SALAMAFIED brazilian butt :) April 2014

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I am 22 years old with one child. My stats are...

I am 22 years old with one child. My stats are 5'5, 143 lbs. I have never had a problem turning heads, but deep down inside I have always been bothered by my body. When some women gain weight, it goes straight to their butt/hips, well I am not one of these lucky individuals. If and when I do gain weight, it tends to go all over, but specifically my stomach, waist and back! Because of this, I feel self conscious and I find that clothes don't fit me properly because if it looks okay in the butt then my love handles will be hanging over my pants. I desperately desire to improve my figure, I would love to have a tiny waist and a big butt ..the coke bottle look! I am part brazilian after all so I would say it's about time I get that beautiful brazilian body! After extensive research, I decided to go with Dr. Salama, as I absolute fell in love with his before and after photos; he really seems to give that BIG BOOTY i'm looking for. I sent in my photos for a virtual consult (I am coming from out of state), and the EPS office was in contact with me within just a few days. I received my quote and put down a deposit of 10% with Nancy, whom was very comforting/accommodating from the first "hello". Which is awesome, being that my family is not. She then set me with a date of April 1st 2014. I am beyond ecstatic, I constantly think about butts 24/7 lol this is going to be a long wait! I have done so much research, I know I am making the right decision for me however I do want to have more children in my life. I hope I can get an everlasting result with this BBL, I just pray !

SALAMA 2014 *before pics added*

added some before pics for comparison afterwards. Currently weighing about 142 ......


anybody else going to Dr. Salama on or around April 1st? I haven't been on here for so long because of the wait since 2013 but since my surgery date is so close I guess it's safe to start my BBL addiction again!! Right now my weight is 140, I still need to gain another 10-20 pounds somehow :/

BBL with recent belly piercing ?

Hey girls ! I was wondering if you have to remove your piercing for this procedure ? if so can you wear a plastic one ? It wasn't the smartest choice to pierce it December 13th, now I'm hoping it won't close up on me for April 1st as it's not even healed ughh

Elite Recovery House March 2014...

Sooo after speaking with Evelyn from Elite, who informed me there's only TWO spots left at the recovery house for the dates I will be needing (March 31- April 9th) I decided I better just go with this option while it is still my deposit tomorrow!!! I had been looking @ condo rentals the past week but I cant be bothered with stressing over those last minute arrangements especially since I am trying to gain weight! For weight gain, mannnnn I been doing so much..trying to take in at least 3,000 calories everyday, Ensure PLUS 2x daily..I also made my appointment for my physical/medical clearance for February 28th ( hoping everything goes smooth with that) I have been taking vitamin C, iron, and prenatal pill as my multivitamin ...has anyone else used this??
Anything else I should be taking? Tips to gain weight quickly? Any info is much appreciated!

Added some wish pics...

caregivers in Miami area ?

Hey dolls :) I know last update I was planning on staying at recovery house but after figuring in various expenses I started having second thoughts about it, so I got my deposit back today. I will be looking on for alternate arrangements. I figure I will require 24 hour care for the first 2-3 days and then after that I can have someone come a few hours daily to help me with food prep, transportation, bathing etc. If anyone can give their input on this or recommend any reasonable caregivers in Miami area please let me know ! :)

pre-op package + flight and rental booked.

I got my pre-op package from Elite today, which is a little strange to me considering my surgery is in 4 weeks exactly...I just feel they should send the package @8 weeks before because it takes time to raise levels and what not. But luckily I have been taking my iron and vitamin C so hoping that I'm good. Wondering if the makemeheal vitamin kit Is worth purchasing? Bloodwork was completed last Friday, still waiting on results of that. I also had a wisdom tooth EXTRACTED earlier this afternoon ???? it needed to be taken care of before Florida though so I am glad it's over with...I just have to push myself to keep eating/gaining weight for SX. (the struggle lol)

The amazing thing about today is that I was able to get a rental @ the Hollywood Beach Resort, i am so excited because now my girlfriend is likely going to be coming down with me! I booked my stay from March 31st through April 8th. Still maybe looking for a rental for one more night because I have already booked return flight for the 9th, but will see.


20 days until SX - Pre op Supply List

I am trying to pack very minimally, and have put together this list from others profiles. If I'm missing anything significant please let me know ......

*dial antibacterial soap + loofah
*qtips/cotton balls/pads
*2x2 gauze pads
*Medical tape
*alcohol prep pads
*tight fitting shirts/tank tops
*maxi dresses/skirts
*shower curtain/chux
*Bromelian tablets
*Silicone scar sheets
*Heating pad
*baby wipes
*antiseptic wipes
*go girl urinal

Dr Salama office provides garment and board, wondering if I will need any additionals ? I see a lot of girls with Squeem/Vedette. I called and tried to ask about cost of massage with Elite yesterday but no one has gotten back to me. Hopefully I find out soon because I am trying to stay ahead of these extra costs. Any feedback is much appreciated!


2 weeks left, last minute BS ....

First I told them I will be paying the whole SX in cash. Gave my deposit to secure my date. Next, I'm asked to pay half of my balance 2 weeks before surgery, so I planned for that (was only notified of it last month). Today, Jules calls and asked for me to pay OVER half of my balance which is a few hundred dollars more than I expected, and definitely not what was agreed upon....not happy about it !!!

Plastic SX app :)

an idea of what I may look like? ..

forever 21 + wet seal = cute maxi dresses on SALE ladies :)

So yesterday i went shopping with my big booty friend and boy am i glad i did because leggings/sweatpants i would have purchased were going to be wayyy too small. I did however find some awesome deals on some Maxi dresses and skirts, wet seal has them 2 for 20! Forever 21 has the cami tanks for 1.80 a piece, plus 30% off your purchase.... cant beat that !

5 days left...emotions up the period yet?

Ladies let me tell you I have been feeling super emotional about this whole thing. One minute I am ecstatic and wanting that booty sooo bad and then the next I snap back into reality and ask myself WHY am I doing this :( I looked up risks like burns, asymmetry and most important an embolism (if fat gets in bloodstream can form clot, travel to lung and be deadly) I worry so much what will happen to me so am feeling bad I signed up to put myself at risk like this. ESP lately people have been complimenting me on my figure saying I look skinny/good and that's pretty weird considering the fact I'm trying so damn hard to gain weight smh. On top of everything for the past two nights I have been experiencing night sweats which is not normal for me at all. I am waiting for a call back from my PCP to see what he says about that but I am guessing it may be from my nervousness/stress from this whole process ? idk. My period is also not here yet ugh has anyone had this procedure during cycle ? God willing, I will have this surgery with Doctor Salama, who i'm putting my trust in and he will make a life changing booty for me that's truly amazing.....I just pray that it's all worth it in the end. xO

Final PRE OP pics -142lb :(

sorry for all the stickers, my bathroom is kind of distinct so I was trying to be discrete... according to the scale I weigh 142.5 which is less than when I booked the surgery and I was suppose to gain @ least 5-7 pounds *sighs* last week I was 146lb so not sure what happened :(

front pre op *

forgot to add this ...

HERE in AVENTURA :) surgery tomorrow finally!

I finally arrived in Miami today with my girl who will be my caregiver for the next 10 days soon as I got to the airport, Justin the driver, was there to receive us and our belongings :) and he took me straight to pre op appt @ Elite. Let me first say, the staff members were soo gorgeous and welcoming to me, I began to let my fears go and my guard down. If you were following my journey you will know I was very apprehensive about going forward with this but after support from realself+ Nomie fully explained to me what I should expect, I now feel strong/empowered lol she definatly has that effect! Evelyn was also a sweetheart, she gave me a ton of paperwork to complete, and after that Justin took us to grocery store where I ESP picked up a lot of fresh fruit for my magic bullet because I figured I will make protein packed smoothies for recovering, amongst chicken/pasta/beans/spinach and as of right now my surgery will be tomorrow afternoon!!! I really cannot believe it's finally time (*tears up*) I am overwhelmed with love and support from you ladies, I can't say how much I appreciate it, and most importantly ...never underestimate the impact you can have on another person ! I felt like I had no family going into this but now I have support from complete strangers and it's just an awesome feeling...anyway let me stop getting emotional now lol please continue to keep me in prayer ! and I will certainly post pictures once I am able! xO

I "made it" through SX ....

OMGGGGG, pain is NOT the word....more like torture ugh my butt hurt soooo bad :( very stiff and was crying walking out that surgery center ...not even caring so much about my butt just trying to get through the pain but my friend she says it huge ...will update more once pain subsides a bit ...thank every single on of you for well wishes !

Day 2 post op Salama ! *1200cc*

my entire review that was pretty long just erased on it's own :( so will start over ....Yesterday, my SX time was @230 but got moved up to 2:00 so Justin was there to pick me up about 1:00 and my friend I had to leave her behind @condo because she had her 17 month old so we figured it would be best as waiting room was tiny anyhow...I get in the car and I started feeling so nauseous/nervous @ what I am about to do but Justin was very comforting and so I was easing up ..well until I got out of car the last thing I ask him before I close the door was if anyone has died and he says no and I won't be the first lol anyway I get in building go up elevator and I was balling again like a little baby lol but it was cool bc as soon as I get in Sx waiting room I ran into Cinna_bunz and she is just such a lovely woman, I heard about her and her 1800cc Salama booty and when I got to see in person I will say THAT THANG is real nice hehe and so of course I start getting excited for mine ... she making me feel comforted up until I walked into the SX and God bless her for that! So I get called back and I meet with Alex the anesthesiologist (cutie alert! haha) and he went over my medical hx asking me questions and then he gave me paper gown, cap, panty and compression stockings to put on. I then awaited Dr. Salama to come into office and when he did ...I dropped my jaw, as he is soo dreamy and gorgeous ..his photos don't do justice! I actually had to take my contacts out so I can focus on task at hand lmao ..anyway he start marking me up and told me my butt is a bit squarish so he will round it out and give me a shelf which I was happy with. I told him it will be nice to get 1200cc if possible but he was unsure. He went over risks and I then showed him my wish pic (it was a girl who he has previously done I found on realself) He went to ask about my background I told him I am in Nursing and then he complimented and asked where my name is from because is long and french ...he was serious yet personable and not rushing he took time and addressed all of my concerns including my belly piercing ...I request for that to be put back in immediately after my surgery as I didn't want to risk it closing up! After that Alex was ready for me so I went in operating room and was freezing in there (presumably to decrease bacteria) and so I get on tiny table which I will say I found so strange because if I was literally any bigger i couldn't imagine fitting up there lol but then he gave me IV which was surprisingly painless and I literally CANNOT take needles so that said a lot about his level of skill ...after IV was in he gave me fluids which burned a bit and I guess I was freaking out looking all around so he then gave me something to relax, and then an oxygen mask and told me to focus on my breathing. He was looking me in my eyes and telling me everything will be okay I will go to sleep now and then that was that. Weird I don't remember waking up on any kind of bed/table but instead I was sitting in wheelchair and I must have demanded to get my contacts from nurse and she was looking @ me like I was crazy because I didn't use a mirror or anything (I guess I was determined to see lol) but after that^t got real REAL. I immediately tried to get up and was asking to get up off my butt and instead she wheeled me out to Justin's car which is crazy because I was in SOOO MUCH PAIN :( my butt hurt entirely bad and I was balling all the way back to the resort/condo/hotel where my friend was waiting for me. I really am confused as to why I didn't go home in my dress but instead my short little robe and my bleeding stockings lol and socks ...just looking CRAZY but I did NOT CARE my focus was getting into that room which seem so far. Apparently there were these people on elevator staring at me like I'm exhibit and asking questions and it's crazy because I somehow could not speak and I am normally very outspoken individual but I wanted to yell at them to mind their business could not talk though :( their floor was 6th and they still were not getting out when it got there smh my friend had to yell for them to go !!! the walk to the room was pure hell and as soon as I got into the in I threw up some fluid. And that's when I really was feeling like i was in the pit of hell ...I got a Vicodin and was crying so much and ten mins later which felt like forever I was asking my friend for another one and she tell me just go to sleep. I then updated realself and took the nap. When i woke up I felt SO MUCH BETTER surprisingly. I pee every hour and cannot get in/out of bed alone's annoying to have to pee when you are laying down every single hour of the night but it feels amazing to get up and walk! Today was my post op appt and apparently I look sooo diff without makeup lol that the whole office didn't recognize me including the nurse who helped with contacts and wheeled me out to the car yesterday ...that's funny. and also they were surprised in my mobility ! I been feeling so good which is complete 360 from last time I posted , thank goodness! Nomie ripped off my tapes and gauzes put on my fitted shirt and then Salama came in to examine his work :) my belly looked excellent although I was very scared to look at first lose skin but the doctor says my side is "stressed" so to be extra conscious with placing foam there. I thanked him so much for my new body and told him he is amazing person...I then left the office and then went walking on the covered boardwalk to the pizza place/convenient store. And I found a very reasonable massage place which all these places literally right downstairs ...I certainly would recommend girls to stay here because of the convenience and our ocean view place is are quick photos I took today in office but I will say my BUTT/hips are HUGE pics don't even caption it ..he says I got 1200cc which is excellent as I requested (unsure of how much in hips/butt specific) woooo that was a lot for me to write so let me go and relax. thanks again for well wishes and bless you all, will update again very soon xO

massage + stage2 garment

So I had my first massage today with Eileen, and let me tell you it was awful! ...I read a lot of people say on here that it's bad but they feel better afterwards, and it was total opposite for myself! First off I was crying and shaking uncontrollably from head to toe from the pain, meanwhile Eileen keep telling me to "control myself" and don't cry because it will be worse ..HA..what a JOKE that statement was! smh...and I barely drained any fluid period when the whole thing was over, wondering if that happen with anybody else ? I thought massage is suppose to get rid of fluid buildup so wondering why it did not ..anyway I walked in the office perfectly fine and limped my way out to the car ..I left in worse condition than I arrived lol but before that even happened let's talk about the stage 2 garment Eileen attempt to put me in. The thing would not even go up my tiny thighs much less this new butt and hips took her like 10 mins and when it finally got on I looked soooo thin because I was being squish in there and couldn't even walk ! I told her there's no way?? .... she got a bit snippy with me and asked me if I wanted her to get Nomie and I told her to go right ahead ...she then comes back in with another garment one size bigger than previous and tries to put it on me ASAP so she can get me out of there lol I told her is way better and it was! Definitely speak up or you will be stuck with a garment that may be so tight it can even compromise your results ! Attached some photos I took today bruising is going away already it's great ..I hope you enjoy the pics, that is all for now xO

2nd massage + drain removed =happy girl :)

I had my second massage today with Celia, and although it was little painful it was very bearable in comparison to my first massage! She started off with ultrasound to break down the tissues, and that part is so warming/relaxing :) Her massage technique was deep, and gentle at the same time. As I felt the fluid moving I was in a lot of pain but looking up at Celia she was nodding her head up and down in compassion, while going somewhat slow around those areas which helped SO MUCH. After massage, Nomie came in and removed my back drain and i was too excited about that, as it's uncomfortable to walk, gets snagged in the crack (HURTS), and def get in the way of BM. Anyway, to do it she gently snipped the stitches, and pulled the drain out ...pulling it out was quick and painful it hurt me like OMG but as soon as I say omg she says "does it hurt" as she's throwing the drain away in the biohazard lol I looked in awe because I couldn't believe how quick it was! She then instructed me to clean it with soap and water and she gauzed it up. My front drain almost got removed also but she instead want me to measure the output every 24 hours until my last follow up appt on Weds. I am almost certain and really hoping it will stop draining completely by then because I am not draining much now. When I left the office I was so happy because I took garment on and off for first time myself today because of not having to worry about snagging one of my drains.
My friend says I walk different now also (more normal vs before) On another note, I keep running into this girl from recovery house who is having a very tough time and I feeling so bad for her, eyes still swollen she's in miserable pain and she is only a day after me...poor babe :( ...everyone recovery will be different please prepare yourselves. I will repost again within few hours explaining supplies that are necessary vs. unnecessary and some other important points to know. I update as much as I can because during the day I am walking until I can't walk anymore then resting , and then it is hard to be in bed and on my phone comfortably.. I get so stiff and my elbows almost have sores on them from trying to sit up :( wifi is sh*tty here too... this is all for now I will leave a few pics, although I am considering taking them all down soOn after I post for privacy reasons ..anyway i wish you all well xO

home sweet home :)

my last day in Miami was April 9th, that morning I had a follow up appt as well as my third massage with Celia. I met with doctor Salama again and he checked on me and said everything looks great, and he would like for me to keep in touch with him and send him pics. My front drain was not ready to come out so Dr instructed me when it's time (must drain less than 25cc two days in a row) to have my PCP remove it, or a family member, or myself..he says to lay down if I do myself so I will not pass out. After massage was completed, I had to rush rush rush to catch my flight straight out of the office. I set off the machine with my garment and lipofoam when being checked and so the TSA woman stopped me, started patting me down, asking questions and when she seen the drain she was making faces and called other people over to help "clear me"...being emotional thinking I'm going to miss my flight and feeling very singled out, with everyone staring at me I began to just cry :( Finally they let me through so I can head to my gate and when I boarded the plane I gave the note from Dr salama office, stating that I should be able to stand as long as airplane protocol allows for it. I start walking to my seat and this freaking man was like miss come here I need to speak with you before you even take off with us so you know OUR rules. He makes me get off the plane and says when seatbelt sign is on i must sit down and i can't stand in the aisle or galleys. I could have swore he was the damn captain that was flying the plane with the approach he had but I later found out he's just a flight attendant....he needed to take several seats and leave me alone because there was NO NEED. Ladies if I were you I would wait until the plane takes off the give the note if you are flying united airlines. Anyway, the seatbelt sign was on almost the whole ride and I wasn't having that, so I stood up anyway ..right in my aisle seat facing backwards ..and I went inside the bathroom a lot to kill more time. Anyway I finally made it to airport where I then took a hour long bus ride to my hometown where the love of my life (ex bf) was there waiting to pick me up :) (funny how guys get their act together real quick after this surgery, they can't take a chance at someone else getting this perfect package I guess LOL) Anyway I was so happy to be home to my bed..I was worried the memory foam bed I have was too soft but it's just right for me. My little 3 lb dog I missed him so much, but it's hard to bend to the floor to get to him so I have him jump on the couch so I can pick him up, put his leash on etc. But yesterday I went walking with him and first I was limping (weird I still can't walk straight) but then I saw a snake, a F*CKING SNAKE ...ladies I swear I was running my big butt home after that ....and that's all I have left for this update, I will update again very soon xO

forgot some important things

By time I got home I was sooo swollen with fluids like never before, and was so upset I waste my money and time on that massage because of this ...the plane ride and everything is what make the fluid build back up and if I would have known I definatly would NOT have purchased a massage right before getting on plane ...sooo pointless smh

necessities I used while in Miami:
-3 in one cotton kit (dollar tree)
-antibacterial soap (liquid and @least 2-3 bars)
-baby wipes
-A&D ( for garment chafing, also apply it on my butt as preventative measure so BM is way easier to clean)
-probiotic (this is a MUST, to prevent yeast infections, cdiff infection from antibiotic)
-iron, vitamin c
-anti itch cream (after shower before putting on foams and such I apply this to prevent itching, if not it feel crazy like bugs crawling around in there lol)
-cepocal throat lozenge (anestisia tubing irritates the throat)
-fitted shirts/tanks

NON Necessities for Miami trip
- heating pad (I wish I would know this but you are NOT to use this until 2 weeks post, I was unaware and used it my first night and I was draining fat out of my tubes, you will need when you get home to help with self massage but NOT while you are on your trip)
-ibuprofen (you are not to use this until at least 4 days post)
-arnica gel (Dr salama office does NOT recommend using this product, they say the tablet is fine but the gel is not so I will be returning that)

....all I can think of for now but if anything when I go to unpack my bag will update you all with anything else I forgot xO

removed my drain + quick pics

I had to face the daunting task of removing the front drain because it had very little output and I couldn't wait for Monday for my PCP to do it ...i live alone so I called my ma to make sure I'm okay if they don't hear from me lol then I took advice from Salama and Gotabooty and I let the air out of the bulb, snipped the stitch by my skin with sterilized nail clipper (yikes) and I pulled slowly ...and it started burning me and feeling weird :( so I tried to stop real quick so I can brace myself and that was worse because the second you stop pulling, the whole tube sucks back into your skin where it started and it hurts so I got a good grip and kept pulling slowly, no stopping ...the white part (deeper inside) is thicker than the tubing and it was a little painful and stinging as I wrestled to get it to erupt from the incision. It finally came out and I was so relieved ! I cleaned it with peroxide and I put neosporin/gauze on it. The hole looks big now (like I can stick a finger in it) I'm hoping it will heal up nicely.

I drove to the park today, tried with 18" foam roller and I will say I don't know HOW anyone can do that..maybe because I have SUV but my head was touching the roof and it was impossible :/ so I had to use my boppy pillow (thank goodness it was only up the street I was going) I should have taken advice from Misti and get a half foam roller but I didn't want to wait for it in the I suppose I will. If any of you ladies have any other driving advice please let me know, would be great :)

photos I have taken today I will remove very soon to add to my social network but wanted to share with you ladies first ...

drain pic didn't post ?


increased PAIN + noticing irregularities

wanted to pop in and update on my progress...

I have been having a really difficult time dealing with the pain (from the lipo) this past week ....I know my period will be due soon so I'm not sure if it has something to do with it but at this point I can only pray that I get better ....I have never had a full night sleep since having this procedure, I wake up with stiffness in my shoulders from garment digging in and then my neck kills from sleeping on my tummy ...but the worst part of all ??? is the burning sensation! I feel it mostly in my back, it literally is starting to feel like some sick joke that I so badly want to end :( I planned to have one lymph massage weekly until I am up to 10-12 total ..I am at massage 4 so far, the first one I got being home was totally different/light from office and wondering if it even helped any. So I have been laying on heating pad 2x a day and self massaging right after with q10 firming lotion using downward and deep techniques Celia taught me ..and I know that it's working somewhat because although it's painful to do so, once I am done do I feel some relief...then i put on my ab board, waist clincher, foams and then my garment overtop...super tight! I try to get in my bed for a nights rest and then I wake up to agony all over again! The worst burning sensation in my back that brings me to tears to think about. Two days ago I woke up also to a mega swollen face...was swollen like I just came out of surgery smh so I had rushed to the store to load up on pineapple juice, canned pineapple and since then the swelling has gone back down ..I continue to make my smoothies with my magic bullet using pineapple, spinach and strawberries ...its good because all I taste is the strawberry ...smoothies/heating pad is the best part of my day in all of this hell recovery

let's talk about progress in my body ....I spend a lot of time like I said IN PAIN so I tend to not care so much about how "good" I look...which is soo sad to me :( but since doctor told me I must check myself daily for irregularities and whatnot, I have def begin to notice lumps on my sides and abdomen and so I work these areas extra during my massage for fear of it healing into fibrous tissue which doctor explained is a risk of aggressive lipo. My left butt cheek is visibly different/smaller from the right ....and there is two somewhat large dents in it which makes that cheek not as round as the right side :/ and both of the cheeks toward the bottom have some dimpling I see starting to form *sighs* i don't place myself or doctor at fault at all as these risks are explained before surgery ! And so I am going to call my angel lol doctor Salama tomorrow to see what he says I should do about it..overall so far, I would say my new shape is beautiful but if I would have fast forward to the agony I am experiencing...would I do this to myself, ESP at such young age ??? I personally can't say that I would at this point....I just want my life back :( xO


just want to quickly update, I am feeling so much better since the last time I posted, I took advice from Gotabooty and I decreased the compression by removing waist clincher, along with taking aleve every 6 hours or so and my gosh I am so glad to finally have RELIEF. I was able to leave my house today and take care of things I needed including getting a restraining order ! yes , this ass is a problem HAHA I appreciate it more now that I got to get out and show it off a little. It was funny because for some reason I had not put a shirt on (must have forgot with all the layers I had on) smh just my jacket and then I was hoping going through security that my faja would not beep off and it sure enough did and the sheriff comes to check me and he immediately complements me on my "shirt" lmao he's like "that's a gorgeous shirt you have on, I mean it" and I'm thinking welp I reallllllly don't have a shirt on and I hope you don't make me take jacket off because then I will run out of here hahaha but anyway I took a quick pic for you dolls, hope you enjoy and happy healing to everyone xO

5 weeks post

hey dolls I wanted to quickly update, I am 5 weeks post and am loving my results.. I could not have picked a better doctor ..Salama has reshaped me so beautifully ! my measurements are about 26.5" waist and 41" booty...sometimes I wish the butt was bigger measurement-wise but it is huge for my frame already and I am reminded of that when I am in the eyes of the public. I ordered the vedette 128 katia in a small and I was too excited for it to get here since it looks pretty, but it arrived on Monday and to my disappointment the thong was completely cutting into my pubic area smh so lucky it was returnable. I am still wearing stage 2 lipo express garment with foams and board, with small waist cincher over everything and about to order xsmall squeem vest..also, the board from salama office was not good quality for me, it is bent all types of ways and so when I take it off I'm left with these horrible marks (they come out with heat &massage) but so instead I took a sturdy shoebox cover and I made my own board and it's been working a lot better for me. That's all for now ..xO

Round 2 in the making !!

Hello ladies, it's been forever! I came to update quickly, I am two years Post Op from BBL with Dr. Salama and I am currently planning a round 2 for next year when I have vacation time and a break from school. Anyone have a round 2 with the same Doctor (Salama) ? If so, please let me know how your outcome was...

Dr. Salama and his team at Elite Plastic Surgery are hands down, the best ! They gave me an elite experience from my first inquiry, until this exact moment. I am comfortable calling staff with any questions or concerns at anytime. Dr. Salama Brazilian butt lift skill is amazing, he changed my LIFE, for the better! I have absolutely no complaints about anything and furthermore would not trust anyone but this doctor and his team to take care of my cosmetic needs. I would highly recommend and refer Elite Plastic Surgery to anyone who seeks the same.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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