BBL scheduled with Salama November 30th! So excited! :D- Aventura, FL

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Hi guys! I have been stalking real self for weeks...

Hi guys! I have been stalking real self for weeks and finally am so confident and excited about my decision to have a BBL. I know it's going to be amazing, I have to be positive and pray for the best results. Initially I was so convinced on Dr. Cortes because he is closest to be but after a consult I was pretty sure he wasn't the doctor for me. I have been going back and forth so torn between so many great surgeons and was even considering going to Spain. FINALLY, I decided on Salama, I am 99% sure he's the one for me. Especially after talking to Nancy she made me feel so comfortable and like she really cared which so many coordinators do not. SO that's a good start! Also, his work speaks for itself. Anyways, a little about me. I am 22, 5'7 and 165ish lbs. In clothes you wouldn't think I had a bad body, guys have actually always complimented me on it. However, I am very good at dressing for my body type and know what I look good in. I've always gotten attention from guys that's never been the problem per say, but I've never been happy with my body. I have a boxy shape with no ass and broad shoulders and although it could be worse for sure, why be unhappy when you can try to make yourself happy? It's a no brainer. I want to love my body for me, life it too short. I have this feeling I'm not going to regret it so let's see how this goes lol. Eek.


I put my deposit down today so it's finally becoming somewhat real. I have about 2 months to get ready for this surgery. I still don't know if I will stay at a recovery home or bring someone, I didn't realize how hard it would be to have someone there for such a long period and their schedules. 9 days is a long time. BUT either way, gotta do what I gotta do.

Approaching fast...

Wow time is flying. I've been pretty relaxed because when I start to think about it too much I get anxiety lol. But then again I'm a very laid back person in general so I tend to be too relaxed sometimes even when I shouldn't. This is a big thing so I need to start mentally preparing myself. My surgery date is less than 2 months away, so much to do until then. I had no idea who was going to come with me for surgery, all of my friends can't take off that much time for work and my mom was going to have surgery in the middle of November so wasn't going to be able to come with me. BUT, she now says she may move her surgery because she doesn't want me going alone even though the recovery house is supposed to be good. Thank God because I would much rather my mom be with me. She's only able to stay 5 or so days because I have a little brother back home but my boyfriend is trying to get off so he can come the remainder of the time, fingers crossed it all works out. In the meantime my pre-op lab work is scheduled for next Tuesday and I'm so worried I'm not going to clear, idk why I wouldn't but I always feel like I have some weird medical undiagnosed problem ha. Fingers crossed for that too. Besides that I've just been trying to pork up some which I have a few lbs and now I've just maintained. Kind of cool to eat whatever and not have to worry about it too much, even though it'll be hard breaking myself of it afterwards ugh. My boyfriend was complaining because he's gained weight too and I was like well all my fat will be gone soon enough and he asked "What about me?…" so concerned lmao. I died laughing, he didn't think it was very funny. Anyways, I need to start making arrangements as far as where I will stay, if anyone has any good suggestions please let me know.

Some wish pics ;)

Starting to freak myself out, burns caused by Salama???

I just came across some of the girls that got BBL's and it resulted in burns on their abdomens and back in some cases. One girl's were very, very severe. These were mostly in 2013 so I would hope he would have determined what was triggering this skin reaction and fix it since then, but you never know. I know he's a great surgeon and knows what he's doing so I don't understand how this could happen when so many other surgeons say this is caused by a surgeon who doesn't know what he's doing. That sounds like the opposite of Salama. Ah, I haven't changed my mind about him because I have faith in his ability and have never questioned my decision until now. I would be so mad at myself however, if anything like this happened. I know it's a risk, as are many things, but for what? A bigger butt? It's really not worth it, right? I have so much going for me just the thought of this whole thing backfiring is terrifying me. I am just going to try to think positive and not let me psych myself out into thinking this is a possibility for me, that will only attract negative energy. I'm just going to do my research more and keep thinking positive, maybe contact the office and see if anything like this has happened recently...

Looking for helpful supplies for post-op...

I know not being able to sit is going to be such a pain in the ass, literally. I have been researching different pillows because I hear the boppy isn't much help. I went to the website for the Booty Buddy and the BBL pillow both of which are on back order but BBL said they will restock this weekend I believe. They are pretty pricey like $100 but I'm thinking it might be worth it especially for class and stuff where I don't really have a choice but to sit. Also, I was thinking about a way I could sit at home like to watch TV or be on the computer, whatever and thought an inner tube would be perfect. Your butt just hangs in the bottom. I know some your butt touches the floor but they make some thicker ones that will allow you to sit up higher and they would be so easy to tweak either way. I'll probably find a cheap one of those too. If anyone is selling a BBL pillow please let me know!

Date is Approaching! Finally got flights and room booked!

Ok, so I waited until the last couple of days (omg I just realized it's only 10 days away). Anyways, I just wanted to make sure everything was good to go I didn't want to be out any money if something were to go wrong (finger's crossed it still doesn't lol) but I feel relieved now that my flights and room is booked. I'm staying 9 nights, initially I was opposed to staying that long because I feel like I will be ready to be home but I know it's the right thing to suck it up and stay just in case any complications were to occur. We are staying in a room at the Ramada Plaza Marco Polo Resort, I found it on, it is cheaper than most hotel rooms and right on the beach which will be nice. I am paying $900 for 9 nights so that's pretty good. If anyone is interested message me and I will give you the owner's information so you can get in touch with him, he's super nice. I also ordered a booty buddy because they were finally back in stock and somewhat cheaper than the BBL Pillow. I will give reviews later. Anyways, I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row before I have to leave, it's becoming surreal how soon it is. So crazy.

Weight gain

Ok, I just took some before pictures and giiiiirl, I'm huge. Lol, like I'm devastated but I keep telling myself it's for a good cause. I don't feel like I look that big but the pictures do not lie. Wow. I'm still in shock. I've only gained 10lbs from my before weight and I was told to gain it but I feel like I gained 30lbs. Thank God only a week until my surgery, until then I'm laying low and I'll be sure to enjoy thanksgiving extra hard this year. And I will post my before pictures soon, just have to edit out my tats and what not.

4 months ago

These are the pics I sent for my consultation.

Currently (before pics)

I didn't know 10lbs could make such a difference. BUT it's for my butt, so I'll live.

Booty Buddy

Wish pics

3 days away!

I can't believe my surgery is in 3 days. I'm really starting to freak out. I had a dream/nightmare last night about missing our flights and forgetting to bring everything lol it was so stressful so needless to say I'm going to start packing today because I always forget stuff. I remember when I got my breast augmentation I was 18 and researched it myself decided who I wanted and everything and my mom just trusted me. I don't remember ever being nervous at all, that's an 18 year old for ya I guess lol. This surgery I am so nervous for, I know this is a much more serious surgery but I keep imagining being there about to go under and I get really anxious. I'm praying I'm one that has an easy recovery, I'm not ready to be as miserable as I've read some girls have been.

Surgery tomorrow!

I don't think it has hit me yet. I'm trying not to worry too much that won't help, I should be excited and I am, but first I want to get through surgery. I have my pre-op at 9am, they have been closed for thanksgiving so I have my pre-op right before my surgery I'm guessing but idk what time my actual surgery will be. Hopefully not too late because I know I'll be hungry af lol. I really hope I am prepared for this, and I hope I have an easy recovery like some girls have. I know it can be hell I just hope my body reacts relatively good. As good as it can anyway. Well, I'm going to drink as much water as I can before midnight and try to get some sleep. Wish me luck!

Surgery day

I had my consult at about 10, was scheduled for 9 but had to fill out paperwork. Naomi was really nice and made us feel comfortable. It was pretty quick she just explained some things and then sent us over to the surgery center. I'm waiting here right now, I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be. My mom on the other hand is a nervous wreck lol. The surgery center is not at all what I expected but I guess it gets the job done. I'll go in soon (hopefully) to have my consult with Salama and talk to the anesthesiologist. I think then my nerves will hit. It's just so weird to me to be how I am now and imagine being knocked out and wake up in so much pain and so different. It's crazy. I'm trying to really enjoy not being in pain right now and sitting on my butt, it's hard to be grateful for something I'm so used to but I have to remember I'm choosing to put myself through this. I'm hoping it will all be worth it and I'll have no regrets.

1 day post!

Hi guys. I got out of surgery like yesterday evening. I forgot exact time but my surgery was about 2 hours long. I remember waking up and started crying and wanting my mom and to leave and the bitch in the room with me was on the phone laughing not even paying attention to me, I was so mad but couldn't talk. Whatever but it was very unprofessional and rude. Anywho, she helped me get dressed after a few and got my mom to take me down in a wheelchair. I wasn't in too much pain just very dizzy and couldn't move very much. We got back to hotel and I walked around some and my mom got me some soup from Panera. I was actually really hungry (of course) lol and ate that and took a pain pill. Then I just layed down and tried to feel less nauseas. I made my mom change the tv to vanderpump rules at 9 and watched that and walked around. I honestly was expected to be in a lot more pain, it's pretty bearable for me. The worst part is getting comfortable to sleep. I went to bed about 11:30 and woke up every couple of hours to rotate and walk around. My mom would switch my bed sheet cover and drain my drains and I would sleep more. I probably slept about 8 hours. I took 1 pain pill last night and one this morning because I am more sore today but nothing too bad, I'm waiting for it to hit me but I'm hoping I'm just lucky and it won't. My garment is so gross and bloody I can't wait to go today and get it changed. I got my arms and chin does as well so honestly if I hadn't done my arms I would not so uncomfortable. It's just hard to sleep on them and they are sore around the top. All in all I had a good experience, I'm still very paranoid because that's just me, hoping I have a safe and speedy recovery. Dr. Salama is very nice and cool, I felt comfortable with him after our consultation although the surgery room was sketchy and way different from what I expected. My boobs were done in an actual hospital and much more like a routine surgery like they put me to sleep first and rolled me to the surgery room and it was just more formal, this was not. And being put to sleep I almost had a panic attack because it wasn't instant and I felt like I couldn't breath. Probably because I was so nervous but either way I made it out alive and that's all that matters. I'm so swollen it's hard to tell about my results but my butt it pretty huge. I'll let y'all know after I go in later today.

2 days post

The first day after surgery was a breeze compared to today. It's not horrible but definitely more discomfort and soreness. I took my first shower today and I wanted to cry taking off the garment. I'm so swollen and sensitive but I did it and feel better now. Waiting for my garment to finish drying to put it back on, dreading it. I have my first massage tomorrow and I'm nervous for that as well. Hopefully I feel a little less sore then. Other than that life is pretty boring, just been in the room walking around, sleeping, drinking, and watching sex and the city.

2 days post pics

This was after my first shower, still very swollen and bruised but can already see great shape

4 days post

Guys this surgery is no joke. I knew that but the 2nd 3rd days are so bad. I just wanted to cry because I was just so uncomfortable. I can't even explain its just awful. Today I've felt better but now I'm constipated and it's the worst. If I wasn't I would feel so much better. It's driving me crazy. I went for my second massage today and it wasn't as bad as the first I had yesterday, Celia and eilyn are super nice and helpful. Everybody at the office is really sweet and that makes the experience so much better. Please just pray I can go poo tonight :((((

5 days post

Still no poo. Anyone got any suggestions? :(


I find that night time and first waking up are the worst. Because your body gets stiff while you sleep and you wake up so sore and hard feeling. That's why I dread going to sleep because you'll wake up throughout the night no matter what and I prefer that to loosen up my body anyway. I can't imagine the pain of not moving for 8 hours and waking up. It's tough. The mornings are ok once you get moving around and get liquids in you, I wake up and immediately want to take a pain pill but I try not to. I've only been taking two a day one in morning and one before bed, I'm so constipated though I think I'll try not to take any today but we'll see. I'm so ready to feel like myself again.

9 days post

I think it's day 9, right? Days run together for me right now. I've just been doing the same things every day trying to recover. It's no fun I'll tell you that but it gets better every day. UPDATE on my poo situation (sorry if tmi) I FINALLY got over it yesterday, it was awful. For the past 3 days I was completely miserable on top of just recovering from surgery being constipated for over a week was the cherry on top. Wearing my garment on top of that and it being so tight and confining and feeling like I was about to poop myself every 5 minutes but not being able to was an experience I'll never forget. I was beginning to panic but finally I took enough stuff and was able to push through it. UGH. If any of you have the same prob inbox me and I will tell you what I took etc bc it was a process. I'm soo happy now I can finally focus on my actual recovery and not that. Something I've noticed is that I am so hungry now, like I will eat and an hour later have hunger pains like wtf. I'm not trying to blow up so I've just been trying to eat fruit when I get like that. I'm sure it's just my body being confused trying to get energy back. It's so annoying not being able to sit, I didn't think it would be a big deal but it really is, laying on your back constantly is very limiting and kneeling isn't any better. I do have my pillow but I don't want to use that until week 4 because my legs are so wobbly and not stable yet. I'm just so ready to get my front drain out (my mom is going to take it out eek) and this soreness to go away. It's only up from here though, that's something to look forward to.

6 Months Post Op

Hi guys! It's been awhile. I was so obsessed with this site before my surgery and afterwards I was just so consumed with the recovery and my new body that I neglected to share as much. I was looking at before pics the other day and realized what an impact this procedure made on my life. It truly has changed my entire body and boosted my confidence enormously. Sometimes I get down on myself and think I'm the same as before, or I'm looking chunky again and then I look back and realize how far I've came and how amazing my body looks even when I'm feeling unhappy. It's important to realize this surgery does not change the way you think of yourself, you have to do that. It helps, but ultimately it's up to you to make yourself happy. You have to love yourself, easier said than done, but everyday is a step closer when you truly embrace your flaws and realize they will always be there but you're still perfect and beautiful. Surgery is not the end of feeling insecure and I could continue to pick my body apart and do surgery after surgery but now I realize I would be doing it for the wrong reasons. Don't get my wrong, I love my new body and it was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made, but it didn't fix what my brain thinks, now it's up to me to change that. I would go back and do this a hundred times, even though it was one of the most painful and difficult things I've done, my body is amazing. Dr. Salama was an excellent choice and I'm so glad I didn't let just anybody touch my body, he is truly an artist. I could've found somewhere closer, cheaper, and more convenient but I'm glad I trusted my instinct and went with him. It was more than worth it.

He's great at what he does and his staff are excellent. He spent time with me and made me feel comfortable, super down to earth. I can't say enough good things. I'm glad I chose him for this experience.

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