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Hi first BBL was almos at the corner of...

Hi first BBL was almos at the corner of my house with a Female Dr. I'm still not a year has pased and now I'm more than ready for the best.. Salama. And yes I tried to go a year ago with him but I had big problems and I ended with some one else. I LOVE Salama job I Love Nancy.she's been very sweet always.I'm glad that after a year she still remembers me.well this has been to quickly that really girls I'm writing this but I'm shaking. I pray god all to be fine.I still don't have an hotel or caregiver grrr but I'm positive. God blesd all of us....

6 days b4 my bbl pic

Need a Hotel Buddy..

Is any rs sister having bbl at Miami by oc 01 13? I been looking for condos and resorts but I can't afford it so I need a Hotel Buddy my date is around the corner so ill keep looking.HELP

weight and height

I'm 5' even 135Lbs bra size 34D or 38C I want big butt with projection and small waist.I don't like my shoulders my upper body looks wide so I hope Salama can work on it and so I have decide and told Nancy that I want lipo on my under arms and inner legs.I still have my Fajas gridle 3 total from my first bbl.I had 4 but one gone to the trash bc was nasty! Ill bring all that with me and ask if I can wear it after my bbl :)

I'm also wanted a TT but grrr can't have it at the dame time but thas ok.ill do it next year.and tomorrow ill ask Nancy if I can do my nose! Yup.. I don't like is small but it looks like those small tomatoes hahaha is a little bit wide I want it thin.lets see what she day and the price! @_@

So until yesterday I didn't had meds no blood work no hotel....I wad worry every where I called they didn't haf nothing till Oc3 omg! My bbl surgery is Oct 1! What I gonna do? So today a light on my brain came ON decided to syop by Lab Corp and guess what?! They did it..yup blood work done today.then after I went to Walgreens left my prescription camebavk home and omg I found it yesss I found my place the hotel $770 for two weeks.parking free intenet wifi free.refrigerator microwave two beds... my lucky day.when back to pick up my meds and guesd what?! Bc I have medicaid my meds and blood work all free! Omg! But I still was worry about the heart test so I called Nancy I love her she's amazing. .Dear.Dont worry we'll do it here on Monday ok.that's what she said to me by phone.thx Nancy your the best.

So I think I'm ready with my meds I also bought the Arnica and ill check what else I need.ttyl

Got my clearance letter

Got my clearance letter few hours ago.uff! But I need to keep drinking Iron 300mg morning and night also Vitamin C.I had Root Canal a week ago due to an infection and I think that came on my blood work but Dr.Salama said it was ok.Omg! 3 days away!... I think I'm

2 hours away... sx Address is different place

Yup..only two hours for my sx. Sx Address is different front Salama office.sign papers at the Aventura address.masages at Aventura address but Surgery will be at Hallandale Beach Blvd.I'm staying by the airport. Yesterday was not easy had a hard time finding the pain killers pills grr but found it at 3251 East 2nd Ave Hialeah 305-888-3364 the good is that my insurance cover it so I didn't pay nothing.only gas.
About the Hotel is not that pretty and I ended paying $100 more.but that's ok still is cheap and is down stairs.the only1 left.they had suites upstairs for the same price but no way I didn't wanted up so I took the1 I'm sating right has 2 beds is has smal kichen with medium tefrigerator sink microwave table with 3 chairs and lots of stove range or oven.has 2 clothset 2 dressers and 2 night bed is in the living roon witj an old tv.the other bed is in the separate room but no door.don't like the power outlets in my room is only one and is far from the bed so I suggest to bring your own long power cord at least 2 if you need to charge phone and laptops... WiFi is very strong and is free I love motel room has two entrance doors all carpet floors but title on the kichen.the ac works just perfect. Motel total $854 for two people for two.omg jusy receive a call from became eRlier is in one hour.damn has to go

Feld today in the morning. I'm weak

My surgery was at 12:30 but they called an hour before to let me know that sx was change to 11:30am I was scare and got in a hurry I'm staying 30 minutes away from offece and sx place using the freeway.I got the I met Dr Salama the nurse and the anesthessia guy.sing more paper took my weight and I was 129lbs all of them made me feel confortable Salama explain everything thing took my pics and he said I was low in myoglobin so he wound do my arms.went to the sx room and then I didn't know what happened they woke me up nurse tolme you ready we done and I said what? Are you sure? I remember my voice was deep and rough then I ash many ccs? She said let me had 1300css each side.omg I was like omg! I love it.the my ride was waiting at the lobby is a minivan so I went on the back seat on my knees .she my helper took the streets so it was like 45 minutes to get to the Motel.then I ate pasta with chicken and broccoli plus have been drinking Ensure high protein chake Water and gatorade.last night while was esting I feld sleep like 3 times.the worse was today like 5am I got up to pee and to empty my drains and I got very dizzy that I feld on my right shoulder I waited like 5 minutes then got on my belly then I got up slow went to the bathroom and don't know how I made it back to bed.this is crazy I don't have lot of pain but I'm very weak.I been going to bathroom to pee so many times....I need to go to their office to change I thing and remove the pads.mmy first massage is on Friday and last1 on monday.I forgot to ask when they will remove my drains.oh my booty is big so they had to cut my Faja. There's no big mirror here so I can't see my booty.I'm eating and feeling dizzy.cya and ty for ur best wishes


Took some pics by my sefl few hours ago

Dr.Salama removed fat also from my bjj hahaha

Just took a bath it was not easy it took me 15 minutes to remove the faja I as scare to pull out the drains theni got dizzy so wen back to bed when I feldbetter went back to the bathroom and took my first bath mmm it feld sooo goood.but got dizzy again so I wasn't able to wash the faja but I brought a cincher and that's what I'm feel ok.girls I was laughing just notice Dr Salama also lipoed my bjj omg! I love it.yup I had a bjj with a lot of fat it was like a bump no anymore is looking flat now.I'm very happy he did that.well I must sleep nw.I feel tired.muahhh

Had my fisrt massage today.with pics

Hi RS Sirtes.. yup had my first massage today took 2 pain killers but didn't help it made me cry I feld my eyes on tears on the back side hurts more on me than the ab area.gosh it really hurt.but thx god I survived. Lol then right after the lady took me some pictures. Here they are.and so I have my new size M and is not that tide so I think size small may fit.can't write a lot bc I'm very weak and with nausea. Grr

second Massage.Back drain gone :D

Hi sweeties... had my second massage today and this time no pain killers and I didn't cry hahaha .pain killers don't work forme last time I drunk it it make me feel bad so today I decide no pain killers.pain was less than last friday and I'm very happybc nurse and massagist said I'm not draining I have my appt tomorrow with Dr and if everything is ok they will remove front drain and ready to go home OMG I'm healing fast they said.thanks GOD.I'm very happy girls.after my massage went for some groceries to walmart then back to the hotel with my baby girl she's my princess of a year and half and the babysitter.ate some and then rest.just went to pee found out I'm having my period...well is very light and I think is normal but its ok I'm using brief adult pads ..had my period two weeks ago so this must be bc of the body changes bcdof the bbl.any ways I'm feeling better and better.thanks girls for the support.if some1 has questions for me and I can aswer then go ahead.I speak Spanish too.hablo tambien espanol.take care

back drain

Forgot. It didn't hurt when back drain was removed.ok don't be scare.they are very gentle ;)

Very UPSET IM MAD GRRR Naomi why??

So Naomi on front of the massagist told me yesterday to comeback today tuesday when I got there they daid.sorry appt was a mistake is for tomorrow wednesday. Can u believe it.It take me 45 minutes to get there I was in pain and just sorry! Grrr and on the wayback 95South was closed so with a lot of traffic took us almost an hour to get to an open entrace to the i95.I'm just wabt to relax.but yup I'm very upsetm I has to go back tomorrow.grr

whooot whoot... made it back home

Saw Dr Salama at 12:00 today everything was ok.second drain was removed. 4 hours to get back home .loving my new body thanks to all you distars here and all Dr Salama crew.they are very busy always ladies we keep them busy. I'm happy to be back home and I can't believe I'm healing fast after feeling very weak oh yeah this past 8 days are to remember for ever.took some pics today at the Aventura Salama place with the drain still there .pics as looking better I'm loving me.Salama fix


Itching is normal for healing process? Didn't sleep last night bc of my body itch.found the next....

 There is nothing pathological about itching after having any surgery including liposuction and fat transfer. It is simply a response by release of histamines in a healing wound that causes the itching sensation and in most cases is a sign of normal healing process without infection.

just did my numbers today..

38-28-42 with faja on

27" waist! took pics today

27"waist! This is getting better.. booty still the using my hard board today after my bath and also the foams and waist cincher...not easy to put faja on by myself.loving my body never had that waist before! The convination of the waist and as$ makes the body looks what I alsways dreamed .my waist goal is 26" I'm getting there :)
I'm feeling better every day can't wait to buy me new cloth.have a great day rs sisters. Hugs ;)

an inch of booty is gone...

Yup one inch less.I'm still 27waist but my azz is 41" with garment and without is 40" all around the edge of garment is getting soft.I'm using my hard board and also a lot of foams front sides and all my back it feels good I'm still swollen a lot and have some hard skin like a bone but my 2 per weeks massages are working on it.also my right inner thigh is very swollen and close to the pussi have a very hard like 3 inch long skin that's hurts it was worse but I know it will go away little by little. Oh yeah I'm doing also massages at my house with a machine mmm mmm it feels good my massagist told me how I'm in love with the
Well I been very busy working from home oh yeah baby!... I work for a nightclubs promoting the events on FaceBook and I also repair computers I had to buy an ling magnet from the bc I had problems with the screws of laptops falling on the floor and I'm still not good vending my body but problem resolved. Last night had to go to the nightclub I had to stand for 4 hours it wasn't that bad I enjoyed the music do o yeah a lot of friends told me.where you been the past month? What do u do you look very skinny and omg you didn't had that butt b4?! I answer. I did a lipo and lift my azz with my tiny waist my azz looks hahaha. Had guys starring at me one was crazy about to touch it and the owner took him out bc he bother me to much grrr sorry for him.anyway I'm ok very happy and yes I love to flirt I have my personal fb I upload few pics and damn the very next day I had 99 friend request and because of my nightclub job I have more the 4k friends that are driving me
Well that's it for now I will upload pics later I'm very sleepy I have to promote the nightclubs coming events. One Love girls.

Sad my butt drops and is smaller

One months post op all my body itch a lot it drives me crazy some skin is peeling off amd yeah I'm sad my butt is smaller and it drops.with the garment on it looks ok but without is the reality. Booty is soft I do love my waist front silhouette is great.don't like my sides butt looks down but probably is normal and it will change ..I hope!
One more week and I will be able to sleep on my back can't wait.

Azz is gone

My butt is gone idk why! I been with lots of stress sleepless body itch a lot and also got low pressure. My butt is soft and with dents and very low and small I fidnt want to sest or sleep on my back waiting for a miracle but I can't so ladt night was first night sleeping on my back it feld sooo good and I'm seating on my button but I'm using a soft pillow.I had follow the after care because I didn't want to end up the way I am right now :'( no projection .my weight 128lbs

Salama 1 year 4 months ago. looking amazing

Had my bbl with Dr Salama 1 year 4 months ago and you'll are right i though my azz was gone but i was wrong. Mu booty is looking good. I use Colombian butt lift jeans and both guys and ladies keeps telling me .HOT
i do gained 15lbs because im ready for another bbl. I have my appointment for November 10 with Dr Salama thet have my $700 deposit already. 8m very excited i want it bigger .my life has really changed for good. Im kidda promotter work with lits of people . I work with a lot of Mexican music bands so my body helps me a lot...
God Bless everyone.

Salama bbl again on Nov 10. my date

I think it will be my last bbl because i need a tt but Salama dont do both at the sane time so i need to wait a year after my bbl for my full tt.
Im also thinking to go out of coubtry to have both at the same time. What you think sisters? Any advice?

Do you want ny Salama date? 11/10/15 gracias ty

Already send my deposit of 7hundred to go with Salama again my price 7K but I just changed my mind Because i wanna have bbl and tt both at the same time and Salama is a great Dr but he dont do both procedures the same day. I dont want to wait more then a year to heal for my tt. So ladies please if anyone wants my date let me know. Thanks. gracias.

Salama date has been canceled. . Going to Dr Baez at DR

Don't have the Salama date anymore dolls.. mom had some Botox price six fifty so they kept only fifty but that's ok.
Im going to Dominican Republic on November 23 with Dr Fragoso Baez . Bbl and tt..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

His amazing. All 5* he deserve more.great staff.he changed my body for good. I'm also thinking to have a tt and nose.soon.

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