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So I went ahead a put my deposit down yesterday with Elite...

So I went ahead a put my deposit down yesterday with Elite. The actual deposit they are asking for was $700 but I went ahead and put down 4000.00 and just made another 400.00 payment today. Which leaves me with a balance of 3,099 to be paid 3 or 4 weeks prior to my surgery date. My live consult is scheduled for 10/28/15 to meet Dr. Salama and speak with him about what I'm going for. The reality of this still has not hit me. I'm soooooo excited but nervous to because I just want everything to be PERFECT! I'm not payment 7 grand to look the same or reg for that matter. I want natural but not regular. I'll repost my horrible pre-op pics again later. So you guys, along with myself can see the difference. I'm about to go on amazon and start shopping for things I need. Please feel free to leave any lists or items that I will need that you guys have purchased. That would be a huge help. XOXO

Pre-op Pics

So here are some pre-op pics. Ughhhh I need my new body lol. I can't wait, I paid more of more bal so now I'm down to $2329 as of today. Do you girls know what kind of vitamins and booty pillow is the best for the BBL? Please let me know.

Faja's, lipo foam, compression garments?

Are these things absolutely necessary? Like, they make a difference in your surgery, right? When do you start wearing the waist cincher, how soon after surgery? Does the foam go under the garment? Lol I'm just confused with all the different garments I hear that bbl patients wear.

Wish Pics (for the butt)

So I've finally found pictures for the look I'm going for, I think most of my wish pics have something in common. "The bubble butt", more so a heart shape because it's nice, full & round at the bottom which is what I'm starting to realize I want. I think all of these girls look natural but have that "omg she had to have surgery!" look, only because their butts are SO PERFECT. Which I wouldn't mind someone saying in that case lol.

Wish Pics (for the hips)

So this is what I'm going for in the hips & waist department. I literally wish I could take areas of different video model body's and build my own body lol. I know I would have to lose weight for some of these shapes. I just wish I knew how I would look after surgery, weighing 194 :/ ughhhh, I'm starting an all fish/seafood/lots of water diet hoping I call lose something but diets really aren't my best friend. I am trying though. We shall see.

BBL pillow, boppy pillow, extra thick yoga mat?

Would a extra thick yoga mat be a decent replacement for a bbl pillow? I honestly don't want to spend $100 on something after 6 weeks I more then likely won't use. And I know they give you a boppy pillow but how in the hell do you use that thing? Lol I've been trying to think of how that would keep my butt from touching the seat. Also what did you ladies use at work and driving? What worked best for y'all?

Have any of you ladies had surgery w/o a in person consult?

So I had to cancel my consult on the 28th with Salama because I start a new job and I can't miss training, especially early on because I'll be missing the last couple days for sx.... have any of you ladies had sx w/o an in person consult? I'm soooooo scared because I wanted to show Salama my wish pics and my body so he can just tell me what his plans are. I feel like crying because surgery isn't something you can play around with and him not actually seeing me until the day before scares the hell out of me. Do any of you ladies know if Salama looks at wish pics the day before or if he looks at you the day before? I don't know what to do, he only does consults on Wednesdays which is crazy as hell. I just hope he looks at my body & pics the day before sx and gives me exactly what I want.

Anyone have links to the exact items you bought to sit on?

Anything that you ladies used that worked really well for you, to keep from sitting on your butt. At home, work, class or driving. Thanks xoxo

Salama/ Top Doctor?

Okay, so this may be extremely petty but I obsess over the very little things lol... why does Dr.Salama no longer have a top doctor banner across his picture. I really don't like that, like what happen? Has anyone else noticed this? Probably not. I'm just an over reacter I know lol.

Answers as to why Salama is no longer a top doc

So I contacted realself and this is what they told me. For all of you ladies wondering the same thing as me.


So I've been reading some different ladies reviews & It's one I ran across that really gave me understanding of compression and the importance of it. I didn't know for the longest that is what keeps the fluids & swelling down. I always kinda wondered like why are those compression garments even necessary to wear after the procedure. I know I may sound slow lol but I'm completely new to surgery like most of us here. And it's now all clicking to me that compression is serious as hell after surgery. My Salama ladies could you tell me does elite give you compression socks? Did you ladies buy your garments after the two they give you or did you go to Aventura with them already? How do you guys know which one to buy, name & size wise?

So I just received a call from Cynthia!!!!

So Cynthia just called me and asked me if I wanted to move my sx date up to Nov 16th.... I told her I wanted to add in arms so I wasn't sure if I would have enough time to pay the extra $500 and she said if I move my date up she'll help me out and just add in my arms free of charge. I almost fell the hell out lol. That is a hugeeeeee help. The only problem is my damn job, I just started a new job and it's the beginning of training and they act like they're gonna die if you miss a few days. I really want to move my date up and I feel like they need to understand this is surgery. I have my job thinking it's like a serious surgery lmaoooo, God fogive me, but I had too... This is serious to me and I feel like if you tell people what it's really about they don't take it seriously, which pisses me off because you still getting cut on regardless. I only owe $1929 at this point, which is great even Cynthia was like you don't owe much at all. My friend is giving me $1100 of that so that leaves MY actual balance at like $629, thank God.... Anywho, I'm gonna contact my job and see if I can just finesse them into thinking this has to be done immediately and hope for the best... What do y'all think should I move it up if I can or wait?????

What's y'all preference? Heart shape or more shelf?

I'm just curious what do you ladies like/prefer or if you have your surgery do you describe yourself as having more of a heart shape or shelf?

Updated wish pics

Here are some other wish pics I love. I finally found some heart shape booties that are still fully round and even have a shelf. I didn't know that was possible but that's like having the best of both worlds and exactly what I want. A hasan patient (assassass) is literally the She's has more shelf & less heart shape, but he did a incredible job on her she was brought to my attention by another bbl doll on here. I love her hips too.


So I got the call from Zuny going over labs, pre-op info etc. So I wanted to ask you guys. To do your labs is your primary the only doctor you can go to? Like can you go to like labcorp or anything? Because my doctor takes monthsssss to get a available appt. And I know it'll probably be a while before I get something. Any tips ladies???

The physical is required for your clearance right?

I was asking because Zuny said nothing about a physical or check up. She just mentioned bloodwork. I just really wanna know so I can try to schedule both appointments around the same time. You ladies got your physical for your clearance letter right?

Questions about pre-op for my Salama vet's

I know y'all tired of me but I have sooo many questions lol, I'm sorry. So when you go in the office for pre-op the day before do you stay there? Like until your surgery the next day? Or do you leave and come back on sx day?

29 Days Away, Sh*t Is Getting Real!

The closer it gets to my date the more it feels unreal. I, like most of us on here have been waiting forever until it was our time. I still have a hard time believing in less then a month I'll have a booty lol. I finally got all of my lab work done and had my physical and EKG for the clearance letter, thank God I didn't have to pay for any of it. I just went through my primary and I was able to get in because she had some cancellations. I'm telling you ladies, that so far has been the hardest part of this experience so far. Especially if you work a full time job, trying to get off and make sure you can get a appt in time, 3 weeks prior AND not break the bank on labs and everything else. Yeah, definitely be aware of that. By the grace of God I got everything done in time but I had to get off work early yesterday and take off today, didn't want to but I had no other choice. When deciding I wanted to have this procedure it was sooooo much I didn't put into the equation such as the doctors appts, taking off work for the procedure, booking a rental and hotel, I don't know where the hell I thought I was staying lol but when you're so excited about your new body the bare necessities aren't even thought of.

Supplies list:
Attends Underpads (chux pads, for bed)
Diurex Water Capsules (for water weight gain)
Neosporin Plus Pain Relief
Arnica Gel (for pain relief, swelling & bruising)
Phillips Liquid stool softener
Band-aid small 2x2 gauze pads
Assured waterproof bandage tape (search your dollar store)
Cetaphil antibacterial bar soap (3 bars for like $9 dollars at Walmart)
P EZ funnel
Huggies simply clean wipes ($1.97 for 72 at Walmart)
Strawberry Ensure (in case I don't feel like eating)
Slippers & socks
Gatorade & water
Tank tops (to go under garments)
Maxi Dress/loose fitting clothes

Hotel: Caribbean Resort by the beach in Hollywood Florida, about 18 miles away from where surgery will be done, about $130 a night, it's not the cheapest but I stay 4 hours away so I'm not staying the full 10 days and I didn't want a raggedy hotel because I know Miami/Fort Lauderdale area definitely has some, I just don't think it's a good idea to be staying in a roach motel when you have "open wounds" and not feeling your best "Kanye shrug".

Officially Paid Off!

Thank God. $7,051 dollars later. I didn't have to pay remaining bal. It feels good to have it completely out of the way. Update fully when I get home.

Date Change

So I received a call from Cynthia a few days ago asking me for a favor, I got really scared because I thought she was gonna say we need you to move your date to next year or something lol.... So she asked if I could either move it up to 11/20 or move it back to 12/8. So since my date was 12/3 I figured moving it back 5 days can't hurt. The thing is if I did that for her she would waived my remaining balance which was $449. That was a huge help, I was just going to make a payment that day she called too, I'm so happy I waited. So my new official date is 12/8.

Salama's Work Is REALLY The Truth!

So I had the pleasure of being able to see a Salama booty live and in action lol.... myself and a fellow Realself sis (Bootylicious22) went out to eat last night and when I tell y'all her body is literally perfection! She has the most tiniest, most snatched waist that I've EVER seen. And her booty is so perfect like omg. She made me even more sure of Salama then I already was. It's crazy because she didn't have alot of fat to start with but if you seen her in person you would think she did. Pictures literally did her no justice. It feels so real (yes I felt it lol) and it jiggles!!!! OMGGGG. He gave her most girls dream body, her booty is so big but it still looks natural, which is why I chose him in the first place. Like he actually gives you one of those plump, full, juicy, perky booties but has a way of making it look super real. Not many can do that honestly. You either have to jeopardize a big ass for a fake looking ass, or a smaller ass for a more natural looking ass. But for those of us that want big and natural, choosing Salama was the way to go.

A Week Away!

So I'm about a week away and I'm trying to keep my nerves at bay. It only happens at night where I get nervous when I have time to let my mind run wild. Not change my mind kind of nervous but just regular nervous lol. I wasn't worried about the pain this whole time, because I feel like my pain endurance level is pretty good but now I'm just a bit scared. I see alot of mixed reviews with some women saying it was horrible, and some saying they were just sore like after a workout. I would rather that obviously but little things like that aren't gonna make me regret my decision. I'm also praying that I get everything I want out of this surgery because Lord knows this was expensive and I definitely don't want to have to go through a round 2. I'm confident in Salama and have been this entire time so I know it's probably just my nerves because it's getting closer to my date. My main thing is getting my waist as small as he can possibly get it. I need at the very least 5 inches off this thing. Is that even possible from surgery alone? And making sure he makes the top part of my lower back/upper booty smoother and flatter because it's like stubborn fat in that area, it's a hideous problem area I inherited from my dads side. Anyway, I have everything done at this point but I always feel like I'm forgetting something so if it's anything that you ladies can tell me that you may not have thought of, or maybe forgot that would be sooooo helpful. I didn't have too much to say in this update and I was gonna wait until the day of surgery to update again but this site and you guys calm my nerves. Well talk to you later babes xoxoxo.

30 mins out. OMG

I'm waiting outside in the car of the surgery center. My appt is at 12:30. This is crazy omg I'm excited.


So I'm just sitting here waiting until doctor Salama finishes with his previous patient. Omg I'm excited but nervous at the same time. I seen some of his other patients and omg they look so good.

I made it to the other side!!!

Sorry I'm just now updating. Promise I will later. This pic does no justice in showing how big it really is.

Day 5, surprised!

So I'm five days post op, and I'm surprised to say the least. I didn't think I would feel as well as I am for surgery to only have been less then a week ago. I'm walking more, stiffness is lessen a lot I'm starting to feel more comfortable again. I'm still really bruised and after awhile of standing I feel nauseous but it's starting to be far in between. At first as soon as I got up I felt like I would fall. Taking deep breathes before I start walking definitely help rather then just taking right off. I'm not taking the Percocet (oxycodone is what pharmacy gave me) because I don't like taking a lot of harsh medicine, and the one time I did I felt sick and extremely sleepy. I was also hearing things lol they may have been because I didn't have enough food on my stomach though. The nausea medicine is the only other meds I took beside the antibiotic and they work good. Each day my body is looking better and better. He couldn't get my stomach as flat as I wanted it because of the allowed amount of fat he can take out. But we did discuss that previously so I knew, which is fine that'll just make me get my big ass in the gym lol. My first massage is Monday and hopefully I get my drains out because not much fluid is coming out at this point. These drains are so freaking aggravating. Anyways I'll upload some pics later, probably when I get my massage, so it's a little easier. Ask me any questions y'all might have! Ttyl babes xoxoxo


Having trouble uploading pics, hopefully these go

Question for my vet's!!!!!!!!

Did any of you ladies experience a highness at the top of your butt? Like when your surgery was still fresh? Did that drop after your butt fluffed out? I'm worried because mine is a little puffy at the top which is kinda the issue I originally had. Did any of you ladies form your butt, like massage it to the shape you want while it's still new. I just don't want it to be stuck higher at the top. I still love my butt it's just that one thing I'm worried about.


Please excuse the mirror lol. As you can see my stomach still has a little pudgyness I think it's cute tho it was swollen here too because my garment was off so its a bit smaller I still love what he did. Much better than I was before. Nothing the gym can't fix.

More Pics

Garment on



Best decision I've EVER made!

Hey you guys, this review is so long over due. But I've been so busy with work and school. Anyway, I'm so thankful to Dr. Salama, his team, and God lol for this entire experience. I wanted this surgery since I was like 14 lmao smh, but back then it was more about the shape of my butt then the size. This surgery made me feel the confidence I use to feel that went away with my weight gain. I'm in love with my new body, and even though I have a little ways to go with other parts of my body I now have a starting point where I can see what needs a little sprucing up which isn't a whole lot. I was skeptical after the surgery like most of us but they aren't lying when they say you drop and fluff at around 3 months. I'm telling you I was terrified that I lost all of my butt until my 3rd month I (and everybody else) was like this thang is huge. Patience really is key with cosmetic surgery. The attention that you get after your new body is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. I've always been a eye catcher (not bragging) but after my sx it was like OMG. Men, women, old people, even kids say stuff lol. It's literally like you're the center of attention. I just recently got back home from a trip to Miami and I didn't expect for anyone to even pay me no mind because after all it's Miami, I expected beautiful women with nice big booties everywhere, (boy was I wrong) the attention in Miami was unlike any other. It feels good to get compliments on your body especially after surgery, left and right. This has been the most life changing experience ever for me. If you're still contemplating, DON'T you won't regret it. Dr. Salama was great and I'm going back for a couple more procedures lol love him.

Salama did NOT even play hunny!

This is what I do at work, stare at my butt in the mirror all day lmaoooo


Just some news pics. This thang is sitting like a horse hunny. 

Just a pic

I have decided to do a round 2 even tho everyone says I don't need it. I'm pretty much doing it for a touch. Like a mini bbl. I have flat areas on the bottom of my butt. It's hard to see but they are there. I also want more projection and some other areas filled in where the fat didn't survive. I also want my stomach and breast done and I think I'll do those before round 2 on myour butt. Everyone loves it. I get sooooo much attention, questions, stares, smiles, it's absolutely crazy lol. But I'm trying to be the closest thing to perfect lol
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