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Hi Ladies I am scheduled for July 27th and am...

Hi Ladies I am scheduled for July 27th and am looking to switch with someone with an earlier date. If you are interested message me privately.

I am 25 years old a mom of two beautiful boys. I...

I am 25 years old a mom of two beautiful boys. I have focused so much of my time and energy into my husband and children that now its time for me. I am scheduled with dr, salama for June 1st. I'm so excited scared and nervous all at once. I honestly can't believe i'm going through with this.

This started as a joke between my husband and I during a conversations at dinner several months ago. To prove a point I it looked up and i learned I could use my fat and transfer it to my butt. Shoot Bingo!!!!! I told my husband about it and i think he is just as excited as I am. I used to be heavy two years ago lost sixty pounds and I feel like i have earned it and deserve to have this procedure for myself. I wish i was 15 pounds lighter but hey thats ok. I want to be thick and have a great juicy butt. I have some junk but not enough. I am hoping Dr. Salama will give me at least 1100cc.

I was so nervous, but for some reason im not anymore. Im just ready to get it going and start healing. I'm worried about the healing but it will be all worth it. You ladies have been absolutely amazing. I have been on this site everyday reading everyones reviews and trying to learn as much as i could about the process. Its so incredibly helpful to me. I wasn't going to do this but everyone else has helped me so much i decided maybe i could help someone else. Now i have to get up the guts to put my pics up. Oh boy. Thank you ladies and happy healing.

One week to till i leave for a new me!! So excited...

One week to till i leave for a new me!! So excited Im still not nervous.

I am usually a pretty patient person but goodness...

i am usually a pretty patient person but goodness im getting super impatient. I think i am losing it lol. I want next week to be here already. I have lost 5 lbs this week by changing my workouts lots and lots of cardio and being very careful of what i'm eating. No sugars and carbs no fruits either. I'm eating lots veggies and chicken. Surprisingly im not hungry or feel deprived. the first two days i wanted carbs but it gets easier. hopefully i can lose 5 more and i will be crazy happy. ladies who had their procedures this week happy healing and hope you got everything u wanted. For the other ladies you girls look a beast!!! You ladies look incredible. i cant wait for my turn.

also i added inner thigh lipo might as well let him take it while hes at it. I was also wondering ladies who have had a breast augmentation at the same time can u message me about that experience. I'm considering it but dont know if its a good idea.

Is it just me or what im still in that numb mode...

Is it just me or what im still in that numb mode maybe it just isn't real yet i don't know. I haven't even thought about what im gonna pack yet. I have the must haves socks undies my medicines a couple maxi dresses couple leggings (that i kept from my pregnancy that way its not tight on me anywhere and stretches easily over a swollen body) and nothing else. Maybe once it feels real i'll get it together lol. Does anyone have any suggestions for what i'll need before i fly. Thank you ladies.

Well ladies tomorrow i leave for aventura and i...

Well ladies tomorrow i leave for aventura and i can't believe its almost time. It felt like the longest week ever, but its finally here. Surgery i friday so until then ladies good luck to all of you on this journey and i'll update with pics when i get back. Im taking my computer with me so if i get brave maybe i'll post some before and afters while i'm down there. Also does anyone know how to cover my tattoos before i post them? If so i would greatly appreciate it. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!

On my way to aventura no turning back now. Also...

On my way to aventura no turning back now. Also why do i feel so sick leaving my kids? i feel incredibly guilty. but i know and i have to remember i am doing this for me and i deserve to be happy. I deserve it it i know that. sorry ladies i guess im trying to talk myself through not feeling guilty. wish me luck

Ladies i made it through. surgery started at 3 and...

Ladies i made it through. surgery started at 3 and by 9 i was done and back in the car with Larry. oh speaking of Larry i love him. he is a complete sweetheart. he has been so wonderful to my girlfriend and i. he is a doll. love love Larry. everyone at the office was so nice and seemed genuinely kind and excited for me. the doctor is everything i was hoping he would be. he gentle kind informative and listened to what i was requesting. He was so kind most doctors don't have people skills and he's was great. love ruben was a sweetheart. he is so funny and kind. he truly was very helpful. so far a great experience.

now to surgery. don't remember a thing but waking up swear i didn't see the train that ran me over lol. i felt like someone just ran me over and over again. once i got back to hotel ate and drank started feeling better. when i took the perc i felt wonderful. ipush feel pretty good considering. i feel sore but no real pain. i am to get in and out of bed pretty good. im glad i workout because my i do a push up and slide off the bed. walking has been a little rough i get nausea when i start moving but im pushing through it.

oh fyi i added a mini tuck and that has not bothered me at all.also added outer thigh. my girlfriend says my butt is huge and im happy about that. also i was out of it a bit but i swear Dr. salama said he got in 1400 ccs a cheek. ill find out for sure on Sunday when i see him. if so i am ecstatic. i have no idea what i look like but ill see it soon enough. also how fat am i of course i have no issues with food. i ate half a lean cuisine pasta chicken meal it was yummy. and i eat crackers and disk lots and lots of fluid. sleeping has been interesting. i sleep about 1 1/2 hour wake up drink and go back to sleep no idea why. well its 3:15 am i am going back to sleep good night ladies.

I can't believe how well i am doing. im sore like...

I can't believe how well i am doing. im sore like i did a hard workout but im good. the only thing that bothers me is my butt is so full and hard. but its a manageable pain. i was in pain when i woke up from surgery but since iv been on the percs im great. My tummy doesn't hurt either. i think maybe because iv had two c sections i was prepared. i saw my butt when i walked past the mirror hahahaha its huge can't wait to see what it looks like soft. my waist looks small too im excited.all right time for another nap.

As soon as i get home ill post before and after...

As soon as i get home ill post before and after photos. i was too embarrassed before but other ladies have helped and encouraged me so ill do the same. i feel great. i did too much last night i went to the mall and to dinner and boy did i pay a price for it. other ladies have said the same thing did i listen no i thought i feel great why not stupid stupid stupid. but anyway i feel great today finally have a garment on and i love it. it holds everything in and i love it. my waist is super small already and its only gonna get smaller. my mini is great healing great doesn't hurt. i probably could have used a full but i just wanted bottom burtha off as long as she left i was good. its flatter as well. the key to this is not have a pipe dream know your body and know he can only work with what he's got. i hoped for the best and im happy. also the ladies who have had over 1200cc is because we have long butts. the shorter your butt the less he puts in. he can only put as much as your butt with take. also ladies he lipos before the tuck hence why he can do the tuckh while the fat is being processed that way its not being compromised. he's not the only person in the room. Hope that helps. i had a mini and i sleep on my tummy. no problems. best of luck and happy healing.

Oh my gosh ok im totally just kidding about not...

Oh my gosh ok im totally just kidding about not having a whole lot of pain. i knew it wouldn't be easy but oh my gosh. yesterday i flew home flights uncomfortable but not bad. said i had back surgery and they were great about letting me stand or do whatever. however once i got off the plane. ahhhhhh what the heck happened. oh oh oh pain.

can someone tell me why my but feels like im sitting on pins and needles. Omg it hurts so bad. my butt is the only thing that hurts oh and this damn drain. im still draining a ton. Also one cheek hurts way worse than the other its terrible. I can't even touch it.

Omg i woke up this morning and im so swollen. holy crap like crazy swollen. day 7 if u count surgery day 6 if not and iv never swollen this bad. What is happening here. the rest of my body feels fine but my butt feels like im on fire and im swollen pray for me to get better please

Ok so ill be two weeks tomorrow. I feel great im...

Ok so ill be two weeks tomorrow. I feel great im feeling great and like myself again. the cray swelling is finally gone and im back to my pre op weight of 175. Funny enough he has created such a beautiful shape im good with my weight if i lose another ten pounds great if i dont im ok with that. my hour glass figure is crazy i love it. its one of the first times im looking in the mirror and im so happy with what i see. dr. salama is amazing. its how im supposed to look i feel. I feel sexy and feminine. i had an ok shape but this just took me over that threshold. my butt i feel is perfect i hope it does not go down. its round and plump i love it. outside of the initial swelling (which it needed to go down) my butt has not gone down at all. Im also realistic im only two weeks post so im trying to prepare myself for it going down some.

Ok lets see what else oh driving has been interesting. I don't know how u ladies are doing it. Iv tried the boppy and the yoga mat. it works but i feel every time i drive all i think about is oh my gosh is it going down. Someone had made a comment about always rubbing their butt. Oh my goodness i do the same thing. I rub it to see if its gone down any and i do it all day especially after i drive.
Oh my goodness i got two massages this week ladies its a must. I felt so tight and sore and i felt so much better after. i seriously feel a million times better. massages are a must. U gotta do it. im telling u i wish i knew how else to explain it. My first massage was actually a bit funny. So i have been going to massage envy. that u to the other ladies who suggested them. if you have one in your area they have at least one therapist who does lymphatic. HOWEVER be clear with them. One of the other ladies said they started doing soft massages and the face and she was like what the heck. I swear my lady started doing the same thing. when she touched my face i asked her what she was doing and she said a lymphatic massage. I told her i don't know what this is but its not what i want. she said lymphatic massages are one of the boring massage. i told her oh no the two i have gotten felt like i was getting m butt whooped and thats what i want. to get beat the hell up so i can feel better. she laughed and said ok how about a deep tissue. i told her go for it. sure enough her deep tissue massage felt like eilyns massages. so be clear in what u want and explain so that they can give u what u need without wasting any money or time.

Also i tried going shopping for the first time since i cant get into any of my clothing except my workout wear. Ok interesting experience. I traded in for a whole new problem lol. If it does not have stretch i dont stand a chance. i was actually laughing in the fitting room. my 2 best friends were helping me shop and it was funny. even the stretchy stuff was a problem because it would not go over my butt enough and i paid too much money to even push the envelope and try to get the pants on. I found that hue pants are good they are jeggings since im not even going to bother to try on regular jeans lol. Guess what im wearing a small on top. I was like what the heck i have not been a small anything since high school. And the great news is my waist is only going to get smaller im very excited about that. I put on a size small dresses as well i was like this is crazy but i ran into an issue with that as well. even the small was too big around my waist and back to ill have to have it taken in some. I think one of the issues we bbl sisters will have is not looking too too sexy all the time. Someone had mentioned that they wear the same clothes as before the bbl and they had a coworker say they looked to sexy and i can understand that now. I put on a new dress i bought before the bbl a couple months ago but never got a chance to wear it yet (and im glad i didn't no way everyone would not notice the difference) and it was cute before but i tried it on yesterday just cause i was curious and holy cow i look bangin. even in my everyday workout wear i look sexier unintentionally. i think for me considering i used to be a bit self conscience and i still am cause the staring is funny and uncomfortable at times. Because im a wife i want to look sexy yet respectful in my items of clothing. and boy is that a bit difficult cause the cutest things look super sexy and not even on purpose. Anyhow its a problem i am glad to have. I'll tell you this ladies. pick the doctor u are comfortable and happy with. i am so happy with my choice of dr salama. I love the way i look and feel . I love love love it. My shape is incredible. Listen i had wish pics of course but at the end of the day the best wish pick is wanting to be the best you and that was my unltimate expectation.

If someone could tell me how to blurr out my tatts i could put up my pics i would love to share them.

fyi my best friends are now obsessed i have created new monsters lol. they thought i looked good before but they can see such a huge difference they love it. Also wanted to say i looked pretty good in clothes before but hated how i looked naked. this is the first time in years that i love how i look naked. sorry for the long update. its been a while since i updated

Ok so yesterday was week 3. I feel great back to...

Ok so yesterday was week 3. I feel great back to normal. i have some swelling still of course on my stomach and back. I am so incredibly pleased with my results. My butt is perfect hopefully i don't lose any more. I have not lost any volume since last week. I borrowed some of the ladies ideas and took my garmet to a seamstress it was too lose in the waist, but my butt did not fit in a size L. I love how i feel. Now i will say i live in a lets see ill say it politically correct. i don't live in an ethnically diverse area so some the sideways glances are funny a little uncomfortable but funny. My husband loves my body he is thrilled with my results. i can't get him off of me lol. I am very happy with dr. salamas work. I feel amazing. Its big but perfect i am so glad he put in 1400 with the swelling and some loss i think its in a great place now hopefully it all stays. i can't wait to start working out to tone everything around it. Oh also my mini tuck scar is amazing barely visible and low. I use maderma everyday and put tape over it to protect.

I have pics up but only for a bit.

Happy healing

I wanted to improve my overall body and shape...

I wanted to improve my overall body and shape after having children. i wanted a bigger bottom as well.

Ok so i know i have not updated in a long time and...

Ok so i know i have not updated in a long time and I'm sorry just been busy busy busy. All right so lets see where to start. I'll be 8 weeks on friday. I totally love my results. I have not lost any volume since week four. My butt is big and round. I wish i had more projection, but i love the shape and size. The only issue i have with it is my one cheek has two dents on it that bother me. Of course it bothers me i feel like its noticable but my husband says had i not mentioned it he would not have noticed. You cant see it through clothes just when i'm naked. I could also be tripping so who knows lol. I have not decided if i want a round 2 to fill in the dents or if i should let things be. The attention i get is funny and a bit uncomfortable sometimes. However i feel great and more confident. I did this for me to feel better. I wanted to look how i felt and how i imagined i wanted to look. My waist is small my butt is big. I am so happy with my shape. I'v lost about 10 lbs and it has gone accordingly. I never did it to please anyone or get attention from others. I just wanted to feel confidant in my own skin. I truly do. My scar from my mini is very thin and barely noticable. I use maderma everyday and it really works. I don't have any pain. i dont have any issues at all. I'll tell you what the massages are very important. I dont have any swelling in my back. I get swelling every once in a while on my stomach or sides but its not very often. I do get stiff if im laying on my stomach too long. I still don't sit if i don't have too. Now i wont say i haven't but iv been lucky enough that it has not affected my results very much. I did not sit at all for 6 weeks iv been sitting a bit the last 2 weeks. I still drive with a boppy. I drove with a yoga mat and boppy for 6 weeks but goodness that was really annoying. If anyone has any questions just message me. I'll post pics later this evening or tomorrow morning. Good luck ladies and happy healing

Waiting was a pain but that's ok it happens. i was not too worried about it because i understood that girl needed time with him in order to create her perfect body. I would not want someone rushing me so i understood. Surgery wait was long but the girl before me deserved the best and all of his attention so the wait was absolutely worth it. Its not a factory we are not one size fits all. So i was completely ok waiting in order for another girl to be happy with her results. Dr salama has been wonderful and his staff is professional nice helpful funny. I felt very welcomed and not like just another patient or number. he took his time with me and didn't rush me to move on to the next person. love dr salama and ruben whenever i have a question or freak out about something they are quick to answer and inform me with whatever. I love my results. dr salama knows a womans body and how to create a womans body. I am very happy with my results. I wanted the best me and i am.Updated on 29 Jun 2012:I have absolutely enjoyed every bit of my experience. Ruben has absolutely been a joy. He responds quickly and timely. he's informative and made me feel very safe and confident about my decision. I never felt pressured. I never felt like i was another dollar. Nancy is sweet as can be she had my best friend and i so comfortable and informed about everything. Nomie and Jennifer were absolute darlings. I loved going to the office just to see the ladies. Now to Dr. Salama of course. I never felt rushed or uncomfortable. i never felt like he didn't know what he was doing. He was confident but not overly cocky. When i had another consultation with another doctor he was so cocky i was wondering if he was trying to convince me or himself. i never felt that with Dr. Salama. He was so nice i never felt like he was doing me a favor. my results have been amazing. i can't believe i could ever look like this after having children. i feel confident i feel sexy i feel amazing. i am so pleased with my decision. i will never go to a different plastic surgeon. i don't live in Florida but i would go down there for any procedure. His prices are very reasonable and worth it. I would recommend to anyone. if u are wanting a bbl im telling u go to doctor Salama. Oh there was a bit of a wait before surgery but it did not bother me at all. i knew there was another girl he was working on making her amazing and new. trust me this is not a factory i would not want to be rushed while he was working on me so i understood. i my thought process was hey id rather he do a great job on the other girl rather than rush take a break re energize and get to me.

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