About to be Yily-fied!

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Hey ladies!! I'm scheduled for the beginning of...

Hey ladies!! I'm scheduled for the beginning of December and was wondering if anyone else would be in the area around that time. I know there are several BBL doctors in the area and I'd like to get to know someone and share the experience with someone since I'll be traveling alone. Maybe we can share a room and split expenses or at least be in the same hotel so we could be there to support each other! Let me know chicas!

Decided not to go to Salama

Decided not to go to Salama

Right around the corner! DR in a month!!

Originally I had chosen Dr. Salama and put my deposit down. But there was miscommunication and the date I had chosen could not be guaranteed so I had to back out. I did further research and decided I will be going w Dr. Yily de Los Santos. Now that sx is just over a month ago I am becoming more and more anxious. I've been praying all goes well an that I am pleased w my results. Dr. Yily is great at what she does and I'm sure I'll be pleased but I can't help to think about what ifs.... I need my prayer angels to pray for me! :)

I have everything ready so far:
An amazing sx buddy (she's going w Duran)

As far as supplies, I don't want to over do it. I've been advised from post bbl dolls that these are a necessity:
Cottonelle Wipes
Comfortable clothing
Tanks for under faja
Lipo foam
Protein shakes (I bought bars) for fast healing

I also bought:
Hand held massagers from the dollar store (has 4 nubs)
Generic Neosporin
Sleep pills
Inflatable pillows
90% alcohol
Sterile gauze

If any post bbl dolls have any other suggestions please let me know!

Supplies so far

I don't have a booty.... I have a butt....

LOL! At least that's what an ex told me before LMAO (literally). I really hesitated to post a body pic but hey, that's what were all here for right? Befores and afters.... So ladies.... Here's my before. Stay posted for my afters!!

Wish pic

This is one if Dr Salama's patients from his page. This is the pic that made me originally choose him. I'm hoping Dr Yily can do this for me. I'll post other wish pics also.

Bought my foam and boards

Ish is getting real!!! 3 wks away! Pray for me please!!!

My Supplies

Assurance Washcloths
Toothbrush, paste, mouthwash
Sterile Gauze & Qtips to clean incisions
Antiseptic wash to clean incisions
Cottonelle wipes
Deodorant, soap, hand sanitizer
P EZ to stand and pee
Arnica tabs for pain and bruising
Waterproof tape to keep drains stable
Lysol spray to disenfect surfaces and air
Protein bars cuz I hate the shakes. Protein speeds healing.
Nubby massagers
Sleep aid, laxatives
Antibiotic ointment

More Supplies

A shirts for under garment (wife beaters)
Overnight extra heavy flow pads for under garment
Chux for bed sheet protection
Lipo foam boards
Pillow to sleep face down on stomach
Safety pins
Maxi dresses, socks, robe, panties, bras
Hair ties
Beef jerky (more protein)

Iron from food info

I was looking up ways to increase iron and came across this article in wiki. Now usually I'm not a fan of wiki but I checked out the references from this article and am now comfortable with the info. It's a lot of info, but good for us to know.

Food sources
Mild iron deficiency can be prevented or corrected by eating iron-rich foods and by cooking in an iron skillet. Because iron is a requirement for most plants and animals, a wide range of foods provide iron. Good sources of dietary iron have heme-iron as this is most easily absorbed and is not inhibited by medication or other dietary components. Three examples are red meat, poultry and insects.[9][10] Non-heme sources do contain iron, though it has reduced bioavailability. Examples are lentils, beans, leafy vegetables, pistachios, tofu, fortified bread, and fortified breakfast cereals.

Iron from different foods is absorbed and processed differently by the body; for instance, iron in meat (heme iron source) is more easily absorbed than iron in grains and vegetables ("non-heme" iron source),[11] but heme/hemoglobin from red meat has effects which may increase the likelihood of colorectal cancer.[12][13] Minerals and chemicals in one type of food may also inhibit absorption of iron from another type of food eaten at the same time.[14] For example, oxalates and phytic acid form insoluble complexes which bind iron in the gut before it can be absorbed.

Because iron from plant sources is less easily absorbed than the heme-bound iron of animal sources, vegetarians and vegans should have a somewhat higher total daily iron intake than those who eat meat, fish or poultry.[15] Legumes and dark-green leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale and oriental greens are especially good sources of iron for vegetarians and vegans. However, spinach and Swiss chard contain oxalates which bind iron making it almost entirely unavailable for absorption. Iron from nonheme sources is more readily absorbed if consumed with foods that contain either heme-bound iron or vitamin C. This is due to a hypothesised "meat factor" which enhances iron absorption.[16]

Following are two tables showing the richest foods in heme and non-heme iron.[17] In both tables, foods serving size may differ from the usual 100g quantity for relevancy reasons. Arbitrarily, the guideline is set to 18 mg, which is the USDA Recommended Dietary Allowance for women aged between 19 and 50.[18]

Abstract: richest foods in heme iron
Food Serving Size Iron % Guideline
clam 100g 28 mg 155%
pork liver 100g 18 mg 100%
lamb kidney 100g 12 mg 69%
cooked oyster 100g 12 mg 67%
cuttlefish 100g 11 mg 60%
lamb liver 100g 10 mg 57%
octopus 100g 9.5 mg 53%
mussel 100g 6.7 mg 37%
beef liver 100g 6.5 mg 36%
beef heart 100g 6.4 mg 35%
Abstract: richest foods in non-heme iron
Food Serving Size Iron % Guideline
soybeans 250ml 9.3 mg 52%
raw yellow beans 100g 7 mg 39%
lentils 250ml 7 mg 39%
falafel 140g 4.8 mg 27%
soybean kernels 250ml 4.7 mg 26%
toasted sesame seeds 30g 4.4 mg 25%
spirulina 15g 4.3 mg 24%
candied ginger root 30g 3.4 mg 19%
spinach 85g 3 mg 17%
Iron deficiency can have serious health consequences that diet may not be able to quickly correct, hence an iron supplement is often necessary if the iron deficiency has become symptomatic.

So basically re: iron

heme-iron is most easily absorbed and is not inhibited by medication or other dietary components. Three examples are red meat, poultry and insects. Non-heme sources do contain iron, though it has reduced bioavailability. Examples are lentils, beans, leafy vegetables, pistachios, tofu, fortified bread, and fortified breakfast cereals.

Everyone says eat spinach, However, spinach contains oxalates which bind iron making it almost entirely unavailable for absorption. Iron from nonheme sources is more readily absorbed if consumed with foods that contain either heme-bound iron or vitamin C.

So in closing::: if ur close to ur sx date, eat more meats, fish, and poultry. Also increase ur vitamin c to aid in iron absorption. Iron from plants are good, but don't count on plants that contain oxylates like spinach to really increase ur hemp levels.

I found this info cuz I read someone say eat spinach to increase iron and I wanted to investigate. Now I know this is not entirely true. I will be eating clams and liver.... Yuck!! Lol

Don't Overdose on IRON!!!

I've been popping iron pills like skittles.... And it got me thinking.... Can I overdose on iron pills? And I've found the answer. YES!
Please read this website! I want us all to travel this journey safely ladies!! I don't want anything bad to happen to any of us.


How much iron is too much?

According to Livestrong, Pre-menopausal women (most of us), who lose blood every month in their menstrual period, need the next largest amount, 18 mg per day, while girls age 14 to 18 need 15 mg.

I've been taking 2 - 65mg pills, eating red meat, taking a multivitamin, taking 1000mg vitamin c, and drinking OJ. I think I need to stick with one pill or at least not go over 2 - 65 mg pills... I'll ultimately ask my Dr for her advice.


Getting cold feet!

Ok... In 3 days I'll be in DR, in 4 days I'm having my sx. I'm super nervous and anxious. I keep praying that this sx go smoothly. I'm really getting scared but I know God will keep me safe. I believe in the power of prayer so ladies please pray for me! I'm lucky I have an amazing buddy. She's so optimistic and positive and makes my nerves go to ease. God truly brings ppl in ur life for a reason. Our first convo we hit it off like we had been gfs forever. I really need her for this and she's been here calming my nerves every step of the way. The main thing I want is a small waist. Somehow these past few years I've gained weight all on my abdomen. Smh. I feel like if I am given hips I'd have a good shape also. I wouldn't mind a little more booty but nothing too too big. I'm trying to keep thus booty discreet until I choose to bring it out in a bodycon


I'm trying to keep thus booty discreet until I choose to bring it out in a bodycon dress. Lol. Sorry I accidentally hit save. I'm really nervous!!!! Ugh I hate this feeling... Ok, I'm about to text my buddy to calm my nerves again lol. I'm telling u, idk what I'd do w/o her.

Sitting in the room w my robe n hair net on....

Waiting on Yily. I also started my period today but thankfully God saved me from the PMS. I usually get bad cramps, headaches, and backaches. My buddy Hersheypooh has been with me every step of the way. I LOVE HER! Dominga and her sister Virginia have been with us every step of the way also. They are familiar with this process and have made sure that we have everything moving smoothly. I'll let you know how I feel after surgery.

Everything is swollen

This recovery has been kind of hard for me. My face is swollen and my hands look like nutty professors hands. I got the BBL and arm lipo. I'm very tired and dizzy. I'll update more soon.

Nutty Professor hands

Day 1


Every time I would get up I'd get a major throbbing headache. It was weird cuz Monday I slept all day, Tuesday I was fine. Wednesday the headaches came in full force. Yesterday I went back to CIPLA and I believe they drained my spine. I believe. Cuz I didn't get a chance to see if any fluid came out. But I know the anesthesiologist had a hard time getting to it. THE PAIN!!! Later yesterday my headache was a lil better than the previous. I'm hoping it was due to the treatment and not the pain meds. I want this migraine gone for good!! My buddy has also been my nurse. Lol. She's done everything from bringing me food n water, covering me, helping me with my faja and dare I say it...... The day of sx I started my period, she helped change my tampon. LMBO!!!! Oh the embarrassment AND appreciation!! Thankfully my period is weird. One normal day; the first day, then spotting for 2-3 days later. I am so grateful to her!! So this morning I woke twice and mild headaches came. I'm hoping its cuz I'm hungry... Ladies beware of spinal headaches! Google it for more info. I think this is what I had.

Booty pic.

I hope it falls. I told Dra Yily not too big. Just something more fuller. She said in 2 mos it'll be what I wanted. I need to give it more time to heal and drop. I'll keep u all updated.

Made it home safely!

Omg the plane rides were torture! I would like to give a shout out to Delta Airlines tho, lol. They upgraded me to economy comfort in the front behind the wall which let me get off my butt and rest on my knees. I had a glass of Chardonnay and a turkey sandwich. Lol. It was great. I also watched two movies; Epic and Now You See Me. The attendant there was cool too. He was asking me what I got done, and how he sees so many girls flying from DR all bandaged up and swollen lol. I told him my experience and he gave me good workout advice (he's a trainer also). I had to get used to my bed all over again. I just could not get comfy. But I will say, there's no place like home!!

Waist n Arm Lipo

I got my arms lipo'd but honestly I don't think she did it aggressively enough. I told Yily I wanted to lose 10-20 lbs so I feel she took enough to give me banging results when I lose this weight but for now I still feel big. I gained so much weight (10+ lbs) after I decided to go thru with this surgery that my face got fat :(. The pics I showed her were natural looking. I told her I just wanted rounding out. Yira then said, girls say that then get mad when Yily doesn't give them big butts. I told her I needed something modest n natural. Not video vixen booty cuz I'm trying to stay discreet.

So, as of today, I'm satisfied w my body. I'm hoping I'll LOVE it once swelling goes down and fluffing takes place.

Stage 2 Garment

Feels super tight. Dra Ana said it was supposed to be like that. Your 2nd stage garment needs to feel more "durable". The first stage was stretchy but the second stage is supposed to compress a lot more and have less "give". I had to stuff my faja whole cuz I felt my booty trying to escape out of it LMBO!!! Literally!

Boyfriend washed n massaged me :)

My bf washed me in the shower and gave me a good tough massage. I needed both considering my last shower was November 11...... nasty I know, and my body had hard spots throughout. I arms were so stiff I couldn't lift them above my head. I could feel my muscles extra tight where lipo was done. It was so painful.

Ladies, these massages we need are not to feel good during, but AFTERWARDS. After he got deep in my muscles I was so much more flexible.

DR Massages... Comparison

I had 3 different massages while in the DR.
1st masseuse: was with Gianna. She was cool and the massages were "ok". She had the ultra sound wand and the paraffin wax. My issue with her massages were #1: she didn't go deep into massage with her hands. I had lumps throughout my stomach that got harder day by day. #2 She used the ultra sound wand thingy across my body but not with enough pressure to break up my hard spots. #3 She did a few of us at the same time, which made the massages last foreverrrrrrr. Not to mention she came late at night. My last massage with her (I had only two) ended at 1am. Unacceptable. #4 Gianna also had these feet heaters she put on us. My issue with that is she didn't clean my feet prior to putting those things on either times which made me grossed out to think of how many dirty feet were in it before mine. Ewww. A positive: She put Cling wrap over us before applying the paraffin wax. I will say this has much better clean up versus paraffin wax on the skin without a barrier between. She's overall nice and passionate about her work. U can tell she really enjoys it. I just wish after the ultrasound she would have given me an old fashion deep tissue/lymphatic massage. Something my lumpy body oh so needed.
2nd masseuse: a pregnant lady with a gadget that looked like a "personal" massager. Lol. This lady gave us a good ole fashion deep tissue massage. OMG it hurt soo good. My lipo'd areas needed her so bad! She softened every knot on my body. Though it hurt, I felt like I could do flips afterwards.
3rd masseuse: the massage parlor on the 5th floor at CIPLA. They also use the ultra sound and paraffin wax (no feet heaters though which I appreciated) they start off giving u a good thorough deep tissue massage. U can tell these girls know where our lymph nodes were located by the odd parts on our body that they concentrated on. She drained so much liquid from my booty incision. She dug that ultrasound wand so painfully into my stiff muscles that my muscles refused to fight back and quickly loosened up. Yes!! Then came the paraffin wax. They apply it directly on ur back n stomach and then leave u covered to relax for about 20 mins. This is nice til it comes time to remove the wax. MESSY. Not to mention wax was still left over on some parts of my body when putting on my faja. I felt real good n loose after that massage.

OVERALL: I think I couldn't really enjoy any of the massages cuz I couldn't take a shower. It just felt like they were adding cream on top of yesterday's cream on top of the days prior cream. I used the body wipes to clean myself in between but u know that's not the same as good ole running water, soap, and a wash rag. But of all the massages, the best were the ones that had the less frills and the most hands on. It's important that the lumps get massaged out or they may become scar tissue later. Ladies, it's gonna hurt, but we NEED them.

So make sure when u get ur massages, they get deep in ur areas that were lipo'd.

Flight home advice I gave to fellow RS'er that I thought I'd share w everyone

I saw u asked how someone's flight back was and I just came home last night. It was HELL. My advice to u is request wheelchair service. I did this when I checked in online. U'll be treated like VIP. No waiting in lines (they take u to the front), no walking..... It was great. Now the flight.... I was lucky to have been upgraded for free to economy comfort on Delta. I sat on my knees on the floor cuz I had the row to myself and so much leg room. My connecting flight on a little jet was torture. Small seats n no leg room. I shifted the entire time. Make sure u have a boppy pillow or any pillow to sit on and off of. I found it hard to sit with my thighs with it. Also, get up and walk up n down the plane when the seat belt light goes off. Who cares what ppl think about u walking back n forth. U will never see these ppl again. I hope my experience helps and prepares u for yours!! GOOD LUCK N GOD BLESS!!

Faja booty hole...

Is this hole giving anyone else a hard time? Some booty meat is currently shaped like the hole :( it's achy and sore. I hope this isn't permanent. Now I have 4 booty cheeks. I know they say more is better but I don't think they meant more booty CHEEKS lol

The Infamous "Runaway Booty"

Ok, so the pic is of my new booty and her lil friend, Runaway Booty. The faja was so tight that some booty meat was trying to escape out of it. I'm hoping it's not permanent and will go away once swelling goes down..... crossing fingers. The pic is of my booty on a beach. Looks better than the original.... My booty in a messy room. Lol. Ladies, it's so hard to bend down to pic things up. I've been grabbing things with my feet off the floor and trying to swing it on my bed so I can pick it up from there. My lil monkey toes caught two cramps already from this. Lol

I hate wearing this faja

It's uncomfortable, sometimes painful, it's restricting, and it shows under clothes. I'm so over it!!! I LOVE my few minutes out of it ea day. I honestly just want these few months to fly so I can toss this thing out n be done with it.

2nd day out of my faja

At first I was thinking it was too soon but my body is actually responding quite favorably to me being outside of it. There is a bit more swelling (very slightly) but my hard spots have softened up. I wore the faja last night while I was sleeping and couldn't wait to take it off when I woke. My body still looks good, butt still looks good. Oh, I've been wearing two spanx like garments from maidenform. They are super tight. I also ordered more from their site just in case these loosen up on me later. I just needed to see how my body would react to being out of the faja before my first day back to work. The faja cuts into my thighs which is a major no go for my long days sitting at work. I have my pillows ready and all types of excuses to get up and walk around my first couple if days back in the office.

Day 25

I am 25 days po and I double up on maidenform shape wear. I only wear my faja at night (most nights). My stomach looks and feels better with the maidenform than the faja. I think it may be due to the slight swelling. The faja left me with dark spots, hard spots, n creases from the stitching. The maidenform keeps me uniform with few hard spots and no discoloration. I started using silicone sheets for my scars. I hope it works!

Today's booty pic

Pic taken tonight


I think they may actually be dissolvable.... I can't feel one of them anymore. The other one I still can. I hope they are dissolving.

Changed doctor to Dr. Yily de Los Santos.

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