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Hello RS. Like most, I've been a stalker of the...

Hello RS. Like most, I've been a stalker of the site for years. I'm a mother of 2, and hv had several failed pregnancies so my body is all out of shape (To me atleast). I did a consultaton in January and scheduled my surgery in February 2015. I chose Dr Salama because of how he sculpts the body and the volume and projection he gives. I thought about going to the dr bc it's cheaper but id rather be safe than sorry. I haven't taken my measurements but I'm 5'4, currently 156 lbs. I gained about 8 lbs after scheduling bc i didn't hv an excessive account of fat. I still don't but hopefully it'll be enough. I'm not adding any extra areas of lipo, just cost too much for me. I also booked my room. I'm staying at the curtis inn in Hollywood fl. I looked into the condos and apartments but honestly they are expensive when u add in deposits and and damage deposits, taxes, etc.. i also have all my supplies. I bought stuff based on other ladies personal experiences and i asked what was actually used so i didn't buy unnecessary stuff. I'll make my list later for you ladies.

before pics

Just a few pics. These were when i had my consult with Dr Salama.

i made it here safely thank God!!

Hey ladies. I made it to Florida yesterday. Traffic was a BEAST! ! it was a 10 hr drive from nc. The hotel I'm staying at looks quite different than i thought, but the room is pretty nice. And for the price, i wouldn't change it one bit. There are plenty of food shops and convenience stores right in walking distance. The beach is a 10 min drive and is very pretty.

Also i had my pre-op today. The office is less than 5 mins away from the hotel. It's also set up very nice. All of Dr Salama's staff is very nice and personable. I met Nomi. .... her booty is niiiiccceeee!!!! Lol but for real, she got a donk. She's really sweet and will answer any questions you may have. She gave me all of the information i need for tonight, tomorrow, and post op. Very knowledgeable. My surgery is tomorrow and I'll meet Dr Salama then. I met one of our RS sisters, pretty10, and she looks great. She showed me her before pics and he did a very nice job on her. Snatched her waist like whoa! She was so sweet also. And gave me alot of info in reference to the surgery and healing. She's awesome! I'll post pics of the room later.

supply list

I forgot to add the list of supplies i purchased. I got everything based on other rs sister's reviews and asked what was actually needed to recover so i didn't buy unnecessarily.

Yoga mat to sit on (under thighs)
8 maxi dresses
Suction hooks
Bed pads
Heating pad
Disposable cleansing washcloths
3 x 4 gauze
4x4 gauze
Medical tape
Maxi pads for under garment
Maxi pads for cycle (alot of ladies start after surgery)
Antibacterial hand gel
Back scratcher(2)
Large safety pins (to hold drains on garment)
Anti itch cream
Arnica pellets and gel
Shower curtain (2) to cover mattress
Prescription meds
Directors chair (to sit without sitting on my butt)
Compression stockings
ALPS prosthetic lotion
Tshirts/beaters (for under garment)
Socks with grip on the bottom
Gas-x (yes you'll appreciate that one)
Pineapple juice
Cranberry juice
Chicken breast
V8 fusion
Ensure (for when i don't feel like eating)

I didn't buy anything as far as hair products and small toiletries, bc i had them, but don't forget to pack them. If i remember anything else ill be sure to post... new me coming soon. ..9 hrs to go

it's that time yall! !!

Hey everybody. I'm at the surgical center, which is different from the office. It's really nice also. I arrived at 930am. My appt was at 10. I met Sergio the anesthesiologist. He's very friendly and was very informative about the risks and complications that may arise. Also informed me of some things to do about personal health issues. Please listen to what he's saying, you need this info. DON'T ZONE OUT!!! LOL. Had to take that freaking pregnancy test. ..honestly i was alil nervous about that one. Dont want my lil coins wasted cuz i didn't say wrap it up. But I'm all divafied in my pretty white gotten and green slippers... this hair bonnet is on fleek! Lol I'm silly, yeah i know, tryna keep it light so i don't get too nervous. I know I'm hungry as a mf'er tho. No eating after midnight. I couldn't sleep to save my life but didn't want to chance medicating and over sleeping. Oh, the hotel is 5 mins away. Maybe not even that.. if you are trying to save some funds, check out the curtis inn.. or Richards hotel. Great prices and for the space, I'm a happy camper. I'm here for 10 days. My room total was 770. Not complaining one bit... Doc is in.Gotta go. Pray for me yall

after photos

A few pics of after. I'll have to all how many cc's he transferred

reviews never posted :(

Ok. I'm going to try to go back remember everything from day one. Bare with me if i leave out stuff or mix up details lol.

Day of surgery: after i woke up i was on my stomach. They helped me up and got me in the wheelchair. Took me to the car and i laid across the back seat. And they forgot to give me the boppy but i got it later. Got to the hotel, My assistant cooked a light meal for me and then i was back out. I didn't eat much. Drank alot of water and Gatorade..

Day 1 post op. I wasnt in any pain i took my meds like directed and slept alot. The feeling after surgery is stiffness and soreness. No real pain. My booty felt like a foreign object stuck on the back of me. It was tight and hot. I used my arnica gel to help with that. It works. Also had a muscle relaxer to take the edge off. Percs don't do much for me. I also had my post op visit at 9am at the aventura office. I saw Dr Salama. I was happy to be able to interact with him as i see ppl comment that they dont see there doctor's after surgery. He was brief but he thorough. He helped me out of my garment, changed my foams,spoke to me about my post op care and i knew i was in good hands.

Day 2. Pain/soreness level was about the same. Still heavy on medication more so for my back to carry the weight of my new booty. My neck, my back. ...Lol .. anyways still walked every 2 hrs. Mainly around the apt. But when the mood striked we walked the neighborhood. Just a few blocks. I didn't do much but sleep, keep up with my meds, eat and drink and sleep some more. Same for day 3. Soo I'll skip day 3.

Day 4. Omg, i still haven't pooped. My thought all day. I had been taking the stool softeners, drinking green tea, warm water, Gatorade, pineapple and cranberry juices, and nothing had happened. Yall i felt horrible. But today is massage day!! Yes i was actually excited. When u feel the fluid in your tummy and back, u look forward to it even though it's going to hurt.

Got to the medical center and my massage was promptly at 10 am. Eileen did my massages and i was very comfortable with her. She helped me out my garment and it was practically painless. She begin the massage on my back with an ultrasonic machine. It helped to loosen up the fluid and that's when i could feel all of the tender spots in my body. When she started to actually do the massage i could hear the fluid moving. It was painful but not unbearable. Eileen talked to me to distract me but when she hit those extra soft spots, i let her know. she was very accommodating asked if i was ok multiple times. After the massage was over she helped me into my new garment which is extra tight. I wasn't ready...once in it tho i felt much better. After we left we went to the room and i ate, and went to sleep.

Day 5..booty was on literally it was hot. Arnica to the rescue!! Not much happened day 5. Ate, drank, walked, slept. Did alil light cleaning of the room also. I had to go get a real laxative also. Magnesium citrate. I drank half at night and the other half on day 6. It works lol

Day 6. 2nd massage. It wasn't as bad as the first. Getting out of the garment was effortless today. Getting back in wasnt too horrible either. I had my back drain removed but had to keep the front. Eileen and Nomi are so nice. Sweethearts. I hope they know how appreciated they all are. I go back in tomorrow to see about getting the front drain removed. Hopefully i can or I'll be taking it out back home.

It honestly has been a long day. My plans changed and now am going home a day earlier. My helper washed clothes for me and now I'm preparing to leave. Packing up this stuff is tiresome. Ive been standing alot today so i swoll back up. Im going to ask about squeezing in a massage before getting on the road tomorrow. Hopefully i included everything from the review that didn't post. Gotta get some rest. Toodles

change of plans

Hey yall. I had an awful night. Instead of leaving on the first, we left today. I spent all night packing and just really put myself thru too much. I ended up calling to get an earlier appt for a massage and that one i paid for out of pocket. I was so swollen i couldn't even get my front drain removed. Was putting out too much fluid. Ladies, if u stress or over work yourself, it's gonna catch up to u. Eilyn, which is the correct way to spell her name, could tell i had a rough night. She asked if i was ok bc i looked terrible. Yeah it was that bad yall. I looked a mess. I explained to her what happened and she saw how puffy i was and just shook her head and told me don't let that happen again. I told her i wouldn't. Lesson learned. This massage was painful bc i jacked myself up. But i needed it. I felt 100 times better afterwards. Nomi came in and spoke to me about my drain and how to remove it after i stop putting out so much fluid. I really do appreciate them. I got dressed and then got on the road. And 12 hrs later, we're finally in my city. This ride, i don't suggest to anyone. The whole laying across the seat. ... not comfortable. I didn't want to lay on my sides bc dr salama gave me some nice hips I'm trying to hold on to lol. But i had to. No way to ride this far without rotating . I used my boppy under my hips and sides and a blanket under and over my head. It was sunny. I won't ever EVER do something like this without the care of my spouse or a licensed caregiver. Ppl are too petty. I'll save the drama tho. I'm honestly just hastily to b going home to my family. 9 days was the longest I've ever been away. And i don't plan on leaving them behind when i go back for my tummy tuck. .. i did meet a really nice lady at my appt. She gave me some info on caregivers and the area. Overall i had a decent experience but I'll choose better with my care next time. I'll post pics later.

hey yall

So it's been 2 weeks since surgery. I'm so glad to be home yall don't even understand lol. But anyway, i started wearing my ab board last night. That thing is no joke. It's alot harder than i expected but lord it works. I didn't expect to hv much results in the front of my stomach dude to the lack of lipo for my next surgery but it has really gone down. Sounds crazy but i am excited i can actually see my c section scar without lifting skin lol. The things u miss after gaining weight huh? Lol I'm still walking as much add i can through my house. The stairs are a killer. U must walk tho. U don't want the muscles in your legs to get too weak. One thing i am noticing is the tightness of the skin where i had agressive lipo. It feels super tight. Slight bending feels like I'm stretching it and is kinda painful. Btw, I'm off of the strong pain meds. Only ibuprofen or Tylenol if I'm really hurting. B sure to hv someone massage your body. The lymphatic massages are great but u aren't getting those everyday. Do your part at home. Honestly if you pay attention when u get the massages and do alil online research, u can cut out the massages. Save some more coins. If u need some massaging and no one is around to help, a good ol paint roller or rolling pin will do just fine. Even a yoga ball. Very resourceful lol.

My booty is softening up around the bottom, top, and the crack. The middle of my cheeks are still hard. All of the swelling is gone and I'm trying to be patient with waiting on final results. I like how it looks now but still hv a long ways to go.

Be sure to keep up with watching your eating habits also. Not alot of salt or you'll puff up like a blow fish. So serious lol. I had some popcorn and oh man was it good but it was salty and buttery and a recipe for disaster. Don't do it lol. I'm still waiting on a call about the cc's i had put in also. Ill post pics later with the board on and some with my progress.. catch yall later

this ab board

Just a few pics of the board and how they direct you to wear it. It would be so nice if they could give them to you sized to your body. This thing is not comfortable... ps: Sorry if these pics load sideways. They don't give the option to rotate.

the DRAIN.. dun dun DUN!!! Lol

I forgot about the front drain. Me and my husband had to remove it ourselves. Its pretty self explanatory as to why when u see it. It goes across the bottom of your stomach. One side to the other. Had i been able to get it out on time it might not hv been so painful but i had to wait until day 10. I think my body had started healing around it so the site was extremely tight when removing it. Thank God its out!

lipo areas and flat spots

Yesterday i noticed my right side didn't look to b lipo'd as well as the left so i emailed Nomie. She told me to double up on the foam to create more compression. I also noticed alil flat spot/dent on my right booty cheek. She told me to massage it with medium pressure and to watch for the hard spots. I'm softening up alot so if i get hard spots its cause for concern. The double foam worked well. I'll keep an eye on the dent. Nomie also told me i still had sutures under my cheeks lol. Nice to know those were there. I would hv had no clue if i didn't email about other concerns. Sheesh! I thought they were dissolvable. Smh they need to let us know these things before we leave. My hubby took them out. Alil baby oil for the massage and they slid right out. But back to this compression. .. so this morning when i took out my board to flip it i went ahead and came out of this garment. I needed to breathe. My spot was flat in only a few hrs. I'll take pics tonight. When i get back out of this thing. Feels like body jail. Lol i can say it's worth it tho. I was able to put my garment in the second set of hooks with my board in the horizontal way. Yay! I measured myself before.
Under bust: 29
Waist: 30 1/2
Hips: 43

My hips fluctuate between 43-44 depending on the time of day lol. Ill post my before measurements when i find what i wrote them on. Hehe

pic of side

Just showing that right side. Still swollen:(

pic didn't load

Hope it loads this time. Can't wait for the tummy tuck to get rid of all the skin.

a little update

Hello. So for the last two weeks I've been watching the booty. I swear one week it seemed to be disappearing daily. But i guess it was my mind playing tricks on me. This week, seems to be nice and round. I'm loving my shape. I still have my hips, and just started laying on them this week also. I still haven't sat directly on my butt even tho I'm well within the safe zone to do so. Kinda scared I'll still flatten it lol. It jiggles and bounces quite nicely also. The hard spots i had went away with some firm massaging, as directed by Nomie. I almost feel completely normal except for my sides. They still are sore. I've started wearing my waist garment during the day bc the black garment is now too big. I am very pleased with my results and still hope for a little more fluff.

Oh, do any ladies hv suggestions about evening out the skin tone on your booty?
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