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So as most of you, I have been a creeper on here...

So as most of you, I have been a creeper on here and am finally ready tp get my BBL :) my only concern is how most women's stomachs are looking a little uneven or blotchy. I'm not sure if this is from the garments leaving a little indent or if this permanent but I'm hoping you girls who have fully recovered can help me with these issues before I go in lol. I love how everything else generally turns out and I know we are all different and have different healing process but I'm looking for some sort of answer and then I can go from there. Thanks to all who have inspired the rest of us women to go and make our bodies closer to what we want!
Sarah xox

Hey Ladies, first off thanks to all the women...

Hey Ladies,
first off thanks to all the women who replied or dm'ed me. Much appreciated and I feel much better about the recovery period and what to expect. I'm super excited now and only have to nail down my date and accommodations. Bringing my hubby but was concerned he would be traumatized and never look at me the same after lol. Any ladies have the same concern or do most of you go it alone or with a family member/friend?
Also, I was wondering if any ladies had a bbl BEFORE ever having babies? I have no kids but do plan on having some within the next 5 years.... I dont want to wait until then to enjoy my body to the fullest so I'm hoping thats not a problem down the road.
I like my body overall and have always had a nice figure and a good booty but my weight is always changing (within 5-10lbs) and because I'm only 5"2, it changes everything! I like to keep the same shape even if I drop 5lbs... which is why I am doing this. Not a fan of my stomach when I'm up in weight but I love my ass and legs ;) lol but when I'm down 10lbs, my stomach is flat but my is a couple sizes smaller and my poor legs look like sticks... worst thing ever for me lol
ok I'm rambling now lol
thats all for now
I will try to add some before pics soon

Just a quick update, first off I'm trying to gain...

Just a quick update, first off I'm trying to gain back some weight before my sx date (which I want to do earlier now) I'm at 123 and my hubby is helping me gain it properly :) he's so great. We both went through some wish pics. My main wish is a flat stomach and he can pick the booty he wants. Lol. He has great taste and knows what would work on my body so I'm not worried. Neither of us wants me to look like a cartoon. Anyway my main focus is gaining and hopefully getting an earlier date :)
I figure ill post my before pics once I'm at 130lbs. 130 is the heaviest I've ever been but we will see what I gain this time :)
Thanks for all the helpful tips and feedback so far.
Can't wait for my sx

Just got off the phone with Nancy. She's freaking...

Just got off the phone with Nancy. She's freaking amazing. Lol I know so many women have had wonderful things to say about her but my first hand experience confirms that. She's great. The SALAMA team is lucky to have her and vice versa. That's all for now. :)

It's probably too early to be concerned, but I...

It's probably too early to be concerned, but I feel like it's hard to gain the weight as quickly as I usually do. I just got over a wicked cold which made me loose 8lbs!!! UGH. I've been eating one fatty meal a day and think maybe I need to up that. My date is for Oct 14th but I am looking for a March or April date.... I don't want to gain too quickly and end up with more stretch marks so thats why I am starting now. My hubby is helping which is great!
Not much to add, just waiting for my package via email. Spoke to Nancy and as always she is super helpful and accommodating.
I've been looking for maxi dresses to wear home that aren't too tight, don't want a big show on the plane lol ;)
Feel like there is a lot of planning to be done and I'm not even near my sx date.
Thanks to all who posted their journey... very helpful.

Forgot to add my current pre op...

Forgot to add my current pre op measurements:
Bust 32DD
Natural Waist 26
Lower Waist 30
Hips 39
Current Weight 123lbs

On paper I love my measurements but somehow in person it doesn't translate the way I want it to. Obv we are all our worst enemies lol

I think I'm going to have rhinoplasty this month...

I think I'm going to have rhinoplasty this month or next latest.
I never liked my nose and it seems that I'm not alone. Lol. Anyway my plan was always to have my three major annoyances "eliminated" had my BA last year and I love it. I no longer think about them at all. No more worries or frautartions when my weight naturally fluctuates and as a result one year I'm a full B next I'm a D. And I'd like my BBL to solve the same issue. I just want my body to stay CONSISTANT!! Lol now that I have a few months before I am at the weight I need for my bbl, I figure why not have my rhino done now :)
Just wondering if two months is enough recovery time before I hopefully get a cancellation date sometime in April/May?
Any other ladies do the common 3? Lol

I was looking through some of my wish pics and...

I was looking through some of my wish pics and wanted to further refine my desired silhouette (a little OCD when it comes to this kinda stuff lol). First I started to weed out the waists I tend to like more, then it was hip time (i am very sure of the shape I want here), but then came the BUTTS... Not sure if I want a "shelf" or more of a "swoop" down the back like the last wish pic on my profile. Although the girl seems a bit on the skinny side for my liking, my hubby and I both really liked the back "swoop" on her. So now I am thinking I might not want a "shelf" after all... any ladies have trouble deciding? Pre-op and Post-op ladies I'd like to hear from you all :)
Thanks xoxo!!

I was just going through all my pants trying to...

I was just going through all my pants trying to toss some in anticipation for my new measurements and I already have a tough time shopping for pants that fit my hips without being super loose around my waist. SO if it's hard for me, how the hell are you post op ladies finding pants that fit??? Am I doomed to have to alter all my future bottoms???? :( I guess there is always a price to pay. lol But I'll deal!!! hahahahha
If any of you wonderful ladies have any particular place that carries clothing that cater to curvy bodies please let me know!! I'm sure all the RS users will need that info at some point in their journey!
Thanks dolls

I'm starting to confuse myself by constantly...

I'm starting to confuse myself by constantly checking on here. Seems like the place to go for hips and curves is Yily... Ugh I don't know what to do. Totally unsure about travelling outside of Canada/USA to get my sx done and I know my hubby would probably not be so understanding if I wanted to go there instead. And Yily ladies have any complaints about their post op results? Any stomach unevenness or anything?
Thanks for the help in advance!

Hey Dolls!! Hope everyone is enjoying their...

Hey Dolls!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am steady gaining weight and my hubby is already loving that my ass is coming back and I've only gained about 5lbs :) looking to gain at least another 5-10 if I can. Already so sick of junk food and am looking for other ways to pack it on. Gonna try some high cal protein powder that was suggested to me by another RS member. Gotta love you girls :) all the help and tips help us all greatly and this site should definitely get an app so I can continue to obesess and stalk it until I am on the other side ;) lol
Cheers Dolls

Hey dolls Just wanted to update you lovely gals...

Hey dolls
Just wanted to update you lovely gals on my process so far. Like I said in my last post I'm gaining as much as I can before my sx date (and my hubby loves it! Lol) my ass is growing as it always does when I put on the pounds but my stomach is starting to make me uncomfortable (as it always does). I stopped working out and that has helped my weight gain of fat lol. Still looking into having my nose done before my bbl and am waiting on my consultation next week :)
That's all for now

Any girls know what app to cover tatts on pics? ...

Any girls know what app to cover tatts on pics? I'd like to add more pre op pics of my problem areas aka front.

I've lost 2lbs already!! The last couple days I...

I've lost 2lbs already!! The last couple days I haven't been binge eating to pack on the pounds and now I've lost weight. Funny this never used to be an issue but I guess now that I'm focusing on it maybe I've added too much pressure to myself. Lol idk. Still not working out and going to get myself a damn Big Mac today lol. That should add a pound :)

I just wanted to add a couple things that I didn't...

I just wanted to add a couple things that I didn't get a chance to say in my last post. First off, aside from gaining the weight, I have been completely consumed with doing this and my rhino. My poor hubby is for sure sick of hearing about it so I have tried to only talk to him about it every couple hundred thoughts or so. I am definitely holding back how much it crosses my mind. Honestly I can't wait to be done with them both so I can spend that mental energy on my next goals. The relief I felt after my BA was done is mostly the reason I feel in such a rush to get them done. It's an amazing feeling to not have to worry about things that have bugged me most of my life. I can't wait. Lol. Also, I have notice that now that I have my deposit down and I am more comfortable walking around naked longer than I used to in front of my hubby. I guess now that I know I'm not stuck with my problem areas, I don't mind him seeing my faults. Same thing happened before my BA. I just let them hang out lol. There is a sense of relief that comes with these things. Am I not willing to stay in a body, nose, etc that bothers me, just to be "happy with what I have". I want to be a better me. It's funny how many women say things like "yea but she's had work done" as they themselves hate their bodies, face, breast, teeth etc. Why hate on a woman that wanted to be in love with her previous flaws? It's interesting to watch really. Especially when they don't even realize that I have had work done. Lol.
Anyway, that's my rant for today.
Thanks again to all you wonderful ladies who are going out there and getting what you want! Xox

Goodmorning lovelies :) I just wanted to...

Goodmorning lovelies :)
I just wanted to generally thank all of you who are positive and supportive of each other. It's a rare sight these days. Keep up the love

Hey dolls Been MIA for a while as I am trying to...

Hey dolls
Been MIA for a while as I am trying to get my shit together. Lol. As I said before, I'm looking to have my rhino done before my bbl. my only issue is that my sx is in may which is when I wanted to do my bbl. my bbl is currently set for oct but I really would like to get that done before summer. Ideally. But I guess sometimes you just have to let things happen when they should. For now I am focusing on saving my $$$. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
Ps I'm loving all the love and support on here!! Xox

Ugly Girl

Hey ladies!!!
I've been totally MIA and have been getting ready for my last op. I've done my rhino and am loving my new profile. It's funny the way you change inside after all these kinds of "updates". I have always felt like I was a pretty person, but with a couple personal obsessions that never went away and was always a sort of "nagging" in the back of my head. And I'm so glad I have gotten rid of those noises cause now I feel like I have so much more focus and confidence in myself. I don't need to spend hours trying to tell myself to stop thinking about my nose. Or stomach or teeth. Lol. I have much more mental space and energy for more important stuff like my whole life lol. I feel ten times more calm and collected at work and in my business. I don't regret any of it.
During all the new free time I've made I'm my own head I have read a lot of books and I just finished a book called ugly girl factor and why being pretty isn't enough. The title caught my eye obviously cause I'm feeling pretty good about myself hahahah
Anyway I loved it. And I thought to share it with you ladies who are in the changing and becoming more beautiful on the outside. This was a fun easy read but some of it hit home with me.
Anyway hope all you lovelies are doing great and growing outside and in!
Happily Made-Over
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