4 yrs PO July 2016. Round 2 in October

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After years of being discontent with myself, I've...

After years of being discontent with myself, I've actually decided to do something about it. I'm cute, yes. I'm short, with thick thighs, no hips, and sadly, no a$$....which is a HUGE downfall. Sure, looks can only take you so far and granted, I could work out. I've been 100 lbs and STILL no C-A-K-E. I just looked smaller and more fit. Some of my friends and family do not agree with my choice and say I should be content and HAPPY living without an ass but really, that is none of their concern. Sound like haters to me lol. I understand they may be concerned but what they don't realize is this sx is not for anyone else. It is solely for me. When you feel good about yourself, you exhude confidence; Confidence portrays competency--basically it opens opportunities for you--at work. in love. in life. period. I'm done letting my negative attitude about myself hinder me. It's time for ME.

I originally was going to go with Dr. Campos in Tijuana, MX--but my fears of traveling abroad for sx got the best of me and ultimately, while he is known as the "hour glass" man, I felt that his results weren't exactly what I was looking for. I'm looking for THAT DONK. :D So, after weighing results with affordability, I have decided to gowith Dr. Salama. His staff have been helpful. I did have a misunderstanding with Nomi at first, but that was mostly my fault and she didn't deserve the grief. So, his team is great. I've gotten my package. I've got to get the preop blood tests done, and, I am READY to GO.

I've included some pictures of myself preop and yes ladies, please be kind. I know my name should be Spongebob Square Pants.

Hello Ladies!!! So here is the Dr. Salama's...

Hello Ladies!!!

So here is the Dr. Salama's original quote from Ruben if you are interested.


Good evening. Thank you again for sending us the pictures. Dr. Salama was able to review the pictures and was able to provide an assessment as to what can be done.

"Patient is an overall great candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. She presents mild amounts of fat that can be harvested. I will liposuction the following areas to give her the best outcome - abdomen, flanks, and complete back. the abdomen to further flatten, flanks to provide more contour, and the back to both tighten overall shape and create a more deep slope to the buttock transition area. All the fat harvested will be used to create a fuller more projectioned buttock. I definitely foresee providing great results to her physique. I look forward to working with her"

As you can see. Dr. Salama is quite comfortable with your physique and body structure as a patient. He didn't mention any additional areas of liposuction that aren't already included in the BBL package, so the total cost of the surgery will be $5,899. That pricing is all-inclusive.

Please let me know your thoughts so that I may address them as well as possible surgery dates so that I can accommodate.

I look forward to hearing from you.


NOTE TO ALL: If you are unable to find lodgings in Aventura, Hallandale, Hollywood Beach, or Sunny Isles you will not be able to have Larry, the driver, assist you. Unfortunatley for me, there was a misunderstanding earlier on before I ever received my packet and I will be staying in Dania Beach, which is 13 minutes away. This brought my total price down to $5,674. I've looked into renting a vehicle but as I am under 25 years of age, that may be a little more difficult aswell as costly. Does anyone think taking cabs would be fine? I'm concerned about hygiene but I havent been able to find any other alternatives. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

So here is the Dr. Salama's original quote from...

So here is the Dr. Salama's original quote from Ruben if you are interested.

Good evening. Thank you again for sending us the pictures. Dr. Salama was able to review the pictures and was able to provide an assessment as to what can be done.

"Patient is an overall great candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. She presents mild amounts of fat that can be harvested. I will liposuction the following areas to give her the best outcome - abdomen, flanks, and complete back. the abdomen to further flatten, flanks to provide more contour, and the back to both tighten overall shape and create a more deep slope to the buttock transition area. All the fat harvested will be used to create a fuller more projectioned buttock. I definitely foresee providing great results to her physique. I look forward to working with her"

As you can see. Dr. Salama is quite comfortable with your physique and body structure as a patient. He didn't mention any additional areas of liposuction that aren't already included in the BBL package, so the total cost of the surgery will be $5,899. That pricing is all-inclusive.

Please let me know your thoughts so that I may address them as well as possible surgery dates so that I can accommodate.

I look forward to hearing from you.


NOTE TO ALL: If you are unable to find lodgings in Aventura, Hallandale, Hollywood Beach, or Sunny Isles you will not be able to have Larry, the driver, assist you. Unfortunatley for me, there was a misunderstanding earlier on before I ever received my packet and I will be staying in Dania Beach, which is 13 minutes away. This brought my total price down to $5,674. I've looked into renting a vehicle but as I am under 25 years of age, that may be a little more difficult aswell as costly. Does anyone think taking cabs would be fine? I'm concerned about hygiene but I havent been able to find any other alternatives. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Got my pre op done!!! Everything came back normal....

Got my pre op done!!! Everything came back normal...And the day is just around the corner!! I'm getting anxious, excited, and nervous. I keep thinking, "What if..." lol but if I think like that all I'm going to do is stress myself out. Of course, when I was at the doctor's office the nurse aide wanted to crack jokes here and there about me getting my ass done. I didn't take the bait ;-) I'd be hating too if I was over 40 years old with a huge ass tire around my waist and chipped finger nails. :D My doctor wanted to ask why I was getting the surgery too and even went so far as to ask what his credentials were and how I knew him. I understand she's concerned but all I managed to say was "Ummm....because I want to?" To which she replied, "Fair enough." Lol. Oh well. I'm glad THAT'S over. I should start taking arnica and bromelain right?



Survey went well!! My charger won't work and I...

Survey went well!! My charger won't work and I have an iPhone I need to use the comPutsr in order to upload photos but i cant do it without the laptop. I'll see what I can do. I feel great but let me tell you ladies your ass will hurt. Lol. Just eat take a percent and antibiotics you'll be fine. Larry is a sweetheart and helped me to my room holding my hand lol. Alex is funny. Dr. Salama is honest and a magnificent surgeon. Where I once had a box shaped body I now have hips and curves. He wants you to be realistic with your expectations and will explain every during your preop visit. Any questions feel free to ask. For now I will work on getting some pictures for you ladies. Everyone was great and the nurses nomie Jennifer and nancy and Ruben. Elite Plastic surgery rocks!!!! A little pain but its completely bearable just follow directions. More to come :-)little pa

So I'm 1 day post op. I still don't have my laptop...

So I'm 1 day post op. I still don't have my laptop running so I can't post pics w this stupid iPhone. Went to dr. Salamas office they didn't have my size sleeve garment so they're ordering a small for me and nomie said I'd get my second garment later so I can get a smaller one and said I can take a shower. LADIES you DEFINITELY want another garment to change into because I took a shower washed my garment cause it was full of piss and a little blood. You do not want to wait to put another garment on. U get swollen and everything starts hurting. Compression is key and healing is going to determine Ur results. I got it back on but I still don't feel as good as I did before that. Still goin strong though. Thank you for all Ur well wishes. It hasn't gotten to the poin. Where I've ever felt like crying. The pain in manageable. Just eat eat eat drink drink drink and make sure you are walking often. That will help you heal faster. Also, opt for Cosmedassure. It's 165 better safe than sorry.

Alright 2 days post op. got my board and foam pads...

Alright 2 days post op. got my board and foam pads today. My mobility is definitely more limited now. The board gets in the way a lot. I also had my first massage today with Celia. It wasnt as bad as I thought. When she was massaging near my mons pubis (coochie) that probably hurt the most. She has you lay on your stomach first and she massaged my back and arms and legs then you lay on your back with a boppy pillow and she massages the front pressing hard. The drains filled with blood among other "tissue like" substances. Gross. I could actually hear the fluid being moved as she massaged me lol. Just grin and bear it. You'll feel better afterwards. What helps is taking a perc an hour and a half before the massage and then one more as Ur getting into Larry's car or or Ur rental. She then has you doing some yoga exercises. Just breathe deeply. Celia was awesome and sweet. I know it may be scary getting a massage after all that you might have read but everybody's experience is different. It wasn't so bad for me. I'm coming back tomorrow for another session. Happy healing ladies!!

Omg.. Just had my first bowel movement and it was...

Omg.. Just had my first bowel movement and it was a struggle. I felt like a baby trying to go in a diaper. It was rough but I felt soooo much better afterwards. So 1st bowel movement at 2 days post op. Initially I had tried to go yesterday but I couldnt. I even took some colace. It took about a day to kick in. Feeling so much better!! Took a shower afterwards. Need to make sure everything is clean and it really helps that my lil sis is here. She has been a great help bless her heart. :-)

It's my 3 rd day post op!! I had my second massage...

It's my 3 rd day post op!! I had my second massage today. No sleeve garment or smaller garment yet. They said I HAVE to wear this board and pads which I got yesterday but I didn't wear it at night because it's uncomfortable and I couldn't breathe. My arms look smaller but not as small as I thought they'd be. They're probably just swollen. Appointment with dr. Salama Sunday at 12 for a follow up and will be getting my drains out Tuesday. Leaving the day after. Wish me luck! Met a girl from real self today too. She will be having surgery 8/13. To kelly502 good luck girl!!

It's day 4 post op. The board hurts and makes me...

It's day 4 post op. The board hurts and makes me feel sick so sometimes I take it out and if I lay down I'll lay on it or press it against my stomach since I'm laying in that position for a while. It helps me feel better. Then I put it back on after a bit. Today I have no appointments so I thought I'd go into a little more detail about my journey.

Hotel: I stayed at Hyatt House in Dania Beach for only $62/night. Through Hyatt Travel Packages I also booked my flights. Together it was 1275. Which isn't bad since I came from further away out of state. I booked a 2 bedroom suite with a fully equipped kitchen, complimentary breakfast, evening socials Monday-Thursday, and the hotel even offers grocery delivery!! There were a few misunderstandings initially during my stay--like skipping my room for cleaning--but that was immediately rectified when I called. In all it's been good so far and only required to hold $100 on either a debit or credit card. The stand in showers are nice and the bathrooms are in both the separate bedrooms with disability/wheelchair accessibility. The kitchen is equipped with all appliances, utensils, dishwasher detergent, and plates, cups,etc. and we have a view of the pool. It's great.

Transportation: I would recommend Larry If you're not renting a car of your own. He's a sweet sweet man and tries to make the survey as comfortable for you as possible making a bed in the back of the car for you and even giving advice on how to recover faster. He has really helped me and I am greatful. He calls when he is on the way and I've only had to wait a little while once because a girl needed a ride to the airport at the last minute. Actually I had taken transportation out but I was having problems renting a vehicle as I'm under 25 and thu wanted to charge underage penalties. Also, my sister was nervous about driving in a new place. As it so happens Larry called asking if we needed his transportation services. I knew it was a little out of the way for h but he is an absolute sweet heart. He said it wouldn't be a problem and asked for my flight info etc and said to call when I landed. Payment is given to to Larry through Salama's office but tips of course are always appreciated. Larry didn't say that- I'm saying that. Lol. He's awesome!

Preop visit: the preop visit was the day before surgey. I went to the office and met Nomie, Jennifer, Ruben, and Nancy. They were all very nice. I filled out 2 packets of paperwork and finalized the surgery, added arms and their insurance Cosmedassure. I then paid for the remaining balance, got my boppy pillow, and was given the time for surgery. I was scheduled for 7:30 am. First surgery of the morning. I remember thinking, " Yayyy!!" Larry then took us to get prescriptions filled, which with my insurance card only cost $18. He also took us grocery shopping where a strip of shops were and said he'd be back in an hour and a half or so. We shopped, ate, and went to gnc to buy arnica gel which I've actually only used once. I don't feel the need to because I don't feel or see a difference. After, back to the hotel we went.

Day of Surgery: Larry called to make sure I was up and let me know he was on the way. I was already up of course. I made sure to clip my nails and remove makeup and take a shower with anti bacterial dial soap the night before and I repeated the process again that very same morning. Don't want an infection. Larry picked me and my sister up and we headed to the location where surgery is conducted, which is a different location from where Nomie, Jennifer, etc are. I actually got there a little early and waited for Dr. Salama to come in. He greeted me and the ladies took me to go get changed. They gave me a sheet to put on the opening goes in the front, compression socks, blue paper panties, a cotton shower cap for lack of a better term, and blue paper booties. I got dressed and went to meet Dr. Salama. I was nervous and embarrassed to be standing there with him naked but this is what he does for a login and he was very professional and did not make me feel awkward. He took pictures, explained the risks and complications. He made it very clear that he wanted me to be realistic with expectations and that while he is striving for perfection, nobody is perfect, and he would be able to improve my shape. Basically wanted to let me know not to go in expecting to come up looking just like Kim K and that sometimes there there can be irregularities with the results. I told him that's all I ask for is that there be an improvement to my current body. I didn't bring wish pics and didn't go into too much detail about what I was looking for. I simply said i trust him and it would be great if he could create the illusion of hips bc i know he hips are narrow. He said hed be injeting fat to the sides of my ass so create a curvier figure for me. Initially he said he would only be able to put 800-900ccs per cheek as he said he buttocks may be too short to hold more than that and skin elasticity might be an issue. I didn't have a problem with that. He asked if I wanted a big butt and I said big enough lol but not too big. He brought Alex in to ask about allergies habits health history and I went off to the surgery room after signing more papers. I lied down on a table facing the ceiling. Alex put an IV into my vein on top of my hand and made small talk I don't remember much except for being told I'd be given some tequila. Next thing I know I was out.

Waking up from Surgery: I remember waking up and groaning and I remember a breathing apparatus being put over my face which I don't really remember much of but I wen back to sleep. The next time I awoke I was on my back and the nurse helped me flip on to my stomach attached a pulse reader to my left forefinger told me everything was okay and stroked my hair back. She left the room and began becoming more lucid. She same back put me in a wheelchair on top of mr. Boppy and left again. I overheard Dr. Salama and Alex talking about a previous medication I had taken and discussing whether or not I had told Alex. Which I told maybe 4 different people with elite plastic surgery including Dr. Salama starting from the time I even set surgery up. So I don't know what that was about but I was awake I felt just fine so I let it go. Alex came in and asked about the medication and asked how I was doing. I told him what I had told Dr. Salama about the medication had filled out in the paperwork. I laughed, smiled, because Alex is funny. He'll make you laugh. I was then wheeled out of Larry came got me helped me into the very comfortable back seat and escorted me to my hotel room. He really is a sweet man. The nurses there spoke Spanish and a little English so it helped that I knew a little Spanish. Mary was the nurse helping me and she was awesome and very nice. She made me feel well cared for. She said I was strong and to eat when I got home.

At the hotel day of surgery: I ate right away took the pain meds and antibiotics. LADIES the directions are to take 3 pills all at once 3 times a day. So I take 3 pills every 8 hours of the antibiotics. Just letting you know because sometimes the directions on the bottle can be misconstrued as only 3 times a day. I felt great. I was walking around the apartment every 2 hours eating freshly baked chicken with beans yum yum and drinking lots of Gatorade and water. The funnel really didn't work well for me so what I'd do is standing over the toilet reaching down and pulling and out labia apart and out of the way and pushing. I found that I minimized leakage that way. Also it helps to make sure the front drain isn't in the way. I called Nomie to ask about he back drain because it didn't seem to be draining as much and she said that was normal. Normally the front drains more than the back. Nomie also set a visit for me to the day after.

1st post op visit: It was the day after surgery at 10. They took some padding out and said I didn't have much bleeding and also changed my arm bandages. Dr. Salama came in and said everything was looking good and he would see me again Sunday and my drains would be coming out next Tuesday. I then scheduled my appointment for my first massage with Celia. Everyone said I was doing good and moving around well.

1st massage: It wasn't too bad. I stripped completely bare naked and laid down face down on the table. She took gel and began by massaging my thighs then my arms which I appreciated because she didn't go for the lipo areas straight away. When she started massaging my back it hurt but it was bearable I was so surprised be the liquid noises my back was making that I didn't even notice much pain. She massages and presses your sides and back towards your back drain and the drains fill up some liquid does seep out. I then laid on my back with mr. Boppy protecting my ass. She massaged my arms and thighs again and started on my stomach. It hurt but I didn't cry I just breathed deeply. When she gets towards your pubic loud it probably hurts the most but she has to push the liquid towards your drains. After that she had me roll over back on my stomach we did some yoga exercised and she told me to come back tomorrow. She is really nice and calm and she understands how painful the massage can be. She said normally some girls get to screaming at her because it hurts so bad but it helps to take painkillers before leaving the house. I took one an hour before being picked up by Larry and one before heading down to get into the car. It helped.

Massage 2: I had my second massage the day after my first and I took 2 pain killers again I just didn't eat as much. It is important to eat more because the massage hurt more this time but I tolerated it. Having my back massaged does not hurt as mug as having my front massaged. But she said I was healing well and for me to come back Tuesday afte getting the drains out. I asked more new arm bandages but she said there were none left. I also asked for the sleeve garments as Nomie had said they had ordered one but Celia recommended just the bandages for now bcause she said the sleeve garment might be too tight. I trust her. I set the massage and went on home.

Results: So far I love my results and doubt I will have future complaints because it is a major improvement from how my body looked before surgery. I will be posting more pre op pictures so you ladies will see what I'm talking about lol. My waist is smaller. My stomach is probably as flat as it has EVER been in my life and I actually have hips!!! I don't know how he did it but he did. I am thrilled with the results Dr. Salama gave me. I feel 1400 ccs may be too big for me because I'm 5'0" and usually I'm 126-130lbs. For surgery I went up to 140. I know I'll be losing some volume though so I think the results are going to be asthetically pleasing to say the lease. I can't wait to grow into the new body!!!!

Arms: I do love my new body and I am more than pleased with Dr. Salama's work but if I had to do it over again I wouldn't have gotten my arms done. Holistically, my arms are smaller but towards my armpits I still have that flap like little wings and it's flabby. Lots of fat still there. That is not his fail though. I had a lot of fat in my arms to begin with. If there was absolutely no pain at all associated with getting my arms done I'd say go for it but the truth is you will need to use your arms a lot after surgery. You lift yourself up hold on to things for leverage get in and oh of the car the bed--ladies you need your arms. I'm glad my arms are getting exercise but they bleed and they are sore. I can't put my arms all the way down sometimes and they itch which is a sign of circulation and healing but it can get frustrating. Also, if I had absolutely no arm fat left I'd say the pain is worth it. Hopefully, my arms are just swollen but I can feel the soft fat and squish it in the palms of my hands. I had been deciding between my chin and my arms. I feel personally that maybe I should have gone with the chin. Again, it may be too early to tell my results though. I will keep you ladies posted..

My next appointment with Dr. Salama is tomorrow. I will be updating you ladies. I want to thank you for all the support, prayers, and well wishes you've been sending my way. I appreciate all of you and I wish each and everyone one of you the best of luck with surgery!! :-)

The 1275 included flights for both me and my...

The 1275 included flights for both me and my sister and also stay for 2 in a 2 bedroom hotel suite. All other amenities were also included as listed previously at no additional cost.

**Most of my reviews are done on my iPhone so I apologize for the typos and grammatical errors. It's one of my pet peeves and this auto correct on my phone sometimes makes it seem like I don't know how to speak enlgish. It infuriates me to know end. So again, I apologize for the errors both in spelling and diction with some words seeming misplaced. I blame it on my phone lol.

So, its been a few days but I am now home. To...

So, its been a few days but I am now home. To update a little I thought I'd start off where Ieft off.

Post op Day 5 Sunday office visit with Dr. Salama-He said everything was good poked at my vajayjay to makesure it wasn't too swollen and said that some parts of my buttocks have flattened out but that's normal. He asked about massages also when I get home. I told him I was considering Massage Envy. He said he would prefer me finding someone else that specializes in post op massages butif worst comes to worst--make sure they are deep tissue massages. I didn't speak with him long but I did ask how long I would have to wear that darn board lol. It bothers me to no end. He said to wear it when needed. I am cool with that. :-) It's okay to take a break from time to time.

Post Op Day 6-Chillin at the hotel, I was becoming increasingly aggravated by the board and foam pads that I took them out to take a break. Nothing scheduled for day 6 so just kept up with the meds (so very important) and relaxed, laid down, watched movies, knelt on my boppy pillow etc.

Post OpDay 7, 3rd Massage, Drain Removal-Okay, Took pain pills as usual and unfortunately the girl who was supposed to be getting a massage before me arrived late so I had to wait. In short, pain killers wore off and I felt the brunt of the pain during the massage, especially when Celia was massaging my groin and towards my pubic area. I made a sound that I think only a Walrus can make--a low guttural howl of pain-everytime she got towards that area. Of course, my sister starts laughing,. I start laughing and then I start crying because 1.) It hurts lol and 2.) My sister is making fun of me :-(. When all that was over Celia suggested I take a heating pad to my body an hour a day. 10 minutes to the front 10 minutes to the back and 20 minutes to each side to soften up the tissue. It's on my To- Do- List.

I had to ask for my second garment because they hadn't given it to me yet. But I said my goodbyes and Nomie told me to go to the OT around 3pm because she said Dr.Salama would want to tlk to me and to get my drains removed.

After waiting in the reception area until 2:20 or so I was then driven to the OR where I met with Mary.By this time, because I had forgotten to bring painkillerswith me I had nothing to fall on or back me up. Those drains hurt like crap. I thought maybe it was 6 inches inside my body. -No ma'am.- It's was LOOOOONNNNGGGG--which tissue wrapped up all around it because it had started to heal around me.hurt like crap. Front hurts more than the back So I stood there while Mary stuck a gauze there and I waited while she got surgical tape and neosporin--which she told me to apply 2 times a day. She said I looked beautiful. I managed a polite smile. lol. She really is sweet though--I was just in pain. She waited for metoput my garment back on--Ifeltrushed and sent me on my merry way. I did not get to speak with Dr.Salama.

So Day of Flight. My flight was scheduled to leave 6:55pm. Boarding time 6:10. Larry was hesistant to drive us to the airport and while talking with my sister mentioned that he wouldn't be able to get enough sleep. I shrugged it off. He said he still would but didn't sound happy about it. So I called him back and let him knowother arrangements have been made. Initially I called a taxi because the front desk of my hotel said their complimentary shuttle would not be leaving until later--which I DID NOT want to be waiting in line or worse-miss my flight- but Lo' and Behold the shuttle magically appears at 4 am and they ask if I want a ride. I of course tip the driver and accept however I did say I thought the shuttle wasn't going to be running that early towhich the driver replied, "It doesn't." Lol, whatever I guess.

My flight gets delayed 20 minutes not bad but it got delayed while we were on the plane after getting boarded. So I'm kneeling, standing, crouching on the plane--very uncomfortable. And then I realize Nomie never gave me a letter to give to the flight attendant so I could stand a majority of the flight. I shrug it off. First the garment that I had to ASK for and now the absent letter. I didn't care. I took a rolled up blanket, stuck it under my thighs and another rolled up blanket andstuck it behind thesmallof my backsothat my gluteus maximus and minimus were not touching the seat---to the best of my ability. My arms were propped up on the arm rests and we took off. I'm pretty sure I looked scared of flying lol or thatI was trying to get up out of my seat the entire time. As soon as that seat belt sign came off I was up standing, kneeling, crouching--whatever I had to do-I didn'tcareif I had that letter or not I wasn't going to sit down. Lol. Luckily,it wasn't a problem and I let it go,

Now I'm home. I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHH BETTER!! Girls, you WILL get homesick. I miss my house, my bed, my bathroom, my clothes, and my puppies. They are so sweet. I am not turning this into a negative review.Maybe things could have been a little more organized but understandably so, EPS gets busy, the girls get busy, Dr. Salama gets busy and hey, if I was Larry I wouldn't want to be getting up early either. Security check point didn't even start until 5 am anyways.No big deal. In all, I am still very satisfied with my results. I wish my butt was a little rounder but it's too soon to tell the final results and I'm sure it will drop a little. Dr, Salama gave me the body I have NEVER had. He is an artist. I'm glad Iwas fairly lucid and capable throughout my entire journey because my sister is younger than meand I really had to lead and tell her exactly what to do. But she's a sweetheart and she was a big, big,big,big help. Lade'smake sure you bring someone with you whom you can trust. Throughout this entire ordeal, I never once had to regurgitate anything, I did not experience nausea or diarrhea--the only think I will say is my arms were sore from the lipo which sometimes made it harder to get up and down and my butt hurt---but no duh lol. I will be updating in the future, Happy healing Ladies!!! :-)

I have added a few more pics. For the Ladies here...

I have added a few more pics. For the Ladies here who have already had surgery---how long did you wear the garment for? Do you have to? Boards? Pads? How man Masssages? Thanks!

***btw for those of you who have asked I am 5'0" initially 130 lbs gained 10 for procedure so went in at 140

Preop: measurements 34-30-36 at 130 lbs. I didn't take my measurements when I was 140 lbs but I would assume my waist was larger.

Current stats: 145 lbs hopefully water weight...measurements ...36-29-42.5.....that waist needs to get smaller.

Can't wait for this swelling to go down!!!!

P.S. My mom now wants to go have surgery next year and she was the main one complaining that I;d come home looking deformed and not to complain to her when one of my butt cheeks is flatter than the other. LOL.My mom is so charming, isn't she?



Im about 2 weeks post op now. My butt and hips...

Im about 2 weeks post op now. My butt and hips have definitely gotten A WHOLE LOT smaller. But my body is still an improvement from before so I am happy. I'm pretty sure that a lot of the volume I've lost is due to all the fluid and swelling. Each day my stomach gets flatter. For now, I am currently in search for a waist cincher so this big ol' waist will get smaller.

My measurements now are 36B-29-40.5in and I am now 136 lbs. At one week po I was 36B-29-42.5 and 145 lbs. So I've lost 2 WHOLE Inches. I'm trying not to obsess over it lol. I don't sit. I don't put pressure on my butt so hopefully what I have left will stay, I hope hope hope. If any of you ladies have any suggestions let me know PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Had anybody else encountered this loss of volume so soon? It's only been 2 weeks. Does wearing the garment flatten the booty or does it help circulation and help retain the fat cells????

Hopefully, I will have a better review for you ladies next week at 3 weeks post op. And hopefully my butt stays the same size. I hope hope hope. :-\ I know I'm supposed to lose about 30% but ladies it makes meanxious looking in the mirror and wondering if my butt is flat.

Hey girls I got an email back from Ruben about my...

Hey girls I got an email back from Ruben about my volume loss. The e-mail reads:
Good morning. The volume you have lost is not fat at all. The fat takes time to be reabsorbed and it usually is about 20%. That being said, there is lots of inflammation and swelling and patients get used to the look after surgery and from time to time think that is all fat. Granted 1400 cc is a lot of fat, so you will certainly see a drastic difference once your final shape takes effect. That occurs at about 8 weeks. Wearing compression on the buttock is not mandatory, so you can go ahead and not put compression there.
Let me know if you need anything else whatsoever.
Ruben Salama
Practice Administrator

He e-mailed me like 10 minutes after I sent he initial e-mail, which is awesome. Well Ladies, which me luck!!! Hopefully my final shape will be all that I was hopin for!! :-)

So I'm 2 days short of 7 weeks post op. I've been...

So I'm 2 days short of 7 weeks post op. I've been back to work for about 3 weeks now. I spend most of the days standing or sitting on my thighs. I have recently began to sit down but up until recently had avoided sitting down all together. I have been out at the club and bars, strip clubs, etc, several times. And I have plenty of fun. I can honestly say I get as much attention as I got before I had the surgery. But I still like my new body. Dr. Salama probably makes the biggest booties out there and I'm not trying to take anything away from his abilities but I personally feel I would like a round 2. For more projection and also to get rid of a lot of fat on my back and the areas beside my breasts under the armpit. I really want more of an hourglass shape. I haven't worn the garment for about 4 weeks now. I will wear it occasionally when I feel I need it but other than that I avoid it. Sometimes it just gets soo uncomfortable. I will be ordering a squeam vest soon so let's hope that helps. :-) Often, if I sit for too long my stomach gets shaped that way and will stay that way until I lay on a flat surface or after some time has passed standing up. It sucks. lol.

I have also gotten some nookie. TMI...but I wanted to include the info for the review. First time was after surgery about 4 weeks PO. It is easier to ride it. Lol. :-) And yes it jiggles.

Overall, I love my new body. It is definitely an improvement from before. I just wish it was rounder like pow pow I wanna kiss that squeeze that have that, you know? I was hoping I could get it all done in 1 round but it looks like I will need a round 2.

I still have pain around the lower back if I get squeezed there too tightly. My butt will hurt if I try to jog or run. And ladies, you will obsess about thebut. I probably check my measurements every other day if not every day. Haha. I just hope it doesn't get any smaller because I feel it definitely has gotten smaller since I first had the surgery done. But that was all the swelling. :-(

Pre op measurements-34-30-36

At 1 week-36-29-42.5

2 weeks-36-29-40.5in

7 weeks post op-36-27-40---Let's just hope it doesn't go down anymore than that.

I'm hoping for a 26 or 25 inch waist so this squeem garment is really going to come in handy. It is supposed to reduce your waist 1-4 inches in 1 month. It's made of rubber and I believe cotton lining from http://www.galapagosboutique.com for 69.99. Even if it doesn't work I need something that has more support anyway. I bought a $20 waist cincher from the mall...but it really doesn't do much.

Only regret about the surgery: My arms. My arms still sting on the underside and you can still feel hard areas there. It is most likely scar tissue...smh...and there is no difference in my arms at all. Still fat.I would not recommend getting your arms done. I should have gone with chin lipo and it would have cost less as well. I also have a lot of fat on me upper back and even some around my waist that needs to be taken care of.

I can honestly say a round 2 is going to be a sure thing. My butt just doesn't have enough projection or roundness. I do not know yet if I will go back to Dr.Salama. I kind of want to though--because honestly, out of all the bbl reviews on realself, he more consistently gives the better results. Maybe I just didn't have enough fat this time around or maybe I'm just being plain ol' booty greedy lol.

Hey you guys its been a while. Just been immersed...

Hey you guys its been a while. Just been immersed in my life- work, school, personal happenings. I think it's very important that after we get this surgery that we move on from it. I also think it's very important that we work out and stay in shape. I've hired a personal trainer and have been working out. It really keeps me positive and healthy and keeps me motivated.

I feel like I have a little loose skin around the tummy area but know exercise will help tighten and tone the muscles and that my skin will continue to adhere to my new shape as I near 6 months post op. This all really is just a healing process.

I do love what Dr. Salama has done for my body and through this process I've learned that confidence comes from within not necessarily from our appearances. My advice would be to think on it, and get the surgery If you absolutely want to. Remember though, we are all beautiful in our own ways.

The butt really does get rounder as you heal and will fluff ill post a few pics of this.

Happy healing you all!

5 months po. Nothing new here. I haven't...

5 months po. Nothing new here. I haven't experienced any volume loss just more of a change of shape. My derrière has dropped some and it's time to start doing squats with weights.

My lower abdomen is still a little sore to touch sometimes and it's a little hard so I still massage it daily and I still lay on a heating pad for about 30 minutes then switch to my sides.

I have loose skin on my stomach so I'm wearing my Squeem again to see if that will help otherwise I am going to rely on exercise and thermage.

Few things I would have done differently:

I wouldn't have gained so much weight for the sx because now I feel my upper body is too large for my lower body.



Initially I was told I could stop wearing the garment because I thought it was flattening my buttocks but I think garments may actually assist in circulation by keeping swelling down allowing for higher fat survival.

Any questions feel free to ask. Will continue to update.

I was looking in the mirror today and suddenly...

I was looking in the mirror today and suddenly noticed I have stretch marks all over my buttocks. Volume is the same I always measure. I hadn't seen it there before. Stretch marks all over!!! I did get a massage and it did extend to my buttocks but omg wth happened? It just appeared today!!! Unless I hadn't notice it. Has anyone else had this problem?

....Just a few compartive pics

....Just a few compartive pics

I meant comparative---I hate it when I type too...

I meant comparative---I hate it when I type too fast and it shows up wrong. I feel like my butt has gotten a lot rounder from before. I have dimples on my left cheek though, and don't know how to feel about that. What if I want to wear a bikini? I really want my waist to be smaller. Other than that, I am now loving my results!! Dr. Salama is awesome. There are so many ups and downs when one goes through this procedure but it just takes time. I am looking forward to continuing to update as time goes on. Let's see how this turns out when I reach that 1 year mark. :-)

Oh yeah: current measurements: 36-28-42.5....AHHHH...

Oh yeah: current measurements: 36-28-42.5....AHHHH my waist has gotten bigger...I need to focus more on eating healthy and exercising consistently. I really think the squats have helped my derriere too along with the fluffing.

Added more pics. Yes ladies, I have stretch marks...

Added more pics. Yes ladies, I have stretch marks and dents. 7/12 month po the booty is very jiggly now. No more hardness in the butt at all. Getting back in the gym cause the back fat isn't cute. Lol.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Ahh worked out today an feeling good!! It's...

Ahh worked out today an feeling good!! It's important to try and stay in shape girls!!

9 months po. Hired a personal trainer. I need to...

9 months po. Hired a personal trainer. I need to get rid of this waist. If you don't take care of yourself and keep fit that fat will surely creep up on you. Now I don't look like I did before the surgery the general shape Dr. Salama gave me is there but I want y'all to know you HAVE to stay healthy after you get this surgery. The fat seems to accumulate in the areas you don't get lipo or in areas where you didn't get as much lipo. Keep in shape ladies.

Uploaded a few more comparison pics for you ladies...

Uploaded a few more comparison pics for you ladies to see. I may not have the fattest ass but my ass has definitely gotten bigger and fatter than it was a few months po. Give it time and patience. Eat a lot of protein. I do weighted squats, lunges, I squat on the bosu ball. I do 180 lb leg presses, one legged squats on the trx, jumping squats, sprints. I do all that I can possibly do to make the butt bigger than what it was coming out of surgery. Again, I'm not saying it's the fattest bootay but it has gotten bigger. So all you ladies feeling like yours is shrinking and shrinking, hang in there. I also posted a pic with my dents. Yeap, I've posted the good, the bad, and the ugly. Any questions? Just let me know. :-) I'll continue to update regardless of what the feedback might be.

A few weeks shy of 1 yr PO-SALAMA

Well, I am going to be 1 yr po this month on the 31st. Ass is still there. I remember being soo scared and hesitant to get this surgery done as I couldn't find anybody w long term results and everyone kept saying the fat eventually fades away. I am glad I did it. Dr. Salama changed my body shape for the better. I posted a few more pics and will continue to update as usual. I am still considering a doing 2 for more of an hour glass shape and I totally want a breast augmentation after seeing some of the lovely results from a few bbl sisters. Have a great weekend y'all!

Another pic this morning

Stopped working out....

Gained some weight this is the heaviest I've ever been. It does grow with you.

Round 2 likely

Well, Dr. Salama was able to transform my body but I'm going for a round 2 ladies. I have round 2--not touch up--a round 2 scheduled for December 10, which I may move to May of next year with Dr. Salama. I want a smaller waist and curvier hips. I don't think Salama was doing hip injections before-just lateral butt injections. A round 2 is 10% off the discounted amount and a touch up is the Anestesia and facility fee I believe. Idk I want a rounder butt too!!! Ugh you ladies know how this goes. Right now I don't know what I want lol I just know I want a bad ass body. Yily definitely has been giving out bad ass bodies. But I'm scared o go out of country. I've heard horror stories. What do you girls think?

More pics

Do you see that ugly bra roll!!! Ewww and that stomach? Gross!! I need a smaller waist.

15 MO PO Salama revision or round 2

Hello all! I am torn between getting a revision or a round 2. I feel that fat was left over on my back and upper abdomen. My waist could also stand to be smaller. As for my butt, well I'm happy with her size but if you look in the pics one buttcheek is sorta smaller than the other. I'm sorta self conscious about it sometimes. My hips are also slightly uneven. Now my round 2 is 10% off my original price and I was fortunate enough to have scheduled my original sx back when prices are lower and the cost of a revision is now 1500. I am just scared of coming out w a ridiculous ass--that is something I don't want. Honestly I just want the assymetry and dents fixed. I also want a smaller waist and my bra rolls gone. What do you girls think?

Some more pics

Here are some more pics..

Almost 2 years PO! 1 YR 10 Months to be exact

Soooo its been a while since I've been on this website. Short update: stopped working out, gained almost 20 lbs, have a new boyfriend, and am still looking at a round 2. My butt is HUGE. Since I gained so much weight my assymmetry is not as noticeable. I had gotten so happy w my new boo and we kept going out and now I am here lol in this situation. I need to lose weight but I'm afraid to lose my butt - my butt that is now huge-not as perky (since I don't work out) but HUGE nonetheless. I still have kept my general shape but my other body parts have gotten larger as well, especially my face. :-( all for now. More to come...will post pics


The photos in grey are probably me at 7 lbs less. The photos w tan are from today. I've been gaining weight and I know it's not cute. But as you can see butt has not vanished or died off.

2 YEARS 2 mos PO salama

Well I am officially 20 lbs heavier than my preop and post op weight and my tummy is lumpier than ever. It'd always been a little lumpy tho. Butt is still the same size if not bigger. Will update again soon.

One more photi

One more photo

taken this morning

Look at how fat I've gotten.....:-(

almost 3 years post op and 30 lbs heavier than post op weight.

Sooooo.....I've been pretty bad and haven't been watching what I've been eating. ????????:-( I most likely will be rescheduling surgery as well since I can't take off. After gaining so much weight I've noticed that buttocks and back are more uneven. My upper abdomen juts out, which could be a sign of visceral fat gain which is bad internal fat that cannot be lipoed. My stomach also has dents in it. Word to the wise if you get lipo and BBL ABSOLUTELY MAKE SURE YOU MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND WATCH WHAT YOU EAT!

4 years post op July 2016. Round 2 in Oct

Hey gals, just thought I'd provide a quick update to this dusty review. Attached are pics taken today. I'd like lipo around my upper body, back etc. Definitely flanks to give me a more hour glass figure.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I think overall Dr. Salama was a wonderful surgeon. He was honest, to the point, and polite. The aftercare is adequate enough for the surgery. I was told twice I'd be getting sleeve garments and never did. Maybe they'll come later. I asked for a change of bandages because they were bloody and I was told there were none left...which for some reason I just couldn't believe. They said I would get them changed two days later, which I guess was okay--I just don't like bloody bandages but this is a surgery and blood is inevitable so no major complaint there. Other than that, I love the office. The Elite Plastic Surgery Team will make you feel comfortable and at home. They ask you if you want anything to drink at each office visit and are very personable. They will put you at ease about the surgery and have really helped me when I have been able to spend time with them. No major complaints here. :-) I am in LOVE with my new body that he has given me even though it hasn't even been that long yet!!!! ;-D

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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