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I've been in touch with Dr.Salama's office for...

I've been in touch with Dr.Salama's office for about two months now going back and forth via e-mail and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with Dr Salama because I was so in love with Dr. J Curves who I found on instagram and I never saw a bbl look soo good so I had my mind made up until I was told there's a waiting list extended until september2015..eeerrrrrr.. huh?!?...umm I'll pass..good day.
Soo I came back and looked on realself for about 5 hours off and on and saw that Dr.Salama was more than qualified to give me the results I desire which is a teeny tiny waist and MAXIMUM booty..
I'm in the process of scheduling my surgery date and when I pay my deposit and get things moving along I'll come back and come back and update.

Finally Making My Deposit!!!

Ok soo after a long 2+ years of searching for the perfect doctor, stalking everyones realself reviews, gawking over some of your results, fantasizing about my deam results while effortlessly procrastinating I have finally decided to go with Dr. Hasan in Miami over Dr. Salama just because #1 His rates are well out of my Budget and #2 I love the beautiful silhouette with the small waist and nice booty that I've seen Hasan give so many other beautiful ladies.
I've been in contact with Massiel at Vanity and let her know what I was interested in and what doctor I wanted and asked her what options where available as far as a payment plans she informed me that Dr. Hasan had a 4th of July special going on for $4,000 and if I was ready to put down a deposit right away she can lock in that price for me.. And of course I wasnt ready at that moment but thanks to someone in my circle I was able to get $1000 to deposit towards that price the only thing is I've been emailing Massiel since the 9th of july is the 13th and I haven't heard back yet (sent another e-mail this morning around 6:00 vanity doesn't open until around 9:00)
so Im not sure if it will still be available to me.. if it's not my price goes up a good ole $800 which isn't bad considering what other surgeons charge but $4000 is more appealing to me .. I'm sure u ladies would agree. Plus I just love a deal and I'm Hell bent on getting that price.. Lol ..I'm So petty...Well I guess we'll see what Massiel says when I speak to her today.

Supplies ???

I know everyone kind of has different views on what is most important and beneficial for your recovery process but I myself am more of a light packer and would rather just take the most necessary items with me.. Lord knows after getting this procedure done I am not gone be trying to carry around spare suitcases filled with stuff I didn't need.. the Most important items are crucial to me... Do you ladies have any suggestions? What did u guys take? What did u find was most important or the items u used the most? Any advice or tips would help me so much guys! Thanks!

Garments? (BBL VETS)

Does anyone know what are the best Post-op garments to get and how to choose sizing?


Ok so I got in touch with Vanity yesterday to speak with my coordinator Massiel but was informed that she longer worked there and that my new coordinator's name is Carmen. When Carmen got on the phone she was very nice and helpfull with processing my payment and giving me information on pricing and evrything included, I wasnt able to get my $4000 quote but they did give me a quote for $4300 that I wasn't gonna argue with which includes all costs of the surgery except my garments and lipo foam . I put down a total of $1050.00 toward my procedure leaving me with a balance of $3250.00. I asked her about pre-op pictures but she said they aren't needed at this time because they will take some during my pre-op appointment , but if the Dr. requestes them then I can send them. I think I'll just e-mail them anyway and she can just put them in my file until the doctor asks for them because I feel like I should lose a little weight before the surgery but I dont want to lose to much to where I dont have enough fat for my desired look. Idk I guess I'll contact Carmen again and speak to her about it and go from there. ---SIDE NOTE ---Any vets out there with any tips or advice please dont be hesitant to give any info u can ... I would really appreciate it!

Vanity Is Pissing Me Off

Its crazy how when its time to take my money there calling u none stop and so sweet lile theu are really here to help you... What a joke! Once I paid that $1,000 ( which is a miniscule portion of my surgery) Trying to reach Carmen my "coordinator" is like pulling damn teeth... Every time I call she's busy or not there or in a consultation and she will call me back BUT NEVER DOES! And I can forget about her responding to emails NOT HAPPENING Its so unprofessional This procedure is new for me and quit frankly a little nerve racking so i need my "Coordinator" to be here for me if I have any questions or advice or whatever ...idk... I'm rambling a little but it's amazing how this has barely gotten started and Vanity is managing to stress me out already... I can only think that dealing with these Ppl will only get worse from here but I rebuke that in the name of jesus, I will not claim that.


Started not to share These pics because I am so ashamed of my body but I just hope that with a lot of prayer and a lot of faith God will Bless my surgeons hands to sculpt this Body into nothing short of a masterpiece ... I will also be losing some weight to further enhance My body and results..Currently weigh around 190 will be getting down to about 170 for surgery.. I dont want to lose to much weight so I can still have the big booty I want .

I Might Switch To Dr. Fisher

Ive been thinking about If I should switch to Fisher because his extensive school credentials , the fact that he gives hips, I like his overall hour glass shape and his Clean work history... Still undecided and Don't even know if it's an option.. Kind of hope it is though...

Where The Hell Is Hasan??

So I've been hearing talk of Hasan not working at Vanity anymore?!? Someone said its because of "malpractice" someone said its a mystery and NOBODY knows what's up with him and why he's been gone so long and it's confusing and frustrating the hell out of me because I don't understand why one of the best booty doctors (in my opinion ) in Miami would just Vanish ...... I called Vanity and spoke to my coordinator and specifically asked " Does Dr Hasan still work at Vanity ? because I'm hearing things about girls getting strong armed into changing their doctors because Hasan is not there " , is this true ? Her words where," Yes of course Dr Hasan still works here he's just having a family issue right now that he has to attend to and that everything was fine...... Those chicks at Vanity be on some other stuff tho so I'm not really hanging on her words and believing her too much... But I've already placed a deposit and I'm honestly really hoping he comes back but if not I'm getting my money back and moving on to the next.. Have you guys heard anything about Hasan ?? I need more info since u can't trust in Vanity. Any suggestions on other really good doctors?? I really need help guys

wheres the love .....??

I need sum support from my vets like it seems like everyone on here died or somethin... I have never been so stressed in my life ... Hasan was the only Doctor u felt could give me the results I wanted and now he's gone and I'm left with.... The rest of these Dr's ????.... I'm beyond blowed .... The only other dr I feel can give the look I want is in the D.R and I'm too scary to go out there... So what's a girl to do?? Who is the next best thing ? ???????? I'm lost
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