Dr. Salama 2 year bbl update and just got tummy tuck

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Hello ladies! My procedure is in 6 days with Dr...

Hello ladies! My procedure is in 6 days with Dr Salama, here i posted 2 pics of me before and will give you some after too, not nervous at all, it probably change soon, will get to aventura fl on tuesday and surgery on thursday. I will be there with my family and hope everything goes well. Please have me in your prayers....

Also have 3 kids and 2 babies had them 8 months ago

Also have 3 kids and 2 babies had them 8 months ago

Hello ladies, went yesterday to try to get the...

Hello ladies, went yesterday to try to get the last minute stuffit needed, not sure What clothes to bring Because of the drains and garment i Will have to put on, if someone of you guys Know please share, i am not sure if the garment has sleeves or not...

Ok Girlas!!! Well I went to my consultation today....

Ok Girlas!!! Well I went to my consultation today. Got to dr Salamas office at 12:30 pm. Sign all the paperwork that is to sign. Then was called inside. Changed into my paper dress, like 5 minutes later Dr Salama came in. Asked me what I wanted, he gave me his professional opinion. I have read so much here of how serious he is and everything else, ladies this is not true at all. He is super professional and who wants to be joking around when you're talking about plastic surgery ? Answer all our questions And went through any possible complication that could happen. Then the important question: do you want a big butt??? I said yes. Met Nancy, beautiful lady, very pretty and nice. Helped me finalize everything. I am contemplating doing chin lipo too, will think about it tonight. Ladies this dr is very professional and his staff too. Don't believe about his serious character because it is not true al all, this is not my first plastic surgery and I wanted to be with the best and I am super excited for this and very sure I made the right choice.

Oh ladies surgery is tomorrow at 1:30 pm. Got pill...

Oh ladies surgery is tomorrow at 1:30 pm. Got pill from dr so I can sleep good tonight, hubby went to get arnica gel because I haven't been able to find it nowhere, but we called a publix and they had it. Dr also gave me arnica pills. Got pads for the bed too so it doesnt get bloody with the leaks of the drains. I am praying to God everything goes well please have me in your prayers.

Hello ladies!! I made it to the other side!! First...

Hello ladies!! I made it to the other side!! First night was rough. Without my husband I'm not sure what I would've done. Woke up and got the news 1500 ccs!! Omg my butt is huge!! I will post pictures in a couple days when I'm less bloody and swollen. Wash garment today because it is impossible to keep it clean when using the bathroom, I did my chin too and really see the difference already. Also did my arms and inner thighs too. My next appointment is Sunday and Monday the first massage. Very afraid of it, everyone says that is very painful. I want to thank you guys for your prayers and for keeping me in your thoughts. We met a very nice couple at the Dr office, we wish we met you guys before. Ladies Dr Salama work is amazing I am very pleased with my results already. And also ladies keep your meds on time. Take them before it's time. This pain is no joke. I will keep you guys updated. Will take some rest now. Talk to you guys later. Good night.

Ok ladies here I added 2 pics with the garment on.

Ok ladies here I added 2 pics with the garment on.

Having some difficulties uploading pics sorry

Having some difficulties uploading pics sorry

Hi ladies!! Today Had appointment to check drains...

Hi ladies!! Today Had appointment to check drains and Insicions everything looks good, thank God. Will get first massage tomorrow. Pain is a little bit better today. I love my shape. Dr Salama did an amazing job on me. I Will have dinner with my family and Will update a little bit later. Good night ladies!

Ladies today got my gauze and wrapping from my...

Ladies today got my gauze and wrapping from my chin and already can See difference, so glad i did it. Also ladies make sure you have benadryl Because this itches!!!! A lot.

Hello beautiful ladies!!! I made it through my...

Hello beautiful ladies!!! I made it through my first massage today. Took warm shower first, then took 2 pain killers and headed to the dr office, Celia God Bless her hands, massage was a little uncomfortable, but very needed. I was super relieved at the end of it. And also Celia made me feel very comfortable too. She is awesome. Ladies you need these massages. Have next appointment for wednesday to see dr and for next massage. Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes i really appreciate it. Talk to you guys in a little bit.

Hello ladies!!! Im back. This have been harder...

Hello ladies!!! Im back. This have been harder than I thought, i have been in so much pain. Last night we left Aventura for our 4 hour drive home, not easy at all, I didn’t wanted to sit and I didn’t and this made it harder and more difficult, my feet got so swollen that I could not see my ankles. I don’t know how we made it. But we did. I am so happy were home. But I haven’t been able to do nothing at all. Cant pick up my babies or do nothing in the house, if it wasn’t for my husband I don’t know what I would do. I have noticed that if you stretch you actually feel better, thanks to my girl August 2012, she told me this. Im in so much pain and stiffness in my body still. Im now 9 days post op today. I have had other procedures and none have been this hard, I am serious, maybe is only me. I know everyone is different. I got my 3rd massage with Celia yesterday before we left, she is a sweetheart, massage still very painful, actually I learn yesterday that they get more and more painful because of the internal scarring, I didn’t know that. So not looking forward for the next 7 massages at home, found this person that comes to your house for $65.00 per massage, lymphatic and deep tissue, we will see on Monday how that goes. I want to let you ladies know that are coming to Aventura, DO NOT STAY AT THE BEST WESTERN HOTEL IN HALLENDALE BEACH, NOT GOOD. I am super happy with my 1500 ccs I got. Love my new body. I am very tired all the time, but I know this is part of cosmetic surgery and just need to be patient. I have an issue, when I was the last day at Dr Salama office everyone there said I needed to change into smaller garment, well got the large one, but it is too small, it is very tight, but the part im worried is that it might be too tight in the butt? Please if some of you ladies have gone through this let me know. I was thinking to have the xl garment bring it to seamstress and put it smaller and leave butt big. I don’t want to squeeze my big butt lol. I haven’t noticed my booty shrinking yet, probably too soon. I cant explain how happy I am with my results and with my choice of surgean, I think Dr. Salama is the best and his staff too. Everyone in there is excellent I kind of fell sad when I left. Aww I know. I will be updating a little bit later with new pics. Talk to you girls later!!

Hi ladies, well im 2 weeks today, haven’t...

Hi ladies, well im 2 weeks today, haven’t noticed any loss in volume, except for the swelling. I haven’t sat down at all after surgery except to use the bathroom. I LOVE my results I am so happy I did this and that I chose Salama. I will be posting pictures later today.

Oh and by the way, i took my xl garment to a...

Oh and by the way, i took my xl garment to a seamstress to take off the waist and legs, the large garment was too tight on my booty and we didnt want this, so now my big booty fits perfect on the garment and my little waist fits the large, will take it again next week to put it like a medium because i can alrady see the creases in the back, the dr told me when i see this, it means that garment is too big and need to be changed.

Hello beautiful ladies, I am on my 8th week now. I...

Hello beautiful ladies, I am on my 8th week now. I almost back to normal, my body still very sore and my stomach still have lumps. I'm still doing massages and I will start ultrasound very soon. I am still loving my results. I will post some new pics that I took today. Still wearing my garment and sitting in the boppy at work. Let me say that this has been the hardest recovery I had in my life. I had a boob reduction and that was a walk in the park compare to this. The lipo is the worst. But do wonders. So all the pain is worth it. Dr Salama rocks! Talk to you guys later.

At 8 weeks my measurements are waist 29 butt 44

At 8 weeks my measurements are waist 29 butt 44

Hi Ladies!!! It's been a while. Been busy with...

Hi Ladies!!! It's been a while. Been busy with kids and family. Wanted to give you guys an update. My results are still awesome I can't be more happy with my booty. I am going to go thru a mini tummy tuck on September, got the date already. I am very excited and now the waiting game, I will be posting some new pics tomorrow. My measurements are the same and I think I have gained a little weight and it all goes to my butt. For real. But the dr said that would happen. Talk to you guys soon!!!! Girlas

Tummy tuck in 4 weeks!!!

Hello my beautiful ladies. I'm back. I have my procedure with Salama of course again in 1 month. This time I am going for a tummy tuck. I am super excited and cannot wait. Will be posting pictures. And will keep you informed. Will do the blood work next week. Talk to you all soon my girlas!

Pic after a year and a half bbl with Salama

This is a picture i just took. Measurements are 46. I gained some weight. But planning to loose some for my tt in a couple of weeks. Talk to you beautiful ladies soon.

Got blood work done. Countdown is on...

Hi Beaitiful ladies. Just got oir of the lab doing my blood work. Pray that everything comes out good. I keep you guys updated.

3 days left

Hey beautiful ladies. The labwork came out good thank God. And I have 3 days left to be in Miami to see the master Salama. So excited. Will keep you guys posted. Keep me in your prayers.

Miami....here i come

Salama here I come. I am soooo excited Omg!!!! Will keep you guys posted.

Hi Ladies! one week after tt with Master Salama

Ok ladies. I got my tt one week ago. And I am super excited and happy with my results. Still taking meds and just changed into my new girdle. Still swollen and with the drains. Can't wait to take them off. But Salama as and his staff outstanding as always. Could not find a better surgeon. Ladies don't put your body at risk to save a couple bucks. Get a professional in every sense of the word. Only have one picture for now. Will load it now.

One drain out

Ok ladies got one drain out today and feel so much better. One more to go. Dr. Salama showed my husband how to take it off when ready. I will post more pics when the tape is off. Just wanted to give you guys an update. Still very swollen and feeling the effect of a great lipo. If you guys know what I mean. Talk to you ladies soon.

soon pics

Hi ladies. I will update pictures as soon as the tape comes off. Dont have drains anymore. And the swelling is going down slowly. But starting to see my small waist.

updated pics 1 month tt

Well these are a couple pics I just took. Still swollen a little but loving the results!

Almost 2 months from my tt

Well beautiful ladies. I am going to be 3 months from my tt in a couple of days. Cant be more happy! Salama is the man. I will include a couple pictures i just took. The scar looks increible with only 2 weeks of using the silicone sheets. I will post pictures when i changed them the next time. I am also considering Very seriously going for round 2 on the bbl.
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I rate Dr Salama 5 plus because he is excellent, very professional, hiis staff is awesome and also the work he did on me is phenomenal. Answered all my questions and was very informative with me and my husband. Love my new body and cant wait to see all this swelling gone so i can see the end result. And he did what he said he was going to do. Love it!!! Went for my tummy tuck and i am so happy with my results and could not be more satisfied. The staff is still incredible. And can say without a doubt that Salama is the best surgeon out there.

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