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I am currently 130 lbs and 5'6. I just booked my...

I am currently 130 lbs and 5'6. I just booked my bbl with Dr.Salama and was told to gain about 10 lbs. My goal is to gain maybe 15 - 20 lbs because I really dont have that much fat on me, I want a very round and big butt and you loose 30% of it. I am writting this review because I really haven't seen any about girls having to gain weight for the procedure and hope to help some of you out! I am always at the gym and never eat any junk food but I have always been the same weight no matter what I've eaten.

Updade on my weight gain

I am the healthiest eater ever I never eat carbs, processed foods, or sugar unless it is from a natural source like fruit. So gaining weight is a little bit of a challenge, I have always been the same weight (130 lbs) for years now which got me concerned because I have a fast metabolism and dont really gain weight. I have been trying to eat excessively to gain more weight but by eating some what healthy foods and of course eating what ever I want as well. Instead of having 3/4 cups of oatmeal Ill try to eat 1/2 cup to 1 cup, I eat way more carbs now like potatoes and bread, and I have been eating foods with high fats such as nuts, sardines, steak. Here are the pictures I sent Salama before I gained any weight, he told me I should gain 10 lbs. I havent been on a scale since but my brother keeps calling me fat YAY

Where I am staying in Aventura, FL

I decided to rent out a condo from because I will be staying in Aventura for 20 days. The longer you stay the better so that you can get most of your massages done and you can hold off sitting on your bum for the plane ride the longest. I came across a very nice condo at the aventura yacht club. It is fully furnished with a bedroom, living room, two tvs (one in the bedroom and living room), full kitchen, bathroom, hot tub, pool, tennis court ect.. even tho I wont be able to enjoy it because I will be dying in the bedroom my mom will be able to because she is coming with me to take care of me. For 20 days the total came out to 2133 which is not so bad for my budget. I really dont want to cheap out on where I'm staying because it is where I'll be spending all of my time.


Did you guys sit on the seat with a boppy pillow or did you reserve rows and went on your tummy? my flight is about 3h 30 mins so it wont be that bad but before i book my plane tickets I would really like to know! Thanks xoxo

Surgery is right around the corner

Just wanted to update all of you! My surgery is in 10 days!!!! im more excited than nervous. But I know that i'll start freaking out as soon as I get in to the OR. I've booked my flight, payed for the surgery, and got all my supplies. I gained 13 lbs and have managed to maintain this weight for about a month now which is very good. If you cant maintain the fat that you were suppose to gain then your butt will obviously shrink when you get the surgery done. Here are a few pictures of me before I gained my weight at 130 lbs when I was very active at the gym.

Pics after gaining 13lbs


My surgery is on on friday and im so nervous I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack the day of surgery. :((((


i forgot my compression socks at home and my surgery is tomorrow. Do they provide you a pair? because it would be really nice to have some during surgery lol

Today is the day

Leaving for surgery in about 40 mins!!!! Thank you all for the kind comments. I'm so happy the condo I'm staying at is only 12 mins away from the surgery facilty. Wish me luck I'll talk to you girls soon.

I made it

I made it!!! My surgery wasn't very long because I have a smaller frame thank god. The only thing that hurts is my lipo tummy. The anesthesiologist is amazing. I don't feel nausea at all

2 days post op

Sorry I haven't been updating I've been sleeping all day

Update 2 days post op

Okay so im feeling a lot better so ive decided to update you guys. I was super nervous the past 4 days before surgery. The day of surgery I go to the waiting room and wait for about an hour and a half. I meet with the anestheseologist then change into my paper panties, paper gown, hair net, compression socks, socks over them and urine sample. I met with salaam again so that he could mark me up we ended up talking for so long about random stuff that the anestheseologist had to tell us it was time for sugary. i was so happy cuz that really helped me not get nervous. He right away put my iv in then I fell asleep and woke up. I think my surgery only lasted about 2 hours since I have a smaller frame. He managed to remove 3.8 l of fat and inject 1350 cc of fat in each cheek. I was so high that I couldnt remember much after surgery I was just very thirsty and hot. I was doing really well the first day I ate and drank alot but I threw up 3 times. I didnt feel any pain cuz I took 1 perc every 2 hours. I slept the whole two days pretty much and woke every few hours to walk and pee. Tomorrows my first massage ill update you again later IIM TOO HOTright now

Finally starting to feel normal

Im starting to feel a lot better wow the percocet really makes you feel like crap. I literally slept for 5 days straight after surgery, I felt so weak it was really hard to eat food because the pills make your mouth so dry. So i finally decided to stop taking them after five days and felt better the day after. Im still swollen but Im shrinking so much its crazy how small my waist has become already when I was skinny and had barely any fat it was still a lot bigger than what it is now. My bum is finally not red any more, I have a lot of bruising and swelling in my inner thighs because I got that lipoed.

My first massage was tolerable until she started massaging my stomach. The best way I can describe this pain is pushing really hard on a bruise. After you get this surgery it really isnt painful atleast not for me your whole body just feels bruised what made me suffer a lot was feeling nauseous weak and dizzy at all times. Other than that everything was fine. My back drain got removed and Im still left with my front drain hopefully it comes out on wednesday.


Waist to ass to leg ratio is crazyyy

With foams on

This might be tmi but it'll save your life if your getting this done

A few days after surgery when you start walking a lot the whole In your compression garment to pee is hell. I was shopping for about two hours and it was so uncomfortable it was scratching all of my skin it burns and caused a small infection down there. So just make sure you covert it with underwear underneath your garment or whatever you can think of


My back drain was removed exactly a week after surgery and my front drain was removed today WOOOOO finally can stop wearing baggy clothes it feels amazing not having them in they are so annoying and disgusting you can literally see some fat in there. And dont worry it doesnt hurt at all. I made sure to stay 20 days so that I wouldnt have to travel home with drains thank god I made that decision because removing it yourself just isnt safe and you would have to pay a doctor an initial cost to get them removed.

Dent on right butt cheek??

Has anyone else experience asymmetry on their butt cheeks??? It's very visible and I'm so worried he didn't inject enough fat on one side or is this just swelling and dropping because I still have a lot of fat on top that needs to drop. If anyone experienced this or heard any stories please share!

I now weigh 144

Few more pics!

Feeling so good. So happy to be back home it kind of sucks tho I can't go anywhere because I can't sit!! My weight has been so weird I go from 145 to 140 to 143 then back to 141 lol. I did notice that my butt has gotten a lotttt smaller because it's very easy to put on pants again but it's still huge! I love the size it's at now and I especially love my abdomen and back area!!

1 month and 1 day post op

Finally a month post op two more weeks and I can finally sit! It gets easier day by day I now have absolutely no pain (been like that for a while) I'm still numb on my upper body but I can feel it getting better. Here are some more pictures if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

I hate wearing a garment all the time

It's very annoying to wear a garment all the time because you're restricted on what you can wear and its a bit of a process to put on and take off. But it is what it is. I've started wearing a waist cincher given to me from salamis office it's a 2xs small on top of my garment with foams and boards lol. I couldn't believe it fit me it says on the size chart that it's for someone that is 100 lbs lol. I'll be wearing a waist cincher everyday as much as I can even longer than the doctor recommended I just love the look and it's isnt uncomfortable for me at all. I kind of like the feeling of tightness.

I have absolutely no complaints with Dr Salama and his staff. I am very happy with my results, every one is so kind and they all take the time to answer all of your questions. If you are considering this surgery I highly recommend using Dr Salama as your surgeon.

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