!) I love doing freelance modeling or modeling on MM because they are so artsy. It was never an income earner, just something I enjoy doing. Also, if I do commercial modeling, there is decent pay involved if I get the right gigs and I can do that at any age. I was going to pursue acting but since we aren't moving anywhere yet, that is also on the backburner. I am probably one of the most indecisive people you will ever meet. I love painting, acting, drawing, composing music, flying airplanes, fixing airplanes, animals, and exploring new places with my daughter. I just feel like there isn't enough time in my life to do all the things I want to do. I'm always battling my practical self with my free-spirited nature. When I update my portfolio for modeling, I will try to post some pics here too. My favorite photographer is based outa Miami so I'm kinda sad that I can't reshoot with him. OH WELL. Life is back to normal. When I run my but jiggles and feels really weird! SEX TALK ALERT:
When I have sex, my ass shakes and it is the craziest feeling! I mean, did I really have so little before that I am finally noticing my ass during sex?? LOL but anyway, I like sex much more now and feel more confident about my whole body. I remember a few years ago, when I was really in shape, a guy that i was dating smacked my ass and said "you need to eat more". Bastard. I was so humiliated! Sometimes my butt looks small to me but my husband reminds me that I have butt delusion or "booty blindness" as he calls it. I am almost to 3 months and I hope that I don't lose too much more!

Quick update

Measurements are
43 (sometimes just below 43)

Butt looks really small. Husband just laughs and says I'm blind. That makes me feel better. It's hard to go from 44.5 to 42.9-43.0 that's to be expected when you lose weight tho. I've lost 7lbs since my surgery day. I'm about 145 now. I realize looking at pics that I want more lateral butt and hips. Those dips on the sides of my butt are still faintly there. My stomach looks a hell of a lot better, I still notice one minor imperfection but the massages seem to be working. However, my back looks a little ripply with 2 symmetrical dents on my flanks that I believe were caused by my garment. I got slack with my self massages. At one point I just didn't give a damn because taking care of my daughter and everything else exhausted me. I'm not going to blame salama or myself because I didn't do my end and ultimately this surgery was an elective risk. I believe we both did our best. I've recently picked up my game on massages and the medicine ball was so brutal on my back I cried out. Don't go slack on your massages! This surgery requires emotional and mental stamina. I was using the yoga roller to massage myself for the longest time when I realized it was too soft and the medicine ball (what salama told me to use) was much more painful and effective. More later. My daughter just woke up. Lots of love to all. A girl and her boyfriend walked up to me in the mall. Well she deviated towards me and said "I just want to tell you, you have an amazing ass.... I mean, you have a badonkadonk!" Thank you random stranger, you made my week :)

3 month profile pic

Security update?

Does anyone know why realself is asking me to reset my password?

Round 2 going to happen

I've decided on a round two. Not for a while tho. I want to finish school and let my daughter grow up a bit. Bootylicious just got a round 3 with salama and all I can say is HOT DAMN. Amazing! My stomach and back is smoothing out and looking better but I'm terrified of messing them up worse. I'm keeping my eye on Hasan's patients and Salamas. They are my top picks for round 2. Hasan is way cheaper but I like Salamas credentials better. Salamas training and residencies/certifications are clearly laid out and all in the US. He gives great results and is stellar on paper. I look WAY better than before but I'm still wanting that teardrop shape. Gonna keep watching everyone's reviews then I'll probably book next year. I'm no longer afraid to have a huge butt. I want all the fat he can get to give me that bubble teardrop

Before and 4 months!!

I have more I will upload later, Moby Dick is kicking my butt right now. I have no idea where Melville is going most of the time. Here's a before and after with a pic I did today. More bikini angles later!

Sorry it took so long!

Here are the other angles. You can see I've lost some volume although I'm still measuring at 43" and my back has 2 dents that bother me. Still look better but I'm not sure how comfortable I would be out in the sun with the dents.

Felt love for Salama yesterday!

Time to get back to the gym. Bought some new workout clothes a d I have to say, I felt some real warm fuzzies for Salama. Never felt more confident in workout pants. I want to make rounds and visit everyone's reviews. I have midterms and a bunch of homework, sorry I've been MIA. Also for some reason I can't check my inbox. It sends me to put my password in then won't accept my password. Not ignoring you!! I'll figure it out this weekend XOXO

A little over six months

I'm really sorry I haven't posted. Nothing has changed (as far as results). My body looks awesome in clothes but I'm not liking my stomach or back. The back seems ripply and the stomach has like two pockets of fat or scar tissue. I want a round two someday but it will have to wait. I wonder if the vaser lipo could help my stomach. Anyway I've been too busy with school and being a mom to research treatments. I also have some big news. In February my husband and I decided that we wanted to grow our family. I am now nearly 3 months pregnant! We are really excited about baby #2. I'm kinda wondering how huge my butts going to get! So that's another reason I haven't felt like taking pictures. I'm puffy and bloated. It's not fun to take pics! But I will so y'all can see how the results change. If I have loose skin after baby #2, I'll be looking into a tummy tuck. Will try to work up the courage to take pics.

7 months post op

And 4 months pregnant! Nothing has changed, just my expanding waistline. ;) the same lump or extra fat on my belly and some weird lines above my butt. They seem consistent with the lines the garment made. Body goals right now are to eat healthy be active. Other goals can wait. Maybe I'll have some extra fat for salama to work with for a round 2? These pictures aren't great but I figured they're better than nothing

Husband took a pic today

Out and about... Just frolicking through the fields being the free spirit I am. ;) i laughed when I saw this pic he took of me running with my daughter. Although I will say, I am sooo happy to have a butt!!!

Baby and booty growing!

Just a quick pic!

1 year results! And 37 weeks pregnant!!

Hey everyone! Nothing has changed. I am doing great. I still want round 2. For this update, I'm going to stagger my before butt in with the pics because I want to remind myself that although I have a few qualms about my results, Salama helped me out a lot!! I hope you guys are great and I am looking forward to having my little one and getting back to the gym!! I haven't worked out at all. I've struggled with full time school and full time mom. I'm getting my priorities straighter tho and working on my time management. Makes no sense to pay a lot of money and suffer that much to not take care of your body. I want some strong legs and glutes. Love to you all
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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