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This is my second attempt to write this review I...

This is my second attempt to write this review I wrote a veryyyyyy long intro but it didn't upload :-( so Im going to keep this nice and sweet because I don't feel like writing all that again. I'm going to get a bbl by dr Salama in EXACTLY a month from now. I wasn't going to share my journey but so many women who shared their journey helped me with deciding the doctor through pics and experiences so thank you all ! This isn't my first go round because 4 years ago I got butt implants (I was too small for a bbl no body fat) so it was hard finding a doctor that would do the bbl with me already having implants. Every time would see a doctors work and like it I would get turned away when I let them know I already have implants. My frustration grew high because every dr I liked said no until I came across Dr Salama I seen some reviews on him and was very pleased. When I called and was told he would preform my surgery I went crazy ( the receptionist probably thought I was nuts lol) I rushed this procedure along once I knew he was willing to do it cause summer was approaching FAST (it was May) and I wanted to show off my new body this summer not next lol. The Coordinator said they only had the end of August available I was like that's the end of the summer that's not going to work. I ask is there any way possible I can get in earlier, she put me on hold then came back saying that that someone had a expected date set but didn't put down a deposit so I quickly gave her my deposit and took that date of JULY 26th, It was May 13th. So now with my surgery coming up in a little over 2 months I have a lot to get done in these few weeks

Getting scared after what I just seen!

Ever since I've booked my date I've been literally obsessed with real self reading all Dr Salama's patient experiences and came across a girl who said she was burned by him. Omgggggggggggg I'm scared now and having second thoughts bout going to him. I called the office to speak to someone about the matter a few days ago. They said someone would call me back but I haven't received a call yet I'm about to hit them up again I want to know HOW THAT HAPPEN????

Wish pics

Just a few bodies i pray Dr Salama can recreate lol

Getting ready

Starting to purchase my pre op supplies. I really don't know what to get for a speedy recovery so I just look on other reviews and go buy what they have lol. Some items I have to google and find out what they're used for I'm making sure I'm ready!

Feeling relieved

After my 3rd attempt I finally got that call. I just got off the phone with Cynthia from Elite and she made me feel sooooooooooo much better about the burn situation. She was very patient with me and talked to me answering every question I ask. I didn't feel rushed to get off the phone she talk to me for about 30 minutes. I told her I had a few wish pics and she told me to send them to her directly. IM HAPPY AGAIN !!! JULY 26TH HERE I COMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!


It's July 1st and its officially the month of my surgery!! Yayyyyyy I'm too hype the count down begins! But anyways after talking with Cynthia yesterday and sending my wish pics I got a call back today saying to achieve the shape I want I would have to gain about 10 more pounds. I kinda figured they would say that so last night I ordered a bottle of Apetamin off of eBay which is a syrup that slow down your metabolism and helps you intake more food. Cynthia looked up the ingredients in Apetamin and cleared it ok to use! Now I'm hoping it come earlier than the date giving cause my surgery is at the end of this month. On Apetamin 10 pounds shouldn't be hard to get come onnnnnn 150 !!!

Special delivery

My Apetamin came todayyyyyyy !!! Let the weight gain begin lol. I have mix feelings about gaining weight for the surgery because I've been reading people's questions and seen that many doctors say gaining weight for this procedure is pointless saying something about how many fat cells a person has?!?!.......I don't know everyone has different opinions it's hard to know which is right but They told me to gain to get the shape I want so gain is what I will do !!!! In exactly 3 weeks from today I will have my hourglass shape (lord willing) hurry up July 26 I'm so excited I really can't wait!! I was supposed to make my final payment today but the office didn't call I figured they would so tomorrow I'll give them a ring and pay my balance.

I spoke to soon lol

Not even a hour after I posted that they didn't call for the money I got a call from Nancy lmao soooooooo yeah IM PAID IN FULL :-)

2 more weeks :-)

All my scripts are filled and without a problem. I was reading that a lot of people had a issue filling theirs in there home city but I had no issues with mines. I'm happy that's out the way these days are flying pass the 26th is right around the corner.


I keep seeing that people are buying compression garments pre op. How do you know what size you're going to need? I not with wasting money I'm paying enough on this damn surgery so I think I'm going to wait until post op to purchase extra garments

Night before surgery !

So I'm in the hotel kicking back watching tv. I'm thinking about going to King of Diamond tonight since this will be the only night I have to go out here in Miami. My surgery is at 9:30 am and I can't eat or drink after 12 tonight so Im going to be the only sober person in the building :-( lol it's ok cause body going to be on fleek tomorrow lol (God willing) I'm nervous y'all like very nervous but I had my pre op in the office today and got to talk to a few females who had their surgery within the last couple days and it made me feel much better, I even exchanged numbers with one lady. I'm a small girl but Nomie assured me he will find enough fat shitttttttttttt he better I gained 10 lbs for this lol. I think I might of loss like 3/4 cause they told me to stop the Apetamin a week or 2 before arriving which was the only thing helping pack the weight on.

Surgery dayyyyyyyyyyy :-)

I had a rough morning I was 20 mins late for my surgery :-/ i clearly underestimated my time I swear I'm late for EVERYTHING lol so when I arrived I was rushed right to the bathroom to change. Dr Salama came in to do his briefing (he is super cool) he kept it 100% about what will, could and won't happen. We talked about all the risk and what shape I want (more natural look) no shelf for me. I don't want it too big either cause I'm a small girl. Anesthesiologist came in did his briefing I gave my signatures and I'm ready to go! They said they're finishing up another patient and I'm going in 30 mins. TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW !!!! This will be my last few mins in this body I hope to never see this gut again lol

Post op

The surgery was an success !!!!! Ass big as hell for my body though but I know the swelling will go down. I'm sooooooo sleepy I'll post pics later. Thank you soooo much for the ones who gave me there blessing I greatly appreciated that.... Y'all don't even understand!!!! :-)

Day 1 post op

All I'm going to say is ladies please make sure you buy a really good urinal !!!!!! omgggggg I had this cheap flimsy one that I ordered off line and when I say I was literally was peeing on myself every time I went to the bathroom smh horrible! I googled a medical supplies store in Miami and went to buy a good one. Well here is my pics so far I'm so swollen. Dr Salama was like " do you see this new body I gave you ? You look amazing" I am so happy with my results HE IS THE BOMB !

After my first shower

I hand washes my garment and used the hair dryer to dry it lol. I felt so much better after taking a shower cause like I told you guys before Pee got on my garment every time I went to the bathroom the first night. I'm so nervous bout this damn massage I have to get tomorrow I know it's going to be sooooooo painful :-(


This is theeeeeeeeeeee best female urinal. And it was only $10 from Pill box here in Miami. I forgot to post it before.

Worst urinal ever

The opening isn't wide enough and the material isn't firm enough every time I used it the hole would bend and pee would run down my leg :-(

Day 3 post op my 1st massage

Omggggggggggggggggg when people said the massage was NO JOKE they wasn't playing !!!!!! I took 2 pain pills 45 mins before and it didn't do a thing for me. I put my earphones in trying to find a peaceful zone but that didn't work either. The pain was taking over I couldn't even focus enough to do the breathing techniques I'm not going to lie I CRIED when she was doing my back lol I already have back pain before surgery so I knew I was going to have a hard time on my back. But once it was over my body felt so much better I wasn't so stiff and tight. massages is so important to shape your waist and stop lumps & deformation just be prepared for the pain!

Some before and afters

Excuse the dirty mirror I have teenagers staying in Florida with me they have a mess everywhere lol

Day 4 post op

I finally took a #2 today. I was soooooo nervous I thought it was going to hurt after taking all these pain pills. I took some miralax just to make sure it comes today WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I really didn't want to be backed up that many days. Now I can have a peaceful nights sleep after this good shower I'm bout to take. :-)

Day 6 post op

I went for my 2nd massage lawdddddddd it was horrible smh the pain is unreal guys. I cried AGAIN lmao but on a better note I'm going home tomorrow morning and was able to take both the front and back drains out!!!!! Nomie couldn't believe how little I was draining only on day 6. I couldn't see her take the back drain out but I watched her take the front out and almost fainted lol she had to call for something sugary to drink. I have a weak stomach for things like that I wouldn't of ever been able to do that myself at home :-/ I'm just happy to be going home I miss my daughter :-)

I'm home !!!

I hope my ass didn't get flat sitting on that plane for 2 1/2 hours ughhhhhh!!! I used the boppy and I also added extra cushioning by putting my neck pillow and plane blanket under my thighs to give me more lift but I still feel like I mashed it a little :-/

9 days post op

I just wanted to show my progress so far. Before and after pics !

15 days post op

I had my 4th massage today and forgot to take my pain meds smh. Certain areas on my body are still sore so the massage wasn't comfortable but I always feel refreshed after a massage but honestly I could do that shit myself and not waste $50 a session :-/ My garment was getting loose but I was not buying a new one them things are expensive just to have for a week or 2 before you need a new one. My neighbor is a seamstress and she took my garment in for free :-) It feels super tight again I just want my waist as small as it can go lol

3 1/2 weeks post

Playing around in my jeans seeing what I can still fit so far only one pair and that's only cause they stretch lol. I had to reup on some supplies too. I make sure my drainage spots are covers at all times I'm not trying to get any infections. Still have a lot of volume swelling is bout 80% gone. I measure my waist and butt once a week and keep note to see how much I'm losing. So far my butt has been the measured the same 42 1/2 inches for 3 weeks. My waist started at 28 inches but for the last 2 weeks it's been 27 1/2 inches. My goal waist is 25 inches!

8 weeks post

Healing is going well. I've had about 12 massages so far I go every Wednesday and they are so helpful my waist is getting smaller and smaller. My only issue is one of my butt cheeks is smaller than the other one. It's not super noticeable but it's definitely noticeable enough that if I mention it people and tell exactly which one is smaller. I'm going to call the office tomorrow and see what they say about it I might have to get them to fix that I can't be walking around looking crazy :-(

Body holding up

Im 4 1/2 months post op and holding up pretty good. My waist didn't get as small as I expected but I think it's because of my poor eating habits and the fact that I don't workout. Don't get me wrong my waist is smaller than it was BELIEVE ME but I definitely thought it would have gotten smaller than it is now. And I also know that I will be needing a revision maybe sometime next year during the winter because I'm a "lay on my back kinda girl" and I have flat spots because of that. I did wait the entire healing time to start laying on my back but I don't think my booty was ready for that so I know for sure I'm going back under the knife maybe December of 2017. Here's a update pic :-)

I haven't talk seen or talk to Dr Salama but his staff that answers the phone are very nice.

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