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Hello Sexy Ladies!! I'll start by introducing my...

Hello Sexy Ladies!!
I'll start by introducing my self! I am a 25 year old female, 5'6 currently 140 lbs (trying to gain 15 lbs for this round 2 BBL ) I live in beautiful, hot, humid and sticky Miami, FL.
I'd like to start off by saying I'm so glad i found this website! I just wish i would have found it a little earlier! LIKE BEFORE having my first 'BBL done! i had it done last year June 26th 2012, so basically exactly a year! i found RealSelf.com' on July 8th, while recovering from my BBL! that is like a week after having BBL!! my first BBL was with Dr. Osak Omulepu from Strax Rejuvination! He had previously given me my Breast Augmentation which he did a phenomenal job! He gave me my wonderful 36 D breasts that look great on my and proportionate to my body! i have a long neck and wide shoulders for my frame for it works for me! So, with that being said, and Dr. Omulepu giving me wonderful, large natural looking breasts, exactly what i wanted, i was confident that he would give me the booty i have always wanted! Now ladies, i always had a nice round perky booty. I always got compliments on it from men and women. It was my best asset! Especially being at that time my breast were small ( 34 B ) and not perky at all ( my palacsinta boobies.) So me having this surgery was all about the booty! i have always had a nice body but i did carry extra weight on my flanks and abdomen area! bra area and back! BLAHHH! But perfect donor fat, No? So anyways, i jumped into it with Dr. Omulepu, Assuming and hoping he would give me the big booty I've always wanted!
So i set up the consultation with him to talk about my first BBL. He was very professional and answered all my questions, but in lightening speed, which i didn't like what so ever. That just shows me that he is super busy and is treating me like every other patient. i know I'm not any more special than the next person , but at least i would like to be put at ease when i am putting my life in your hands, No? i know he knew my from my previous procedure but this is not a follow up on my breasts, this is a whole new procedure!

***I will go back and add more details about Dr. Osak Omulepu Later ***

So i have been thinking about having a round 2 BBL ever since i have been in recovery from my first BBL. Reasons being is bc Dr. Omulepu did not give me the projection and shelf that i wanted what so ever! Like i said before i already had a booty to start and a nice shape, all i needed is it to be filled up! and he didn't give me that! no one can even tell i have had and changes to body except my waist is a lot thinner and tiny. Even my ex boyfriend who i was with for 5 years didn't even notice. Ok well he did ask me if my butt got bigger and that was in clothes. but i honest don't see too much of a difference maybe 25%!! My mother says its big, My mama says its so big she's going to massage the fat off LOL! She's so old school!( she's a masseuse, and so am i and my mother, **If any ladies are in the miami area and are looking for masseuse's to massage the fluid out post op, for a good price inbox me ! =0) ***)
So ever since i have been on RealSelf.com which was a week after my first BBL :(, i have been reading a lot of reviews on Dr. Salama, and i love his work! He sculpts the perfect hourglass shape. Tiny waist nice, hips (depending on each person, we are all unique in figure) but not OD, and an apple and onion booty! Now that is what i wanted from the jump! I do wish my bootyy was so much bigger! But sometimes i can only think that i can blame my self because right before i went into the Operating Room', i told Dr. Omulepu to not give me a huge fake booty, and especially not a sponge bob booty like Kim Kardashian! (I'm sorry but her huge square butt does not look right on the skinny thighs. Butttt that's just my opinion.) I told him to keep my same shape, to keep it natural! Now i totally regret saying that! So a tip to you ladies out there who are scared of their butts being too big! Remember, 1.) it's all about how much fat you have to transfer. 2.) your booty will go down 30% no matter what even with out sitting (you should NOT sit for 6 weeks) but the upside is that the more your booty heals the more it will fluff, i believe the more blood circulation the more it will 'fluff'. So if it's a big butt you want tell them, and bring pictures! Don't be afraid to ask questions ! this is Your body! and you are the one who has to live with it. But remember keep realistic expectations. Everyone had different bone structure. Some women have longer torsos while other have shorts torso and long legs, or shorts legs short torso, vice versa and ect.
so after doing my research for the past year,all while awaiting for my one year mark for it to be safe for me to have another surgery. Also that time will allow for fat cells to grow back and reproduce! I do notice i have a fat necrosis (fat build-up) in my right side hip/butt area. I asked the doctor if it will cause harm to my body and it said its harmless. But the only way of removal is to lipo it out. i can't even massage it out. I'm still going to try. I guess ill just have to live with it. It doesn't hurt and it's not obvious. So it really doesn't bother me. But i can definitely feel it, it's the size of a golf ball!! =/ ( down fall of plastic surgery!) Dr. Omulepu didn't use drains so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with that. Dr. Salama told me its dead fat. it didn't get enough oxygen to in that area. That's why i think rubbing it should get the circulation moving easier, especially in that tight faja!

So last week i finally went into to 2 different consultations being it has been my 1 year mark! So my body is ready for this round 2! One consultation was for Tuesday @ 7:00pm with Dr. Micheal Salzhuer located in Bay Harbour, Miami which is down the street from me so that was convenient! I was surprised he takes consultations so late, but i was informed that during the day he does he procedures and then at night he has his consultations. Then Wednesday at 1:00pm with Dr. Salama. Then I had scheduled a follow up' appointment with my previous Doctor, Dr. Omulepu that Thursday at 4:00pm. I had received a call from both Dr. Salzhuer and Dr. Salama's office to confirm my appointment. But i didn't receive not one call from Dr. Omulepu's office. i got so upset that they didn't even know i was supposed to be there that i didn't even go in for my 1 year follow up! come on now? Seriously? Are you guys that unorganized? I wouldn't be so hard on them if i didn't already have not so pleasant experiences from Strax. The nurses there are rude and stuck up, the nurses that i was accompanied with were snickering behind my back and gossiping in the hall way in a group. the doctors were flirting with nurses in front of patients which i thought was very unprofessional! I am not an up tight person and the one to get my panties in a bunch but i just wasn't a happy camper! Like one thing i remember is right before i went into the OR i asked the nurse who was taking my temp. if she could give me a blanket because i was freezing. plus i thought i was supposed to have one from the get go,( thats how i remember it from my breast aug.) so as she throws me a thin sheet she says, " mmmHmmmm yeaaa…I MUSTT like you, because I gave you a thick blanket…" Great, Thanks lady. LOLI didn't know what to laugh at first, her being rude and miserable, or the fact that she called this Sheet' a Blanket"!! HA!! So i blabbering now…but it's nice to vent! =0)
So about seeing the doctors at the consolations. First I went to see Dr. Salzhuer his office is beautiful! but i wouldn't expect anything less in Bay harbour/Bal Harbour! The staff was really nice and sweet. i showed Dr. Salzhuer my wish pics and he told me to gain 10 lbs and come back. So before i could even ask one of the girls for a quote she told me that when i come back after gaining 10 lbs she will give me a quote. Right off the bat that seemed so manipulative to get to only go back there. So the next day was my consultation to see Dr. Salama. ( just some advice for the ladies that are driving to Dr. Salama's office, bring Cash because you have to pay for parking in the parking building. All the parking spots surrounding the building are 'valet parking.' When i got there was right on time! YAY!! I'm a procrastinator so i was proud of myself ! But it do much justice bc i had to wait a full hour for him! He was backed up! The waiting room was full. Also full of ass! i mean some donkeys up in der!! for real! i couldn't believe how big they were! i just had to remind myself that they are bigger girls and it will significantly go down! i just couldn't help myself but think how fake it looks! and that is what I'm going to look like for a while too till i don't have to wear my faja . Because that faja makes the butt look huge and perky! i feel like a damn lie when i wore it while recovering from my BBL! As soon as that 6 weeks was up, i never looked back at that faja. the cob webs are nesting up in that itch…And them fajas are Not cheap! SO when i finally went into the room to undress to my thong and bra,and showed him my wish pics' He told me that i must gain 15 lbs! that is Not easy for me now because one I'm not a big eater and 2 the fat doesn't go to my abdomen now since it's been lipoed! i never thought i would be complaining about that! But i want to make sure everything goes right this time. No rushing into things like i did last time. And i can't expect things to be the way i want them i have to speak up and be detailed! So long story short i put my deposit down and my date is set for October 4th. Just enough time for me to gain 15 lbs! =0)

If any ladies have any questions even if they are too imbaressed to talk about it. Or if you think your the only one feeling some type of way, trust me! you are not alone! it's better to get things off your chest! It's therapy for the mind! =0) Good luck to all you sexy ladies! And to those who are receiving! I'm sending you my positive energy! wishing you feel more like your self every passing day!! =0) Just remember 80% is mental 20% is physical. The Mind does most of the work, the body just follows! So don't let your thoughts get the best of you!! 1…2…3…..BREATHE!!! =0)

Bought some amplified mass mix to gain weight…

bought some "amplified mass" mix from GNC, talk about being full…that mix is not easy to get down…gained 4 pounds….im at 146 lb now. i need to get up to 160 , thats my goal by october 4th…gona try and get some sleep now…good night

adding a wish pic…


Hello Ladies,
I'm looking for an earlier date, something for the end of August or Anytime in September! My date is October 4th! SO IF ANYBODY IS LOOKING TO SWITCH FOR A LATER DATE PLEASE INBOX ME!! =0)

OMG!! Gaining weight is NOT easy!!!

Gaining weight is NOT easy for me! i just weighed myself today and I'm back down to 141 lbs!! I was doing so good! i was at 146 lbs! but now of course haven't been able to drink my protein shakes bc i left them at my friends house in ft lauderdale! which is like 40 minutes from me! I'm in miami! LOL Anyyhowww…. I'm going crazy because I'm supposed to be seeing this guy who lives on the other side of America., and i want to look my best and start working out since i said i will be going to see him in August and my surgery is in october. But i don't want to lose fat ! i don't know what to do, should i just work out and get into better shape and go HAM just for August before i see him, and then once i get back eat like a pig and be lazy LOL! ?? please girls help me out!
I also added another wish pic! ;)

trying to gain weight…

new wish pic!! KISSES LADIES!!

wish pics…

wish pic

this is me now…


SO my date is in 24 days!

24 more days !! I'm so excited!!!

my day is almost here and i have nothing done yet!!

12 more days and I'm no where near ready! i haven't even taken my blood test yet! I'm a mess!

Surgery is in 3 hours!! Kinda buggin out! Can't sleep!

my surgery is in about 3 and a half hours and I haven't even slept! My nerves are shot! It's 3:30 am and my surgery is 6:45am ! I will write to you ladies when I get home if I have the energy but no matter naw hat I will post a pic in my faja!! Wish me luck! I'd love to hear from you ladies! :)

3 days post op

hello ladies, its my 3rd day post op and I'm just writing you ladies in the shortest way possible to touch base to let you all know that my surgery was a success and i am very happy with my results so far! Even though i am still very swollen and bruised! my booty looks like a plum ! LOL and it is still very big! i know that it will go down significantly though still! which i am fine with bc it just wouldn't look right if it were to stay this big. straight cartoonish! Dr. Salama and his team are great! and i say this with pride bc i have dealt with a few plastic surgeons and theirs teams and facilities and compared to all those, Dr. Salama was the most honest, professional and educated and overall caring! The nurses were all very sweet and gentle when helping me take off and on my faja and/or changing dressings ect. They made me feel like i was their only patient. Dr. Salama really did his thing on me! and he really does know what he is doing! He is good at what he does that is for sure! He went very aggressive in me and even told me " i hope you have a high pain tolerance bc i am going to go aggressive on you!" Luckily i do have a very high pain tolerance so i was able to deal with the pain with out having to even take more than 1 percocet a day. that is just me. i do no recommend only taking one! i personally just don't like to take pain meds. they make me dizzy and nauseous . maybe a half right before i go to sleep at night so i don't wake up so stiff and sore. i will write more in detail, but until then i will upload a picture to give you ladies an idea of what I'm working with!! and yes it does hurt! getting yourself strong and mentally and physically ready is VERY important! This surgery is NOT for everyone! it takes a strong woman to handle a BBL. i consider myself a healthy person and i am still walking hunched over and it is post op day 3. luckily my swollen eyes and lips have went down by today, except when i first wake up. but I'm always like that! ;) and let me tell you this back drain right above my booty is so itchyyyyy!!!! does anybody else have this? what are you ladies using? i just got some arnica gel and rubbed it on my big bruised butt and it had a nice cool sensation. hopefully it will help with the swelling and bruising bc it is Ugly let me be the first to tell u! but i can see the change everyday. patience is the game now. i wish i could just jump in my car and go and live my life normally! i hate having people tend to me constantly i feel like such a nag! also i suggest taking the colace pills for constipation! it is very important to have a bowl movement and to be drinking LOTS of fluids!! lots and lots of water and gaterade! trust me when i tell u, u DO NOT want to be constipated while recovering from your BBL. that happened to me last time and it was one of the most painful experiences ever. i can't wait for these drains to come out! i have one in the front, (front left) and one in the back in between my butt cheeks! that is the annoying one! driving me nuts! so itchy! at least i know its healing! ok I'm feeling a bit tired. i will write later my lovely ladies! any questions feel free to ask! I'm here for you!! =0)))

First post op pic in my faja!

Here is a quick foto for the ladies that asked for it! I am still very swollen and my bruising is lightening daily . The arnica gel seems to help some! ;) it is a long process! Just have to stay positive and patient!

New pic

Picture of my first day post op! YIKES! My butt felt like it was going to Explode! It was Huge! Def had softened up a lil and bruising and swelling has went down A LOT! What is really bothering me is these damn drains! I can feel where they both are it's so gross! I'm dreading getting them removed! They feel really wide and thick ( the part inside of me) and at least 5 inches long! :: gag:: not thrilled about this! Butttttt pain is beauty. Beauty is pain.

New pics!

Hello ladies just putting some new pics

New photo

New photo

So I asked Nomie how many cc's were injected.....

So I asked Nomie how many cc's were injected.....and she told me 1,300 cc's were injected to each side which I'm happy with bc my butt has went down a lot from the pics that I first put up! But that is fine bc I don't want a cartoonish butt! I want a Butt to fit my body! ;)

Omg! My butt is absorbing faster on my left side than my right!!

Omg! My butt is absorbing faster on my left side than my right! Has this happened to anybody else?! I really don't want to be stick with an Uneven butt. I'm freaking out! Please somebody please tell me that it will even out?! I'm worried bc the right side, the side that is bigger, I have a fat necrosis , and I'm Afraid that that's why it's bigger, I'm thinking now my fat necrosis is getting bigger! Maybe bc I'm smoking weed it's depleting oxygen to my blood stream which is making my butt heal uneven! Omg omg , I'm so scared thT my left side is Gona keep going down and my right will stAy hard and big. It's crazy my right side is hard and big on top and on the bottom I'm starting to have a double crease from the faja!!! All I can do is wait! I'm not good with waiting but it's my only choice! Please if this has happened to somebody please let me know!!

Couple fotos at 17 days post op!! :))

Here is a pic at 24 days post op

Here is a pic at 24 days post op, I notice a difference everyday! I measure my waist and butt everyday and my waist grew 2 inches yesterday! I don't know if it's because I'm going to get my period because I did break out on my face. But I just had it literally the day of surgery which was on October 4. So I don't know if it's that. I switched into it vedette 136 instead of my Faja! I don't know if it's the best thing it definitely is more comfortable! But I'm starting to think that's why my waist grew because I don't have any foams! But the Fajada doesn't give me enough compression on my tummy! And the squeem i ordered won't get here until 31 of October! Which is another week! Also I made a board out of a shoebox but that only lasted one day because it was so uncomfortable but I think I'm gonna put my Fajada back on and put the foams and the board and everything I think I'll stick in that during the day when I'm at the house, and if I go out that's when I'll put the vedette 136 on because it makes my waste smaller, cause I can't wear the foams with it.
I think here at 3 1/2 weeks my butt is going to stay the size that it is I'm not seeing it go down anymore in volume I'm just noticing is dropping and actually starting to fluff! I haven't gotten any massages in the past week and a half because my mother's the one who gives massages and she's been sick so I just been giving my name is self massages with this suction thing that I have ! I will post a pic. It's perfect for massaging yourself it's supposed to massage the fat out but it's perfect for us ladies that just had Laipo because it breaks up the lumps and gets the fluid out!
Kisses ladies! Any questions I'm here for you!!


I just wanted to write my measurements down ...

Bust: 40.2

Under bust: 30.8

Waist: 26.5

Booty: 44

hey ladies

i have been going through a crazy emotional roller coaster with everything that has been happening to me in my personal life even on top of just having surgery. my best friend died and i am the one who has to be on top of everything. no body is helping me. its really stressing me out. i haven't ate in 2 weeks only like a yogurt everyday if that.my butt was looking amazing at week 3 and 4 but ever since what happened my butt keeps shrinking and getting smaller. its really adding to my stress. i can't imagine having to go through this again. but my butt is significantly going down. its so depressing. i don't know if its just bc the swelling has went down and this is what I'm left with, or maybe bc I'm not eating. i don't know but I'm all sorts of stressed out and my booty issues aren't helping.

when will my butt start to drop and fluff?

when will my butt start to drop and fluff? at week 3 1/2 i thought i noticed my butt starting to drop but now at week 5 my butt has significantly went down and i don't see the nice dropping effect that i saw at week 3 and 4. i think my swelling has just went down all the way. when did you ladies notice your booty starting to fluff?

updating some pictures!

hello ladies!
I'm at 10 weeks post op!! =0)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am confident that i chose the right doctor to perform this BBL for me this time around.

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