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Hey Ladies!!! I told myself I wouldn't actually...

Hey Ladies!!! I told myself I wouldn't actually start my review until my SX was closer but f- that!!! I'm so excited and all I think about it getting my ass! It literally consumes my thoughts, I daydream about it, I dream about it at night and most mornings it's the first thing on my mind. I know my bf and mother r sick and tired of hearing me talk about it too, lol.

Well a little about me; I have been Nasatall (no ass at all) all my life thanks to my fathers genes and I have always wanted this surgery, even b4 I knew it was actually possible. I went on my 1st consult in 09 with Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez in Baltimore, MD and was sold, but he was too steep ($18,000) to be exact, I still have his packet. So I let it go for awhile, but now I'm at a place in my life where I can afford the procedure and take off for recovery! Somehow I stumbled on RealSelf and found all these bootylicious girls talking about Salama and Jimmerson; something was drawing me in to Dr. Salama tho. So i did all my research and locked in my date. I am scheduled with Dr. Salama for August 29th, so right now I'm playing the waiting game, saving $$$ like crazy, and trying to shed 30 lbs. I've lost crazy weight before so I already know I can do it, went from 240 to 170 in less than a year. But I got on the pill and gained 20 damn lbs, smh. My current weight is 190; goal weight pre-op is 160; height 5'4. Well that's all for now folkZ =}

Hey Ladies, I came across this seat cushion that...

Hey Ladies, I came across this seat cushion that may be good for those who are post-op and starting to sit again. Granted, I haven't had my transformation yet but I just ordered mine for $15 on dealfind.com; its called "Magic Beauty Hip Push Up Cusion". It is from overseas of course (Japan) and it claims to do the following: •Maintain good posture, perfect for anyone who sits all day at the office. •Properly align your pelvis and spine and firm up your buttocks. •Helps to adjust your posture and correct bad sitting habits. •Enhance and round the shape of your buttocks. I will upload some pics for you ladieZ =}

I'm super proud of myself, LOST 8 LBS LAST WEEK...

I'm super proud of myself, LOST 8 LBS LAST WEEK !!!! I'm shooting for 6 lbs this week, so hopefully i pull it off. I've actually been taking my backside to the gym after work and watching my portion sizes. I also didn't smoke any weed last week so i wasn't going thru the munchies, lol! So on 1/18 i weighed in at 190.6 lbs; on 1/25 I weighed in at 182.8 lb. Next friday I'm hoping for 176 or under.
And I added a pre-op/wish pic of me (used the plastic surgery simulator app). DONT JUDGE ME!!! I KNOW MY BACK GOES STRAIGHT INTO MY THIGHS!!!
Ok ladies, that's all for now =}

Well I'm still 182 lbs =( BUT, I'm definitely...

Well I'm still 182 lbs =( BUT, I'm definitely loosing inches and building muscle. My bf hasn't noticed, but my coworkers have. And I was able to get in a pair of work slacks and button em up, couldn't do that b4 in those pants.

I feel like I'm eating way healthier than b4 and I work out a minimum of 5 times a week and still no pounds coming off. Soooooo, I've decided to take a dietary supplement: Raspberry Ketones (pic added) and up my water intake. So hopefully in a couple weeks I drop some serious poundZ =}

Finally out of the 180's; your girl weighing in at...

Finally out of the 180's; your girl weighing in at 176 lbs!!! I will definitely be at my goal weight of 160 wayyyyyy before surgery! I took my measurements and they are as follows:
bust: 36
natural waist: 35
low belly/waist: 41
hips/ flattest part of my bum: 45

Hoping after surgery my measurments will be somewhere around 34-30-48. But I will continue to do my part and give Dr. Salama a good canvas to work with (~:

OH WHAT JOY!!!! Weighed myself yesterday and the...

OH WHAT JOY!!!! Weighed myself yesterday and the scale said 172.4!!!! Your girl melting away, lol! Weight just falling off now! And I ordered my 1st garment; shit getting realer and realer by the day! 5 months away now; I can recall when I had 11 months to go, time is truly flying! I will have my bf take some pics of me so you ladies can see my weight loss. OK, carry on as you were (~:

Hey ladies! My coworker just told me about this...

Hey ladies! My coworker just told me about this make-up remover that she uses to lose weight, yes, I said make-up remover. She puts it on her trouble areas and gets in the sauna; I plan on putting it on my trouble areas (inner thighs, belly and flanks), put my workout waist belt on, hit my cardio and then get in the sauna. I'm going to go buy some Albolene and give it a shot. I went to the website (albolenechallenge.com) and I feel like I'm already eating good and exercising regularly, this may help me lose more on my belly and inner thighs, hell—if it’s good enough for boxers, then it’s good enough for me. The following is from the website:

Health Note: It is very important to always drink water while working out to help you stay hydrated. Please check with your physician before beginning any new fitness program.

Knock Out Water Retention with Quick Fitness & Nutritional Fixes:
If zipping up your favorite pair of jeans has become, itself, an exercise, you might be interested to learn about some fitness tricks to quickly knock inches off your tummy, thighs and buttocks, such as the one boxers have been using for decades to help drop their weight super fast for a match: using Albolene make-up remover to increase the efficiency of your workout.
Sweat it Off:
One of the quickest ways to lose some retained water and in the process lose pounds/inches, is to sweat it out. Liberally apply Albolene make-up remover, which is made of mineral oil and paraffin that liquefies on contact with skin, to problem areas that often retain water, such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen, before a workout, in order to create a "blanket effect." The Albolene helps create increased perspiration and heat in these areas to help reduce water weight significantly faster, so you will see and feel the results quickly. Couple the Albolene "trick" with trimming belts or shorts made of materials like neoprene for even more dramatic results. (Note: Water weight loss can be dramatic, but will ultimately be temporary if you don’t keep up a regular exercise regimen.) Take the Albolene Challenge!

Well, my Vedette 301 arrived yesterday and that...

Well, my Vedette 301 arrived yesterday and that sucka aint no joke! I got a size L and it was a struggle to get it past my thighs, let alone all my hips!!! I can tell all my garments are gonna have to be long on the thighs, cuz this mid-thigh crap aint were its at. That bad boy kept rolling up my thighs and everything. I have uploaded so new pre-op pics with me in the Vedette 301 and my weight loss...

~SIDEBAR~ GAINED 2 LBS... )-: So now I weigh 174

But I went and purchased some Albolene and I will start that challenge next week; I messed around and got sick. *tears* My bf sick at home, 75% of the ppl at my office sick and 90% of the folks at my PT job sick; so I guess it was bound to happen.

Surgery is getting closer!!! Super excited! I...

Surgery is getting closer!!! Super excited! I remember when I was press for time to speed up now I wish it would slow the hell down, LOL! I started purchasing things for SX and had a couple questions:

2.) What do I really need the wedge pillow for?

I'm starting to feel as if I'm overbuying and I don't want to buy/take stuff that I’m not going to use. I read a lot of girls fit everything into a carry-on and some even say they didn’t use some of the stuff they brought.


Still Blowing it Down & Gained Weight (back @ 180)! :-(

ULTRA DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF! I just have been letting myself go! I gained some of the weight back; I weighed myself this morning, coming in at 180 lbs. I have not worked out since end of April and I have been eating whatever is cheap and convenient. Going through a little financial hardship in my house hold with no help so all the financial burden is on me, figures! So I have been working and steadily tryna save for SX. I got approved for 6K by United Medical Financing, flights booked, hotel booked, car rental paid, and I have already started gathering supplies. I think I have like 4K cash saved or very close to it, tryna just save save save. Not sure when I will officially put the weed down or when I will take my backside to the gym. Now I gotta lose 15-20 lbs. by the end of August and stop blowing these trees ASAP! I need to find some damn motivation and get some get up and go about life. You would think all this damn money I'm putting out would be motivation enough or seeing all my beautiful BBL sistahs working it post-op, but hopefully, I'll be singing a different tune in a couple weeks. I mean I'm still excited about SX and everything but for some reason my drive and determination have diminished a bit... thanks for letting me vent.

HunnyWingZ BBL List

I have compiled a list that I made from reading several profiles over several months, so here it is:

Prescriptions/ Pain Meds
Tylenol PM
Arnica Montana Tablets (Salama Gives)
Arnica Massage Gel
Bromelain 500 mg
Iron Pills 150 mg
Vitamin C 1000 mg
B-Complex 100
Bioflavonoids Complex 300 mg
Make Me Heal Vitamin Kit Pre & Post-Op ($60 amazon)
Lipo-Foam Sheets ($30 amazon)
Razor/Shave Gel
Colace (stool softener)
Dial Antibacterial Soap
Sugar Scrub: sugar & olive oil (PreSX shower)
Vitamin E Gel Pills
Kelo-Cote/ Mederma Advanced Scar Gel
Epi-Derm Silicone Gel Epitabs ($30)
Nivea q10 Firming Lotion/ Cocoa Butter
Nonstick Medical Tape
Peroxide/ Alcohol Pads
Cotton Balls/ Q-Tips
Latex Gloves
Pill Organizer
"P EZ"
Eyeglasses/ Sunglasses
Big Panities/ Boy Shorts (2)
Cute Panties (1)
Sports Bra (3)
Wife Beaters/ Tank Tops (4)
Fitted/Smooth Tshirts
Maxi Dresses (4)
Hoodie (1)/ Cardigans (2)
Leggings (1)
Sleep Shirts (2)
Robe/ Moo Moo
Shoes (1)
Slippers/ Footies
Lanyard/ Safety Pins (for drains)
Shea Butter Baby Wipes (can’t live w/out these, surgery or no surgery—gotta have em)
Long Loofah
Surgical Board/ Abdominal Board (Salama Gives)
Ultrasound Massager + Gel
Pastry Roller
Toothbrush/ toothpaste
Hair Scarf
Flip Flops
Benadryl/ Hydrocortisone Cooling Relief Gel
Baby Oil
Sore Throat Spray
Cell Phone Charger
iPad/ Charger
Fleece Throw Blanket
Bobby Pillow (Salama gives)
Wedge Pillow (not sure if I really need this)
Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow (I love this pillow and will be shipping it to FL)
Yoga Mat
High Density Foam Roller
Sphere Shaped Pillow (I cut my high density foam roller to the length of the sphere shaped pillow, wrapped a towel around the foam roller and insert it into the pillow, sow it shut, place under thighs and wha-la. You can also use a yoga mat if you don’t want to use the high density foam rollers).
Purex Washer Sheets/ Tide Pods (not a big and bulky as detergent)
Lysol Spray & Wipes
Air Freshener
Zip-Lock Bags/ Foil
Paper Towels
Director's Chair ($39 Wal-Mart) Booty hangs of back of chair
Foldable Chair (sit in chair, outline where booty stops, cut booty opening, place Boppy pillow in chair and sit down without really sitting down)
Small Step Stool
King Size Heating Pad
Massages: 5 total (2 included in pckg) While in FL, I will be getting massages once I’m back home as well, professional and from my boo.
Vedette 301/317/128
LipoExpress Faja 1604 (half) OR LipoExpress Faja 1613 (long)
Katie (hourglassangel.com)
Squeem Miracle Vest (Amazon $55)
Water/ Gatorade
Low sodium soups
Low Saltine Crackers
Ginger Ale
Pineapples/ Pineapple Juice
2 Bags of Frozen Peas (for when my cheeks itch or are on fire)
Chicken/ Steak
Veggie Steamers

Some things I have already purchased, but most things will be purchased while in FL.

Richard's Motel

Has anyone ever stayed at Richards Motel in Hollywood Florida? I read some reviews and people were saying they do not have the "do not disturb" sign and they come into your room everyday, whether you want them to clean or not. A lot of the reviews said cheap and clean though, so that puts me at ease a bit. Give me a shout if you have some helpful info and/or tips. And I still look on airbnb.com every now and then, I like having a plan b, c, d and e!

Got my MOJO back!!! Dropped 4 lbs this week!!

Your girl back in the gym and eating right! Bf and I ran by the water yesterday too! I been targeting my arms and thighs and they are soooo sore.mI don't plan on getting them lipo'd so I gotta work em out-- I want dr. Salama to get all my gut and back fat, use the MAX allowed by FL law! But I'm off work for the next few days so I plan on doing a detox; I'm using "The Cleaner 7 Day Women's Formula". S/O to my girl Honey36 for putting me on! :)

Back on Track Weight Stats:
6/28/13----182.6 lbs
7/3/13-----178.0 lbs

So hopefully after this cleanser/detox I will be a few more pounds lighter. TootleZ 4 Now :~}


I'm so excited, no more months, only weeks until my day! I did my lab work on Thursday and everything went well. My credit union approved me for a loan so surgery is now PAID IN FULL, WHOOP WHOOP! And I lost some more weight! Currently at 172.2 lbs. and still going strong! ANDDDD... DRUMROLL PLZ: I FINALLY PUT DOWN THE MARY JANE!!! Cold turkey too, hit my last "j" on July 29th and haven't looked back since! I want my booty more than a damn temporary high--finally got it thru my thick ass skull!

That's all for now

Garment made specifically for BBL!

Has anyone tried the "Contour Compression Garment Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift Lipo: Style 50" garment yet? I came across it on amazon.com and it looks like everything we BBL girls dream off... It's like 2 garments in one.

Pic of BBL Garment I found on amazon.com

Time is Winding Down!!!

Been gone for a minute but I'm back. Everything is going well, not stressing, only get nervous and anxious when i think about it too much, so im trying to stay busy and off RS for peace of mind. Sorry for the super run-on sentence. Lol

What's going on w/ this reality show business though?


Everything is going well, just counting down the days. Weight is still at 172, gonna try my hardest to get to the 160s by day of surgery! These last couple of days I have been very calm and positive, thankfully. I took some more pre op pics, these will most likely be my last set of pre op pics. So next time u see me, I should be packing two midgets in my hind quarters, lol!

I also made my booty pillow, see pics. First i cut my high density foam roller into two halves right down the middle, so one side could be flat. I got a sphere shaped pillow from Walmart, then cut it open along the seam, took some of the stuffing out, cut 1 half of my high density foam roller to the length of the pillow, stuffed the foam roller inside the pillow, put some of the stuffing back in, and sowed it shut. So it seems to work, I added a pic of me sitting on it.

Alright ladiez, that's all for now! Sending well wishes and happy healing to those recovering!

Out the 170s!!! Feels so GOOD!

I feel like a million bucks today!!! One more pound and I have reached my personal pre-op weight goal of 165!!!

My momma, one of my besties and I are flying out to FL on Wednesday morning! I have everything I need and want to make recovery as comfortable as possible. Got a nice 2 bedroom condo on Hallandale Beach, so ur girl gonna be recovering in style. My hunny bunny couldn't take off for the whole two weeks so he will be making his way out towards the end of my stay, imma miss his black ass so much, UGH!! This will be the longest we've ever been apart since we got back together over 4 years ago. Thank God for video calls, LOL!

Ok... Let me go do something productive.

Oh yeah S/O to my girl ZP!! Praying for u hunny, I know u gonna be BADDD BROWN out here!!!

Day of SX pic

3 Days PO

okay let me try and update you all. had my pre-op met with dr. Salama we discussed everythingand he said my tummy may need a mini tummy tuck later on and he said that my butt wouldnt stretch that much, I was kind of sad and disappointed of course but I know he was still do his thang. so I signed all the necessary paperwork, got my boppy pillow and went back to the condo to set everything up.
The morning of surgery I woke up and took a shower with the dial antibacterial soap and scrub with the hibeclens, got dressed and headed directly across the street. the condo I am staying at is literally directly across the street from where dr. Salama performs the surgery and about 5 minutes away from the office. my mom, bestie and I arrived around 7:20 and dr. Salama pulled up not too long after. We all rode the elevator up to the 4th floor together and he let us in the suite. he showed me to the bathroom where I put on my surgery panties compression socks, footies. Bonnet and an open robe. I peed in the little cup, got a negative pregnancy test results and passed my nicotine test, I was running from second hand smoke up until surgery, lol. Sergio was my anesthesiologist he explained everything to me and took me into the operating room after dr salama marked me up and took pics. Sergio found my vein with no problem and told me it would feel cold hot or I would taste the cocktails and fall asleep, it was actually cold and I dozed right all all I remember dr. Salama sneezing I said bless you and was out. When I woke up I actually thought I was at work I told her to turn the fan off under my desk, lol, I was trippin. I was so thirsty and a little cold. She had me sit on the boppy and they wheeled me to the car. It hurt so bad to sit. Somehow i got in the back of the car and laid down. Drove back across the street and got in the bed. Never threw up, just felt like i did 10000 crunches and the booty was tight, filled to the max. Dr. Salama told my mom he was able to ut 1500 cc's in each cheek. Not sure how much he took out. My bestie says i look liie betty boop, lol! Recovery for the most part has been uneventful praise god. My lipo areas are tender, he definitely did all my back and tummy cuz everything is super sore. My tummy is wrinkly but that is to be expected. I get my 1 st massage on tuesday, super nervous, but i know i gotta get it done. I eat a lot, walk often, pee like crazy and take my meds. My bruising is subsiding and swelling is starting to decrease a bit. I got my period yesterday which sucks major ass, but im a champ, so i can handle it. I know the Lord wont put more on me than i can bear. Havent really been in my feelings either. Only get emotional when i think about my bestie leaving tomorrow, but i know she gotta take care of business back home. I did have my 1st surgery/pain related cry today. After my bath and putting my garment back on i was in so much pain, i just took a perc, laid down in totally discomfort and let the tears just roll on out. I felt better when i woke up.
Big S/O to all the girls that get their arms lipo'd cuz i push up to do everything like a damn gorilla, i couldnt imagine having them lipo'd at the same time.
But thats all for now, im about to lay down and rest off for a couple hours.


Pooped earlier today!!!! HALLELUJAH
It was black and super dark green... is that normal??? Took my 3rd shower and im getting more mobile. Been eating good too. My momma makes me steak and eggs for breakfast, had lasagna and salad for lunch. And i want some baked fish, rice pilaf and broccoli n chz for dinner. Had a nice sweet treat too, warm hunny bun and red velvet ice cream, it was SO YUMMY!
Went out on the balcony this evening and it was a nice cool breeze, felt good hitting this garment. I took some pics too, we on the 16th floor. Im so not gonna wanna go back to my lil apartment in the hood, lls. Cant wait for my boo to get here on Friday.

Massage was HELL!!!!

Got my 1st massage just now and a smaller garment full of lipo foam. OMGoodness, let me tell u, tht was the worse pain thus far, even after taking 1 and a half of percocet. I had a lot of fluid in my back, i could hear and feel it being drained. The ultrasound part was a piece of cake compared to when she was using her hands. I was crying and pleading the Lord to help me get thru it. I told my momma to pray and all i could do was cry and say JESUS, LORD I PLEAD UR NAME NOT IN VAIN!! I do feel much better now, this garment with the foam aint a game, compression is truly key. Eilyn was great though, she knows her stuff. I made her bust a sweat putting this garment on, lol! We both were sweating.
Im back at the condo now, about to eat my peruvian chicken, rice and beans. Thank u ladies for all the well wishes and prayers. I feel so loved when i read all ur comments.

Garment Woes and Relief

Hey ladiez! Hope all is well with you all! So here's how i been... I got my second massage yesterday, it was still pure hell when she did my back but more tolerable on my stomach. I also got my back drain removed, it was a quick sting and a pinch. Then after Nomie took my back drain out she discovered a small minor burn on the left side of my back from the garment. She put a thick layer of cream on it, and covered it with a bandage. Dr. S took a look at it today and said its getting better. I get my 3rd massage on Monday.
So Im in my 3rd stage two garment now! I have been having a time with these garments!!! My first stage 2 garment had to be cut off of me because I had to go number 2 Superbad and we couldn't get the damn thing off in time so we just cut it and i released my bowels. My second stage 2 garment was digging in my hips and under my cheeks so bad tht all i could do was take a percocet and cry. I was stuffing lipo foam and pads trying to ease the pressure. We cut slits in the sides and all, it just was too tight. I was already a wide hippy girl to begin with. It was so painful that I had my mother text Dr. Salama last night and he said to come into the office in the morning. All i kept saying is tht I want a butt in garment. I was getting bruises around my hips/ butt where it was cutting off circulation even after cutting slits in the side of the garment.
Once at the officr I asked for a butt in garment but Nomie said no, she didnt wanna put me in it. I cried again, mostly out of frustration and disappointment. So glad Dr. S was there! He took a look at everything and said lets put her in the butt in garment. I lit up and started smiling hard!!! He said he didn't like the way my shelf was forming and I didn't either, he really knows his stuff. So Eileen and Nomie shoved me in the supertight butt in garment, put more cream on my garment burn, padded me up with lipo foam and we came back to the condo.
So as soon as lay down, my stomach starts to hurt, I let out two farts and then had to do #2. AND I WAS NOT ABOUT TO TAKE THIS GARMENT BACK OFF!!! So me and my momma had to get creative; we put sandwich bags around the opening of the garment in the crotch area so when I poop it wouldn't mess up the garment. I stood and squatted hovering over the toilet and simply pushed, everything came out in one push, thankfully. I wiped up a little bit, removed the plastic bags, finished wiping clean and no mess on the garment!!! I am on my third pack of baby wipes, the shea butter ones from Walmart that come 240 in a pack, been going HAM on them things.
I feel so much better in the butt in garment and I don't think it will compromise my results in any form, I think it would definitely enhance my shape even more. This bad boy is super tight though, as to be expected, eileen said i cant go any smaller in garment size but to just buy smaller waist cinchers and binders. I have a small squeem miracle vest waiting for me at home, but I think I will need a medium first. I'm going to see if I can get the small on before I order a medium.
I get my front drain removed on Monday, I CANT WAIT! I did not want to travel back home with any drains. Elieen is going to Venezuela on Tuesday, so I'm glad I can get another massage before she goes, she really knows her stuff.
Ok ladiez, im going to get myself together, my bf should be here any moment now. TootleZ :-)

2 Weeks PO Tomorrow

Sorry i been MIA ladies, A LOT has been going on in my personal life. But as far as SX updates, i got my 3rd massage on Monday and my front drain removed. I couldn't believe how long the front drain was! I forgot to take a Percocet before going to my appt so the massage was excruciating pain!!! Cried the whole time she was working my back. Stomach wasn't that bad though. I received my ab board and instructions on how to use it and headed back to the condo to pack up.

Plane Ride: Not as bad as i thought it would be. I requested a seat with extra leg room (sat in the row directly behind business class). When i got on the plane I showed the flight attendants my surgery letter from Dr. Salama's office, they were pretty cool about it. I kneeled down on my fleece throw and memory foam pillow until take off. During take off, i placed the boppy pillow in the seat and put my homemade booty pillow in the thigh area and sat down leaning forward placing pressure on my thighs away from booty. As soon as the seat belt sign went off i went back to kneeling. And i sat the same way during landing.

Im back home now, dealing w/ a lot of BS. Haven't even been in the mood to try on my old clothes and see how things look. I'll be 2 weeks PO tomorrow so i will begin the ab board and cinching this waist. I did get on the scale though, weight hasn't changed much, 167 lbs. Maybe I'll feel up to playing dress up then. If so, I'll post some pix for u gals tomorrow. Plz keep me in ur prayers, this recovery takes a lot outta you and it doesn't help when those around u are being total "mitches"! Til next time my loves...


OMG!!! So Im 2 weeks PO today, time to start ab board and waist cinching. So i put my ab board in and close my faja back up w/ my bf's assistance. I go to put on my small squeem miracle vest, and its a no go, not ready for the small yet. So i go on squeem.net to find the closest location to me that sells them, don't feel like waiting for it to be shipped. So one of the malls not far from the crib has them. So we went to the store and when i took my shirt off, the lady that was doing my fitting went crazy at how small my waist was! Lol, she couldn't believe it, she was like can i go get my coworker and like 3 more chicks came back asking hella questions. I told them i was waist training, which isn't a lie, LOL. They asked me all kinds of questions about the ab board and faja, they were in serious disbelief of my hip to waist ratio. They made my day! :-)

Im in a 2X butt in garment (i was told by EPS office not to go any smaller due to hips and booty) with lipo foam, ab board, with Med Squeem on top (in 2nd row of hooks, should be in the small squeem in no time)."Compression Is Key"~ BigBootyTinyWaist

Playing Around

Playing around a lil bit

Playing Around Cont'd

^^All my pics didnt load the 1st time^^

One More



HEY LADIES!! Hope you all have been doing well! I been doing alright, Im officially 4 WKS PO today!! AYEEEEE!!! 2 MORE WKS TO GO!!!! Ok, now down to the business:

Gained 10 lbs, weigh 177 now; which I don't understand cuz the garment be so tight that I don't eat a lot and I poop multiple times a day, sorry--TMI. But my waist is now 30", was 32" while in Aventura, and my booty is 48" (sometimes its 49"). Cant wait for the fat to settle and drop and for the coveted fluffing to begin. Im hoping I can get to a 29" waist. I try not to measure a lot b/c that -ish will make me nutz. My stomach is retracting well, Dr Salama said that I  would need a mini tummy tuck, but I don't think that would be necessary.

The garment burns are so ugly! They are healing and beginning to scab up and peel. It freaks me out, UGH! I use Palmers cocoa butter in the jar, Mederma, and Epi-Derm silicon squares for my scars. The itchiness is starting to slowly subside, its definitely not as severe as it was around week 2 po.

Becoming more mobile and sleeping better. Always stiff and tight when I wake up, but it goes away within minutes. My right ankle has been a lil swollen these past couple days since i went back to work too.

I'm now in a size SMALL squeem on the 2nd row of hooks! Just got in it two days ago, but I'm in it!! I wear it over my foam, board, and stage 2 garment from the office. YESSS, im still wearing my stage 2 garment Salama gave me, I love how it holds my butt and all these hips. Eilyn told me to wear it for at least 4 weeks. Everything else seems to dig in my hips. I have a Med Vedette 128 as well-- I'm not too crazy about the thong garments.

I went back to work 4 days ago. Its not as bad as I thought it would be, and since I was off for 3 weeks I had/still have A LOT of work waiting for me. Now I have a desk job and do everything at my desk, so i sit on my homemade booty pillow putting all the pressure on my thighs. I also have a back support chair thingy I use to alleviate back pain, got it for a $1 too. *See Pic* Now the only issue with sitting like this, is that my thighs start too hurt and it starts feeling like I'm losing the feeling in my legs, lol. So that's when I get my backside up and walk around the office, stretch my legs for a lil bit.

No one noticed that I had sx or did anything to my body.  I didn't wanna have to explain myself or make up lies so I have been wearing some cute long baggy cardigans over my dresses and 1 and only pair of slacks I can still fit. One guy did make a comment, he said I look like I'm losing weight. Maybe he was hitting on me, idk. I feel so bulky and stuffed all the time...

I've only drove twice, I HATE IT!! Its so uncomfortable and makes me paranoid that Im killing fat cells! But the 2x I did drive I used my boppy pillow for my back with the opening facing the roof, then I use my homemade booty pillow under my thighs. My head be like 2" from the ceiling and it sucks, I have a freaking coupe for crying out loud!

~Dirty Confessions~
Now that I have put a disclaimer on it, I been a bad girl lately... I started smoking them trees again yall :-/ Been smoking since 2 weeks PO, pretty much since my jerk ass bf started pissing me the F- off and being a total MITCH (male b!t€h). We been arguing and fussing so bad lately its a damn shame. I know I shouldn't blame others for my actions or why I do what I do, but smoking relieves my stress, UGH. This -ish can be exhausting!

I've only had 3 massages total, last one was right b4 I left Aventura, 2 weeks ago ... I know, terrible. I called 4 Massage Envy's and found 1 with someone who knows how to do the lymphatic massage. Apparently she's booked for weeks and I've been on the "call if there's a cancellation" list 3x but no call yet. I do self massages, rolling pin, and heating pad, but definitely not like i should cuz i barely take my garment off. Longest I've gone in my garment was probably 4 days, gotta love the shea butter wipes.

I been slipping big-time on my vitamin c and iron pills too. I forget to take them consistently.

Shopping is kinda tricky. These hips and ass are still a size 14/16 but this waist is a size 8, so u can imagine my issue. I ordered some dresses from sammydress.com and they fit me like shirts! They do not/will not go pass my hips and butt. And I had a hell of a time tryna find some work slacks that fit comfortably and don't compress the bum bum too much. But I guess it comes with the territory.

Well I think that's all the business I got going on. Two more weeks and I can lay on my back and sit the hell down for real! Can't wait!! The worse parts of this recovery for me are the painful massages and not sitting and laying on my back. But this too shall pass! :-)


Hey ladies!! Hope all is well!! I been doing good and loving my results more and more each day. My booty is getting soft and jiggly too!! My right cheek is bigger than my left, but im not surprised b/c my right side is bigger than my left, I knew that when I was pre-op tho.

So I went to my first family function since my transformation took place and I was the talk of the party. My uncle turned 60 and had a "Wild Things" theme party so I wore a cute lil bodycon midi dress with a big ass leopard face on it. I didn't wear my foam or board, just my stage 2 garment, small squeem and medium squeem on top. I WORKED that dress!!

My family knew I was having surgery, but they just hadn't seen me since, except my daddy. One of my aunts couldn't believe how tiny my waist was (30"). I caught my 13 year old brother checking me out, probably thinking, "Is that my SISTER!?!", LOL! My bf caught ppl checking me out and would tell me about it and we laugh. One of my uncle's friends was gawking a lil too hard tho! My step mother was throwing a lil shade, but that's just how she is. But I felt good and their reactions let me know I look good too.

I been having fun shopping too!! I look good in EVERYTHING now!

My bf and side boo press to hit this ass! Im making em wait tho, the anticipation will make it even better! :-)

Ummmm what else... oh yeah. My small squeem is kinda short or I got a long torso, so I put my medium squeem over top of it--WHEW! TALK ABOUT TIGHT! I had to immediately lay down and get use to the compression for a little while.

But I posted a few pics for u ladies so enjoy. This -ish is so crazy yall b/c sometimes I forgot that I even had the procedure and walk by a mirror or something and be like, "Oh yeah, I got ass now." I know it might sound crazy but I guess I'm starting to really realize it. I was inside the first 3 weeks PO and this was like my 1st real week out and about, back at work, putting real clothes on, shopping and a big reveal to my father's side of the family (my mother's side has yet to see me).

Oh and just like the Vets say, you can not hide this surgery, especially if they knew u before. Its such a drastic change-- a change for the better and I'm enjoying it!!

My 1st Big Reveal cont'd

Pic didnt upload ^

Condo Info.

Hey hunniez! A lot of my Salama dollz ask me where did I stay so here it is:

I stayed at the DUO condominiums (DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM WHERE DR. S PERFORMS SURGERY, & 8 MINS. FROM THE EPS OFFICE). I found it on mysouthfloridaapartments.com. Cost depends on the time of year, but I got it for $79 a night. I stayed in the 16th floor apt. Valet parking was $7 a day, so I just paid that upfront, made things quicker and easier.

Apt was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, balcony w/ pool view. Rooms were on opposite sides of apt with the living room, dining area and kitchen in the middle, looks just like the pix on the website. Stack type washer and dryer in the kitchen. Master bedroom has walk in closet, king size bed, futon style sofa, huge flat screen TV , 2-step foot stool, and full bathroom in room. Second bedroom has two full size beds, and a nice size closet. 2nd bathroom was directly across the hall from the 2nd bedroom.

I loved this apartment, everything I needed was there. Kitchen was equipped with dishes, cookware, utensils, everything. Kitchen had up-to-date appliances as well.

Living room and master bedroom both have flat screens with cable. Apartment was equipped with Wi-Fi but u had to have a cord and be plugged up to the modem... :-( No bueno for me, I got an iPad, my mom had her laptop so she was good.

Umm, what else... Great location, E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Walmart is close by Publix is across the street. A nice little shopping mall with a yummy Peruvian spot with great chicken, rice and beans, who also delivers (Jimmy John's delivered too). Pool looks nice, I didn't go, my mom and bestie utilized this asset. Beach is apparently close by, my mom's friend walked back to the condo from the beach. Airport was a 20 minute ride away. My mom and her friend drove down to South Beach, about 30 mins, so not far at all.

OK, I think I covered all points, if not, feel free to ask away! :-)


HEY HUNNY BUNNIEZ!!! Hope all is well in the land of booty! :-)

Guess who turned 6 weeks yesterday?!?! HUNNY WINGZ’ BABY CLAPPAS TURNED 6 WEEKS YESTERDAY!! Time is moving! I couldn’t wait for 6 weeks to get here! Now that it’s here, I’m still stuck in my ways: I still REFUSE to sit on the Baby Clappas; I still REFUSE to drive; and I’m soooo scared to lay on my back. I know it’s all mental though.


So the booty is measuring between 47 ½ and 48 ½ inches now. I noticed some flat areas and sent pix to Dr. S; he said he sees the “flatness”. I asked him does he think it will fluff out? He said if he doesn’t he will have to revise it. SO LADIES PLEASE PRAY THAT MY BABY CLAPPAS FLUFF—I SO DON’T WANNA DO THIS OVER!!


I’ve been doing my self-massages and I went to Massage Envy the other night. Stomach skin is retracting, hope it continues to. Definitely not a loose and wrinkly and ugly as it was right after SX. Garment burns have completely healed and I have been putting a mix of Mederma, Bio Oil and Kelo-cote on them. I like the Kelo-cote better  b/c its thicker and it’s for ppl of color (we tend to keloid). The two incision marks under my baby clappas have keloided a little bit too.


I recently came across the text my bestie sent to me the morning of SX with my measurements, and they are as follows:

Bust: 34.5

Belly: 38

Booty: 43.5


My 6 weeks measurements are:

Bust: 33.5

Belly: 30

Booty: 48


What else… hmm, OH YEAH! I gave my bf some around 5 weeks PO; just once tho.  It wasn’t too uncomfortable, pillows are a must!  This might be TMI for some of you so ****DISCLAIMER*****

You must be propped up on a pillow and toot that thang up in the air, LOL!! He ate it from the back and hit it doggy style, I made sure he took his time and went slow—at 1st that is. And I never took my garment off, can we say, “Multi-tasker.” All is well that ends well! ;-)


I also started taking my birth control pills again, I already know my Baby Clappas gonna be a problem, lol! My side boo thang is anxious and anticipating “seeing” me as well. I already know I need to wait a couple more weeks b4 I “see” him, HIS ASS WORKZ ME—YA HEARD ME!!! He’s seen pix and we hung out once so I already know how he responds to me and my new found shape.


I ordered me a new thong faja (see pic). It came today, so I will let you guys know how I like it once I actually put it on.  Ordered if off EBay (S/O to LolaJae for sharing)! Check out MarBoston on ebay, a lot of garments  and fajas to choose from. It was only $27 too, so I hope it works like a $90 faja, lol.


Work is cool, I still sit on my homemade booty pillow (I wrap a fleece blanket around it to add more cushion- has been working well). A couple people have noticed that I lost weight, but nothing crazy. I’m still concealing this ass and wearing sweaters and cardigans, not ready for all the whispers, gossip and attention in the work place. In the words of Sweet Brow—“AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!”


So I uploaded some pix I took this morning and yesterday while at work in the bathroom—terrible I know, don’t judge me.  And I was going through my closet tryna see what still fits and what doesn’t (a lot of stuff does not fit anymore) so I took a few pics while cleaning house, so enjoy. Ok, I think I covered all bases, but if not, feel free to ask away. TootleZ :-)


Hey ladies, been MIA for a while, enjoying the new me! :)
Hope you all are doing well too!

~I'm 8 weeks PO today~

OK, let’s get the "not so great" news out the way first:

The right side of my booty is still bigger than left. Flat areas are still visible at certain angles; most likely will need a revision. :( But things can still change, staying positive and looking forward to the fluffing stage.

OK, now that's out the way, on to the Good/Juicy News:

Tummy is coming along well, still wearing foam and board under my garment. Still have some bra roll back fat-- no biggie to me cuz I had HUGE back fat boobies. Waist is now 29" WHOOP WHOOP!! Booty is still 48" and holding strong. Underbust is 33.5" and hopefully still shrinking.

I have been driving since 7 weeks PO and it’s OK now. My commute to and from work is about 25-30 mins each way. I sit on an 18" half foam roller under my thighs and fold a regular pillow and put it behind my back. It's been working pretty well. I still sit on my homemade booty pillow at work. I have yet to sleep on my back but I do sleep on my sides from time to time; I really never was a back sleeper though.

I feel almost back to my normal self. I very seldom get stiff anymore; I stretch and my bf massages me a lot these days *WINK WINK*, ;-) Massages with him always turn into a “session” if u know what I mean. But when I take my garment off, I do still get the itchiness all crazy on my back and sides. My skin still gets sensations too when I come out the garment too. This weekend will be my first time out with friends, one of my girlfriends is having a birthday dinner and me and all this HIPZ & AZZ will be in attendance, OWW! She hasn’t seen it in person yet.

Oh yeah, imma be Jessica Rabbit this year for Halloween, I will post a pic once I have the complete costume on for you ladies. R.I.P to that Jessica Rabbit dress, cuz I killed that shit! And yes I’m tooting my own horn so *TOOT*TOOT*BIOTCHES, LOL!



9 weeks PO & Halloween

Hey hunny bunnies! Hope u all are fabulous and well!! :)

My bf and I are heading out and its so much traffic, so i figured i give u ladies an update on the Baby Clappas. Things are going well and I LIVEEEEEEEEEE these days, lol. Ass still driving these ppl insane too !

Booty starting to drop!~~~ So I'm getting ready in the mirror, me and my babe were about to go out. He walks up and rubs all over my booty and cuffs my cheeks in both his hands and said, "That joint sitting right now." AYEEE!!! So ladies I guess Im starting to fluff!! But other than that, not too many changes in my body. Still itchy when I take my garment off, that ish blows me.

Went out for my girl bday dinner at this hood ass Japanese hibachi spot around the way, food was so bomb though. It was nice to finally go out! The restaurant had the bar in the front and the restrooms were by the bar so when I went to the bathroom all the men were gawking and starring, some tried to get my attention and holla but i was on chill mode. My crazi ass girlfriend was walking behind me talking about, "dayum look at all that ass" lol. And the attention got even heavier when we were all leaving, everybody looked BADD, their plans were to hit the club.

Went to the Drake concert on Halloween, wore my Jessica Rabbit costume and killed it! The men were going CRAZY over this ass. Men and woman alike couldn't keep their eyes off my body. I got hella compliments and major attention, good and bad attention, lol! Some older white man even hit on me, yeah his ass tried it! We stayed in a suite at the concert and one of the guys who was working on our floor was doing the most tryna get at me asking do i cheat on my bf and talking a bunch of foolishness. Some other guy came up to me and my girls and was like "Can my brother take a pic wit u, its his birthday?" I started laughing outta flattery and was like thank you, but no thank u. He gonna say, "I just wanna sit a drink on that ass". SMH! LADIES THE THIRST IS SO MAGNIFICENTLY UNBELIEVABLE!!! ITS CRAZY Y'ALL SO BE READY! Have ur comebacks/ rebutles/ "shut em the FU€!< up" responses ready ladies or u will be stumped/ caught of guard/ and left feeling a lil uncomfortable.

We went to McDonald's after the concert and as soon as we walked in we hear several "Dayummmm's" and lots of eyes were on this ass. So apparently some dude working in the bck of McDonalds gonna ask the girl on the register to ask me is my butt fake, and of course the silly ho asked me, im sure she wanted to know too. I laughed and was like, "Naw" I grabbed my right cheek and shook it for em, I said, "All this is me baby." (not a lie, this IS all my fat after all).
One of the guys at my part time job had the nerve to ask me did i get my butt done!! I told his ass no of course and said i been waist training (half truth). People bold ass hell these days so ladies u better be ready for the comments and reactions PO, they truly range from "cute little flattering rated G" comments to "was this asshole serious, i could smack the dog sh!t outta this fool rated NC-17" comments!

On to other news, im sitting on the toilet to poop now, i was squatting over the toilet the first 8 weeks. I know, sounds extreme! But truthfully it was more comfortable to stand than to sit until one day I tried to sit and it just didnt hurt as much. Hmmm, what else... Ass swallows up toilet tissue like it aint nothing, so I carry my wipes with me faithfully. Still wearing my garment--OH YEAH, HOW COULD I FORGET!! I slept without it one night and it went good. I wasn't swollen or anything when i woke up, so i decided to go without my garment for the day. Im definitely not ready to make that move yet-- i started noticing some swelling around noon and couldn't wait to get home and get in my garment. When I got home from work my stomach was so swollen, almost my pre SX belly! I did a self massage and put the stage two garment on with foam and board, compression felt SO GOOD to my skin. So needless to say i will be wearing my garment for a lil while longer.

Speaking of garments, I finally received my black thong fajate garment (see pic in previous post), i decided to order a size large. I HATE this garment! Its so effing tight, but loose at the same damn time. Took my bf and I over 10 mins to get it on and once it was on it was ultra loose around my waist, like WTF, what happened to all that compression we just fought thru to get this on? So i will stick with my vedette and squeem. I need to order a XS squeem vest, my small one is way too easy to put on now, so is my medium vedette. Y'all know I'm not a big fan of thongs, I wear em when necessary or when i know I'm not gonna be in it long ;) But I put on a pair of regular panties under my vedette thong garment so it wont go deep in my crack, makes it more comfortable for me (see pic).

My bf#2 ready for another round of course, who can blame him. We were suppose to hook up this morning but mother nature is doing her thang right now. I aint mad tho, i need a break, my bf and I been going at it like some nymphos. Prior to surgery we already had a healthy sex life, now as soon as im naked--hell half naked he starts licking his lips, gives me that "I Want You" face and he takes it, LOL. He's a lil aggressive, sexually, but I find that attractive in a man. He's Jamaican anyway (I dont know any gentle Jamaicans and i know a lot of Jamaicans).

But anyway ladies, I posted some pics for ur viewing pleasure so enjoy until next time. I'm sure I'll have more too report in the near future, seem like something is always going on with me. Alright hunny bunnies, much! :)

10 Weeks PO

Hey my hunny beez! Hope u all are well! I am ten weeks PO today and still enjoying myself.

My booty is starting to fluff but the right side is still blossoming more than the left. I spoke with Dr. S about it via email yesterday. I’m hoping to make an appt to see him w/in the next month so we can discuss my options.

It’s definitely time for me to get a smaller garment and Squeem vest. My small vest rises and digs in my back and I believe that is a sign of it being too loose. It hurts so bad that I have to put a piece of foam in btwn my back and vest just for comfort.

Posted a couple of my Halloween pix on FB and this dude I went to college w/ been hitting me up ever since, tryna go out and what not. His ass talking about he wanna take me to Miami and to Hawaii and do I cheat on my bf (yes, I got asked do I cheat on my bf again, smh). Ladies the ass will have these men going crazy! LLS, I think it’s hilarious, they are some silly rabbits.

I only posted one pic for u ladies b/c I have not taken a lot of pix this week, no real reason, just haven’t been snapping pix, probably b/c I was on my period. Glad to see Aunt Flow leaving town though and in such perfect timing, my bf #2 back from outta town today. He went to go see his girlfriend and her ass was on her period too, lls, how ur main joint and ur side joint get their periods at the same damn time, LMFAO! So u know brotha man a lil backed up, lol.

But OK ladies, imma hit yall up later! Take Care :)


Hey my Hunny Beez!!

Guess what I came across...? My pre-op pix that I sent to Nancy wayyyyyy back when. OMF'nGoodness, YA'LL I HATE IT SO BAD, CAN WE SAY BMW (body made wrong) FORREAL!!! Back went straight into my thighs; had no clue I looked so bad and misshaped. So I took those horrid photos, my pre-op weight loss photos, and my 10 week post-op photos and made some comparison collages for you ladies. THIS BODY RIGHT HERE, HAS COME A LONNNNNGGGGGG WAY! And I'm still not finished perfecting it, which leads me to my next point. I'm so flattered and u ladies make my day, but I will most likely get a revision, not so much as a round 2, but things need to be evened out and a little filling here and there.

But onto other news, I have yet to step foot inside the gym, but BigBootyTinyWaist and LolaJae got me pumped to get back in there. Speaking of the gym and working out, do you ladies think it is wise for us BBL gals to use saunas? Would my precious fat cells survive? I know I’m almost 11 weeks PO, but ya’ll know how we are and how the mind always tryna play us for a fool when it comes to fat absorption. I love hitting the sauna for a few minutes after a good workout; so my bbl sistahs who be in the sauna and u still dragging that wagon, plz let me know so I can stop being all scary and paranoid.

So I wanted to see how my body would respond being out of the garment again, so I didn’t wear my garment to sleep and everything was cool; made it all day at work with no swelling too. So I didn’t wear my garment for a whole 2 days and my only issue was tightness in my back. It’s a weird feeling like the inside of my skin is being stretched, it’s so annoying. I find myself stretching more and more throughout the day to try and relieve the tightness. Wonder when that will go away…

Discovered a hard spot in my right cheek too, praying it will correct itself like other girls whose reviews I have read that had the same issues.

So I have posted a few pix for your viewing pleasure until next time. I’m about to make my rounds and check ya’ll pages. I should be doing some work for my employer, but I’m not in the mood today; it’s too cold. I would rather be home wrapped up in my babes arms.


SOOOOOOOO I thought that I was fortunate enough to only come into contact w/ mild hataration here on RS, i.e. scared lil female dogs tryna come for me via inbox msgs. Well unfortunately that is not the case… I, HunnyWingZ, obviously made Alabamamama, feel some type of way and he/she decided to let me know, not in one comment, but TWO! I guess I really p’d this joint off, LMAO! And he/she writes…

~~Your blog screams"Hoodrat". Seriously,why would we want to know that you play in your "stuff"? What was the purpose of that,seriously? You also have to write on a blog about Trey Songz or whatever the latest ghetto singer is? Or your attention in anightclub~~

~~Excuse me,or your getting attention in a nightclub? I only came on here to look at pics and read about the Doctor and Surgery,not about that other ish. Ain't nobody interested in that ish. I got what,4 usefull sentences out of your whole blog? What is this,confessions?~~

Alabamamama—I will only address you once, hence the reason I never replied on your comment thread (I don’t really like to feed into the BS). I dedicate this post to you and others like you who share your sentiments about ME and MY review:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just like how you believe my “blog screams hoodrat”, I believe my blog screams “Transformation, Life-Changing, Fulfillment, Sacrifice, Hard-Work, Perseverance, Dedication, Confidence, Radiance, Truthful, Sexy, Juicy, Messy, HAWTNESS, that shows Dr. Salama is the Man!”

Everything we do in life is by CHOICE! You claim you only came on here to “look at pics and read about the doctor and surgery,” right? Well ur ass CHOSE to read the clearly and bluntly labeled “JUICY” parts of my review, AFTER you read the discretionary warnings that I include PRIOR to anything that may cause even an old prune to get excited. If you didn’t like what you read hunny bunny, that sounds like a personal problem that I can’t help you with; my advice would be to heed warnings in the future.

And for someone who does so much reading, you should try working on your comprehension skills hunny—I didn’t go to the nightclub nor did I see Trey Songz; I went to the Drake concert when it hit my hometown; took my home girls for their birthdays, we sat in the VIP Lexus Suite and yes we were all that and some more hunny! But he’s actually not a “ghetto singer” as you claim but a very accomplished rapper from Toronto, sheesh, come out the cave already!

You claim, you only got “4 useful sentences” outta my “whole blog”—I’m sure others would beg to differ and assure you that my review is full of “useful” info and details; such as weight loss info, garment info, condo info for prospective Samala dolls, pre & post OP trials and triumph stories, and sexy, bootylicious stories. It’s a shame I couldn’t be of much help to you, but I’m glad I have helped countless other women on this BBL journey and I’m grateful and appreciative for those who have helped me. And you answer your foolish question, “What is this confessions?” No, hunny, this is LIFE—MY REAL LIFE! You can get w/ it or get lost; u know it’s ur choice hunny.

Its hysterical how I clicked your name to view your profile to see if you actually had a journey to follow, in which you DID NOT (I guess u only want to be the critic and not get critiqued), but yet you have all these comments full of you throwing shade and hating. No “happy healing” “you look great” “wishing you the best” type comments, only u hating--NOTHING ENCOURAGING, POSITIVE NOR UPLIFTING. That speaks volume alone, right there!

In the words of my fabulous hunny, Tamar Braxton, “YOU TRIED IT, NOW GOT AND GET UR LIFE.”

Last Thoughts

Hey hunny beez!

I’m still laughing at the haters like ha ha ha, but I must keep all my hunny beez updated, life goes on for those who actually LIVEEEEEEE!

Due to all the hating caused by “Alabamamama” Kristy removed some of my updates, not just the so called explicit portions, but a whole damn entry, my 10 week Post is gone. SO THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST. I’m not here to teach charm school, nor am I here to be a role model, I was only here to make one of my dreams come true and I wanted to share my experiences as only I could. My booty dreams have come true now so I will be moving on, probably won’t document my revision w/ Dr. Salama either.

I went to the movies for the first time over the weekend; my hunny bunny and I went to go see The Best Man Holiday, which was a really good movie, I laughed and I cried, lol. I sat on my rolled up fleece blanket during the movie and only experienced stiffness towards the end. My back was very stiff and tight when I got up, that was the longest I have ever sat down post-op. As soon as I got home, I measured to make sure she was still holding strong at 48” and she was, whew! *wipes forehead*

Yesterday was my 1st day back at the gym and it went well! I did 20 minutes of cardio on the arc trainer; I selected the “strength train” setting and started sweating w/in 5 minutes, lol. The resistance went back and forth btwn 65 and 25; Res. 65 for the 1st 20 seconds and res. 25 for the remaining 40 seconds, did that for 20 minutes.  After my cardio I worked my legs by doing, walking lunges, lunges w/ weights, dumbbell squats, and leg curls. I worked my midsection by doing crunches on the resist-a-ball, standing side crunches w/ a 25 lb. weight and 30 sec plank holds. I did some free weights for my arms, lat pull down and other arm/back weight machines. I punked out on the sauna though, lol! My girl ZP (ZulaPrincess) assured me my precious fat will still be there once I get out the sauna, but I’m just not ready mentally yet, if that makes sense… DON’T JUDGE ME, LOL!

Today my thighs and obliques are sore, and I like it, just means I’m putting in the work. I definitely will be hitting the gym again tonight, it felt good to my body, and I missed it! Now I need to get my eating habits back on track; my portions are still pretty small to medium, but I eat whatever I want, nothings off limits, no bueno!

I’m still wearing my garment at 3 months PO. I mainly just wear the squeem vest and board, sometimes I’ll do the vedette, squeem and board. I need a new board, mine has a crack in it now, I gotta put a piece of foam btwn the board and my skin so I won’t get pinched. Will be emailing Dr. Salama’s office to request a new board.

My mom finally sent me the pix she took in Aventura, been tryna get this woman to send me these pix for weeks now, lol! They are pix from my massage and when I got my back drained removed; you can see my garment burns pretty good too.

Of course I had some juice for my hunny beez, bf #2 and I had an awesome car session this weekend but unfortunately, I cannot relinquish any details b/c the haters are lurking.

Ladies plz don't think some "chick" ran me off RS cuz that is 100% not the case. Ya'll know I'm all about choices and I'm choosing to get ghost on RS. I got enough on my plate w/out the cyber arguing and hating ass b!tches.
I wish you all well in your journey, whether you are just beginning, fresh outta surgery or 6 months PO! And I’m sorry that one bad apple, spoiled it for everyone. Please live your lives to the fullest ladies, cuz you already know I am! Much love my hunny beez! HunnyWingZ signing off—OVER & OUT!

Got nothing but LOVE for all my HUNNY BEEZ

Hey Hunny Beez!

I have given it much thought and decided to stay around a lil longer! Ya’ll are too much! Ya’ll showered me with so much love and support, the uplift was unreal; you lovely ladies definitely helped me come to this conclusion. I received so many comments and PMs and as I was reading, something just clicked; it was like I had a damn epiphany or something, LOL. I have obviously touched u ladies in some way or another, whether it be with encouragement, laughter, providing a temporary mental escape via juicy sexcapades or just the simple fact that I continue to update about this journey and ALL that it entails, so there’s no way I can allow one old hag to ruin it for everyone.

Special S/O to my hunny dippz: NeedMoreJunkInMyTrunk0129, Booty4Real, Lookbackatit42, Dukes217, BigBootyTinyWaist, Ms. Latinmorena, sexyslim40, princessCash, Yellabonethang, MzPhatBooty, LADYB2011, Lovelylolo44, Chameleon.e, ChinaDropDeadDiva, Chevinell, mellis3711 and so many more! It’s too many to name, U CHICKS ARE THE REAL DEAL SHO NUFF!

I’m not the type to cry over spoiled milk or hold grudges, so I honestly harbor no hard feelings towards you Alabamamama; I actually wish you all the best on your BBL journey. Although you’re an extreme hater who tried to bring negativity to my review and take away from the focus at hand, I appreciate you b/c you broadened my audience and drew more authentic, sincere BBL sistahs to my page; prime example of ur haters being ur motivators. I kind of feel for u in a sense.

Onto other news, I used to write all the time; poems, short stories, and erotica fantasies for my back then boo, he used to get a kick out of it, LOL. So I want to view this as an opportunity or challenge to play down my ultra, sexy writing for those old hags who too scared to feel a pulse in their sugar bowl!

“Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size. But when I start to tell them, They think I’m telling lies. I say, It’s in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I’m a woman, Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.

I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. I say, It’s the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet. I’m a woman, Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.

Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can’t touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them, They say they still can’t see. I say, It’s in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I’m a woman, Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.

Now you understand Just why my head’s not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing, It ought to make you proud. I say, It’s in the click of my heels, The bend of my hair, the palm of my hand, The need for my care. ’Cause I’m a woman, Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.” ~Maya Angelou

Kristy keep removing my post...

...due to RS policies.

3 post and pix have been removed. Granted i dont save shit i write, b/c im just recalling memories, like its all ready written in my brain, but who the fuck got time for all this extra shit. I guess these old hags on their baby Jesus ish cuz, aint no immaculate conception going on these days, ppl are having sex!!

I just wanted to keep my bbl sistahs abreast on this life changing journey and all tht it entails, and whether RS realizes it or not, sex just happens to be a very real aspect of this surgery. We aint tryna get nose jobs and shit, we tryna get sexy and seductive out here!!

Funny how we can post all these explicit wish pics of half naked to completely nude video vixens, strippers and models, but b!tches get uptight when i post an after sex pic that DID NOT show anything!

I truly understand why some of the vets just stop posting. Its like ur torn, u dont wanna let ur girlz down and leave em high and dry, but at the same time u dont wanna deal with all the extra BS. RS can be a double edge sword at times.

Ladies, plz use RS as a tool, not a weapon!

I wish the 1st time the bbl community mgr, Kristy, reached out to me wasnt on these terms, but what can u do except live and learn.

I been a freak since the day I lost my V card, and I know that aint gonna change, so if i decide to post again I will be sure to leave out the juice so RS wont get its panties in a bunch!!

Thankz for letting me vent!

Officially 3 Months Tomorrow!!!

Hey Hunny Beez!

Hope you all are doing well! I figured I’d update u ladies today b/c I’m sure I will be stuffing my face w/ some good ole grub tomorrow. Thanksgiving Day will be my official 3 month mark, WHOOP WHOOP!!! OH HOW THANKFUL I AM!

So I scheduled a follow-up appt. and I will be seeing Dr. Salama on Dec 11th! It’s weird b/c I can’t wait to see him and Nancy, and Cynthia, and my girl Eileen! They truly become ur long lost EPS family, lol. We will be discussing my progress thus far, revisions and much more. My bf asked me where he gonna take the fat from now, implying I'm getting too "skinny". I told him I'm cool with him lipo'ing my tummy, back and flanks again, and if that's not enough he can go for my juicy inner thighs. But I'll be flying down the night before, I’ll be the 1st appt. of the day so I can chill and relax for a moment before I go back home. Feel free to hit me up if you will be there around that time, I plan on renting a car again too.

On to other news…

Body: Same ole, nothing has changed for the better or the worse. Still get itch attacks. Still got that tight skin being stretched feeling. And I still weigh 177 lbs. (same weight since 2 weeks PO) surely it can’t still be swelling, right?!?! After Thanksgiving I will be working hard tryna get back to 166 lbs.

Garments: Attempted my 2 week BigBootyTinyWaist slim down with the Bally’s slimming belt and Squeem vest, but I’m not consistently working out right now (DON’T JUDGE ME) so I will pick it back up on Dec 1st. My plan is to wear the slimming belt directly over my skin and wear my Squeem vest over that for two weeks. I also plan to hit the gym regularly and eat way cleaner so I can actually see results. I have a Bally's zipper slimming belt (see pic) and a Bally's Velcro slimming belt. I love the zipper slimming belt b/c it has 3 zipper settings and it’s longer so it covers more of my torso and back. BUTTTTT, it’s not tight (even on the 3rd row); I can’t adjust the tightness like I can with the Velcro one. I’m not complaining though, that’s a good problem to have if you ask me; my waist must be smaller than I thought.

Sitting: Been sitting a lot lately and she’s still there! Went to see “Bad Grandpa” over the weekend and sat on my rolled up fleece blanket and was cool. When I got up my lower back didn’t hurt too bad this time around. When I sit for an extended period, my lower back and butt tends to get tight. U know I still measured once I got home, she holding strong at 48 ½". Still sitting on my homemade booty pillow at work. Had a conference call the other day, I couldn’t take it at my desk, so I had to sit on my booty for 30 minute conference call! It doesn’t hurt to sit, just feels weird, I can’t explain it, feel like a foreign substance is in your ass, lol.

Boyfriends: This 3 month ass ain't a game!! OMG, The sex 3 months PO is THE TRUTH!!! I'm not gonna go into too much detail, although I wish I could give ya'll the juicy blow-by-blow, but let's just say I had my bf ass weak in the knees and stuttering—LITERALLY! I thought I was with Rain Man for a second, LMAO! Afterwards, I was like, “So what was up with all that stuttering; sounding like “Der yes Der” off of Major Payne?” He laughed and was like, “You know u got that good –ish.” I started laughing and nodded my head and said, “This is true.” You know I gotta toot my own horn every now and then! *TOOT TOOT*

BF#2 is craving his next fix, he a fiend on the low for me, LOL! He was tryna go with me to Aventura for my follow up appt., but he just got a new job and can’t take off yet. I’m not mad though, I kind of want some solo HunnyWingZ time; I’m looking forward to sleeping in that plush king size bed ALONE! But you know BF#2 and I will get it in very soon. ;-)

Tips/Pointers/Wisha, Coulda, Woulda’s:

~Cabbage Soup Diet: I did this 7 day diet 2 weeks before leaving for Aventura and that is how I dropped the last of my weight so quickly (I lost 12 lbs. during those 7 days, gained 3 of them back the following week). I made some small changes and tweaks to the diet so it would fit my taste; I’ll tighten that up and post it at a later date for those interested in dropping up to 10 pounds in 7 days.

~Make sure u take people that love you and that care for you, the real you, it will make ur recovery so much better. I was fortunate enough to have my mom stay the whole time in Aventura and my best friend/ sister there for the first five days. My mom cooked my meals and was my SOLE SUPPORT SYSTEM thru the massages and when my bf started acting up. My mom and bestie took turns waking up with me so I could walk around, made sure I was drinking, eating and taking my meds. They helped me pee in the cup the first couple of days PO, even with my bad aim. My bestie bathed me, fed me, and just showed me so much compassion and love, and I will always love and respect her. We are even closer now than b4 my sx. GOT ME TEARING UP JUST THINKING BACK! But the recovery is no joke, it will try and kick ur ass only IF u let it, so make sure u got the right ones with u. I cried like a baby when my bestie went back home.
~REMAIN POSITIVE! If shit is fucking up around u that's outta ur control, DO NOT stress about it; u can’t control all situations and circumstance, but u can always control how you react to them. I learned to not sweat the small stuff and guess what, people and things eventually all got with the program.

~Set ur room/area up b4 sx. I had my pillows and chux waiting so all I had to do was lie my drugged up ass down! I cut a trash bag up and laid that down first, then my pillows, laid a sheet over pillows and lots of chux disposable pads over pillows. I found the most comfortable ways to lie were with pillows under my whole midsection, starting right under my boobs and going down to my knees. I’m actually lying like that right now typing this on my phone.

~Baby wipes will be ur best friend.

~"Gopher" stick will be ur 2nd best friend. It’s a grabber that extends. U will not be able to bend and grab things and all kinds of shit will fall, trust me. I still keep my gopher handy (see pic).

~Plastic kitchen serving spoon: I use to scratch my back in the middle of the night. Slides perfectly btwn garment and t shirt for the best relief. And I have one at my desk, lol (see pic)!

~Wish I woulda left my bf at home the whole time I was in Aventura, instead of having him come out the last 5 days.

~Wish I would drilled to Dr. Salama the morning of sx that the right side of my body is bigger than the left (everything—my eye, my boob, my arm, my thigh and my foot—MY WHOLE DAMN RIGHT SIDE) so add more fat to my left cheek and lipo my right side a lil more aggressively. My cheeks are currently a lil uneven as u already know from previous post.

~Wish I woulda added more toning and strength training to my pre-op workouts instead of focusing so much on cardio and dropping the weight. Now I got even more loose skin to tone and tighten (i.e. tummy, arms, thighs and back).

~I totally over packed! I brought some stuff and didn't even use it, so the things I did use most were, chux disposable pad, maxi pads, cocoa butter, Neosporin, Extra strength Benadryl gel, medical tape, gauze, CarMax, sports bras, maxi dresses, footies, robe, 2 big panties, hoodie and DIAL soap. I’m not saying this is ALL I used, but this is what I used the MOST.

~Pop 1 1/2 Percocet b4 massages (I was tryna pop 2, but my momma wouldn’t let me, lol). You MUST prepare ur mind mentally, and take deep breaths during massage. It’s going to hurt like a mo’fo but u will feel better afterwards.

~Self-Massage at least twice a day. When I’m in the shower, I love to take the bar of soap and massage my tummy, sides and back in clockwise small circles and then long strokes from the top to pubic area. Our lymphatic systems secrete toxins and fluid via urine. I can recall in Aventura, I always had to pee after my massages w/ Eileen; one time I had to pee during and after massage. Eileen is a beast! I’m actually looking forward to my massage w/ her when I go for my 3 month follow-up appt.

~PeePee Bag: Ziploc bag with big Styrofoam cup. Handy for when u go out. Pee in cup, dump pee, use ur baby wipes to get clean, rinse ur pee cup, put dry paper towels in cup, return to Ziploc bag and ur finished. Just wash ur hands of course.

Remember ladies, diamonds go thru the fire b4 they come out shining and blinging! ;-) It will all be worth it in the end, I promise! “Anything in life worth having is worth working for!” ~Andrew Carneige

Enjoy your turkey day ladies! Don’t eat too much now; gluttony is a sin, LOL, but seriously.

Random PicZ

7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet

Hey Hunny Bunniez,

Here is how I lost 12 lbs. super fast (gained 3 of em back) so I guess this is how I lost 9 lbs. super fast, LOL! And I only went to the gym 2x that week.

Remember: This diet should only be followed for 7 days at a time, with at least two weeks in between.
Expect to lose up to 10 lbs.!

Day One: 182 lbs.
Fruit: Eat all of the fruit you want (except bananas). Eat only your soup and the fruit for the first day. For drinks- unsweetened teas, cranberry juice and water.

Day Two: 178 lbs.
Vegetables: Eat until you are stuffed will all fresh, raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. Try to eat leafy green vegetables and stay away from dry beans, peas and corn. Eat all the vegetables you want along with your soup. At dinner, reward yourself with a big baked potato with butter. Do not eat fruit today.

Day Three: 174.8 lbs.
Mix Days One and Two: Eat all the soup, fruits and vegetables you want. No Baked Potato.

Day Four: 174 lbs.
Bananas and Skim Milk: Eat as many as eight bananas and drink as many glasses of skim milk as you would like on this day, along with your soup. This day is supposed to lessen your desire for sweets. (This was my hardest day! I made banana and skim milk smoothies all day--that really saved me)

Day Five: 172.8 lbs.
Beef And Tomatoes: Ten to twenty ounces of beef and up to six fresh tomatoes. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water this day to wash the uric acid from your body. Eat your soup at least once this day. You may eat broiled or baked chicken instead of beef (but absolutely no skin-on chicken). If you prefer, you can substitute broiled fish for beef on one of the beef days (but not both). Instead of beef, I’m going to do baked chicken on this day.

Day Six: 172.2 lbs
Beef and Vegetables: Eat to your heart’s content of beef and vegetables this day. You can even have 2 or 3 steaks if you like, with leafy green vegetables. No Baked Potato. Eat your soup at least once. Instead of beef, I’m going to do broiled Tilapia on this day.

Day Seven: 170.6 lbs.
Brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and vegetables: Again stuff, stuff, stuff yourself. Be sure to eat your soup at least once this day.

Cabbage Soup Recipe

•6 large green onions (also called “spring” onions)
•2 green peppers
•1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole) I used 1 can
•3 carrots
•1 container (10 oz. or so) mushrooms I used a 12oz frozen bag of mushrooms
•1 bunch of celery
•half a head of cabbage I used ¾ of cabbage
•1 package spice only soup mix (In the US, Liptons is a good choice) I didn’t use this.
•1 or 2 cubes of bouillon (optional) I used sodium free granulated chicken bouillon instead.
•1 48oz can Low Sodium V8 juice (optional) I used the 46oz low sodium V8 juice in the bottle
•Season to taste with pepper, parsley, curry, garlic powder, etc. (Little to NO SALT!) I used pepper, basil, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper (all sodium free).

Recipe Directions:
Slice green onions, put in a pot on medium heat and start to sauté with cooking spray. Do this until the onions are whiter/clearer in color (about 4-6 minutes).
Cut green pepper stem end off, then cut pepper in half to take out the seeds and membrane. Cut the green pepper into bite size pieces and add to pot.
Take the outer leafs layers off the cabbage, cut into bite size pieces, add to pot.
Clean carrots, mushrooms, and celery, cut into bite size pieces and toss them in. Add tomatoes now, too.
If you would like a spicy soup, add a small amount of curry or cayenne pepper now.
For seasonings, you can use a spice soup packet of your choice (no noodles!) or use beef or chicken bouillon cubes. These cubes are optional, and you can add spices you like instead (make sure not to add much salt, if any at all).
Use about 12 cups of water (or 8 cups and the 48 oz of Low Sodium V8 juice- I chose this method), cover and put heat on low. Let soup simmer for a long time – about 2 hours or until vegetables are tender.

Shopping List

•6 large green onions (or any onions)
•2 green peppers (or other colored peppers)
•3 carrots
•1 bunch celery
•1 head cabbage
•1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole)
•1 container (10 oz. or so) Mushrooms
•1 package Lipton soup mix (optional)
•1 or 2 cubes bouillon (optional)
•1 can of original V8 juice (optional)

•1 bunch of bananas (at least 6-8)
•1 pkg. of strawberries (or any other berry you like)
•Grapes, peaches, watermelon, nectarines (any fruits you like)
•Any veggies you like
•6 tomatoes (at least 6 in addition to what is already listed)
•Skim Milk
•1 large potato (JUST ONE! A sweet potato is OK, too)
•Chicken, fish or Beef (Choose Chicken OR steak, not both)
•Brown Rice
Remember: No canned or dried fruits and veggies!

Its a very strict diet, but just know its only for 7 days! If you stick to it, u will see the fruits of your labor. ;-)


So I obviously enjoyed myself too much over the Thanksgiving holiday, got on the scale and saw 180! Ugh! But I know my fat is distributed differently now; but im noticing my love handles/ muffin top tryna creep back so im about to get serious and not let all my money and sacrifices go to waste. Today is Dec 1st and I already said that I was gonna start the BigBootyTinyWaist 2 week slimdown so I posted a collage pic of me at 180 pounds. One side is me sucking in that gut for dear life (my wish belly) and the other side is me normally. So Im about to get in my zone, tweak my workouts to focus on specific areas, eat good (me and the bf headed to subway now) and get sexy by my birthday, Dec 28, so I'll check back in a couple weeks, unless something pops up! Lol, ok my hunny bunniez, im about to eat and make my way to the gym.

she got a big booty so I call her BIG BOOTY

Hey Hunny Beez!!! Hope u ladies have been doing well and had a Merry Christmas! Sorry I been m.i.a for awhile but life definitely goes on after this sx and im not missing a beat, loving everyday and enjoying myself to the utmost!

Ur girl turned 25 yesterday, AYEEEEE!! And my baby clappas turn 4 months today~ HANNNNN!!!!

My bf and friends say my booty is getting bigger, which it is cuz im gaining weight, ugh, the opposite of what I am supposed to be doing. I need to whip this body into shape after the new year cuz I definitely enjoyed the holidays and my birthday.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my follow up appointment w/ Dr. Salama  and I have yet to reschedule. Hoping I can go see him in January to discuss my revision.

Y'all know this ass is crazy!! I was the talk of Christmas dinner with my family and I was the center of attention last night, had to start celebrating my b~day early! The baby clappas be turning heads and breaking necks. Men and women wanna look at it, touch it, ask me to shake it and some more. Sometimes ppl be catching me off guard, the way they respond to my body tickles me at times.

Went to the strip club with my bf and home girls and the strippers were complimenting me, lol! One of them even made it rain on me, lmao!! Another one of the strippers and I danced for/on my bf too, he got a kick outta of it, LOL! And another chick just kept coming over saying how good I look. She even said I had a "cute shape"!

Of course bf #2 and I been going at it. We were having sex and he was holding me around my waist and hips so tight that I had a weird indention on my right hip, it went back to normal after a couple hours. I panicked and freaked out for nothing, lol! I enjoyed sex before this SX-- like a whole lot, but SEX IS AMAZING PO!!

Enjoy the pix :) I'LL HOLLA


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