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Hey all you bootiful dolls out there!My name is KC...

Hey all you bootiful dolls out there!My name is KC I am 26 years old and my big booty dreams are about to come true. Like you all I have been Stalking this site for a minute! I've been on a weight roller coaster all my life it seems. I was always a little chunky through my adolescence and teenage years. At 5'5 I weighed 145 most of my teens and early 20's. About a year and a half ago I got serious about my fitness and eating healthy and dropped 20 pounds in about 8 months !!!! I was sooooo excited about my weight loss I was strong and fit. But my ass was soooo small!! I tried to convince myself that I didn't need one but we all know curves and an ass looks so much better in clothes than thin with no ass! On top of that my mother had a BBL a couple years ago and was killing it. She looks soooo good. I recently separated from the military and stacked up enough money to get the BBL. I am sooo excited to be finlly getting this surgery. My mom went to Dr. Guarani ( Idk how to spell it) and has the teeeniest waist ever with a nice ass to match. When I first booked the surgery I was going to go with Dr. Hasan but the reviews about vanity are scary as hell!! It's a shame Cuz his results and price are great but I dont want to deal with the potential drama???? So team SALAMA here I come! I am scheduled for surgery 30 November it'll be a great way to end the year and start 2016 with a new body and confidence to do my thing in school next year! I am so lucky to have my parents support. My mom and my boyfriend will be joining me during surgery and my recovery. The tickets are bought, hotel is booked, rental reserved. All I have now is to pay the surgery off and get my supplies!! Sooo I told yall I lost 20 pounds .... Starting this journey when I booked my date with Salama which started middle of September. I weighed about 127! Nancy told my mom I need to gain about 10 15 pounds or it'll be a waste of money! My mom said I need to gain about 20! My goal weight is to be 150 before surgery! Crazy us small girls are purposely gaining weight for this surgery. I am currently 137 pounds! but it hasnt been easy! This weight gain is sooo hard I've been eating myself sick. And on top of that the weight I've put on has made my self esteem drop soooo low. I don't even wanna be seen in public! Bleeh the struggle is real yall! But I see the booty at the end of tunnel lol! If any of yall wanna talk or have advice hit me up!! I plan on documenting my journey through this site!! And hope to inspire other women to get the booty of their dreams at the end of it all!

Booty before

Before shots of my butt I hope it's something Salama can work with!

weight gain progress

I am currently a solid 137 gained about 8 pounds since middle of September. Basically I have been eating like its my job. I really want the best results possible.

For anyone wanting to know how I gained the weight. I eat lots of rice ?and potatoes. Eggs and bacon for breakfast.load up on the carbs eat peanut butter jelly sandwiches in between meals. Don't be afraid to eat some meat! and Ive been eating 2 pop tarts and an drinking an ensure before bed. I just recently tried a protein shake that I'll start drinking daily once I reach 140. I eat even when I'm not hungry and snack in between meals! And the weight has packed on! As you can see from the picks below its solid fat not bloat!!!! Unfortunately I gain all in my stomach so I look pregnant ????! Ugh and my arms are the worst!

One week away from Surgery November 30th

I started this journey around 125 -130 pounds. Since then I've gained 20 pounds weighing in at 150. Too too ready for surgery! Not looking forward to this Thanksgiving feeling so self conscious about my weight gain and seeing relatives for the first time since my weight gain. Welp one more week in this fat suit!

Ms New Booty with Salama

My surgery is today with Dr Salama!! I had my pre op with Naomie now one more hour till I'm being prepped for surgery! I will be sure to update with pics!!! I gotta say I've been excited this entire time but now my stomach is in knots I am so nervous!!Wish me luck!!! Pre op 5'5 150 pounds!!! All gut no booty! I have another post but I will start updating on this one! Until the other side ...

1300 ccs

So it's been 2 days since surgery. The first day was really tough as I didn't get into surgey till almost 4 pm so I was very light headed thirsty and hungry before surgey! DR. Salama was a very cool guy very informative and definitely a realest! He looked at my wish pics informed me of the ones that he could use for my booty type which WAS square! :p he drew on me And went through the entire procedure and complications risks and how he performs the bbl. I received 1300 ccs way more than I thought I would my butt it swollen and full to the max tevovery hadn't been too bad I've had my mom and bf here catering to me. I've been getting up walking an weaning myself off of perks already! FIRST massage tomorrow! I'll keep Yall updated!

Day 6 and late updates

I finally went num 2 today yay except all the laxatives I needed to take made it hard on my stomach. I had my first massage on day 4 it didn't hurt as much as I thought it was actually kinda relaxing! So far I only need pain meds before bed and I am eating normal food I only lost my appetite the first couple days last night I ate hot wings ! Anyways im tired of laying on my stomach the brushing is getting a lot better my drains are about done draining Im really homesick eventhough I have my mom and my bf with me :/ well here's some pics looks like I'm going to have a nice bubble I hope :)

One week post op!

So today Is one week post op I can't believe it! Crazy how time flies but it went slow at the same time I'm currently in a large garment on the smallest hook. I had my 2nd massage with Celia she is sooo sweet but man did I mess up. I didn't take my perks thinking it was going to be okay but hell no it hurt sooo bad guys it was an ultra sound massage I believe and the lymph one any who ouch!!!!!!! I got my back drain out one more to go which I leave in 2 days and actually get to see dr Salama before I go! Cant wait to get rid of these balls lol . I also got my booty buddy for the plane ride home I tried it out ok the kitchen chair man was that thing comfy I highly recommend! Besides that pain is definitely tolerable I take ibuprofen here and there tired of peeing out the garment into the funnel sooo annoying plus I am super hydrated. Netflix chillin!! That's all for now!

Going home today

Y'all this recovery sucks monkey balls for real! I think I gained too much weight my stomach isn't very flat my waist isn't snatched like most right out of surgery. Idk if I swell really bad or he just didn't do aggressive lipo on my tummy. I'm not used to having hips I feel like a wide load idk just ranting!! I hope I can slim down to the shape I want not so drastic...... I'll update on my trip home I'm sure it's going to be soooooo uncomfortable. 3 hr flight here I come!

2 weeks PO plus flight home

Soo it's officially 2 weeks PO and I feel a lot better pain wise and I am able to sleep without peeing every hour so things are looking up. I have to admit this recovery is no cake walk and It has taken an emotional toll on me and I didn't like what I saw in the mirror but things are looking better it's just going to take time for me to enjoy my body. I gained about 25 pounds for this surgery If you need to gain weight I recommend only gaining 10 or 15 tops I ballooned up to 157 PO and I wasn't able to get real aggressive lipo or my legs lipod. And now that my belly is finally starting to shrink I now have to deal with having a thicker upper body and legs. I can't do anything about until I am able to get back in the gym. soooo this surgery by no means is a quick fix for me like I was hoping. So my advice is you know your body more then tribe coordinators going off of pictures gain enough weight that your sure can get sucked out!!not too much like I did. luckily my legs have always been a little on the thinner side even with weight gain so hopefully I can lose them soon. My upper body is so thick I did get the arm lipo but I can tell I'm still wide from weight gain and it's going to take total body weight loss to look the way I want. Which means I will lose my butt...... It's pretty big right now I've always been narrow and now I have hips so it's hard getting used to at this point. Even at my heaviest I could slide into size 7s Pssshh not the case anymore. I don't know if this surgery will be worth it yet because I have to lose weight instead of maintaining like I initially planned on doing.

Anyways the plane ride home. I am soooooo blessed! Everything worked out perfectly. I purchased comfortable seating near the front of the plane but I noticed the plane wasn't very full there ended up being an empty row of seats and my mom and I were able to move to them so I got to lay down the entire flight!!! With the perks and some benedryl I was K.Od. I am so happy to be home!

I also had my first lymphatic drainage massage 3 days ago and it felt like heaven I was so limber and felt normal for the rest of that day!! And she worked out the lumps and bumps and has a lot of experience with bbl patients lucky me!!

Update on my fajas I started with a 2xL then went to a large a medium and now a small!!!! In only 2 weeks!!!! my mom is cracking up lol at how fast I'm shrinking I think it's crazy too but I'm not complaining. I've been eating pretty clean since I been home hoping to speed up this weight loss. I know I am risking losing my butt but idk I guess I dont mind losing some of it so I look more proportional.

Close up and imperfections

6 month post op feelings

It's been a long time since I've updated but I will say that I guess this surgery is a hit and miss! I am so unhappy with my results I tried to give my body time to heal but I'm realizing I'm stuck with this result. Unfortunately my lipo was really uneven so my stomach is fat my backs and arms are fat all from gaining weight prior to surgery. Also my legs didn't get lipo like I wanted so all my weight goes to my legs and other places I wish it didn't. I regret this surgery I do not recommend anyone gaining weight for the surgery! My ass has cellulite legs has cellulite my body was better before. I hate what I did to my body!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama got straight to business the moment I met him he made me feel very comfortable and safe under his care. He listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions as well as explained exactly how he would perform surgery on me. I believe he considered the results I wanted and delivered! I can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can see his true work on me! I didn't get s chance to see him after surgery at least I don't remeber but his staff was very helpful and kind.

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