I will be an out of town patient - BBL - Aventura, FL

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Experience has been good so far Cynthia and other...

Experience has been good so far Cynthia and other staff have done pretty well answering my questions and concerns. I will be an out of town patient and I will be flying in for the procedure. Cynthia told me my stay should be booked for 10 days. However, it was my decision to stay an extra 2 days because I want to avoid sitting for as long as I can (my flight will be over 4 hours). Really excited and looking forward to my procedure.

11 more days until BBL

A little nervous and excited at the same time. I got all my labs done and picked up my medications and was happy they were all covered by my health insurance. I also purchased the following items so far:
- Antibacterial soap (Dial)
- First Aid Kit
- Antibacterial hand soap
- Medical Tape and Gauze
- Neosporin
- Q tips

My info

I am 5'3" and 144 lbs want reduce the appearance of my love handles, smaller waist, and more buttock projection

Before pics

Wish pic

Countdown 4 more days!

Excited I am looking forward to my results. A little nervous about recovery I scheduled a nurse for my care referred by Evelyn because the recovery house was booked by the time I was informed they had one. It is going to be $175 and I scheduled the nurse for three days.

Recovery assistant with nurse

I meant the nurse will be $175 per day. I also scheduled a driver that was referred by Evelyn which is $275 the services included are the following: Airport pick up/drop off, Pre-op appointment, surgery day, rx refills, follow up appointment, massages appointments, and I believe two store runs.

1 Day!

Just arrived to Florida last night took a walk to Target and caught a can back to the apartment I am staying at. I am looking forward to tomorrow but still a little nervous on my recovery.

Sorry I meant caught a cab

The auto spell check changed it to Can

Today is the big day!????

I am here at Dr Salama's. The Nurse had me put on compression socks, surgery underwear, and a open front gown. Dr Salama took before pics and told me I had an A shaped butt which is really good for what I wish to achieve. I am waiting for my surgery that will take place in about an hour. Wish me luck!

Back at the apartment I booked

Surgery went well I am happy with what I see thus far. The nurse helped me drain my bulbs and she has left for the night. I just now drained them myself it's pretty simple. I washed my hands with anti bacterial soap and used hand sanitizer before doing it.

1 day post op

Happy with my results can't wait for the swelling to go down. This pic I am wearing a tank top foam pads and garment and u can't really see my shape. But I loved what I saw in the mirror when I showered earlier.

1 day post op pic

I recommend that if you get this procedure stay at the recovery house the nurse I got referred to did not come prepared and was not familiar on how to take care of me. I was pretty out of it after surgery and it was difficult for me to give her instructions. I'm feeling a lot better Not experiencing nausea and I have been able to eat normally and also had my first bowel movement tonight.

3 Days Post Op

My first massage was today with Celia she was very nice and she is great! Feel so much better after my massage

Happy with my results

Dr Salama has helped me achieve my wish body. The love handles are gone, my waist is smaller, he smoothed out the shape of my hips (I added lipo in the saddlebag area for $500), my buttock has more projection. I am really looking forward to the bruising going away and healing. I love my new body!!

5 days Post op

I am feeling better each day. I am pretty much on my own now. The pain killers are helping me out big time. The bruising has gone down. I got little folds on my back which I hope will be gone soon. And little lumpy stomach.

6 days post op

Went for a walk today at Hollywood Beach it was a nice walk. Really looking forward to my massage tomorrow hope it's Celia again she's really good. I'm running low on supplies like Medical Tape, Gauze, Neosporin, Gloves, AntiBacterial soap (I used to bars already) and Gatorade (I drank 2 ten packs). I was hoping the driver (Justin) could take me but he has not got back to me. If he can't I'll have to catch a cab.

One week Post Op

I am feeling great after my second massage with Celia. She is amazing!! My back drain got removed today. Bruising and swelling has gone down. Justin was able to take me to Walgreens for my supplies. TIP: Buy a lot of band aids, Neosporin, Gauze, Medical tape, Qtips, antibacterial soap, antibacterial soap and antibacterial hand wash because you will need them. Its the most critical supplies for a great recovery

One week post op

8 days post op

Feeling tired today I didn't sleep well last night. So I have napped a lot thru the day today.

10 days post op

My healing is going great. However, it has been hard for to get used to sleeping on my stomach and not sitting. But the sacrifice is worth it thought I love my new enhanced shape!!

15 days post op

First day of work since bbl today. So far so good. I am having trouble finding a good masseuse here close to home. The masseuse I went to last night did not apply enough pressure even though I asked him for very deep massage. Wish me luck on my next massage luckily I could switch him for another one.

16 days post op

1100 cc on each side feeling better each day. Tough not to sit! However, I still think it's worth it. Everywhere I go people ask me to have a seat and I have just been standing. Luckily at my job it's standing most of of the day.

4 weeks post op

1100 cc each side, 4 weeks post op, in work attire, still wearing garment bought at dr Salamas office. The garment gives a little more lift and projection. Will post no garment no clothes later.

4 weeks post op

No more bruises. Feel way better. 2 more weeks before I am able to sit. Just in time because I have to attend a few graduations next month.

7 weeks post op

Booty has softened up which is good. Still happy with my overall shape! Way better than before surgery. Tummy is not as flat as I wanted it to be. However, no one notices it because my booty gets all the attention lol

8 weeks post op

8 weeks post op still happy with my overall enhanced shape

5 months post op

1100 cc's 5 months ago

I love what I see in the mirror so far Dr Salama did a great job with enhancing the shape of my body. I am really looking forward to seeing what my end result will be after healing. It's still early to tell with the swelling in the buttock area.

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