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Hello BBL sisters I have scheduled my BBL with Dr....

Hello BBL sisters I have scheduled my BBL with Dr. Salama and I'm very nervous because I'm the type of person that worries about everything. To give some background I have always had a not so feminine shape.I have always had a really top notch beautiful face but not the body to match. Right now I'm 178lbs 5' 4" 1/2. I have a 5 year old little girl so all you moms on here know where this is going basically my body is ruined! lol I plan on losing about 20 to 30lbs b4 surgery to achieve results I want.

I live in Ohio and its not very common for African American girls to go to the extreme of plactic surgery but I've always been different then the girls here.I want a really juicy booty to match my pretty face I would feel more confident. I love to dress up with the heels and all but I feel so restricted because I cant wear form fitted dresses as other girls do. I want to look good from head to toe and I know you ladies on here feel what I'm saying. I've been looking into surgery on my booty since I was about 20 I'm 30 today but back then I didn't see any kind of butt enhancement surgerys besides butt implants and I refuse to put any permanent foreign objects in me its just too many infection and maintanance risk that goes along with it plus it don't seem like it will feel natural.

I started to research Butt augumentations again about 2 years ago and ran across BBL with fat grafting. My first choice of doctor was Dr. Mendieta I saw him on the show the Doctors and he talked about the BBL surgery. I really love his results and his sculping techniques but after doing more research on several different unbias sites I found low ratings and a lot of complaints about him so I changed my mind. Then I found this wonderful site and thats where I discovered Dr. Salama and Dr. Campos, and Dr Markmann. Well I'm way to peranoid to travel over seas and heard of horror stories about traveling abroad so that exed Dr. Campos out. Dr. Markmann does wonerful work but his Average price is 18,000 and I don't know about you ladies but I'm not rich, I just can't afford him but I think he gives the best permanant results. So that leave me with Dr. Salama whom I have researched to the core and honesty I have not seen not one bad review about him, also he have very consistant results that make me think he's the Doc for me.

I noticed his prices quickly rising so I knew I had no time to waste and I payed my down payment just to solidify my date. I'm currently in nursing school and I berely get any time off besides christmas break and summer break so I scheduled july 2 so I would have time to heal b4 school start back up in late August. I really hope this surgery turn out well and I really appreciate all the ladies on here posting their experiences they have truly helped me in my decision therefore I feel its my duty to give back to other ladies that might be contiplating on this surgery. I will post b4 pics really soon ladies!

Hello ladies just wanted to post a up date even...

Hello ladies just wanted to post a up date even tho my big day is so far away plus I had the wrong amount for my sugery price the price I thought I was quoted was 6800 but its really 5800 I dont know how I missed that like I wanna pay any extra! but I think I'm gonna have to finace the rest of my surgery have anybody ever use the finacing company care credit? and do you think they would except me because I don't have the best credit? I really want this surgery I just don't wanna go broke doing it! lol

I'm so horrified I'm actually in nursing school...

I'm so horrified I'm actually in nursing school right now and when I get the the surgery I will be on summer break I leave right after my summer rotation I really hope I'm healed enough for school by the end of the summer for school sake

So I wanted to add a quick update. I try not to up...

So I wanted to add a quick update. I try not to up date so often because my surgery is still a little way off. So I recieved my packet I think about a month ago and it has a lot of info in it like things I need to do before surgery to prepare my body. I was told to take care of my skin by keeping it clean and moisterized good, I was told to take iron pills 100mg per day, Vitiman C 1000mg per day 500mg in the morning another 500mg in the evening, I was sent some information about what to expect after surgery which I kinda already knew thats to all the wonderfull ladies on this site, thanks! The iron pills make me constipated so what helped me is to drink lots lots of water and eat fiber rich foods fruits veggy's and whole grain, so now I'm back to my regular BM, daily. So I called the Doc's office to see if I'm one of the first in line for surgery on my day and I was told that they wouldn't know untill two weeks before my surgery UGH! I do not wanna be any where near the last person to get my surgery done. The girl in the office told me that it all depends on the tyoe of precedures. So I've booked my flight and and hotel but I'm thinking about upgrading my hotel plus I think I wanna be on the beach. I booked at the best western stirling rd but when I ask the office about this location they told me its 45 min away. I don't think I'm gonna be up to being in the car that long after surgery. I'm thinking of canceling my transportation because my friend wanna rent a car, so that should save me about $200 something dollars. So I've lost some weight because I really really don't wanna get a tummy tuck! and after they looked at my pics they said he would recommend it. I'm like no why? she said my skin hang over my panties. I just don't like the scar and it seems like a harder recovery. Do you guys think I need a tummy tuck? I had some different pics up but like I said I have lost some weight so I felt like they weren't a accurate depection of myself, so I posted some new ones I just took today. Besides I was bloated in the previous pics because it was that time of the month plus I was at my heavyest. So I tried to get financed but I was denied every time through serveral different institutions :( I just knew I would get approved because several girls on here said they had bad credit and was approved so I guess my credit it worse. Its probably because I'm being garnished right now ha lololol! so I will be paying cash. Well ladies I just wanted to update ya real quick I will update again real soon before surgery.

My time has finally come I'm only dayz away from...

My time has finally come I'm only dayz away from my surgery date. Can anybody please let me know if there's anywhere I can find arnica borimia pills and gel besides off the internet because I been so busy it slipped my mind to order it? I'm so not prepared I haven't got a boppy pillow or anything, but my cousin told me I can get it from the airport. I've been on my summer nursing clinicals for the past 2 weeks so I haven't had time to sit down and absorb the fact that I go into surgery in 4 days i'm freaking out!

Ok ladies I think I figured out how to take my...

Ok ladies I think I figured out how to take my measurments, my back is 36 waist 33 and hips 42 my current weight is 168 lbs I tried to lose 20 to 30 lbs but it aint happened but I see a big diffence and I think my results will be fine. Plus I think I'm more muscle than fat and the fact that I do weight classes and arobic classes I probably build up muscle while losing fat. I'm still supper nervous about the surgery itself and the unkown of how I'm gonna feel when I wake up its so freaking me out Ugh! All my July ladies are you feeling the same way!?

Hello ladies first off i wanna thank all of you...

Hello ladies first off i wanna thank all of you for the prayers and best wishes becase God truly heard all of you because I'm doing great. I had a lot of pain and weakness when i first woke up but after eating drinking and medications i feel great well i will give a more detailed update later about to rest o and i got 1300ccat each cheek

Ok sorry ladies for taking so long to update been...

Ok sorry ladies for taking so long to update been going through some ups and downs. First off I rented a vacation home through tripadvisor.com and it has kind a been a nightmare because my landlord is a slumlord. I didn't have water for the first 24 hours and I had to curse her out in order for her to put me in a hotel and you gotta think I'm here with my male friend and my 5 year old so I was pissed! So if you ladies rent from a private owner of a property make sure you have a list that you go over with them to make sure everything is working in the house. So when the water did get back on the shower water was chilly and didn't wanna get hot and she act like she not gonna send anybody till after the holiday. Also there was no wash cloths and when I ask her about it she said she no longer provide them because she couldn't remove stains out of them, which is fine if she wouldv'e told me in advance because I couldv'e brought my own. Other than that the house is nice I just want all of you to avoid this owner if you ever run across her on tripadvisor.com or any other website her name is "Maria Elena Ramirez" because she own multiple properties here in Florida. I don't want anyone to experience extra stress on top of getting surgery.

Hay all my bigbooty and soon to be big booty...

Hay all my bigbooty and soon to be big booty chickas! I been going through so much that I forgot to fill you ladies in on my surgical experience. So my surgery was July 2, @11am larry dropped me off at the surgical center and my anxiety was through the roof! The surgical circulator showed me to the bath room where she directed me to put on a gown, cap, anti-embolism stockens, and footies I also had to pee in a cup fo pregancy text. Then I met with Dr. Salma he was so cool. He only had 2 surgeries that day me and bigbooty2012 so we did get spoiled he answered all my questions and boy did I have a lot! I asked about everyone in the surgical room what they job was and how long they been doing what they do.

Dr. Salama told me he could give me good results cause I had a short butt he said short butts come out with better projection then long butts. Soon after I was escorted to surgery room where the anestisiologist sorry i cant spell, asked me a bunch questiones at that point everything became real and I burst out crying! he put something in the iv to calm me down it made me feel like a happy drunk after that i remember nothing but waking up to extreme pain, and fatigue then they had me on my butt which hurted like hell! Then Dr. salama came over and asked if I was ok. I was then put in a wheel chair and put in Larrys car . I had nausea and pain so soon as I got home I Put a anti-nausea suppository in my butt and took a percocet. My friend had dinner all ready beef roast potatos, carrots and onions. I wanna express how important it is to eat, drink lots of water and gatorade and stay up on your meds because it truly relieve those ugly symptoms. Take your percocets on schedule please dont let that pain catch you off guard because it will have you in tears I learned the hard way. Ok ladies I will finish this update later getting tierd.

So I'm three days post and I took my 2nd bowl...

So I'm three days post and I took my 2nd bowl movement today, had my first one yesterday :) it feels so much better to get that out and you feel less bloated! I think the reason I shitted so early compared to other girls is because I been eating lots of friuts and veggys, whole grain cereal and breads, taking my colace which is the stool softener and drinking tons of water, it came out with ease sorry for being so explicit. My pain has gotten much better, I now only need 1 perc every 4 hours. I started to notice some horrible buring on my lower abdominal which I thought was the garment losening up and rubbing my skin but I found that its my front drain. OMG! that shit hurt like crazy its right above my vajay jay over to the side and it moves when I move sometime and it feel like someones lighting a match to my skin. So i had my first massage today around 11am and all I ca say is AHHHHHHH! thatshit hurt and its very uncomfortable! Eileen was my massage thearpist and she was really good at getting lots of fluids out, i mean those drains filled up quick. It felt like she was massaging me with her nails and I even ask her was she doing that? of course she wasn't but thats how it felt. I felt uncomfortable while she did my stomach cause I had to lay on her table on my butt with my boppy i was scared i would lose some fat but i guess it was ok. I havent noticed any shrinkage in my booty so far and im praying i dont, I want my dunk to stay just the size it is now. I think my garment is getting loose, so i get another one this weekend.my stomach was a mess right after surgery but after Dr. S gave me the board and foam my stomach looks and feel much better its flatter and smoother.

Hay girls sorry for the shitty quality of pics,...

Hay girls sorry for the shitty quality of pics, they must be turning out that way because I'm here in florida because I took all the pics by the same phone. I promise to put better pics up when I get home.

Hay girls Sorry I haven't been posting been kinda...

Hay girls Sorry I haven't been posting been kinda down I'm a very sensitive person and this seroma in my left lower abdomen is gtting on my nerves! It makes me feel as if I'm not moving towards totally being healed. After reading other girls struggle with these things made me very depressed because many deal with these things for weeks or even months. I've had it drained 4 times total since my surgery date July 2. The thing is this section wasn't draining out the drain when they were in place, its like it sectioned itself off, Dr Salama was even wondering why that pocket of fluid wasn't coming out the front drain, I think its the way my body healed around that area.

My booty has lost some volume but I'm still happy as long as it don't go back to what I looked like before. My phone is still putting out shitty pics and I cant afford to go out and buy a camera or new phone to take better pics with so I'm waiting for someone to come over with a decent smartphone to steal and take a couple of photo's for you girls! but I have not forgotten.

I wanna thank Bigbooty2012 and BBLchick for all their support during our stay in Florida boa did I need it! Both you ladies look beautiful and wish you girls a speedy recovery. On another note for all the ladies that r soon to get surgery I would advise you all to just rent a car. Larry was a mess he would come pick us up drop us off places knowing we not 100% and take forever to come pick us up, one time I was left in tears from the pain. I think they need a van and another driver period to accomodate all the ladies. I just feel like we not in the best of health to be left anywhere.

I would advise any ladies that are considering this surgery to get in the best shape as possible especially your arms and shoulders I use those muscles the most to get in and out of bed and to hold myself on the toilet.

Hay girlys! I'm 11 days post-op and I just woke up...

Hay girlys! I'm 11 days post-op and I just woke up stiff as hell my whole stomach, waist, and back all area's that was lipoed feel numb, meaning they really don't hurt just stiff and tight. My butt has bothered me more than any other part it seems to hurt and I feel reandom pressure when I stand or walk too long but its barable. I got another prescription from a different doc for some vicodins but my mom told me I should stop taking all those narcotic type of pain meds because they can be habbit forming, so I have tried all yesterday and night only took one just to help me get comfortable and sleep. So I've had 3 massages going for my forth today, man are they expensive but I guess I will suck it up and pay if its gonna help with my recovery. I got my seroma drained yesterday and it's back filled with fluid this morning UGH! I cant wait till this thing go away! my pubic area is so swollen it makes me feel like I have a penis thats about to grow out of it its so ugly, do any body know when it starts to subside? ok I'm adding some new pics!

Hay girls! so I got my 4th massage yesterday and...

Hay girls! so I got my 4th massage yesterday and it seem like it made my seroma fill with more fluid and it seem to burn as the massage therapist massaged over it. IDK I think I need to call and ask is it good to get massages over the actual seroma? My ass was iching like crazy last night and I know i'm not supposed to scratch but God it felt so good, I had to plow my haands from my ass in order to stop! I rubbed some curel on it hoping it would stop. I'm still extremly swollen, I just cant wait to be able to sit and get rid of this stupid garment. I know before the surgery i always said I would do a round 2 but i have a change of mind i can't imagine putting myself through this torture again.

Hay ladies! I'm 4 weeks post op and doing really...

Hay ladies! I'm 4 weeks post op and doing really well. My large seroma on my lower left abdomin resolved on its own. An emergency doctor told me that it wasn't a good idea to keep getting it aspirated because that can cause infection. I went to see my primary doctor about it and they gave me a referral to see a surgeon but before I could make it to my appointment it cleared up on it's own so I cancled it. I believe it went away so quickly because I got both my garments taken in twice because I cant afford to keep buying new garments everytime they get loose.

My booty has went down but it was always expected because that initial biggness is all swelling but now its natural, soft and jiggly! it started to really soften up close to 3 weeks post op. I have been getting 2 post-op massages since I left Florida and it has helped break up all the scar tissue on my stomach and back, both area's are now starting to feel almost normal. I still feel tingling on the lateral area's of my butt but its not painful or anything. I had sex 2 weeks post op from the back but my boo was very gentle because I not him couldn't take it I love me some D**k! lol sorry ladies! I wouldn't recommend this for everyone because lots of girls say their vagina's swell and minds didn't only my pubic area.

I still am in love with my results because all you gotta do is look at my before pic and I needs to say no more! I literally hated my body. I was straight up and down and I hated to walk in pass men and they stare at my pretty face and then look at my butt and look away like "Aw man its a miss"!! Even tho I didn't do this for men I did this for myself but it is nice to have that confidence and not have to cover my ass when I go out. I did g to the club and got drunk, man I needed it and I had a really good time and everybody was staring men and women, I wore my favorite yellow dress I will post a pic of me in the dress. Its not even just my butt its my whole shape my waist is so small and those aggravating flanks was the worse they are actually gone! ugh I love it! I was so drunk the weekend this guy followed us to the car and I hoped right in the back seat and laid down on my stomach and he was like why you laying like that? I was like get away lol! this has been a funny experience so much other embarassing stuff have happened but it would take too much typing to get it all in lol!

I have ran into another problem, now it seems like my upper body is getting big I have always been top heavy but it seems like my tits are getting bigger then ever idk. Plus it seems like i have been having these bad cramps on that time of the month that I havent had since I was a teenager idk if this have something to do with the surgery or not its just something that has appeared after surgery.

well ladies I do think thats about everything I can think of to update if you lades have any questions feel free to asks away just please give me time to respond because I haven't been on this site as much as b4 surgery and I'm preparing to start back nursing school. I also will uploade some new pics! thank yal!

Current measurments waist 30 hips 44.

current measurments waist 30 hips 44.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is very professional and down to earh. He took his time and answered all my questions in pre op appointment he also did an excellent job on my body i love my new curves and projection is nice!

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