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This is my first post and I'm so glad I found this...

This is my first post and I'm so glad I found this site I was originally just wanting Lipo and my husband reminded asked if I was getting my cute but back that I have lost after having kids and putting on weight. So bbl here I come I'm scheduled for 4-28 any pointer on supplies I need and can someone explain the whole sitting down thing and the yoga mats . I also don't know what I'll really need. My husband will be my care taker so need everything available for him. I'll post pictures in a little. I weight 132 and I'm 5'5 all my weight in mid section. Any information for a newbie to RS is appreciated.

Bbl sisters any ideas on pillows and not sitting for two weeks

I need to know what people do during their two weeks staying off there new butts.....I have read about boppy pillows and and bud buddy pillow.

Calling all bbl sisters , my before pics

Calling all veterans , I need help what are must have items I need. They charged me 200 for just one faja do I need two. Also what have you ladies done during the two weeks since you can't sit on butt. Cushions etc what that's my biggest fear.

Foam abd board

What are these boards for are they to tighten the loose skin as you heal. Etc also what are things to do for abdomen if you have loose skin

Help ladies how is day 4 post surgery

I have a Dilema my youngest son plays sports and I'm team mom. They have their end of the year award ceremony four days post surgery just wondering how id feel to go. Don't want to miss it. I don't need to do anything besides show up. It's maybe like three hours long. Veterans how do you think id hold up

HELP HELP What are best items to help with recovery

I'm five days out and only have butt buddy pillow and some chucks to protect bed. My biggest fear is fainting what are reason why people faint and what can I take or do to prevent fainting

Tommorow surgery wish me luck

Any last minute advice I'm stressing I don't have everything I might need.. What are must haves to check off my list surgery tommorow at 12

Why no one cares about my post

I really feel bad I've been on this site and looked at other peoples journey so I decided to share mine and get some support. And not much people have reached out to me. I guess you only get support when you go to certain drs. That sucks I thought we were all on the same journey. Well prayers said I'm here ready for surgery day. Scared but prayed up.

Post surgery ten days

Well it's been a great recovery surgery went well little pain just discomfort I only take the pain meds to sleep because I feel like my ribs are getting crushed any ideas on how to help with that I'm open to suggestion love the new butt and I got a a curve for the first time in my life. Only downer is my belly is not flat it still looks big not sure if it's longer to see results there. Had two massages so far. Any tips and tricks on getting this belly flat

Is this fat I can's so thick


Pics of what I believe is fat left behind

I was told this is extra skin.

3 months and a week // how do I tell ps I'm not happy and feel I need a revision

My spinach has been my issue since the beggining I went originally for abdomen Lipo was told I needed back Lipo so my husband suggested throwing in a bbl. I love my ass and back but what I wanted the fat removed from I feel the ps was not aggresive I was told I might need a Tt and told her I would go down that road but not for now due to work. I said I'm okay with some loose skin just not fat want to look good in clothes... And look at my abdomen I have what I believe is a shelf any suggestions to get a revision.

Help choosing ps for abdomen Lipo revision

Ladies I need help..... I need recommendations on a good ps that can touch up and fix my lower abdomen. I was told by ps she would do revision but wait three months to heal and called office they are closed down. Filed for banckruptcy. I don't see how the law allows a company to file for bankruptcy and leave there former patients hi and dry look at my lower abdomen she never touched it and I paid for it. Please recommend someone that is aggressive I want a Tt but in future due to work. I can deal with loose skin for another year just want to be rid of this fat left behind....

Tummy tuck what dr need help

I have decided instead of fixing this Lipo to get a tummy tuck and Lipo I want to do in beginning of Jan/17
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