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I'm about a little over a month away from surgery...

I'm about a little over a month away from surgery and I'm freaking out. I have been so calm & confident with my decision up until this point. All of a sudden I'm seeing all this so so feedback on Dr. Salama's work. Like lumps or dents in butt, and one side being larger than the other. I am also noticing a flatness in the middle of some of the ladies bottoms. This site has been so helpful in my process...I'm not sure if I should be looking for another doctor or is it just jitters. Help!

Pre Op Day

I stayed with Dr.Salama and so far I'm happy. Like the other reviews say he's very honest and to the point.
I had my pre op appointment late Sunday evening with Lucena. She was very informative, patience and sweet. It took about an hour. Signed more paper work than buying a house.
Surgery was scheduled for Monday at 2:30, couldn't eat after 12:00 so I was eating all the way up to 11:59 pm ????.

Booty Day

So the surgery office and the business office is 2 different spots. The surgery spot feels a little cold but it was all good.
Dr. Salama met with me for about 10 mins before. I told him I wanted a natural round butt, hourglass and flat stomach. He said he couldn't give me a complete flat belly because I had too much loose skin, he said it would look horrible and I would hate him. I asked about a tummy tuck and he said let's see how I heal.
We also talked about the butt in vs butt out garment. I noticed some girls have a bit of flatness in the middle , he said it was from the butt out garment. It was a mental note for later.


So I was marked up and ready to go. I waited just a few minutes before they took me to the operating room. Once on the table he found a good vein, I tried to make small talk but once he put the medicine that burns in my vein he said good nigh and I was out! The next thing I know I was being put in a wheelchair and on my way back to my rental home. I didn't feel pain immediately but the first nigh was rough. I take pain well but I cried and ask for stronger drugs. My husband reached out to Lucinda via her cell phone and she called the dr. He said it was too late to call anything in. I eventually calmed down and went to sleep. I did wake up during the night to walk and drink ensure and Gatorade. My pain med just needed to catch up.

First massage

Surgery was Monday and first massage was Thursday.
It did hurt but it was as bad as some had described. It's was actually a relief, I also got my smaller garment. My message therapist had a bbl also so we had a great conversation about butt out vs butt in. I decided on a butt in. I felt good ????


2 days post op
The doctor said I didn't have good fat, which meant the fat was very thin. It was spilling out of the openings as he was putting it in. He said he put in like 1200 ccs but only 800-900 stayed. I really like the shape and size right now, i don't want some big butt that doesn't fit my body. I am concerned about the size once the swelling goes down but he said it will go down and come back up. Praying for my little butt to stay ????.
He did a great job with sculpting my body I see the shape coming in once the swelling goes down. Well off to massage #2

The Office Staff & Dr

As far as customer service and attentiveness, I would give them a 10. I have called Lucinda on her cell phone after hours a few times and she answered, was polite and helpful. Had Dr. S call me back a few times also(after hours). Didn't take him long to call back at all!!! EVERYONE that I have come in contact with has been excellent

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