Waist down another 2 inches

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I'm so excited I'm finally going through with this...

I'm so excited I'm finally going through with this BBL feb 2014!!!!! After a year of waiting... Nancy took care of me she got me my date moved up and I can't wait to meet her and everyone. Now I need to decide if I'll stay at their recovery home or a hotel. Has anyone stayed there before? Or know of any decent priced hotels are???


I came to this site because first of I've been stalking a few of you guys incognito.. And I thank you for your updates they helped me make a decision. I saw the good and bad from my Dr. And I am praying to God all will be well. But I know that any surgery is a risk that being said.. I came to write a review on my soon to be experience and also for the support. I am freaking out when I got my date I thought nothing of it but now it's 2 months away and I'm excited scared and SCARED!!! Anxious too .. So I hope to be of help and also hope to get the support I can get from you vets... Agh I'm freaking out anyway has anyone stayed in the Recovery Home ???

Thigh/arm lipo

Anyone had their thighs/arms lipo? Is it worth it?? With bbl

Thigh / arm lipo worth it??


Salama girls?!

Hey so I'm starting to get real nervous and reading peoples profiles and their lists of what to take I feel so Unprepared !!! I had lipo before and I went back to work the next day! So I guess I didn't think this would be hard since my job requires me to stand all day! Omg a lot of you were so prepared I'm kind of winging it! Also the only person I told was my mother and she isn't being supportive about it. My husband is gone for military and I want to surprise him when he comes back;) any SALAMA vets out there with some advice !? Please do I really need to take things with me?

Bye RealSelf

This site is not what I was expecting it's more discouraging than supportive . That being said I might come and post an after picture later but I won't be updating anymore. Thanks bigbootytinywaste and Zambia you and those who welcomed me. Good luck to anyone getting a procedure. All smiles

Thanks ladies

Never mind my last update I'm getting lots of love and support from a lot of you girls THANKYOU!!! I can't wait to post my results. I'll be staying at the Recovery Home.

Believe it or not

So something happened were i never received my so called "package" and I am now trying to find time to and sitter to set these labs up! Im really upset about it but it is what it is! I am starting my iron and vitamin C late but ive had lipo before and that Dr never had me do any of this so I think ill be fine. Hopefully my surgery isnt cancelled becauase of this :( Im stressed about this ! Recovery home is paid surgery is paid flights are paid wtf

Im getting reaallyyy nervous!

Im so nervous right now

Pictures pre op

Some before pictures


So my labs are scheduled for tomorrow and there is a possibilty everything will be closed tomorrow. Everything was closed today! And im just like great ! I need positive energy my way please. :)

My numbers lol

my measurements are

Who knows

I havent told anyone about my surgery except my husband but he doesnt know its happening next week! i was talking to him and he pretty much told me not to do it! (Hes not here hes on military leave) at first he was ok with it but he has no idea its paid for every cent i spent and hes telling me not to do it! It was suppose to be a surprise ! Oh lord! It will still be a surprise but this time he thinks the idea is out of my head. I just hope everything turns out great and hes not upset when he sees me. Its just a waiting game now.

Iron pills

I feel like they make my hair grow! Anyone else?

Tomorrow is the big DAY i

Cant wait!

Post op like just now left surgery

I just got to the recovery house im nauseous mu butt hurts and HOT other than that Im happy really happy

Recovery house

I am extremely glad i chose to stay here ! The girls are so nice my roomate is so awesome ! The nurses are great! I feel really comforatable !!


I got 1500s my shape is a bit squarish but i know it will drop:) my roommate is awesome she tells me what to expect! Im really tall so 1500 will look proportionate! The surgery felt so fast! When i woke up i felt alot of pain in my butt! I just threw up a few mins ago i got really nauseous! Irene came to my rescue thankfully i was in the restroom and not in my bed lol! Ive been moving alot so now im going to lay down and rest so i wont get nauseous anymore ! The pain meds are life savers!


What do you guys think?


I underedtimated this surgery for sure! Today the pain is worse than the first day! My butt feels like hot hot rocks it hurts and thr garmet is so uncomforatable! I just want to sit down!


I love Irene!!! Shes mama! And Liz just came back today she keeps telling me i look great so makes me feel better lol... Recovery home is awesome i coildnt imagine recovery without the help! My whitesuga roomie is always so helpful as well she rubbed arnica on my purple butt lol and then took this pic for you guys!

I feel

I feel so much better after the first painful massage i just bit down on that towel and took deep breaths! And now i feel like i have more energy! I guess the only thing that sucks is the garmet being too tight on the crack and shoulders!!

Tall girls! Garmets!

Okay so please take this advice very seriously it would be a good idea to get a custom fit garmet before you come down. Or bring some sewing supplies to make the straps bigger! Also a butt in will not affect results And the thong area can be extremely painful!! Also the extreme stretching can give you a camel toe! So i wish i would have had a custom made garmet for me because it is the only thing preventing me from walking more and healing faster! Its so crazy painful!


A little FYI if you are calling or emailing the girls Nancy Jewels Evelyn Nomie Cynthia etc.. On wednesday!! Please make sure its an emergency!! They are PACKED on wednesdays i feel bad for them!! It is the only day Dr Salama can see patients post op or for consultation so i was waiting for ever a day after surgery because they were so busy i wasnt mad at them i felt bad because they had so much pressure to make everyone happy. Anyway i would call monday tues thursday or friday to get good quality customer service;) lol

My back drain

My back drain wont let me sleep i feel like its poking into my spine if thats even possible? I took two percs and i still feel it? Anyone experience this?


Today i feel so much better! I switched garmets to my first one and i still have a weird poking feeling on my back drain. But i feel more emergized. I still feel pain in my butt and i cant wait for the swelling to go down!!!

Recovery Home

My roomie left today:( but im glad i crossed paths with her!
Its funny everyone walks around naked in this house well in their garmet.
Im really so bored i wish i could walk to walgreens but my garmet is digging into my crack andvag so walking is not to comforatable!
I wish i would have brought tape and gauze and more vitamins.
I didnt bring much and im glad cause packing can be a pain. But anyway i tried putting on some sweats and they would NOT go up so ive been wearing skirts and dresses or just a robe!

I took my garmet off

Im on the way to a massage and i couldnt keep my garmet on im supposed to get a new one today. I hope its not hell. Short girls you are blessed!!

2nd massage

The butt in garmet did not fit me ! Omg my butg is huge! My hips are wide!! Anyway i love everyone at the office they make you feel at home and welcomed and relaxed! They are always smiling and remember your name they go beyond! Eilene I think that is how she spells her name anyway she is so good at what she does (massage) definetely makes you feel better afterwards!


Liz cooked this for us Im so glad shes back today! I love her and Irene!!


I got home last night. The weather was bad so i HAD to sit down once for 1.5hours and then for 3 hours! Omg!!! I tried staying in the restroom for at least 10min each time but i flew first class (u must try to do thay if you can!) and the flight attendants knocked on the door to make sure i was ok! They kept checking on me cause the boppy pillow made me look like a GIANt! And i tried leaning my weight on my feet and back so i looked really stiff and uncomforatable. Oh boy this surgery is for crazy people so yes i am crazy for doing all this and all you go through!

At home my son acted funny around me last night it made me really sad he didnt want to even look at me:( but this morning omg he climbed on my BACk and started slapping my ass!!!! Omg i was sleeping and he had just woken up so yes it was crazy painn! Hes only 1 so he knows no better ! But i learned my lesson hes sleeping on the crib tonight!

Mommies of babies

So getting home my son was acting weird he didnt want me to hold him. This morning he was alot more clingy and he woke up playing on my back which was really painful. Anyway running after him and picking up after his toys etc its been really hard bending down constantly.

NOW hes been throwing up for about 4 hours he cant keep anything down. Hes cranky and irritable! I swear so much has happened all in one and a half days! I am already thinking of taking him to the ER and it SUCKS because i cant SIT DOWN! But obviously if i have to drive him I will because he is starting to degydrate:(
I write this because i want future bbl moms to realize how it really is after the surgery. I am lucky my mom is here with me now even though she is upset with me for getting the surgery . She works during the day though so she cant help me much with my son! So please plan ahead not only will you need a nurse after surgery your definetly going to need help with your baby!


So my mom finally said something about my butt! Mind you she didnt know i was going to Florida for surgery she thought I was visiting Family. Anyway when I got back she would just shake her head in disaprovement and today I dropped my sons bottle and she said Ill pick it up! You probably cant even bend down! Your butt is huge I hope it goes down you walk like this... ( she did a hunchback butt sticking out walk with her legs wide open) lol omg i wanted to laugh so hard!

Moms approval

I feel so much better now that my mother and i cleared the air she actually just helped me put my garmet on and I came clean about my trip to Florida I told her about the recovery home etc.. Its a big deal to me I feel alot happier with my decision and my results!




I woke up with my face swollen like the first day of surgery ! I havent ate salty food! Who knows...


I just took a shower and when i put my garment back on i put the board in for the first time. Feels a little weird but oh well. Ive been looking to buy a custom made garment but since i cant drive ive been looking online. Does anyone know of a website?
I feel a lot better now . The wedgy from the garment is the only thing the hurts real bad i cant wait to get a new one.
My butt is still really hard and im getting more dents :/ its not round but its huge. Idk if this is common or if the airplane ride ruined my butt??? I hope the so called fluffing changes the shape!
Its annoying that i cant sit down i cant wait to sit!!!


Not round or what do you guys think?

New garment

I just received my 2nd stage garment from Nomie and I feel so much better! They are angels! I have no regrets about chosing Dr.Salama and his team!

Laying down

This garmet is so much better!





3 weeks today

I felt the sharpest pain ever in my left cheek i literally wanted to scream i thought it was going to go away quick but it was very long... I had to drive today so i dont know if it was because of that!!! I really wish i didnt have to drive !!!!






So im definetly getting the volume blues! When i first got the surgery I thought my butt was too big and now that I am losing Volume Im like noooo!! Lol but reading BigBootytinywaist review she says thats normal in week3 so shes pretty accurate! I have a few dimples I msg Dr Salama and he responded right away he said to gently massage those areas!! So i am not wearing a Small waist clincher i started with an 2xl garmet! I wear it still but over the waist clincher! And i feel like i can go down to XL! Wow ive never been XL in anything before!


I ment i wear a size S waist clincher and I feel like i can go down to XS not xl oops thats what happens whe you update real latw at night! This garment gives me insomnia its super uncomforatable! But better than the last one! And today my butt feels so small! My body shape def improved but my butt is not turning heads it just looks proportionate ... I dnt know how i feel about this right now a lil on the down side though :(


So volume is def going down. Which is expected. I went to a party and didnt wear my garmet no one really noticed anything they just said I lost weight... Seems like booty pops more with garmet ON not off.. And im still wearing it everyday. i just took it off for that party. When does "fluffing" visit!!?? Lol


So about 10 days after my surgery I started to "bleed" but it looked a bit weird and stringy like the nasty stuff that comes out of the drains.. It lasted about 3 days very light.. And now last weekend i had another cycle and it was super cloggy and stringy as well ? Idk is this something that should even be affected by a bbl?? It wasnt even " liquid" just clotty like and stringy sorry for the details I just want to know if this is common???



My waist has gone down another 2 inches!

All is well

Feeling better im fine with the size now. I had sex at 9weeks. And it he said it was soft! I dont think it is.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is an awesome Doctor and he is good at what he does. But his staff all the girls they truly compliment him. The experience wouldn't be the same with out them. He is truly blessed to have an awesome team. They baby'd me the took awesome care of me and I am beyond thankful! Thank you! He and his team are worth every penny and every second of waiting!

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