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Is anyone needing a later date? I would be more...

Is anyone needing a later date? I would be more then happy to switch with someone. The only time I can take leave is in October and I just found this out which makes it even more frustrating because I already changed my date to November. So if anyone can switch dates with me that would be great!

Ok so after years of wanting this but never having...

Ok so after years of wanting this but never having the funds to get it done....Im am finally closer to getting it done, but yet still so far away. Ive been doing research and looking for the best doctors and that how I came onto this website. I found out about Dr. S and a couple of other but after seeing his work and his prices vs the other.....hands down he was the winner. My husband didnt want me to get a BBL, because he says Im prefect just the way I am. He even has a name for my little booty (1/2 a grape or half pint)......and when ever I do my sexy dance in front of him he says "Yeah babe, shake that 1/2 a grape. It does make me laugh but I told him I dont want to me know as a 1/2 grape booty....I want a whole grape. Matter fact, I want a melon. After reassuring him over and over that getting this done wasnt going to change me he finally agreed to supporting me. That was a relief because I didnt want to go by myself.....although I still woud have gotten it done ; )

Im am 26 years of age...I currently weight 130lbs (in counting) My goal is to get up to 145lbs. My measurments are 34 braline,33 waistline, and 38hips. Im trying to gain enough fat to only have my upper and lower back down, flanks, braline, and stomach. I paid my deposit and Im just counting down the days. I really hope I can get a date in October.

I made a mistake on my bra...

I made a mistake on my bra line is 32, waistline 34, and 39hips. Someone suggested the website and that have compression garments with the butt cheeks out. It looks like a really good website. Im like the Silicone Panties with the butt out for $40.00.... the Strapless half leg or the Stapless Short Derriere for $120.00. I also want the Female Vest for $80.00 or the Corset for $60.00. I think the female Vest might be the best choice because it has strapes. Im not sure sould I order this now or wait.



So I finally got the dates I needed thanks to...

So I finally got the dates I needed thanks to Nancy and Ruben, and now all I have to do is book my hotel, flight, and rental car. Easy Peezy!!! And order my "Make Me Heel" products off line to start taken and go to Walmart to buy everything else I need. I dont know who is more excited me or my


~~~October 25th~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I havent been up here in a while because I've been so busy running around trying to make sure everything is in check. So everything Im taking with me includes the following:
Clindamycin (Anti-Biotic) Tri-Care
Percocet (Pain Killer) Tri-care
Phenergan (Nausea) Tri-Care
Colace (Stool Softner) (Walmart/Order off Amazon)
Vitamin C (1000mg) Already have
Iron (300mg) Already Have
Make Me Heal = $130 total (
Boiron Arnica Montana Recovery Kit 15 day supply (take this before surgery) $22.00
Boiron Arnica Montana Gel ($11.00) helps with swelling and inflammation
Low Waist compression Garment (lipoexpress it’s the 1624 Thin Strap Derriere Half Leg-Black)
Female Urinal - $6.95
Gloves - $4.00
Gauges – $5.00
Non-stick medical Tape - $2.00
Dial /Long loofah (with the stick at the end) / antibacterial body wash– $2.00
Baby Wipes
Suction hooks -( to hang suction’s on while in shower)
Compression socks Tight Knee Highs (buy the soccers socks in the sports ale)
Tanks top w built in bra (Old Navy-sports section)
Maxi dresses(Forever 21/
Waist clincher (Dillards) $25.00
Peroxide and Alcohol (to clean around your wounds)
Cotton balls (to put into belly button after sergery to keep its shape)
acidophilus pills
Benadryl- for itches
Yeast infection pill
Crackers and ginger ale for nauseau, and crackers for after sx
Razors to shave/Shave gel (bikini shave)
Thin smooth fitted t-shirts- wear beneath garment and protect shoulders (American Eagle and Aleropostale) has really good fitted t-shirts
Maxi dresses/ Robe/ Sweat pants
Purex washer sheets- to wash dirty garment
Sugar scrub (sugar and olive oil) for pre sx shower
Pads- period and or compression to vajajay for swelling (thick pads)
Magic bullet blender - for fruit/protein smoothies
Bleach spray - for cleaning
Additional Costs: (Extra spending money)
Food /Gas - $200 (gatorades, water, noddles, can goods, etc)
Extra massages - $320.00 (4) Two messages are included= 6 massages total
Health Insurance $200 (Replace this payment for the Transportation fee)

Thats all Im taking with me anything else I need I will buy once I get there.

Flight(Round trip tickets for 2) Hotel (11 nights)/ Car Rental (11 days) Package- Cheap ($1540.00)
Im staying at the Best Western hotel for 11 nights with my husband. The hotel is really close to the office and it has a kitchnett which I will need so that why I choose this hotel.

Lab work- All Cleared for surgery
Im currently taking my Vitamin C, Iron pills, Boiron(order from make me heel), and Bromelain (order from Make Me Heel website)

I fly into Fort Lauderdale on the 26th at 12:00 noon and Nancy told me to come straight to the office from there. I'm a little nervous but mainly excited and anxious to get it all over with. I have put so much effort, time, worrying my husband to get me a sooner date, spent so much money and now it's finally here. WoW!!! I cant wait wait to start enjoying my new booty husband cant wait either. I will be putting so updated Before pictures of myself up once I get to the hotel tommorrow. But as of right now Im only 130lbs/133lbs. Its goes up and down but hopefully I can keep it up. Dr. S is an arrgessive lipo'er sooo I think I should have enough fat. Thats one of the main reason why I choose his besides his low prices. Im pretty proud of myself for gainning 10lbs but I wish I could of gained at least 5 more lbs but I started to feel the rolls form under my bar line and my stomach has gotten so big that I really didnt want to get any Im only 5'1 so I dont want a Nicki Minaj bootay....That's way too much for lil o' me. Well this is my up to date update on everything and I will keep you guys updated on everything that happens. This is a dream come true for me I cant wait....Stay Tune Ladies!!!

October 1, 2012 it has been four days...

October 1, 2012 it has been four days since my surgery and Im feeling really good. Let me back track a little bit from the time I arrived. My husband and I went to pick up our rental car only to find out they were out of regular size cars and was trying to put us in a mini smart car. I said "oh hell no" that wasnt going to work so we went to another rental car place and got a SUV for the same price. That worked out great because has plenty of space for me to lay down in the back. After we got the car Nancy told us to come straight to the office where I filled out paper work, meet the office crew (Nancy, Jennifer, and Noami) who where all very sweet and kind. There was another girl there in the waiting room who jusy had her surgery 3 three prior and she looked like she was doing really good. She was laughing and talking with my husband and I, plus her results looked really good so that made me even more excited about having mine done the next day. Nancy came to get my husband and I and she brought us to the back where she explained where thing in detailed about the operation and answered any questions I had. She gave me my Bobby Pillow and Arnica Pills (So dont order any pills because they do give it to you the day before your surgery in which you have to take two the day before) but its only a 7 day supply so unless you want to order more then it's up to you. After I paid my balance, Nancy gave me the address to the building I will be going to have my surgery the next day and she told me the time. I was the very last person of the day to have my surgery which sucked because I couldnt eat or drink anything all day long, which was very hard for me to do. Nancy told me as long as I didnt eat or drink anything before 10 hours of the surgery I should be fine so I piged out off and on up until 1 p.m. so I wouldnt be too hungry the next day. Nancy asked my husband how he felt about my getting the procedure done and he said at first he didnt like the idea because he thought my body was already perfect but since this is what I really wanted then now he should be able to get his motorcycle with out any complaints, she just laughed as he sat there playing with the breast silicones on her desk.
~~~~SURGERY DAY~~~~~~~
When we arrived at the office the nurse came out into the waiting area and told us Dr. Salama was currently in surgery with another patient and he would be ready for me in about 30mins. It didnt seems that long of await because my husband kept me well entertained with the jokes he was making. Before I knew it she had came back to come get me and took me to the the bathroom. I undressed into my surgery panties, compression socks, hair net, and body cover.....took a pregnancy test and headed to Dr. Salama office. He greeted me...had small chit chat about where we were orginally from....and got straight to bussiness. The funny thing was I wasnt nervous at all and he made me feel very relaxed, and comfortable. Before we got started I weighted in at 130lbs....(which ment I actually lost 4 lbs of the weight I was trying so hard to keep on me) He took before pictures and was very detailed in explaining everything about the procedure. I was thinking to myself dang he must get tired of having to same the same thing over and over all day long, because he was talking fast but not to the point that I couldnt understand him. He grabbed my fat in the areas where he was going to be doing the liposuction from and began to mark me. He said I had enough fat and I had rolls in my back area in which I was very happy to hear. He explained to me how the amount of cc's worked in the body. He said the more cc's injected the less chance it has to survive compared to injecting less amount of cc's because it has more room to grow in the new area. He did ask me how many cc's I wanted and if I wanted 1000 cc's, but I told him for my height and body size that might be too much for me. He said that I pretty much had a nice shape butt already and he would give me more volume, rounding, and projection. I said that sounds perfect just as long as it matched my body size because I didnt want a booty too huge. I asked if he could also give me some fat injection into the hips/outter thighs area to create that "hour shape look" and he said he would inject as far as he could on the outter side of the butt because the skin around my hips was tight and he said its not easy to inject fat there if the skin is too tight there. He asked me if I had any more quesions or concerns and I was like "nope Im all ready to go" and the nurse took me the the operating room. After sticking me with the ivy...the only thing I remembered next was waking up on the table to the voice of a nurse asking me "if I was ok" I replied "yes" and she said "can you get up?" I couldnt feel no pain so I replied "yes, I can get up". I heard her say "ok" ,and she helped me up and into the wheelchair and rolled me into the waiting room where my husband was waiting for me. I was shaking so hard and I kept hearing her say to my husband " she is very strong" "she got right up and is doing fine, she's very strong". I didnt feel very strong, but I was still very hungry. I just so happen to look at the clock and it was a little after 9 p.m. The nurse rolled me to my car and helped me climb into the back seat. I kept hearing my husband calling me lil nicki, and making jokes about my new booty. He said OMG!! Its so big! and laughing as he drove back to our hotel. I was just laying there dosing in and out not paying him any mind. When we got back to the room I was so hungry I ate two bowls of chicken noodle soup and drunk a lot of gatorade and water and feel asleep.

Hello Real Self......its been a while since Ive...

Hello Real Self......its been a while since Ive been up here. Its been almost five months since I have had my surgery and I feel so disappointed everytime I look at my butt. I spent so much money and for what....? to come out with the same results. I didnt want to post anything too soon about my results because I know it takes a while for the swelling to go away and for the new fat to adjust into the new area, but every week that went by my butt got smaller and smaller. Honestly, it's a little more plump (very little) then before, but not at all what I expected it to look like. No one even notice my butt because thats how much of a small difference it was. He told me I was difficult to work on because my body fat was tough to find. I weight 126lbs when I went in, but when he looked at my body he didnt say I wasnt going to get to much of a bigger butt afterwards. If I would of known it was going to turn out the way it did I would of wait until I could gain more weight or just not have done it at all. Even my husband says its not much of a difference. Im so pist off, because I didnt want to have to go through a round two.....but now I think Im am. But this time I dont think Im going to Dr. Salama again. He ok for some females but I thought he was aggressive with the fat for the smaller females. IDK......all I know is Ladies if you dont have enough body fat then its not worth getting this done unless you want to waste thousands of dollars. I will post pics
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I rated them high because unless you really need bedside manner, after care, and addition time spent after surgery with Dr. Salama and/or with the is really uneccessary. If you following the after care instruction he gives you, then the recovery process should be fine. And if you do need any additional after care then they make sure you have all of their contact(s) and emergency number(s) you can contact after the procrdure at anytime, which was perfect. I didnt need any addition attention after wards bedsides my massages.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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