10 months post op. No commentary just pics. Hope all is well guys.

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  To first read part 1 of my journey,...


To first read part 1 of my journey, please click here.


Updated on 8 Oct 2012:
So I hade my 5th massage today and it wasn't fun. I was out of perc's so I couldn't take one beforehand. But like a champ I kept my appointment and boy was it a bitch. I hadn't had a massage since last tuesday (i think) so you can i,agine how tough it was. Plus my seroma is back. Not as big as before which it what Dr. salama advised. He said it would come back but with less fluid. So thursday I will have it drained again and have another massage. I was kind of out of it today. My kids are getting colds again, I haven 't really been out of the house because I constantly feel like crap, my hubby is too embarassed to go out and have me sit on a boppy pillow and bottomline my skin feels horrid. Celia said my skin won't start feeling normal aka getting a little sensation back until about 2 months post op. i really think I need a break/vacation once I get the ok to sit. I like my results and am very pleased but this entire recovery is way more than I bargained for. I think we want this so bad that we start downplaying all the risks, warnings and post op instructions which isn't cool. Thank God I have been able to take enough time off of work even though I still don't think I will be 100% when i go back. Oh yeah, to top it off I am not looking forward to aunt flow while wearing this garment in the coming weeks. These are all things we have to consider. Guys I try to be honest and often use this blog as a diary. On a positive note this entire journey has really brought me and my hubby closer. We are spending more time together which is great because I am not working as much plus i sort of have a little extra money now that i am not payong for this. That brings me to this point, ladies please factor in massages into your post op care/expenses. I am by no means rich but the massages are $75each and you need atleast 2-3per week. So you guys do the math. That is an expense I kinda counted out during my journey. With that said, i will try to post some pics this week as friday will be day 21 post op. wow i cannot believe it. Oh yeah, my bowels seem to be a little rusty due to the percs. I really feel like i need a good cleansing. Lol! So i will start back taking colace today and maybe after all of this i will have gutts to get a colonic. For those wondering hwo the massage feels when u have fluid buildup: it feels like an internal chemical burn.

Hey guys i am kinda down today (i know i'm...

Hey guys i am kinda down today (i know i'm always down). on the bright side i had my 6th massage today and finally no pain. i mean it was discomfort and i made faces but i wasn't moaning in agony. celia says that i am actually recovering pretty good. guys i don't wanna sound ungrateful because honestly you have seen my before pics and my body now is crazy! my hubby cannot get enough of it and neither can i. but my only regret was having the wrong freaking garments. i really think the extra compression contributed to a lot of my fat loss. i have a consult next week with dr. salama because he is on a well needed vacay and i missed my appointment last week due to car issues. at this point i am pleased with my results. however, i am a perfectionist so as soon as he gives the go ahead i will muster up the courage to have a round 2/revision next year. there are minor issues with fat loss. none in regards to his technique. from the front one hip is rounder than the other so i am thinking more fat absorbed on the other side. also, i swear one cheek is slightly bigger than the other but again during my initial consult prior to surgery i already had a bigger cheek. this again is normal and all of this was explained prior to surgery. again guys i love dr. salama and am not bashing him. but i am already self concious and this is driving me crazy. my husband says that you cannot notice unless you stare and that he only see's it because i pointed it out. anyway, at this point i still have swelling, no midnight stiffness thank god but i am starting to have back issues from sleeping in the garment. my seroma is pretty much gone because i have diligently worn my garment, foam and boards. so i have only had it drained once and celia says i don't need anything drained. it's pretty much healed itself. i am anxious to get my hair done when i can sit, get a pedicure, dress up and just enjoy this ass. at 4 weeks i will start wearing a waist cincher as my thighs are healing pretty good. i am also looking forward to underwear shopping and picking out a bathing suit for the first time in my life. i have never worn one. i always wore a tshirt with leggings or shorts. yeah that sucks considering i live in miami. i avoided the beach or pool most of my life as an adult. at this point i cannot think of much to say so i will update this friday as i will be 4 weeks/a month post op. i promise to play dress up and post pictures of me in clothes or something this weekend. it's just kinda hard to do when you have kids running around the house. i really need a vacay after this recovery. i still have a few weeks off from work thank goodness. i was really blessed to have taken off this long for surgery. til next time ladies toodles. oh yeah just to set the record straight we attempted sex at about 6days post op lol cuz the hubby couldn't resist. since then we have been pretty intimate cuz he is definately an a$$ man and cannot resist. lol! any questions ask :-)

Oh yeah right now my measurements are: upper...

Oh yeah right now my measurements are:

upper waist 31 1/2 (under boobies)
NATURAL WAIST @ navel is a 32 1/2
Butt 43 1/2inches

Looking at side by side pics i totally see a...

looking at side by side pics i totally see a difference. i guess i am just ungrateful at times. my hubby says its all in my head and that i am never satisfied. i guess we see what we wanna see.

This blog has gotten extremely petty and negative...

this blog has gotten extremely petty and negative to say the least. i see why some ladies that i looked up to prior to having my surgery had theirs and never returned. it's not worth the aggrevation. good luck to those undergoing surgery in the future. hope you are ready and know exactly what you are getting into. it's one thing to read about it and try your best to prepare but honestly you are going in blind and there is no better teacher like experience. i did my best planning but had no idea what i was in for physically and emotionally.

Good Luck and GOD SPEED :-)

After much reflection I have decided that I will...

After much reflection I have decided that I will update my blog soon. I am just waiting for the perfect time. I guess for more permanent results as everyday your body CHANGES. Sometimes it seems like overnight. Kinda like when you are pregnant. One day you wake up and are like wtf why my belly so big. LOL! I am just waiting for fluffing to see how my somewhat final results look. At 5 weeks post op I have lost a lot of volume which I am assuming is swelling but I don't know for sure. It's getting softer so that probably what it is. I have had 8 massages so far and the last two were not so bad. Anyway, ttyl. If any questions inbox me. Good luck to all getting on this rollercoaster

Oh yeah my current measurements are 38-31-42. i...

oh yeah my current measurements are 38-31-42. i wear my garment atleast 22-23 hours a day and sleep in it because i have been privileged to take off of work for more than 3 weeks. i am going back to work soon. i started sitting on my boppy this week @ 5 weeks which was so hard to do. i kinda got used to not sitting. other than that i only drove to massage appointments. i was determined not to sit and follow all doctors orders since i was at home anyway. that is why i wore my garment because i needed the compression in my tummy and thighs.

talk to you guys in a few weeks. i figured i would update cuz i was getting some inbox requests.

Oh yeah i dont have pics in clothes cuz i haven't...

oh yeah i dont have pics in clothes cuz i haven't wore anything or dressed up for wanting booty to breathe. i only wear sweats and maybe dresses which are very rare. i heard you can't wear jeans anytime soon so i won't be doing that but typically i dont wear jeans cuz i didn't like my butt. so as soon as i get the word about wearing jeans i will.

that's it i promise.

U guys r really funny :-)

U guys r really funny :-)

I got a few inboxes abotu blood clots. I didn't...

I got a few inboxes abotu blood clots. I didn't receive any injections for blood clots nor did have any circulatory issues. Honestly, if he had given me injections I wouldn't have done them because I do not like needles. The thought scares me to death. Oh yeah, I emailed the wonderful Ruben about clarification on jeans because I am going back to work and wearing jeans is the best at times considering my job. I also asked for clarification about sitting. Taking a pillow back to work is gonna be a dead giveway. Plus my job requires me to sit for 8-10 hours straight so this is a big thing to me. I will let you guys know what Ruben says.

Since I will go back to work I will dress up and take pics for you guys. Believe it or not I have been off for about 5weeks and have not went anywhere at all to dress up because I refused to sit. I just started sitting at the 5 week mark and that is with the boppy and only when I have too.

Btw, I still haven't had a cycle since surgery...

Btw, I still haven't had a cycle since surgery which can be pretty normal as your body has underwent a major surgery. I actually don't miss it. LOL!

oh yeah, i want to say thanks to some amazing women i met on here. really amazing women such as fabnewme whom i can text anytime to talk, vent, etc and she is always there, nini who is always there with wonderful advice, meelee whom has been there since before i had the surgery, foreverbooty, hunnybooty, miss incredible, justjuicy, and brickhousenyc offered tips before my surgery. it's weird because we have never physically met (yet) but all share a common bond. this process has been ever changing.

Lastly, Ruben I know you log on sometimes and guys Ruben and Nomie are great.I can email/call/text them anytime and always receive a response. Truly great customer service. Not to mention Celia my massage therapist is such a sweetheart. She doesn't log on but you ladies would be in great hands if you are ever priveleged to have her do your massages. She is the best and very caring. As a matter fact I see her tomorrow.

Ok that's it I promise.

Ok I am reading other folks post and am really...

Ok I am reading other folks post and am really starting to think by using the lipoexpress garment so early during recovery that it added too much compression on my butt. This has been on ke heavily and I keep thinking maybe I should have said screw my thighs and went with my gutt and gotten a thong garment. I strongly believe the garment is what caused me to lose extra volume. I kean, I knew it was gonna happen with the swelling subsiding and everything but it seems like everyone that cut holes in the garment in the beginning or got the butt out garment kept most of there volume/projection. This is really bothering me.

DISCLAIMER: Again, this has nothing to so with Dr. Salama technique or skills because he shaped me wonderfully but looking at my pics and remembering how I kept saying to myself this garment fits my butt the exact way it fits my waist (really tight) keeps replaying on my head. Had I listened
maybe I would still be @ 43-44 inches :-(. I really would have felt better if the swelling had just subsided on it's own with no added pressure. And even if it had went down significantly the way it did I wouldn't feel so bad and blaming myself. Btw, not trying to sound bitchy because you guys are great but unless you have had the procedure you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about or how I feel. For those that have been through it and/or enduring the self pity or whatever know how I feel. It's a rollercoaster.

Oh yeah for the record, i did cut the butt out of one garment but it messed up the compression in the tummy and stuff so I had to buy the exact same garment over again. If you re going to do this
make sure you do it right and/or have a seamstress alter it for you. When I go for round2 I will
definately have my garment altered. Good thing is I know what to expect so I will be even better prepared.

Per Ruben, you can wear jeans. He doesn't know how...

Per Ruben, you can wear jeans. He doesn't know how that started. My opinion is that most gorls say until you fluff your butt isn't flattering in jeans. So maybe that is how it started. Btw, everyone at the office is always sooooo chipper and positive when reponding. I like that!

Pre-Op Measurements High waist (under...

Pre-Op Measurements

High waist (under boobs/above navel) 33 :-(
Mid waist @ navel is between 37 1/2 to 38 in
Hips are betwen 41 1/2 to 42 inches
Pre-op Weight is 167.5 and I am 5'4

Wow, i was of so looking at my preop measurements my butt/hipsmeasure the same but my booty is fuller all over vs before.

My boppy has pretty much taken all the torture it...

My boppy has pretty much taken all the torture it can take. Lol! I need a pillow for work but something not too obvious and yet firm. Any suggestions? Btw, I put on undies and was like ok you look nice. My tummy no longer roll over my undies. Hahaha, i used to hate that.

I know what i want and knew what i wanted going in...

i know what i want and knew what i wanted going in. you can only take out and put so much fat back in during one session. so if you read part 1 of my journey you will see i had intentions of getting a round 2 way before i had surgery. so girls chill out please. i am simply giving you guys information and my opinion. i am not a doctor. lol!

Thx for support guys

Thx for support guys

Went back to work and it was awkward cuz i have to...

Went back to work and it was awkward cuz i have to sit. By the time i was off my ass was numb and in pain. My boppy is through and busting at the seams. Gotta get another pillow. Of course folks wanna know why i was sitting on a pillow based on the stares but no one asked. Honestly i dont care. I dont think anyone noticed my figure yet and if they did no one said anything. Will update in more details tomorrow. Need to be in bed for work. Lol!

Btw i cannot wear board to work. Its not flattering and is uncomfy. Can i just wear it at night & home?

Get paid tomorrow so definately will purchase a...

Get paid tomorrow so definately will purchase a size small garment cuz this medium is too big now. Who would have thought. I talk shit about lipoexpress but there garments give you a killer figure. Also, have a medium body magic waist cincher i had before surgery and i could never squeeze into it pre op. if i wore it i was dying in agony it was so tight and on the first row. Now post op i am on the 3rd row and its too loose. Makes me feel kinda good.

Reintroducing sitting back into my life and it is...

Reintroducing sitting back into my life and it is painful. Really painful and a pillow isn't helping. Cannot take a pain med until I am off duty. Ouch.

I keep getting inboxes about my tummy after seroma...

I keep getting inboxes about my tummy after seroma. I have updated pics. Granted I have had 8 massages so far, still wear my garment, waist cincher and board. I am hoping that after working out and getting a few more massages it continues to heal. I am certain it will. Either way, tummy looks better than pre-op. Again, these are possible complications explained to you prior to surgery.

I have lost a ton of volume and don't have the...

I have lost a ton of volume and don't have the projection I thought I would have. Overall my butt is fuller and projects more than preop. However, this has been a tough journey. I don't think there is anything that I could have done differently to avoid the fat loss. i guess our bodies are just different. Am I more confident not really but that is due to somethings I have within myself. However, I do think my body looks better thanit did pre-op. Somethings I don't like are how my tummy healed and idk why. The bottom of my tummy is completely flat and then the middle from the navel on up protrudes out which looks very odd. Idk if that is due to the lipo, seroma or loose ab muscles. I do know that I was told I didn't need a tt. Also, I just cannot get over my butt like seriously I got 1200cc and didn't start sitting until 5weeks post op and that is with a boppy. I was home the entire recovery amd never slept on the back or did unnecessary sitting unless I absolutely had too. But for the first 3 weeks I didn't sit at all. I wore my garmen religiously and still do. It is very depressing because you just never know how your body will handle this. Anyway, I cannot post the updated pics until I get home. Will I have a round 2/revision is still up in the air because I don't know if I wannago through the recovery again nor do I have the funds.

Best advice is not to base your results or recovery after someone elses. This is strictly a blog. Also, remember camera angles work magic. If I wanted I could take pics at more flattering angles to disguise my results but I prefer to show them exactly as they are.

My hubby cannot believe that i have met some...

my hubby cannot believe that i have met some amazing women on this site. he sits and laughs when i tell him how my life has changed. as you read my journey it's obvious that i am emotional and i change by the minute. i truly am blessed through all of this and you guys can't understand how you feel until you are strapped into the drivers seat. anyway, thanks so much to fabnewme for providing me with her squeem and for nini whom sent me a smaller garment. both are always there regardless of the time of day to encourage me and/or simply listen. also, foreverbooty of whom is my venting partner. lol, we all need one sometimes.

anyway, so i have been in a medium for about 2 weeks and am finally making the leap to a small. i need all the compression that i can get on this tummy of mine. since returning to work my massages haven't been as frequent but i have one on tuesday. in regards to the updated pictures that i posted i should have stated that i am on my cycle and that didn't cross my mind as i posted them and typed that review. my tummy does protrude and remember i have carried 4children as well. so in all fairness i do think that i am a little bloated so i am gonna see how it goes down some this week. again, i don't know if that is because of the lipo, relaxed ab muscles, the seroma and countless of other things. but i do like to document my journey especially so i can look back at my progress. with that said, my results continue to change on a daily basis and hopefully the doctor gives me the ok this week to start back in the gym. i am sure i could have started light exercising but i wanna follow doctors orders.

I made 7 weeks yesterday and had my 9th massage....

i made 7 weeks yesterday and had my 9th massage. they are not painful at all but because my tummy is still inflamed dr. salama suggests that i do more than 10 massages, continue wearing my garment past the 8weeks along with my board, continue using the hot pad and etc. ladies, it is always important to stress that everyone recovers different and everyone's results are always gonna be different. anyway, i met some lovely ladies and chatted it up. i saw miss incredible and she looks great and was pleasant of course. i also met a nice chick named courtney who frequents the blog as well. i also met a girl that was post op here from kuwait which is crazy. dr. salama is really getting pretty popular.

at this point my butt is soft. it's so funny because we were in there touching butts and the men looked so awkward. it was kind of funny. i still have occasional itching and discomfort. mostly from sitting all day at work. at this point my butt is still at a 42-42 1/2 which is kind of disappointing because i want it bigger. not disappointing because of anything the doctor but because my body obviously absorbed a lot more fat. my butt has more projection and is now fuller all over. therefore, i am sure that i will be doing this again.

in all fairness my butt had no projection before surgery and wasn't full; so now i feel like i have a good foundation at this point to get the results i want. i am happy with my results considering where i started. dr. salama did a great job. i knew going into this the look i wanted and that it would require more than one session. ladies, remember fat injections are not the same as the ass shots aka hydrogel. the butts we see in the videos, magazines and etc are most likely the result of multiple rounds of ass injections. they didn't get those results with fat transfers. i could go on and on about that but u guys are intelligent enough to understand. in the end we want what we want and i am not gonna be fully content until my ass is 44 inches and my waist is at least a 29. with that said, that is why i want to do a round 2.

Oh yeah i promise ladies I will take the time to...

Oh yeah i promise ladies I will take the time to play dress up and post pics. My hubby is out of town and serves as my photographer :-). Since going back to work and with the kids I barwly have time for anything right now.

Newbies ur lucky

Newbies ur lucky

Oh yeah correction my butt is a 43. That was a typo

Oh yeah correction my butt is a 43. That was a typo

I must say I am crazy. I am a bit of a...

I must say I am crazy. I am a bit of a perfectionist and that is putting it lightly. I can be very unrealistic. With that said, the more I look at my body and it continues to heal I am loving my results. They look very naturl which is a plus. Again, there are minor things that I want fixed and for my own personal reasons I want a few more inches. I never thought I could look as good as I did now. But truth be told it starts on the inside. I have been so uncomfy with my body for so long that I have real insecurities regardless of how good I look now.

This surgery definately changes your life. That I cannot deny. But then it pushes you to over analyze every single thing. As women we are influenced daily by what we see. The media floods us with unrealistic and unobtainable expectations. Yet we continue to oursue the gigantic ass, tiny waist, huge boobs and latest gear. As I continue on this journey of self love I want you ladies to know that regardless of how you look on the outside if you dont believe that you are beautiful ; tou will never be truely satisfied. Trust me. When I look in the mirror I don't always know what I see. I am still pursuing unrealistic idealogies of beauty. With time and the continuence of rebuilding my self esteem I am sure that I will get there as Dr. salama has changed my life and will continue to do so.

With that said, I posted the best pics I could as I cannot take pics of myself. I am sorta a blonde that way. Lol! I promise when my hubby gets home tomorrow I will make it my business to update some better pics from every angle with an actual camera as the iPad doesn't take the best pics. I wanna help as many of you women as possible. You will definately need it.

Just curious as I have my own theory.

Just curious as I have my own theory.

Will my tummy ever get better ???? This is very...

Will my tummy ever get better ???? This is very frustrating. Extremely!!!!! U guys have no idea. It's all peaches and cream when you want it so bad and dream about it and plan and etc. but when u r enduring it's an entirely different thing. I cannot get my stomach right for the life of me. I use the heating pad, where garment with boards all day and even sleep in it still at almost 8 weeks post and it's getting on my nerves, i do self massages and have had 9 massages so far and paid $75 each for 7 thus far plus I still need more which is more money. I am just feeling like I bit off more than I can chew. I feel like I have had the worst recovery ever. I am venting right now and don't expect anyone that hasn't had surgery yet to understand.

OK ladies. After contemplating writing this review...

OK ladies. After contemplating writing this review I feel that it is my duty to keep it real with you guys. This site first led me to selecting my doctor and I want to assist others in the future. With that said, I probably won't be posting again unless things drastically change. I wanted to change settings on her but unfortunately I cannot do that. I am sure that I will get a lot of negative comments and some not so negative. With that said, if u want specifics please inbox me as I think for my sanity I will not read the comments section. that is how deep it's about to get. so if you don't want the truth read no further. however, if you want the truth so that you can make an informed decision please proceed. here goes:

First off as previously stated I have met some wonderful ladies on here. Thanks gals you know who you are. This review may bounce around a bit as I will type as things come to mind. Soooooooooooooooo here goes again. Customer service at EPS IS FABULOUS!!! They respond quickly and are very efficient. Ruben, Nomie, Jennifer and even Nancy are GREAT! Celia and Eileen are fabulous and give the best massages. However, the staff isn't performing the surgery. Dr. Salama is pretty cool too. However, I do think he could be more personable. I think he has too many patients and the office isn't equipped with enough staffing to handle everyone. The practice has grown very fast. Which is great for business. I am sure that is why they training other physicians to perform the bbl so that Dr. S has some help with the workload. I do feel like NOW the place is run like a butt factory.

In the beginning I selected DR. S because I felt that he did the best butts. However, all of his butts in the past few months have not been his best work in my opinion. For starters he has started given less cc's which seems to be about 1200cc per cheek. I am assuming that he has been doing this for a better fat survival rate, fewer seromas developing as well as avoiding fat necrosis. Which I agree is probably in the best interest of the patients. imo, he doesn't give hip injections. why the office continues to maintain that he does is beyond me. what he gives are lateral butt injections which give the illusion of hips once the waist is lipoed aggressively. just ask his past patients who didn't have hips preop and requested them.

as for my results i am not pleased with the result. I am unhappy with the lost of volume. i think you women are paying hard earned money deserve the truth continued to update you on my journey. speaking for myself i think my loss of volume is very sad and some loss of volume could have been avoided. i should not have to pray to the fluffing gods after praying close to $7000 cash for a bbl.

i agree dr. s does the best lipo however has his most recent work been up to par imo: no. i don't think you should have to feel obligated to have a round 2 and/or revision surgery to fix major things that could have been avoided.

one of those biggest issues being the garment. the garment imo causes a lot of unnecessary compression. i do however, think they are trying to resolve this but at the moment are so focused on solving the issue with seromas that they are not listening to patients whom say the garment is too tight and is causing unnecessary compression on the butt as well as contributing to square or box butts. i think that if i hadn't worn the garment in which i was told to wear that i could have avoided a lot of loss of volume as well as maintained a more round shape post op.

as for my tummy you guys can look at the pics for yourself. idk what was done but the shape of my tummy at 8 weeks is not normal!!!! i do have lots of swelling and some scar tissue but the way my tummy pokes out is not only contributed to lose ab muscles. u can see that the bottom of my tummy is flat due to the wonderful lipo and the middle and top not so much. wtf happened? granted i had a ton of fat preop but i am unhappy that my tummy is uneven. not to mention the scarring leftover from the seroma. look at my preop pics and you be the judge. my tummy was not uneven preop. it was fat but shit atleast i had fat allover. also, look at my waist or hips or whatever you want to call it they are clearly uneven. i am not happy about that. my butt is alright. i mean it does have more projection than preop but nobody has noticed that i had work done on my butt. kind of sad. i think my butt overall looks fuller but not rounder nor has the projection that i was hoping for. i do love the s curve though.

i am not bitter nor ungrateful. i am sure that i will get attacked but whatever. i hope that in the future you guys will do a lot more research than i did. i hope that you are realistic in your expectations as i was. i mean honestly, had my tummy not been so jacked up post op i probably would be pleased. however, in a year or so i need to have it fixed which sucks. not by choice but because i have to. who the hell wants to walk around looking like that. i am embarassed to get undressed and cant wear a bikini looking like that. i also need to get my uneven hips or waist fixed as it is clearly obvious when i wear fitted dresses. it is very noticeable. even my husband and a few friends notice. you can look at the pics and see that.

with that said i am sure you guys wanna know the following: i am not happy with my results. i do think the office staff as well as dr. s are willing to fix these things. dr. salama is very helpful and is not a monster. this is not a bashing session but moreso about my results. but i am not comfortable going back to him for a revision.

this entire experience has been emotionally and physically draining. i will make appointments with other doctors for a second and third opinion.

would i recommend dr. s to someone at this point no. i don't think his butts are worth the current asking price. dr. jimmerson imo has better butts projection wise, shape, you dont seem to lose as much volume and he does hip injections. of course he is more expensive but you get what you pay for. think about it if you need a round 2 you end up paying the same price. however you only have to endure the recovery once vs twice. i don't know if jimmersons results are due to technique but clearly it's something. maybe eps should slow down on booking new patients as dr. s work is clearly going down.

be careful and please do your research. this review here that i am writing takes gutts. you haven't seen an honest review on this blog like this ever. not tooting my horn but this is as real as it gets. all of the pain i went through was in vain. i mean i look a lot better than i did preop but when you are paying your money you deserve to be satisfied and that i am not. i think my expectations were pretty realistic. i didn't ask for much.

i wish you girls much luck with whatever you decided. again, i am not trying to sway you from dr. s nor am i trying to sway you towards dr. jimmerson. just want you to be informed. dr. salama is a pretty nice guy and i do think he has good intentions however, i think they are performing too many surgeries and are losing touch with the patients. the garment is a huge issue!!!!! i don't know how they can fix it but hey thats not my job. again the staff is nice and helpful but they are not the ones performing surgery.

this is my journey not anyone elses. i hope you guys look at my pics and look good. start from the beginning and you will see i am not making this up. i know that my full recovery can take up to 6months to a year but i doubt anything changes drastically. i dont expect my butt to grow that much. if anything it will get smaller. i dont think a ton of swelling will go down nor will my tummy even out.

i will get a revision to fix the issues that i have but i am gonna find another doctor and do a ton of research. at that time i may start another profile or i may keep this one. i think i have the right to say what i want and be honest.

my tummy is getting softer and my butt is pretty much completely soft at this point. that is how i know my tummy has a ton of leftover fat because its not that hard or lumpy. it has spots of swelling but not lumps. the swelling is mostly on the side. the seroma scarring is hideous and i hate that. i hate my box butt too.

overall again i look better post op but i paid too much money to not be completely satisfied or almost satisfied. at this point i am sixty percent happy. i mean no one noticed i had my butt done which is sad. even other trusted friends and family agree that they wouldnt pay for what i had done and agree that i need a round two and need my tummy fixed. shucks i am sure dr. s would agree too. oh yeah this is another point, please know this blog is planted with fake profiles. in due time you guys will see this.. also notice that there are more profiles for folks waiting to have surgery vs patients that have had surgery. isn't that weird.

also ask yourself why so many need revisions or round 2. also if you have a good butt job it should look good in everything. not just leggings. i look better in my garment or fajas vs without it. wth! who wants to wear a fajas or girdle for the rest of there life. again, this is not an emotional rant. i am keeping it 100 with you girls. at first i was gonna reach out to the eps office but decided against it. i mean if you didnt get most of it right the first time why the heck would i pay the same dr for a revision. the office is willing to work with me and the wonderful ruben has reached out but at this point i am so dissappointed that i dont want to be bothered. i simply want my tummy fixed and that is all. ok i think i have covered everything. i am not satisfied, will not go to dr. salama again even though he does the best lipo i have seen. imo i think he works better on girls that have less than 4liters of fat and are somewhat small. that seems to be the best work he does. ok for real ladies this is it. he has a women shadowing him.

at this point my bbl wasnt worth it! some girls are happy with results but i am not. i want my jacked up tummy fixed. dont tell me its just swelling and blah blah blah. i am no longer in denial. i think that if dr. salama gave patients more individual attention and reduced the number of surgeries he performed that he would have more happy patients overall. remember when bbls first came out dr. mendieta was the man. now look at him????? food for thought. good luck guys.

oh yeah in case you guys ask: yes i have worn my garment and board for 8 weeks and still no change in my tummy. because of the compression and wearing it so much it did cause my butt to shrink though but not my tummy. hmmmmmm why. when i wear my garment and board my tummy is flat. when i take it off to wash it or shower and it's off for an hour my tummy pokes right back out, thats how i know something is wrong. i can wear it all day and take it off and tummy is flat. but as soon as its off for a bit for me to massage it or use heating pad that tummy pokes right back out like nothing happend. i mean i wear garment all day and sleep in it. why is tummy still looking a friggin mess. so i dont wanna hear what none of you who havent had surgery have to say. i wont be surprised if this real review gets deleted because its so brutally honest. imma post more pics full body this week so u see more of what i am talking about.

btw i paid cash for this surgery and that has a lot to do with why i am so pissed. i work hard for my money. i am hoping all you girls that are unhappy start speaking up like i did.

as for ruben i know you read and hope u dont take this personal. u r great and have a wonderful personality but are not the doctor which sucks. i think i have the right to speak up, detail my experience and share how i feel. dont be offended. u really are a sweetheart

Oh yeah to set the record straight and be clear. I...

oh yeah to set the record straight and be clear. I took off of work for 5 weeks which mean i stayed home. i didnt sit so that did not affect my results.

Ladies please dont inbox me to pacify me. I ever...

Ladies please dont inbox me to pacify me. I ever said i dot look better than preop that my butt wasnt big. I a posting about issues i have. I believe in honesty and the work is not worth darn near $7000. Sorry nothing anyone can say to change my mind. I have gotten several honest opinions about my waist being uneven. Its clearly evident. I believe in keeping it 100%. If u have questions inbox me but dont try to convince me that i am crazy or that my results are fabulous. Will post more pics later.

I feel like i have been gone to the principals...

i feel like i have been gone to the principals office. again, this is my journey and i will not be bullied. i feel as though as i have been nothing but professional and courteous. with that said, whatever!!!!! also to clarify the shadowing comment i meant "training". i never accused anyone on this page of doing anything unethical. i thought i was very kind and continued to stress that this was not a bashing session or a rampage from an unrealistic female. check my history and read my blog and you will see that i never expected to come out looking like beyonce, kim kardashian or any other random video chick. i wasn't in the best shape preop and have never denied that. but my tummy is visably uneven. i will not be intimadated. if you had something to say you could have directly messaged me. obviously my comments were taken personally instead of objectively and constructively.

Also for clarification dr.. salama and his staff...

Also for clarification dr.. salama and his staff have always been a accomodating. Never said they were not. But i made the decision out of hurt, anger, embarrassment to cease all dealings with them. It may not be smart but hey. I am sure he would have done a revision as he was still treating me post op. this was my decision. I have never intended to take anything away from him or his wonderful staff. They all know me on a first name basis and made me feel welcomed. They are not monsters. All are sweet. Dr. Salama is professional. All i said is that he should work on interpersonal skills with his patients. Plenty have said the same in the past. U guys are not reading my post objectively. I have always been team salama and helpful to many.

Just posted a pic of my weight today. Just had...

Just posted a pic of my weight today. Just had lunch so its not as accurate. But i have lost weight since surgery and working out. My weight on the pic is 161lbs but i am actually about 158lbs when i first wake up.

As is has gotten out of hand and I feel as though...

As is has gotten out of hand and I feel as though my case has been proven I have asked Kristy to delete my derogatory rant from earlier as well as the copies of the messages. I admit that I got upset at folks insinuating i was a liar and was more concerned with justifying my feelings. All i want is for u ladies to make an informed decision regardless of who u choose. Good luck. My inbox is always open. To. My friends I hurt I apologize.

For all you out of towners i forgot to mention...

For all you out of towners i forgot to mention Florida does not require doctors to carry malpractice insurance and most do not.

Ok i am done and would appreciate it if you didn't...

Ok i am done and would appreciate it if you didn't call me as I am still upset. I will reach out if I want to. You have been helpful but I am not in the mood to talk about anything regarding further treatment or revisions. This is painful for me. Maybe someone should have called before insulting a patient on a public forum of whom only stated her opinion while continuously complementing you guys.

As my blog appears to have caused some division on...

As my blog appears to have caused some division on the blog I am waving my white flag. However, that doesn't change how I feel about my results.

As uncle al used to say "peace in the hood" hahahaha "peace on realself". Let's allow everyone's voices to be heard whether good or bad. It is no one's job to correct or clarify anyone's personal opinion or experience. Myself included. So with that said best wishes and happy holidays.

So spoke to a few doctors who advised any...

So spoke to a few doctors who advised any revisions would jave to wait until I am about a year post op. 10 wks and no chnge in tummy. Well no progression. No need to post pics.

I will continue to update with pics and if there...

I will continue to update with pics and if there are any changes. As of now I a, 10wks post op and still "praying to fluffing Gods". Haha. Anyway, I must say I have met some AMAZING WOMEN on this blog. Some of whom I continue to speak with. I have a few consults lined up in the coming months, have sent a few emails with pictures and have spoken to a few doctors. Lipo revision is someone that I will definitely pray about and will not take lightly. I feel I did the research on the procedure versus not as much research on post op results with time exceeding 4weeks post op. Anyway, I will not and cannot have a revision soon. I simply want to know my options.

With that said, I will continue sharing my journey of the good and the bad. Anyone that wants to come along feel free. Happy Friday folks.

Added a pic of pose comparisons.

Added a pic of pose comparisons.



SoI was massaging myself as usual and noticed to...

SoI was massaging myself as usual and noticed to small hard spots on the lower lateral part of my butt cheek. Wondering if it is fat necrosis. Will research more and inquire during some of my future consults.

So I made12wks on Friday and still haven't fluffed...

So I made12wks on Friday and still haven't fluffed. Still holding steady at 42 1/2 which I hate and is a joke. My tummy is still hella swollen at times and inflamed. Plus where my seroma was it is still scarred and feels weird. A nothing new. Just figured I would update. Btw, i took my pics down so inbox me if you ever wanna see them. I will update with more pics when and IF MY RESULTS CHANGE. which i doubt. I soooooo hate that I did this and am not pleased.

Piece of advice: RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH and...

Piece of advice: RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH and don't base decisions strictly off of what you see on realself. Granted it is a useful TOOL and that is all. Try to speak with post op patients in the office if you are so lucky, ask your doctor for references and also if you use girls on realself try to contact them via inbox or off the blog completely. Believe it or not some blogs and the comments/updates are closely monitored.

Just curious what's so complicated about my case...

Just curious what's so complicated about my case since you wanna spread lies? Why was I practically being begged to come in every week for a follow up so you guys could takepica and use them on your site because u needed updated pics? Funny how me stating my opinion still remains a factor. Please let it go as you guys are still milking folks out of money. Stop stalking my blog and contacting hopes and standing behind hippa. I passed my clearance, posted my review and it was all good u til i said i wasnt pleased withy results. If my case was so complex why perform the surgery in the first place. Please get outta here with that. Pics dont lie and neither do all the chicks that have gotten seromas.

Wow if you guys only new what goes on behind the...

Wow if you guys only new what goes on behind the scenes.

U ladies have been wonderful. Thank you! I am...

U ladies have been wonderful. Thank you! I am gonna do some research on mmh.

Just curious I had a long update yesterday but it...

Just curious I had a long update yesterday but it was deleted in error on my part. Maybe it's me but how would you guys feel if you created a blog to journey your progress under an alias and received in your personal inbox which is labeled under your government name a message from a physician replying to something posted on Realself under an alias with operating pictures attached? I am just saying it creeps me out because that means a lot of work goes into tracking patients on the blog. I never gave out my Realself alias to office staff and my official email isn't associated with this blog. Not that I was trying to play both sides but I just think that is a little too much. If i could go back I wouldn't have listed my surgery date and other critical info this way I would have avoided a few scare tactics. Idk i just thought that I could come on the blog and be myself and document my journey without having to feel intimidated and accused of slander and defamation. I call that being a little too active on the blog which I guess can be a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD. If anyone wants to contact me inbox is always great as I will update with pics at 16wks post op. btw, some wonderful doctors have reached out with valuable info regarding my results and I have tons of consults lined up in the future.

Fyi when I say alias i am referring to MY ALIAS...

Fyi when I say alias i am referring to MY ALIAS "missmiami". I wasn't contacted by A PHYSICIAN using an alias. Would never say that.

Turned 13weeks and still no fluffing. I am still...

Turned 13weeks and still no fluffing. I am still alternating between a garment and cincher. I have on a medium cincher today and ugghh the fat that u still see my bulging fat pisses me off. Not to kention I hate my butt especially in stretchy jeans. Yuck!!!!!!!!! It's flat towards the bottom and the left cheeck seems to look a tad better than the right. I will post pics in a sec but because I am bored I might as well blog to vent a bit. No comments are necessary if you don't want to. I am just journaling and this isn't an official update I guess. Btw, the cincer i have on is a medium and is tight as hell so it's not too big. If i disn't have so much leftover fat it wouldn't bulge and look a mess. Oops i forgot that's tons of inflammation at 13 weeks post op.

Posted a few pics. Nothing to rave about.

Posted a few pics. Nothing to rave about.

So upset as it upset as it appears it will be more...

So upset as it upset as it appears it will be more costly to fix the damage than it was to have the procedure done the first time. Wtf!

Nothing has changed except The dents on my butt...

Nothing has changed except The dents on my butt and thighs are more visible. Not as much swelling. According to my doctor what I had in my tummy is inflammation yet it still looks the same. As you can see in the pics I am still wearing a garment. I purchased a stage two garment. Yes another added expense. I still wear my waist cincher. Anyway, wish you all the best in your future recoveries in 2013.

I posted a pic so u guys can see how noticeable it...

I posted a pic so u guys can see how noticeable it is. So basically I have to camoflauge myself. Anyway just figured I would post a pic because I do want to continue documenting my progress.

Still have fits of anger and disappointment. Inner...

Still have fits of anger and disappointment. Inner thigh has a dent or whatever u wanna call it. Ugghhh this is so frustrating. I don't have the time to do everything that needs to be done right now. Say what ya want but this is a total joke unless you are pretty much close to your ideal weight and body image. Seems like your body frame makes a difference in results too. bigger framed women don't seem to have good results imo. mind you i am 160lbs but have a naturally large build. Otherwise a total waste of time. Many think it but FEW SAY IT.

Where all my real vets? Interested in hearing...

Where all my real vets? Interested in hearing updates and seeing pics if you don't mind sharing. I haven't heard from fellow surgery buddies. A few come to mind. Either way miss u guys.

So I hadanotherconsult today about my tummy,...

So I hadanotherconsult today about my tummy, thighs and waist. Imust say I was a little disappointed but it felt good to be reaffirmed. A lot of the issues I noted in previews updates; the doctor brought to my attention without me mentioning them. For example, he noticed my tummy was lumpy and immediately said I had a lot of scar tissue where my seroma was. He thought it was due to the traditional lipo but I told him I had developed a seroma. He also noticed the huge dent in my left thigh from uneven lipo as it is not the same as the right. Unfortunately he doesn't think there is much he can do to improve it as it could make things worse. The best he can do is try to even out the right thigh but said the dent will remain in the left thigh. I will update further in the future as I am still trying to get some things situated. Not much more to report. No change in measurements, no fluffing and etc.

Something i found interesting http://sandrarose...

something i found interesting

Ladiea it seems that I have reached all the...

Ladiea it seems that I have reached all the profress that I can. I wish you all nothing but the best. I stand by my entire review before and never thought I handled things immaturely. If I did then it is a lesson learmed. But I will say this is a public forum so be mindful of what you say in the future. I don't know what else to say but I do know that I had 9 massages or so and only appear to have scar tissue where my seroma was. Either way best wishes and good speed. Anyone that wants to reach me can do so via inbox. BELLISIS U HAVE BEEN WONDERFUL.

My email a few days ago
Good Evening:

First of all I would like to say I am very upset, hurt, embarassed and even depressed about my results. I followed all of your post op instructions. I have not gained weight after surgery. I sacrificed hard earned money and my results are deformed. Initially when I consulted with you I inquired about a tummy tuck and a bbl. You stated that I did not need a tt because my muscle and skin elasticity was intact. However, post op you can see my lower abdomen is flat while the upper abdomen protrudes. It is not inflamaton as I have since had a ctscan which shows ab seperation aka diastsis recti which is due to multple childbirths. My waist is visibly uneven and one butt cheeky is slighly bigger than the other. I understand all these are listed in the paperwork signed prior to surgery but no one ever thinks that it will actually happen to them post op.

This entire experience has been humiliating and I am even more self conscious now than prior to having the surgery. No disrespect, but you can see that this is not an acceptable result, especially when compared to your best work.

How can I resolve this? Is there another surgeon you can refer me to? If not, I want at least a portion of my payment back. Attached are pictures as I am I 4months post op.

Thank-you for your time,


I understand that you are not content with your results. I believe that the un-evenness of the abdomen is due to uneven compression of the area after surgery. This led to more inflammation in this area which ultimately turns to scar. I have emailed you pictures of your results on the table and it is obvious that the liposuction was not done unevenly. The asymmetry of the buttocks is probably due to asymmetric fat survival and this was discussed with you prior to surgery. You may have applied something to your abdomen that compressed the lower aspect more that the upper. All of this could have been prevented, treated, and even corrected if you would have had more faith in your surgeon and followed post-operative recommendations. You also missed a number of post-operative massages. This could of also been avoided if you would have dealt with this issue more like an adult. It’s very enticing to write dozens if not hundreds of slanderous and defamatory comments and private messages on RealSelf but that’s not the mature way to deal with a problem or to deal with your doctor. The diastasis recti may be present but it is not the major cause of the problem you see. I am very eager to work with all my patients because not every result is superb. But the way you handled things was not called for. I would recommend seeing Dr. ********* or another BBL surgeon. I will be happy to talk to any other doctor, of your choosing, to assist in receiving appropriate treatment. In regards to refunds, we do not give refunds for services rendered.

Decided to update at almost 6months. Not ,much has...

Decided to update at almost 6months. Not ,much has changed except I'm working my butt off. I look so much better now vs when i had the surgery due to diet and exercise. Ladies love yourself first and don't go into surgery thinking it will fix all of your self esteem issues. Most say im negative but its because i am open and honest. Popping in today confirmed how much of a joke all of this really is. Anyway i am out. Figured I would keep my promise. Toodles.

Officially 6months post op as of yesterday....

Officially 6months post op as of yesterday. Uploaded a better pic showing my tummy hasn't changed. Toodles.

Is it true these butts are going for $9199???? If...

Is it true these butts are going for $9199???? If so, that is laughable

Never got a visit from the Fluffing Gods.

Never got a visit from the Fluffing Gods.

10 months post op. Just passing through. PICS ONLY. no commentary

Hey guys, I was bored and decided to update. As you can you see I have put on a few pounds hence my butt is a little plumper.

another photo

3yrs post op

Just updating with pics of my backside. Didn't lose any fat and still have my scurve. However because my upper back around the bra line and above wasn't done and there wasn't fat transferred by my hips I'm having another bbl to get my desired results by another Dr in the fall. Want my butt a little more shapely on the bottom. Either way have retained the fat and shape. Most people say I don't need another but I want what I want.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My selection was based off of Realself along with research. I REGRET THAT! Big mistake on my part.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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