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The countdown begins! I scheduled a BBL and breast...

The countdown begins! I scheduled a BBL and breast implant exchange for April 24th with Dr. Salama. I've always been a fan of curvy figures and can't wait to have one of my own. I'm 5'6 and 150lbs, so I'm far from being a stick, but I want all of my curves in the right places.

I'm definitely hoping for the biggest butt my doctor can give me! Based off of my pictures, the quote I was given was 600-700cc to graft to my butt, but I'm hoping for at least 1000cc. Ruben suggested that I could gain a few lbs to get the results I wanted, but I really find it hard to believe I wouldn't have enough fat already. Hopefully when I have my in person consultation they will say they can do 1000cc+!

I already have 350cc moderate plus silicone breast implants that I got in 2008 and I'm hoping to go up to 500cc or 600cc. I'm still undecided because I'm not as concerned with having really big boobs as I am just wanting more cleavage. I'm hoping larger implants will cover more of my chest and give me the results I want. I'm leaning towards 600cc since almost everyone I know who has had a BA wishes they went bigger. I'm not unhappy enough with my breast implants to schedule a surgery for that alone, but I figured I might as well do it since I want a BBL.

Since I'm from out of town I'll be flying to Florida and having my consultation on the 23rd. I'm planning on staying in a hotel for about a week following the surgery. The flight is 2 or 3 hours and I'm not sure how that's going to be, but hopefully I can find someone else who has flown after BBL to give me advice!

I have a desk job, but I'm going to convert my desk to a standing position so I can stand most of the day when I return to work. I'll be sure to post pictures and measurements before and after! My boyfriend is going to be with me after surgery, even though he really doesn't like that I'm going through with it. I know he loves me the way I am, but I think he'll be happy with the results in the end :) If anyone reads this and is going to be having the surgery around the same time, let me know and we can be BBL buddies!

I scheduled my blood work for April 10th. I'm...

I scheduled my blood work for April 10th. I'm staying at a Hollywood Beach rental which is only costing me $400 plus a (hopefully) refundable $250 security deposit. I was hoping to find a rental unit instead of a hotel because I really wanted to have access to a kitchen so I don't have to eat out the whole time I'm recovering. I'm arriving Monday April 23rd and having my in-person consultation. My surgery will be the next day, and I'm leaving on Tuesday, May 1st. I believe Dr. Salama's office suggested 8-10 days but I can't miss anymore work, so 7 will have to do. I'm hoping my recovery will go well enough to be able to check out an event on Monday (no sitting of course, light walking).

I've unintentionally gained 15lbs (all of my pictures reflect this gain) and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I really don't want to have this surgery just to be where I was before the 15lbs. On the one hand, I do want a lot of fat available for transfer, but only so much can be taken out and I should have plenty already! I'm trying to watch what I eat and lose at least 10lbs.

Took my measurements today at 39-31-42.5

My emotions have been all over the place leading...

My emotions have been all over the place leading up to this point. I've only told 3 people about the surgery and only 1 came around to getting excited about it for me. I was having second thoughts just because I was so nervous that something would go wrong, but I know if I canceled I would just re-schedule. Might as well get my sexy new butt NOW.

My surgery is at 8am Tuesday and I'll have a pre-op with Dr. Salama on Monday. I'll be flying in that morning. I'm going shopping this weekend for everything I'll need and I did manage to find one long skirt that I can wear out until I have the drains removed. For the flight home I just plan to wear a dress with leggings. I'm SO excited!!

Wow I can't believe it....I'm packing today and...

Wow I can't believe it....I'm packing today and heading to the airport early in the morning! Thanks for all of the well wishes! I'm so nervous and excited!!!

Surgery is at 11am and I'm too excited and nervous...

Surgery is at 11am and I'm too excited and nervous to sleep. I cant wait to get it over with...I'm freaking out! Today I flew to fort lauderdale. I immediately went to Dr. Salamas office where I met Nancy and Ruben. I signed a ton of papers, paid, and got my percocet prescription. Ruben gave me the boppy pillow and arnika. He explained i would wake up in the garment and that it's supposed to be tight to help drain fluid. He also went over how to use the drains. Then I went to the surgical facility where I met Dr. Salama and we picked out my implant sizes. We're going in the 600 range which is pretty big! After that I went across the street to fill my pain mess and go grocery shopping. Larry picked me up and took me to my hotel to finally check in. It was such a long day and I'm hoping this will all be worth it and that I'll make it out ok. I love my family and my boyfriend who is taking care of me even though he didn't want me to do it and they would never forgive me if something went wrong and I died for vanity. For some reason the fear is really sinking in now and I just don't want to hurt my family!

Percocet every 4 to 6 hours
antibiotics 3 pills 3 times a day (9 daily)
Arnkka 2 pills a day starting the day before surgery
Colace, stool softeners, 1 to 3 pills a day per the bottle

Ok ladies I've made it out of surgery! I got out...

Ok ladies I've made it out of surgery! I got out about 8pm last night! My breast implants are natrelle style 15 659cc. They are HUGE and I'm really hoping they get smaller but I think they will because with my first augmentation I liked the way they looked for the first week but then they got at least a cup size smaller. Dr. Salama lipo'd my inner thighs and upper arms in addition to the normal BBL areas. I'm not sure how many cc Dr. Salama injected in my booty but I just asked for the most he could do. He's been sweet but you can tell he is very busy. Everything is really swollen, even my eyelids and my fingers look like sausages lol. Tomorrow I start my massages. I think I look pretty good but I'm feeling sort of guilty for putting my boyfriend through this. I got iron pills today because it's really hard to eat enough food with iron and I have to say I'm feeling much better with them. I will try to write a more thorough update after I get home.

I had my second massage and it wasnt nearly as bad...

I had my second massage and it wasnt nearly as bad as the first. My breast incisions look amazing...so much better than my first ba. I got 1200cc per cheek!! I love my new shape!!

At week 1 my measurements are 34DD - 30/34 - 47.5 ...

at week 1 my measurements are 34DD - 30/34 - 47.5 I put two measurements for my waist with the smallest one being my natural waist and the larger one being my lower waist, at my belly button cause I want to track that. Before surgery my waist was 30/36 and my hips/butt was 42.5. My boobs are measuring between a DD and DDD but I'm waiting until at least 3 weeks to get fitted. I'm still retaining a lot of water so I'm expecting that my waist will get smaller in the next few weeks since it's almost the same size. regardless I'm still thrilled but I really don't know what to do with this butt! it doesn't fit in anything, but it's a problem I'm glad to have LOL

I was having a problem with my compression garment...

I was having a problem with my compression garment being too loose around my waist but I can't fit my lower half into a smaller compression garment. I bought a squeem compression vest and I wear that under my compression garment. I have a medium in that and I can fit the board/foam pads in there while it's on the tightest hooks so I just ordered a small! The squeem compression vest has really good reviews for making waists smaller even without lipo so I'm hoping I can keep going down to an extra small. I highly recommend the vest because most waist cinchers give me a roll of back where they end at the top...the vests solves that and I'm not worried about it showing under clothes since I dress business casual/professional for work (nothing revealing).

Week 2: 34DD - 29 - 46

I'm 11 weeks post op and my butt is still the same...

I'm 11 weeks post op and my butt is still the same size it has been since I last updated (still 46"). I sit on my butt all day at work and do everything normal like I did before my surgery. I'm hoping to start exercising soon but it's so hard finding motivation because I haven't worked out in so long and I'm a little paranoid about losing my butt. I'm posting a new pic...I think it has rounded out a bit which seems to be common around 3 months. Some days I wake up and my stomach is perfectly smooth, but most days it's kinda lumpy from swelling. I know it's swelling and not a bad result because the lumps come and go in different areas. It's certainly getting better every week and I'm sure it will eventually smooth out completely. I'm still totally happy with my result!

I haven't had my surgery yet so my ratings are based on my experience so far. Dr. Salama offers a price that cannot be beat AND he consistently creates outstanding results! His office administrator, Ruben, has been extremely helpful, friendly, and patient with all of my questions prior to scheduling my surgery. I contacted 4 surgeons prior to scheduling and most of my communication was by email because I did not want others to hear me discussing my surgery on the phone. Dr. Salama's office is the ONLY one who responded to my emails every single day. While I understand that most practices are busy and I'm sure Dr. Salama's office is no exception, I truly appreciate the fact that Ruben made sure to keep in touch and always let me know he was available to answer my questions. I'm expecting a patient information package in the mail soon and Ruben has encouraged me to keep in touch with any questions I may have.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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