So ready to heal my butt really hurts today

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I currently live in Va and I am scheduled for sx...

I currently live in Va and I am scheduled for sx on 19 Sept. I am really excited but, at the same time it comes with risk. Is there anyone else that Is scheduled for that same time frame? By looking at some reviews I think maybe I should stay in Fl for a month or so just in case something goes wrong.. I hope and pray that it doesn't, better safe than sorry..

Nancy at Dr. Salama office is in the process of...

Nancy at Dr. Salama office is in the process of looking for a sx date for me in July. I am so ready to get this done and over with.

28 days Pre OP

I am having a BBL and inner thigh sx so excited about this transformation. My date is 20 Sept. I will be staying in Florida for a total of 4 weeks. 4 days 3 nights at Marco Polo in Sunny Isles, 8 days 7 nights in Golden Strand Ocean Villa Resort in Sunny Isles and 8 days 7 nights at Design Suites at Castle Beach in Miami...And then I will be going to stay with my cousin in West Palm beach. I just want to make sure that I am close to Dr S office in case something goes wrong but, I have faith and I know that I am going to be just fine even though I am 52 years old I have always been healthy. I received my package in the mail 3 days ago I started taking the vitamin C and Iron pills immediately. My appointment with my Dr has been scheduled for next week. I just took a Physical 2 weeks ago that required the same info that Dr S is needing so therefore there will not be any issues my blood test xrays and cardiograms were all good. I will purchase the other items that are needed when I get to Florida on 18 Sept. I have hired Irene and her daughter Jeanine to take care of me for the 1st four days and for transportation. They seem to be very sweet people I can't wait to meet them.. I will post before pictures soon. TTYL BBL SISTAS




Sorry just wanted to take pics and it it over with... Didn't put on matching panty and Bra lol


I would love to be as close to these bods as possible maybe a little bit more booty..


I received a call today from Nomie at Dr Salama office asking me questions about the hotel that I will be staying in and what type of transportation I am going to be using also she asked me if I was taking my Vitamin C and Iron Pills.. It's feeling more and more real each day.. I don't know if I'm getting a little nervous along with the anxiety or what.. All I know is that I am ready to go and get it over with...I booked my flight yesterday. The only thing left is that I have the appt with my Doc on thursday for my clearance. I will pick up all of my items needed when I get to Florida on 18 Sept. I guess I will have to find a Walmart when I get there.. Any Suggestions BBL Sista's???


I'm discouraged right now.. My heart beat is abnormal nothing serious .I have been to specialist before to make sure that it was ok. My Doc made a appt for me on 3 Sept to make sure that I can be cleared for the surgery.. SISTAS I need you guys to pray for me to be cleared I have already paid for the sx booked my hotels and flight. If I do not get cleared I will lose out on money... NOT GOOD. SMH


Thank you JESUS!!!!!! I got my clearance from the Doctor for sx.. It's on now BIG BOOTY here I come.....Yes Girlsss... Gonna Be SALAMAFIED in 18 days.....I'm still popping those B complex 100, Vitamin C 1000, Iron 260mg, Zinc 30, Bioflavanoid 1000,and my vitamins that I take everyday. Man That's a whole lot of pills...Yeppie I will soon be on my way to a new me... Thanks for everyones support doing my discouraged times... You Gals are the BEST!!!!


If I could get a figure as close as possible to these chicks I will definently be the baddest 52 yo that ever You talking about some serious SWAG that's what's up..


Today I started taking the Bromelain and A
rnica Montana along with the other meds...I am still at the excitement phase.. I just hope that it stays that

Pre-Op Pics with Clothes on

Here are pre op pics with clothes on. Can't wait to compare the before and afters. I'm 52yo 5'6 1/2 175 pounds 36/35/42 largest that I have ever been.SMH... I have gained 12 pounds since I last saw Salama that is ridiculous..I don't know what he is going to say..I was in two car accidents 1 in Dec and the other in Jan. I was hit head on in the first one he came across the grassy median we were all completely stopped because we saw him out of control and I was the outside leading car. My car was totalled I was lucky no broken bones a lot of aches and pain. 2nd one I was yielding to traffic at a complete stop got hit from behind very hard totalled my 2nd car. I was in shock couldnt move the driver took advantage of that and took off.. Sorry for the long story but, that's why I picked up weight because of trying to heal not being able to work out as much...I am a lot better now slight aches and pain so I can start back doing my thing. I will have to have sx on my shoulder because of the accidents tho probably in Nov or Dec.. I am a FAT AZZ right now.. Not good


This is very interesting.. I didn't know that it is good to have a couple of massages prior to sx so that it will drain faster..

This is a light rhythmic relaxing, repetitive massage that decreases swelling and relieves pain due to injuries or post surgery. I have been trained in the “Vodder” method of manual lymphatic drainage massage from Austria. The purpose of this therapy is to move the swelling towards the lymph nodes in the body to drain back in to the body, which in turn is excreted through the urinary system. This light, gentle massage is done in a defined direction to increase lymphatic drainage and to decrease the viscosity of the lymph, and to increase the rate of circulation.

What is lymph?

The lymphatic system of the body is an alternative circulatory system, separate from the blood stream, that carries nutrients to the cells, removes toxins, and transports white blood cells, antibodies, large proteins and hormones. The lymphatic system is mobilized by muscle movement. It’s purpose is help in healing. The lymph fluid is filtered by lymph nodes found all over the body. Your face drains to the neck, your arms to your armpits, and your legs drain to your groin. Areas of swelling are greatly affected by gravity, e.g. swollen ankles and feet. The lymph is the same fluid as the blood, without all the cells.

How can this help me prepare for my surgery?

I recommend that you have one to two sessions of manual lymphatic drainage 1-2 days before surgery, so you can “prime” the lymphatic system to drain faster and more efficiently. This will help decrease swelling post operatively, causing less tightness, less itching, and decreases pain. I specialize in preparing for cosmetic surgeries, but I also work with client’s who are having knee or hip replacement surgeries. I am conveniently located in West Palm Beach, FL .

When should I begin MLD post operatively?

MLD can begin as soon as one day after surgery, however your physician should give his or her approval. Usually, MLD can begin after drains are removed or when stitches are removed. Each physician has their own preferences. MLD can begin sooner if a patient’s condition warrants earlier treatment. Smokers usually should start earlier especially for facial surgeries.

How does MLD help me post operatively?

I usually recommend at least three sessions post operatively. I like to perform twice within a 7 day period, in order to speed up the lymphatic drainage rate, then I see the client one week after the previous treatment. MLD decreases swelling, tightness, pain, and accelerates healing time. MLD also assists in resolving any bruising and helps flatten scars


Hey Sista's!!! Does anyone know how to cut out the bottom of the chair so that you can sit sometimes without the Donk touching??????


I GOT IN FLORIDA ON THE 18TH OF SEPT. Dr. S gave me a PX for Percocet went to three different CVS to fill the PX where I laid my phone down and had no contact. Day one ate chicken noodle soup, and drank water n Gatorade puked up the anesthesia chicken noodle soup, liquids. I had a caregiver for the first three days that didn't tell me to get up and walk so I did it on my own.1st massage on day three by Eileen at doctor S office, it really felt good on my back but when she got to my stomach it was very tender I just took short deep breaths. I have a total of 4 massages so far. I stop taking my pain pills on day 5 cause I felt I didn't need them anymore. As each day goes on I feel a lot better the hard part is getting comfortable sleeping, and dealing with this garments foams and board. I have 5 foams and 1 board. I didn't have any swelling on my legs just back , butt , thighs. I met Heygirlfriend and she is a sweetheart I stayed at her house for two nights, we did recovery together lol..... I will post pics and update more later.


Day 2 thru day 6

20Days PO

I made it back to Va from Florida yesterday. It's good to be home in my bed. I have bags under my eyes never did before surgery don't know if its from sleeping on my stomach lack of sleep. I do feel better as each day passes but, I hope and pray that I will be my old self energetic wise again and soon. During my second week I began to develop a seroma Dr S put me on antibiotics for 10 days and he advised that he didn't see any fluid build up so yesterday was 10 days of taking them where the area was red it is now black and it does not itch anymore.. I also got a small burn on my left waistline area from the lipo. Eileen from the office told me that it was nothing compared to others that she had seen. Thank God for that. These pics are of me and Hey Girlfriend the first week. The one by myself was taken 12 days PO.

21 Days PO

Went to the bathroom twice last night.. Woke up with bags under my eyes and my nose looked swollen. I called Nomie and she did advised that it is fluid and that it is normal and may go on for some time. I contacted my herb store and they suggested that I take parsley pills my son picked them up for me today.. That will get rid of the swelling and fluid. I started taking them today..Getting ready to take a shower hate dealing with putting back on the garment. Can't wait until 5 weeks I will start wearing my corset instead.. ttyl sistas

22 Days PO

Hey BBL Sistas, Woke up again with bags under my eyes. Had no choice except to drive myself to get my 6th massage. I sat on the boppy pillow sitting so high up in my truck feeling unusual lol...And, praying that it would not affect my booty. I had a deep tissue massage because they did not have a lymphatic masseuse.It was so awesome my body feels so good.. I went to the Sprint store and all eyes were on me. I was like so this is what the Sistas was talking about lmbo.. .Now I'm back home getting ready to eat and relax.. ttyl BBL Sistas


He gave me 1400cc in each. I have not measured myself yet will do soon. ttyl

Before and After

Side by side Pic. Big difference..

Disregard Before and After

Having some problems uploading


On 17 Oct Dr Salama's caregiving house will be open. They say that it is really nice. It's 3 bedrooms with a courtyard setting in the backyard. Everything is included food meds caregiving 24hrs a day.. I wish they would have had that when I went thru that is so convienent. This will really be good for the upcoming BBL Sista's.. It is very important to have others there with you to recover together it makes things so much better... Great idea Cynthia and Nancy..


The recovery house is 1,899 for 10 days it includes
Lodging, Transportation from and to the Airport, Dr's office appointments,To and from surgery, Food, Meds,and Caregiving amongst other things.. I am so happy for the upcoming BBL Sista's because you really do need all the tender loving care that you can get it will make healing so much easier...Love you all and Happy Healing..


I just had the best Deep Muscle Therapy and Aroma Therapy massage I feel like a new person.It had me drooling when I was on my stomach.. The masseuse said that I seem to be healing really fast being that I had my sx 26 days ago.. I hope and pray that is the case.. These are some Photos that my 33 yo son took. Of course I had to have decent clothes on. My sons think that I only had lipo I didn't tell them the whole deal.. Go figure...I sent my middle son one of these pics and he said slim waist shawty. I laughed. He will see me next month when I go to his house in NC.. I guess they just don't look at mama's butt lol... I will take more pics really showing off as soon as I can get someone to take them of me Sista's. Of course I have the foams and board on..


Just received a phone call advising that the recovery house has opened..They will have two BBL Sista's today that will be the first to occupy.. WOW they are so lucky to have that convenience...I will post pictures of it as soon as I get them..

29 Days PO

Hey BBL Sista's!!!Feeling better and better each day. The board gets on my nerve at night trying to get comfortable. And the texture of my butt is different as if it's shedding or something lol...Just thought that I would try on some stuff just to see how it looked..


I had my 8th massage Deep Muscle Therapy massage last night.. Man, Again it felt so good started drooling again at the end. I had never drooled before prior to these massages. What is going on with me. Last night I had the worst I don't go to sleep until like 2 or so but last night I tried to go earlier which was around 12 I twist and turned because of lower back pain and not being comfortable. I got up at 3 turned the tv on watched it until 5 or so when I did go to sleep it was very disturbing weird like I was dreaming that I was snoring and the snores would wake me up and I was having weird dreams.. I was not a snorer I don't know if that's how you spell it lol but anyway I was not a snorer until after this surgery...I will be so glad when I'm able to feel normal again and it's crazy because my mind is saying will that ever be? I am feeling some type of way right now....I just want to be the normal me again with the body that I have now... When I take more pics I will post... Later BBL Sista's


I wore my squeem today it was comfortable until it started creasing up in the back.'UGH" It is a waist only squeem. Any suggestions Sista's I need a comfortable squeem.


I think that I have already lost more than 30% of my bootay if I lose anymore I will be where I started from.. I Was feeling depressed about it but than I thought about it saying to myself my body looks better than before and if I lose more of my bootay at least I will still have a flat stomach and smaller waist in which I will be waist training and I also said that for a 52 yo I look DAMN good lol... I took a few pics to show you guys how I am shrinking.. ttyl Sistas


I am on my menstrual cycle and blood is also coming out when I urinate.. I am going to have to contact the Dr on monday.. Has anyone else had this problem??


I called Dr Salama today and he advised that the blood wouldn't be coming from the surgery because it would have happened earlier because of the trauma from the lipo. He advised me to go to my Dr here.. I am going to the Dr today I have never experienced anything like this before.. I have always been healthy..


I went to the Doc today about blood in urine she treated me for urinary tract and is referring me to a specialist.. Don't really know yet.. Here are some pics I took while at the office..

Side by side Pre and Post

Wow!!! look at the difference



Still Blood in urine

I took the antibiotics that were given to me and I went to my favorite store today The Herb basket she tested my urine and said that it's full of blood she asked me if I have back pain and I told her yes left back side she said that my kidney has been through some things with the surgery and that I had to make it feel better so i purchased the herbal products and can't wait for it to work because all herbal product work... My inner thighs really hurt especially the left one. he must have been very aggressive on that one man its painful.. My herbal consult advised me to use the arnica that I had purchased prior to surgery I hadn't even used that on my thighs but will start today other than that I'm feeling SEXY so many compliments. It makes me feel so good hehehehe...

PIC Before and After

Before and after side by side

Before and after side by side

Side by side

7 weeks PO PICS

Here are a couple of pics

7 weeks PO/ 2 of my sons know the truth now

I am 7 weeks po and two of my sons know the truth now when I left to have the procedure done the 3 of them were under the impression that I was going on vacation I didn't tell them because they would have tried to talk me out of it. Their ages are 33,26,21 so the day after surgery I called each of them and told them that I wasn't truthful with them and that I had lipo. My oldest was like "you did" and I said yes and he said" you are ok right " I stated yes and that was it he was half asleep when I called him. My 26yo said "why did you do that" I stated that I just could not get my stomach as flat as I wanted it to be and he said" you didn't need that ma but how are you feeling" and I told him. The baby boy said" you did " I said yes and that I was ok and when I got home he said that I don't know what lipo is and I explained. My oldest said isn't that what Kanye West mom had and I explained that she had some health issues and should not have done it.. I had said to myself that my 26 yo was going to be the first to really notice my butt and I would not see him until 9 nov which was yesterday. At 6 weeks my baby boy said "ma why is your butt sticking out I said my butt is sticking out? He said "yes" I said maybe because my waist is smaller and stomach flat he just shook his head. on 8 Nov I told my oldest the truth and he said I wondered why you were sleeping on your stomach. On the 9th when I went to see my middle son to take him furniture for his house that he just had built, as I was standing side ways to him he said" Ma did you get something done to your butt too" I said my butt? Why do you say that he said "it look big" I was like for real? We both smiled and I said ok yes baby when they lipo'd I said they might as well put that fat to use and they added to my butt and he reinterated and he was like "dang ma why you doing these things to yourself? And I told him. He said ' people that know you are gonna see a change but people that don't are just gonna be like dang and now he has to deal with his boys" So when I was there I tried to cover it up he was like"Ma you can still see there is no covering up" and then he asked me if I was going to bike week next year and I said "yes Sir" he just shook his head... So my oldest and middle sons know I hadn't quite broken it down to the baby boy yet... That will be the next chapter of this story. lol


Hey Sista's I went to the herb store yesterday and she tested my urine and it was clear yeyyy.. She wants me to come back again in 2 weeks to check it again.. And what they said was of course the Doctors are going to tell you that it didn't derive from the surgery but of course we know it had something to do with it because it had never happened to me before... I feel like my butt got smaller today looks flat.. I don't know what's going on with this. One day it looks straight the next pancake aZZ... Here are some pics.. Gotta over look the butt cracks had this bikini here for awhile only wore it in my pool at the house not in public of course the butt crack didn't show then. lol.. Just thought that I would put it on just to take pics and as you see it is to small lol...


This is how my day went.. I went to get a massage and then to get pampered at the nail shop I had told my nail technician and his wife and her sister what I was going to get done prior to the sx. They are vietnamese and the sisters have had different types of plastic surgery any who, When I first got there I went in the room to have my eyebrows waxed I was sitting down and she asked me did I have the sx yet and I said yes and stood up she was amazed and of course asked questions. Afterwards I went to the chair to have nails done and she said im going to tell mama I was like ok, the mama don't speak much english but she came over and said to me good look good and I need one and she pointed to her stomach I laughed ok this is the kicker there is a very nice looking Vietnamese nail tech in there that apparently heard their conversation and he speaks perfect english the girls that come in there are crazy about him any who to young for me.. He has never said anything to me before today. he came over to me and said I heard you got a new rack and I said real low and soft to him dang people putting my business out and he said I wanna c I want one and I told my technician that I didn't like the idea that he had said that to me all loud so, the girl that was sitting beside me getting her nails done said you had some work done or something I looked at her and said I had lipo to the stomach and she said that she needed that done and we left it like that then, here he come again talking about this my girlfriend and he walked off I just looked at him.. He came back pass me again and I stopped him and whispered to him that I don't like my business being put out there he said ok I understand and walked away and said out loud I want one and I'm saying to myself he want a ass?? So when the sister that I talked to when I first got there she came pass me and I told her what had happened and she said oh no he not suppose to do that and that his last day there is going to be monday anyway and I said he must have been doing some wrong things she said I will tell you later.. So after I got my nails and feet done as I was walking out everyone was telling me by and he freaking started saying whoo whoo and whistling it was so embarrassing. I just went out the door.. I even had a long sweater covering my butt. Sitting on the butt takes some getting use to.. Was still afraid that I was going to kill some fat but, I said I have got to get use to it. I will still drive with the boopy for a while so use to it now..


I have been meaning to tell you all this for a while now.. My pubic area is meaty wasn't like that prior to the surgery.Today after massage I noticed that the lower part of my abdomen below my navel is a lump all the way across I have been massaging it to see if it will make a difference and my left lower back is bothering me again and I'm spotting . What the hell??? Trying to post pics


My 21yo asked me when I got home did you get your butt done to ma and I said you asked me that before and he said did you. I looked at him and said why do you ask me that he said because it look big and I said ok your brothers know so I said yes I did and I broke it down to him and he said as long as you are happy that's all that matters..Aww


Did anyone have butt aches around 8 weeks??? Could it be because I'm sitting now???

lower abdomen lump/ Fat Kat (Meaty)

Here are the pics finally


I have been celibate for 2 years. I finally met someone that I am attracted to and maybe being intimate with.. He really goes in on my body just crazy about it.. Don't know the real deal.. What do I tell him? How do I tell him?? if I take off my clothes he probably can tell that I had lipo??? I think I can get away with not telling him about the transferring of fat but not the lipo... What should I do???

Recent Pics

These are a few pics that I took week 10 and 11.. I went to the Bahamas and got so much attention from the men and women a lot of compliments. I felt really confident...I was offered to stay in the Bahama's by a couple of guys they were like I live on the beach. I'm doing good just be glad when I heal completely no more pulling and tearing feeling of the skin when there is no compression. I wear my garment faithfully every night and my corset with board every day. Every now and then depending on what I am wearing I will put on my spanx.. I still get massages at least twice a month and massage my self everyday or so...ok gonna upload pics now


Hey Ladies, I am doing good still urinating blood when I have my monthly cycle only started happening after the surgery. My Doc said that it look like small tiny kidney stones and that they will be monitoring me.. I noticed that I get cramps in my legs and feet more often now since the sx. I have lost 10 pounds since surgery my friend told me that I have lost a lot of weight losing my butt he doesn't know that I had the surgery I told him that I will gain in due time I'm getting older and that's going to come .Right now, I am enjoying my size my sexy figure he just likes a bigger butt like most men.. I will be so glad when I am able to put the garment aside I still have the pulling of the skin feeling when I'm not wearing my garment or corset..Just wanna be able to dress normal again without having to wear anything under my clothes when I want to.. These are some pics that were taken at 10 and 11 weeks..

Pics that didn't update


UPDATE Back2Me45

Hey Sista's Back2Me45 wanted me to let you all know that she is doing ok dealing with swelling and the mental part of it all .She will be posting something before the end of the week.. She is on the other side now. We have gained another sister.... CONGRATS!!!!


I have been very busy with Retirement and moving it's been crazy.. I missed you guys.. Here are some recent pics from 14 weeks -15 weeks PO


I have been out of the net for awhile sista's I have to catch up. What has been going on????? Here are some recent pics. I have lost volume. Last week I went a whole week without wearing my garment at night I wore my corset during the day. It's not sexy when you are in a new relationship and having to wear a garment. My skin tightened up like crazy. But now, I am back into my norm.. I am doing good. It seem as if I am not as strong physically as I was before the surgery I hope that changes being that I am still in the healing process. When I sit it still hurts sometimes.. My friend loves my butt he is always slapping and biting I say to myself that I hope it does not affect my volume.. He doesn't do it that often but, when he does I tell him that it hurts and not to do it. I just hope that it doesn't go down anymore. I will be 4 months PO on 20 January


ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!!! I have gone through 2 boards from the Dr's office.. The first one lasted for a month in a half the other one lasted for a month. I made my own and it started bending within 2 weeks..I really need compression on my stomach.. Has anyone had any good boards??? And if so please share.. THANKS


Hey Sista's here are some 16 week pics.. For some reason my butt is extra sore today.


I am 1 week from being 4 months I feel good except that I still have the tightening of the skin when there is no compression and my booty aches off and on. I wear my corset daily and my garmet at night with lipo foams. I have gone 8 days without wearing my garmet because of spending time with my friend over night and I have also gone 2 nights without wearing it my stomach swells everytime. I have a urologist appointment on the 15th to find out why I am still urinating blood when on my menstrual cycle this time I will get a definite answer. Overall I feel good about myself and I thank you all and love you all for your support..I really enjoy having you guys as my Sista's... Here are some pics from today

Hey Sista's I wa 4 months on the 20 of January

It feels good to be 4 months I am still wearing my garmet at night and corset during the day the pulling sensations hasn't completely gone away but, it is getting better as time goes along. Looking down at my stomach the right side is still larger than the left but not as bad the board that I purchased from the pink room is the truth thanks to one of my sista's on here that told me about it. It's big but it works and does not break easily.. I went to the urologist last week about the blood in urine during menstrual he told me that when I come on my menstrual again to contact the office and that I would have to come in so that they could put me under anesthesia to go in and check my kidneys so now I am waiting for that time. Here are some 4 month pics. The blue and white dresses cannot be worn by me according to the man that I am seeing he doesn't like them because he says that it shows to much maybe at my age he is right but I feel so good about my body that of course I don't feel that way lol... Until next time sista's

Had a follow up with Salama today

Saw Salama today he said that I look good. I asked him if I needed more booty he laughed and said no just said my butt is asymmetric and that he wud have to take fat from my arms to even out and just massage hard spots on butt, he looks good he lost weight I asked him were we girls stressn him out he said no he had to loose cas to chubby. I had a blast with bigbootytinywaist sexyafy30 and heygirlfriend they came to heygirlfriend condo on oceanfront on say then bigbootytinywaist and her hubby picked me up Sunday we went to the mall it is amazing about the attention that she gets. I will post pics

More Pics/6 mo POST on 20 march


Prayers going up for bigbootytinywaist and her husband

Prayers going up for your surgery today and Bigbootytinywaist tomorrow. You both will be fine. Really enjoyed the time I spent with you guys the spaghetti was delicious last night thank you . The two of you and sexyafta30 and her man are awesome people looking forward to next time

6 Month PO 20 March/New Pics

Hey sistas I was 6 mos PO on 20 March butt not as big as I want it to be but it is what it is. I still have tightening and pulling of the stomach and back so tired of it. I only wear my garment twice a week and my corset about 4 days a week just getting to the point that I am tired of wearing any of it. Overall I still like my results much better than what I started out with lol.

Round two in June

Hello BBL sista's. I am going back to have more fat transferred I have lost some of my butt I wasn't trying to it just went away.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salama is a awesome person as well as a Doctor.. I met his brother and Father they are very nice as well.. My follow up appointments with him went smoothly he was so attentive to my needs and concerns.. I am so happy that I chose him as my surgeon.. Everyone in the office was very nice to me and they answered my questions with no hesitation..Cynthia, Nancy, Nomie and Eileen were so awesome and very beautiful....Thanks Elite for taking care of me...

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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