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Hi Ladies, I've already had BBL with Salama. He...

Hi Ladies, I've already had BBL with Salama. He agreed to revisions, but I'd like a round 2. We agreed to $5k. I was quoted 3800 by Duran for BBL.

I'm scheduled in April with Salama and August with Duran. I want to see Duran, but can't wait for August. I'm having anxiety and don't know if I should just be patient or not.

Can you ladies please give me your input?
Can the latest Salama Dolls & Duran Dolls comment so that I can see your results? It will help me decide.
I just want to be 100% sure about my decision. I'm in love with Duran's curves and am not sure Salama can achieve the same although he has gotten a lot better since I went for Round 1.

HELP :) lol

Burned up

I went with Dr. Salama for bbl round 2. He did bbl round 1. I had 2 ladies ready to switch dates so that I could go to Duran late May. I notified the office that I'd like to switch and the response wasn't happy. I felt bad because "they work so hard and only do things for some people and so much work was put into getting me in sooner." I try my best not to be an inconvenience as I strongly value time, so I decided to stick with my date and kiss my wishes of going to Duran goodbye and stick with my Salama date.

I am 16 days post op and have 2 burns. A huge burn on my abdomen and smaller, but noticeable burn on my back. By huge, I mean about 35-40% of my abdomen. The smaller one is about the size of 3 quarters. I haven't officially measured either burn.

I don't have the mental strength to post photos. I have to delete the ones in my phone out because I see them and just cry. I cry when I dress them with the creams and writing about them now makes me cry. Some days are easier than others.

I'm hesitant to post my journey, but think it will be good for my research and also on informing ladies about burns and treating them.

Special thank you to hourglassbbl for sharing information on burn care. The suran wrap tip helped a lot and your post gives me hope. :)

wound dressings for my burn

The suran wrap is sticking to my skin, as I wrap it all the way around my core due to the size of the burn. It works well, but I sweat at night and I don't want this to infect my burn wound. I tried cutting the suran wrap down to the size of the wound and adding an extra inch outside. This works, but when I take my garment off to breathe for an hour or 2 I end up going crazy with itching due to how sensitive the skin is to anything that isn't tight touching it and that doesn't stop even once I put my garment back on.

While doing some research on burn wound care and moist wound therapy, I came across a site that listed the "more expensive" wound dressing options available that allow for more air to get through to the wound. They mention Coban by 3M. Its self adhesive and allows more oxygen to get through to the wound. Since I like to wrap my core because it feels better and I don't have to worry about peeling tape from my skin, I thought I'd give it a try. its 3 inches wide and 5 yards long. I ordered a few rolls of it on eBay tonight for $17.

Below is a link to the article I read that now has me intrigued regarding wound dressings for my burn. They mentioned how its not good for the gauze to peel off and sometimes mine does unless its an obsessed day where I change the dressings every 8hrs. I'm determined to get this healed as quickly as possible while also making the Silverdene and Santyl last as long as it can! I really try not to waste the product because I have NO IDEA how long it will take this to heal and I pay for everything out of pocket. In order for me to stick with the routine without depression kicking in, I have to be as comfortable as possible so that this isn't on my mind 24/7. As of now it take so much out of me to clean this burn off and add cream. Its like 1 million steps and despite using a full body mirror, all I see is that ugly ass burn eeew I feel so gross and it makes me cry. I realize this is going to be a journey and not overnight, so my comfort is going to be very important.

I also ordered a Vedette 111 and a Vedette Faja. I'm hoping the Faja fits for nightwear and the Vedette 111 for day wear and that each are comfortable. At this point comfort means the most to me so that I can keep up with my healing. So far I am doing good, but I can't lie I take my garment off a lot. I did great up until yesterday and a that point i just want it off so I can stretch and start tackling the stiffness. I have a massage tomorrow so I hope my garment and foam feels friendlier after that. My round 1 massage lady relocated and I had a hard time finding an available and convenient masseuse. Luckily I found one that has a lot of availability and is 100% theraputic so her pricing is like 1/2 that of the others I found. She charges $45 most others were $90. This is for the 1hr lymphatic massage. Salama suggests external ultra sound in additional to lymphatic, but I like the techniques available for post surgical lipo patients that experienced masseuses have. External ultrasound helps, but I want more of the gentle yet stiffness relieving techniques that masseuses used on me round 1. My body responded very well to them! I hope this new one has some techniques up her sleeve. :) Maybe I can even grow to trust her enough to go over my wound!!

Due to the burn, I am still only in a size large garment which is the same size I woke up from surgery with. Its officially loose now. Even with 6 pieces of foam in it, I can adjust its slightly when I go from sitting to standing, lol. It still keeps me feeling protected, but the show must go on. My burn wound does not like too much pressure so I can't go too tight unfortunatley. They gave me a new large which is tighter because it isn't broken in and when i add all six pieces of foam, the wound gets mad and I notice that the creams shift around which is bad since I am using both Silvadean and Santyl.

I read somewhere that wearing both of those creams is bad because they deactivate one another. That made me cry (I'm so sensitive these days, sheesh). I cried because I don't want to hear, read, or learn that anything I have done to date isn't working toward my wound closing. I just want this to be OVER.

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