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I have finally found out how to sign up and post a...

I have finally found out how to sign up and post a review! I have so many questions and concerns that I have no idea where to start! I have been on this site for the past week non-stop looking at pictures and reading all of the lovely girls posts! I live in NWI which is about 15 min from downtown chicago but after researching all of the woman's comments I think I will be traveling to Dr.S office in Aventura FL. Can anyone tell me how to get a consultation with him or how I can start e-mailing my pictures to him to see what we can accomplish? I am 21, 5'5 and about 125-130 depending. I know it doesn't sound that crazy to want to get this operation done but I want a fuller bottom and smaller waist. My measurements are 34(Breasts), 29( right below them), 34 ( Right where my love handles are, which is the same size as my breasts, not cute, and I also measuring right in the morning and I know once I eat it fills out a tad bit more), 37 ( Around my butt area). I will upload pics soon! The look I want it more hips so that when I wear a dress it looks like an hour glass, and when I turn around it nothing but a beautiful curvy bottom with a tiny waist. I will take any suggestions possible! I am very excited and would love to get this procedure done in Dec-Jan so that by the summer I can wear a bikini with the most confidence ever!

Yay Ladies!! I have, thanks to Ruben, sent in my...

Yay Ladies!! I have, thanks to Ruben, sent in my pictures so that Dr.S can take a look! I would LOVE to post them on here but I have noticeable tattoos and am not ready for anyone to know about wanting a BBL:/ But I WILL post before and after pics with clothing. Well I have also found this app, for smartphones, called "SURGEON" that allows you to fix our body virtually! I will be sure to upload a few of those before and afters of what my body looks like and what I want it to look like. Now when I was sending the pictures to the doctor I did NOT suck it in or try and pose a certain way that usually flatters my body. After seeing and sending those pictures in I was so unhappy with my body that I immediately deleted them! If anyone has any suggestions or tips on the process of how to go about preparing for a BBL please let me know!!

Hey ladies!! So just an update on my wait so far.....

Hey ladies!! So just an update on my wait so far... it's been just that, waiting. I know it's only been a few days but it feels like sooo much longer! I sent my pictures in a few days ago and they said up to 72hrs. I am hoping by tomorrow I will hear something:) I'm just so anxious! I was also wondering if me having a tattoo on my ribs would make this procedure a bad idea? I dont kniw if they pull skin up or down or just let it heel and shrink on its own. If anyone has any suggestions or past experiences with rib/hip tattoos and this surgery please let me know. Thanks ladies!!!

Hello ladies! So I recently checked my email and...

Hello ladies! So I recently checked my email and had a response from Nancy! I am very excited to hear that the doc thinks I'm a good candidate and will be happy to work on me! Yay so excited, I am planning on doing a tad bit more research before I put down my deposit. I am about 85% sure I want to go through with it but at the same time I have only been researching for about a week. I was told the operation would cost $7,799, which isn't bad but I'm wondering why its a little more than his past clients that looked like they would be a little more work than I would ( no offense to ANY ladies out there). I just remember reading someones blog about why they were estimated there amount and it was because of how much work they needed to do. Either way I am excited and cannot wait to feel 100% certain so that I can put down my security deposit. I am just trying to see if I can take off of work since I had just taken off a few weeks and transferred back to the area. I am also hoping to find out more about other woman's experienced and how it ended up looking a year after. I am not sure how so many woman know how many "CC'S" they want, how do you know how much your body has and how much would look good on your body type? See I just have too many questions to just go on a whim like that. I think in about a week or so I will be more certain and ready to rock!
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I have been reading the blogs of past patients and have seen there pictures. I am hoping once I email him/speak with him my opinion does not change because I love the results of his work! I still have yet to speak, see him but the site is requiring me to rate.

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