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I'm 5 2" .100 lbs. gaining weight for my BBL in...

I'm 5 2" .100 lbs. gaining weight for my BBL in March.
Having my breast redone in a week,hopefully will be healed by then since I will need to sleep on my tummy.
I have one baby,I just lost a lot of weight due to the stress of finding out my husband is cheating on me and is sick addicte to porn.???? sadly we can fix ppl heart it is something they need to want it.
Well it is my time to look good again,I have no regret I breastfeed my son and I was always a good wife and mom.
I hope I can gain my confidence back and feel like a hot woman again.
I have another review of my breast surgery will be done in nov 23,2015,
Thank you all????

Pre operation before BBL

Will gain 20lbs in 3 month

Before bbl

From 100lbs now 104lbs. Gaining to BBL

I gained 5 lbs and and is 15lbs to gain still.

Trying this protein to see if I can gain weight .

From 100lbs now 109lbs. How can I gain more fat for BBL?

M eating more junk than ever,a lot of butter,fried food,but I can gain more,what I do?

From 100lbs now 109lbs

Before BBL.
11lbs to gain still

Pre surgery 109lbs SpongeBob square booty

Trying hard but I can't gain more weight,this week I will start taking protein shake 25g protein.

New protein gaining weight for My BBL

I know is very unhealthy protein but it has 22g of pain no gain

Woman Dies After Cosmetic Procedure Miami

I live in Miami for along years to tell you all that is a lot of Doctor here that doesn't care for our life,
1 . Hialeah is not the safe place to go for surgery,no even to go have your teeth clean .i had my first surgery done there I rhinoplasty ,they did my surgery awake ,under local anesthesia and it was the most traumatized thing I did. I remember I paid 4K ,10 years ago.

2 . living in Miami we have access to local news,so everything that is going on we see the news, you guys that doesn't live here prob doesn't hear when someone die after having surgery with those heartless doctors, the sad thing they still on the street doing surgery :,,((

3.please girls take care, the cheap is not good, the reviews is not enough,look for everything.

4. I had done 6 plastic surgery in the last 10 years,with 6 different doctors, I live in Miami I know not much about all the doctors but sadly the news we hear a lot from the worst ones.

I didn't get paid to make my review here,I'm 100% sincere and I want help other mom like me.

So far I haven't heard anything bad from Salama,hope he keep doodling good and caring for our safety .

Thank you all

Please if you want know more just keep looking Miami news and don't stop looking .

Trying new weight gain for BBL

It is crazy I always scary to gain too much weight after gave birth and now I'm trying really hard to gain weight,lol funny us girls.
This week I'm trying avocado,half&half,protein powder Smothing .I lost 2 pounds I have last week so I get try hard this week

Gain really slow,upset I about to give up

I need to get over the fact I Ben living in a fake marriage ,I want have nice booty and find confidence ,my boobies look bad,I upset is like this and can't fix soon.
I afraid to die and live my son w his dad,I don't trust my kid around him after all,sorry not against gay ppl,against a husband that like guy#$$%%@, he should marry me and agree to have a kid.
F. This world is not for good ppl.

I change my life to became a good woman,I did!!

I used to be a escort I made tons of money,I had my own place,car,save money,jewelry....I got on this after been homeless,when I come to america I didn't have documents and after working cleaning company that was going to send me to immigration if I didn't work for free for then . so I escape from then .
I clean a girl house she put me on the escort bussines .
I meet him not in my bussines .I met him on
I stop my bad habits ,i start working in a dirty kitchen restaurant ,I start going to church,
Changed my friends bad association, I wanted to be a good girl,.I was 26.

He married me,I kept working that restaurant ,I always wanted to be a mom,I cooked,cleaned,iron, everything then I helped w bills:( idiot me.

I never stop taking care of myself ,

He was F..... The ugly prostitutes from back page.

He was going to massage parlor so they mastubate him for $50. 3 times a week.

Watching paid porn everyday.

Then going to adult store where they have guys giving each other blowjob,mastubation,handjobs""free""

I am disturbed ,I can't even sleep w nightmares.
Gross me out!!

From 100lbs.. Now 111lbs

I never tough is that hard gaining weight,I used to be very freak I wouldn't eat a piece of cookie ,now I see is not that easy gain weight.

I gain 11 pounds I hope I will have my surgery the end of April, I saw a lot good results from Doctor fisher with skinny girl, I wish I was that brave to go to him cuz is only 5K, but I'm a chicken.

thank you all of you girls been so support with me , I love you all.

I feel better after I gain this weight my butt grew a little more,so is my cellulite,lol :/

Is that true we can't sleep on my tummy 2 days after BBL?

Please !!!!! I just talk to someone at Doctor Salamar and she said I shouldn't sleep on my tummy for 2 days after I have my BBL.... I told her but my hips will be damaged if I do that,
I'm sooo confused , help me please

Loosing my weight

I had surgery on Monday to remove a cyst and now I can't eat solid food for 9 days I Am loosing my weight :,,(
Next week I have appot with salama to decide when he will do surgery on my breast.

Booked my surgery yay!!!!

I'm having surgery on may12.
I'm so happy I booked it.

If I cancell my surgery do I got my money back?

Hi,my surgery is may 12,if I cancel my surgery will I pay a fee? Is almost 2 months away,please help me.

BBL pillow do I really need one?

Should I buy I BBL pillow ,is something I really need it?
Like a black one with a edge .

Wish pictures and reality

Wish this booty

Before surgery 111lbs

Can't gain more,chocolate,protein shake,mc Donald's ,fried food I am trying all.

My fat is growing,lol

My booty is growing a little after I gain weight, but so is my belly and arms,I like to eat everything I want make me happy, I will not be starving ever again,made me upset been on diet,I will not keep eating organic but still the junk ,lol
I am eating a lot butter it is helping me with gain fat on my body.
I feel pregnant ,hahahaa but I still will gain more.
I'm so afraid of this surgery but well I'm here and I can't go back.

Almost gave up on this BBL

I almost gave up on this surgery this morning I wake up,want give up,

Then I saw my friend Hazanidoll421
Results then I'm like I want that booty

I love you girls thank you to be so encouraging,so here we go I will not give up on my Surgery.

I love you all thank you for support

Wish booty

Thank you.:)

Wish playing with app.

I want this.wish

Another girl die here in Miami

So sad I can't believe again in Hialeah another young mom die I'm so upset I been telling ppl here not to have surgery in Hialeah but not one listen please girls tell others.

Still can't have my surgery Doctor think I'm too skinny

I'm 113 lbs Doctor want me gain more i m only going to gain 4 more I don't care if is not enough at this point I want have no belly .

113 lbs

I have 3K at Salama office I want pass that

I want find someone that want use my 3K credit that I paid at Salama office and give me $2,500, I can't get that money back if I cancel my surgery but I can let someone use , I'm just very afraid to keep going with that surgery after reading so much complications from other I'm a chicken I can't help and after the experience that I had with my breast one up other down it scares me to go again in surgery.

If some one want use my credit We can talk to Cyntia and I just want $2,500 for the $3,000. That I paid already. Thank you all

112 lbs

Nothing new.

I'm still not sure I want do this surgery I'm not sure I'm too scare and my body is not that bad I already gave 3K and they won't let me pass it or give me back so I will just keep waiting to see. I'm following few girls to see the results then make a decision.

Hi everyone.

Sadly I have to tell you all that after I had paid my deposit and gain weight no one answer me from the office.
Cyntia won't answer my emails since I told I got a infection on my breast implants that was made by Doctor Salama.
I was already afraid to have the surgery and after I got this infection I just want the doctor to see me.
I went to the office and they so rude won't let me talk to doctor. Cyntia never show her face and Rachel the girl at the reception only said nothing she can do I get go to hospital.
So Doctor Salama no even check me.

I'm very sad they kept $3,000.00. Now Iam dealing with this breast problem and I don't have money to have other surgery.

Is just a lot o crazy disgusting people that only care about the own bank account.

Cyntia mom works at the serenity recover house and she not even has lisence to take care of ppl after surgery. And so rude and mean.

Please don't give a big deposit no one if you don't have a date of your surgery,
That will keep your money like they did to me.
Every month I have. To pay $160 on credit credit care for something I didn't got. :;,(
I will file a small claim at the city of Aventura. To try get this deposit back.

I will not have bbl with Doctor Salama.

After experiencing bad treatment after surgery and not getting my deposit of 3 thousand dollar back I decided not having surgery of my bbl with him.
I will have but implant with Doctor staton in California , also I don't want pay to lose the fat after a year like I saw a lot girls like my frame.
Check my other review of my butt implant thank you all for the support here.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is very professional but too busy to care for us,but his office staff is not too professional as soon they got my money e it was a nightmare to schedule a appoiment , I had breast implant done as u see my other review and it hurt and it hurt like hell,.i been at hospital with breast pain they did CT scan my breast need a doctor I'm very sad and depressed my pain is day and night. They don't care Cyntia is very sweet till she get you money,after that not matter how much u call,she won't call you back,and even talk bad to me when I ask why she didnt respond me in weeks. If I want receive this bad actitude I would went to a cheaper Hialeah doctor. Also Cyntia mom s works at serenity house care and she doesn't even has any medical degree to been giving healthy care to ppl after surgery is very sad we get deal with no professional people. I paid half for my bbl but now they won't answer my calls they won't Schedulle my bbl and they won't help with the infection I got on my breast implant. very sad with this.