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My post sounds like everyone else's I've read...

My post sounds like everyone else's I've read since I've joined in June. My date is 12/4 with Salama and I can't believe I'm actually going forward with something for me and not putting it off for someone or something else. I consider this my gift.

I think I'm having a delayed emotional reaction because I need to get everything situated b4 excitement can settle in. I def need help with finding a less expensive place to stay other than the the list we were sent in our packet. ******WHERE ARE THE NICE PLACES FOR THE LOW???*******

All my tests came back good except the cbc saying Im anemic . Nomie called and said Salama won't operation if I don't get my levels up to an 11 or 12. I'm a 10.6. Im now taking VITRON C to get me up. This is a bummer because its less than 30 days till surgery and I have to get my levels up retake the test have them sent back receive a clearance and book everything within a week becuz I'm not tryna pay for everything and they say I'm still to low. *blankstare*

This sight has its pros and cons. We need to...

This sight has its pros and cons. We need to understand that no ones body is the same nor health or underlying conditions . These things make a difference in recovery. something as simple as skin quality can alter a turn out. Comparison is prob the worst thing we prob have done on here.

I have 13 days left and I chose Salama because I saw his work, not because I wanted him to make me look like anyone on here. I want to look like a better me! To be honest this site has made me realize that my body is not as bad as Ive envisioned it. :)

Im on my phone so thats why i havnt posted pics.
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