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I have booked my apt with Dr.Salama today! I'm so...

I have booked my apt with Dr.Salama today! I'm so excited I was able to get in this year. The staff so far has been very sweet, understanding and never once have been overwhelmed with my amount of questions. Not to mention everything is included in the price even the transportation. I've heard good things and I'm hoping for the best. in the mean time I'll be on a journey to gain 10lbs

Ugh.. Hey everyone, so so far I have paid for my...

ugh.. Hey everyone, so so far I have paid for my deposit but now I'm running into issues with financing :( would you believe I had my grandma co-sign only to find out I have better credit lbs.. Anywho now I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place. At the moment I can afford to fly out to DR and see yily but I'm real REAL nervous about that and how her procedure is done her results look good but the things I've read sound questionable especially compared to the American procedure. Or I might get the cash from my ex maybe even find a co-signer ugh H..elp ladies

Yay! So I got approved through fundmydr.com and my...

Yay! So I got approved through fundmydr.com and my credit score is only 600 so Im happy for that but im still wanting to pay mostly in cash... oh and the yily thing is so not happening lbs but I do have a dr.j consul to give away

Sh*t just got real lol

I got my packet. Im in a little shock that this is really happening in 45 days. I still need my testing done and to figure out where to get these high potency iron/vitamin c from. Told my boss I needed time off and it went better then expected but Im still trying to figure out what Ill be telling them but lucky for me most of my days at work involve me standing.

pre op nightmare

My pre op visit was horrible. The doctor made me feel like I was crazy, he asked me the same questions over and over again. He just gave me blank stares inbetween questions and asked me if I talked to a therapist before choosing to do it. He went back and forth to his supervisor until the supervisor came and talked to me his self. After chewing him out they FINALLY sent me to the lab to getvmy testing done... I was so embarresed Im glad that part is over

12 more days! omg Im so unprepared.. places to stay!?

I cant believe its right around the corner I still have no idea where im staying.. help where are some good clean places to stay?

missed my apt!

So I had a total melt down the day of surgery. Evrything was so rushed and I couldnt take it. There is a reason why they have us do everything so far in advance to eliminate so much stress! So my advice to any of you ladies is to get stuff in order asap. I backed out at the last minute and then 1 hour later I was fine I felt so stupid lol luckily Rueben is VERY AWESOME AND UNDERSTANDING. Those ppl at eps really care about there patients. So I'm going in friday with a clear mind stress free on friday and cant wait to post pics! Im so lucky to have choosen a team of ppl that are in this business for the right reasons


Let me start by saying after you wake up in that recovery bed from that point on it is no joke I only had lipo on my stomach and flanks and I was stiff as a board and using the bathroom was a joke! And my first massage felt like torture. But its getting better with each day. Dr.salama has a good team of ppl that really helps the process and Im so thankful my friend has been there for me every step of the way. Now Im waiting for this darn butt to go down because its HUGE lol I only wanted a little bit of booty but dr.salama said it will shrink alot im just really swollen. Im assuming it isnt to big tho because they didnt cut my garment so its probably all in my mind. I cant wait to get this darn front drain out either it makes me so sore. Ill try to post pics later :)


Beside this stupid garment and stupid board I feel GREAT. Everything has been going well so far. I've found a massage therapist who's close to my home, uses the ultrasound and way cheaper than massage envy. If I can give any advice to you ladies regarding massage look around at chiropratic offices in your area they usually have more experienced massage therapist with better prices! Ive been bored as hell tho chillen around the house only one of my friends know so I'm waiting till I'm garment free to hang out. I was so happy to day when I took a shower and I noticed my back dimples came back (I was so excited). I hear sometimes they come back sometimes they don't. I was so depressed after surgery but luckily my best friend was there for me like no other and it also helped that she had a surgery before so she knew all the right things to say. I cant wait till the end of august so I can wear regular clothes and go shopping and start traveling again. I am so pleased with my choice on Dr.Salama he is a true sweet heart and responds to all my messages and phone calls no matter the day or time Im still trying to figure out when he rests. anywho happy healing to me and the other ladies who had surgery this month and I cant wait to post pics!

By the way

I'm so gosh darn bored sitting a home I'm so ready to go back to work. At the same time I'm not ready to go out in the world and get all the weird looks and stares. I got 900cc'c and I feel like my ass is huge It's way to big. Dr.Salama says it's going to go down but I feel like its going to be to big then too. I had originally asked for 600 but he said that wouldn't do much and in the long run wouldn't look much different. I trusted his judgment but kind of wish I would've been more specific lol. It's probably still to soon to tell but I'm so impatient and I refuse to go outside with my booty this big. I've heard from different girls that theirs went down over time but this is stressing me out... any suggestions? I need to kill some fat lol

2 1/2 weeks post op pics!!!

Still swollen one side more than the other and hopefully getting my 6th massage today or tomorrow.. I know I may sound crazy but I didn't want a big booty by any means I wanted a nice butt I feel like this booty is way to big so Im hoping it goes down some more (crazy I know) lol. But I will say my contour is perfect and I know it will be even better when my swelling goes down. One thing I noticed tho when some ppl complain about asymmetry is most people aren't the same on each side of there booty or waist to begin with so I think the mild things shouldn't be complained about. Heck when I looked at my icky weight gain pre-op pics I noticed that I was fatter on one side but glad that's over!

This site is a gift and a curse at the same time -Having a bad day-

This site is a gift and a curse at the same time one minute I'm on here looking at all the girls and excited the next minute I'm reading and looking at pictures of horrible experiences and reading about more stuff that can go wrong.. This healing process is no joke and not doing anything besides work and just sitting in the house will have you thinking about every little thing. I'm so impatient and already a little unhappy. Sometimes I kind of even regret it. But at the same time I been considering this for 2 yrs and had 3 consuls so it's like one part of me wanted it but the other part not so much but I don't know if it's because I'm in the house miserable and can't go anywhere or because I'm worried it's not going to turn out the way I want in the end then be stuck in the house for another 6 months (waiting for a revision) because I refuse to be seen looking crazy. I know it's to soon to tell (supposedly) but so far one cheek is bigger than the other and that hip on that side is swollen also so it looks weird as hell in clothes when I'm at work. Not to mention I didn't even ask for hips but luckily for me my skin wouldn't stretch, so I don't know if its swelling or fat on that side where the attempt was made, I'm really hoping it's swelling. Don't get me wrong Dr.S is a very attentive but right now I just feel horrible and sitting here like why did I do this to myself ugh it's frustrating. But I will say having a supportive significant other or parent helps the process a lot and I have neither I grew up pretty much on my own so I've gone through most of my life without it but something like this you need it! If it wasn't for this site I wouldn't even have anyone to talk to it about. Only ppl who know are two of my friends and my grandma. My girl friend said she went through the same thing when she got her boobs done but my guy friend was against it from the beginning but he's been more supportive lately. but my grandma she is the worst although she's been helping me she says all the wrong things... but through this whole vent mostly I'm just frustrated I'm just ready for healing to be over so I can see what I'm up against or if I'll be fine. I'm so used to moving around and traveling here and there that I would be devastated that after all this I'd have to once again save up some money and wait and get things fixed then go through this all over again. I'm just ready to feel like myself again and love me some more but right now I'm miserable. Hoping tomorrow will be better for me I'm just having a bad day yall that's all

Better Days :)

Going through post op is definitely a emotional roller coaster no matter how bad you wanted it. But I am doing much better, this healing process can be very overwhelming at times. I wanna thank all the lovely ladies of real self for reaching out all you women are truly beautiful. You truly won't understand till you're on the other side! I made the mistake of not telling the people that I should have so they could support me in the beginning rather than waiting till I came back and then have that (why did you do that to yourself) convo after the fact which by the way are NOT things you want to hear while you are healing and you are already asking yourself that at some points. ANYWHO I am all smile and back to a positive note and I took some advice from one of the ladies here and got me some pineapple juice and YES it helps with swelling and my swelling went way down on my bigger side. I also found a lady that sells Faja's for half the price of the lipo express website on ebay and I'm waiting for them now so I will let you ladies know how that turns out. If it turns out good she actually lives right in Florida and has even had the procedure done herself and a couple of her friends (she made me feel a lot better too). Because those garments are EXPENSIVE lol but other than that happy healing ladies!

Recieved Garments

So like I said in my previous update I found a seller on ebay who sold lipo express faja's. I received a lipo express and a slender touch garment in a xs. THEM MUGS WHERE TIGHT THAN A MF lol. I guess Im not ready for a smaller garment. By the way I believe they aren't authentic (pretty much knock off) hence the price of 49.99(for the lipo express) I compared the stitching, tags, and packing of the one I got from Salama's office and it's not the exact same. It's not a bad garment but it's not authentic either but seeing that I cant fit it any way I'll be ordering a Small butt in garment on Friday when I get paid. I can not take this thong any longer! So please any vets know of any sites to purchase garments SHARE SHARE SHARE please :)

One Month Post-op

So today I went for a jog and it went better than expected. I also stopped by target to pick up some items. I brought home some Bio-Oil (Great for stretch marks) Benadryl Cream (I got the itchies BAD today) and scar sheets. Lawd jesus why didn't I get the cream sooner I been rubbing it in like an addiction since I got home lol. Stomach, sides and back looking better and better each day! When you are looking for massage therapist really consider someone who uses ultra sound therapy it really does help. I've only had 8 massages so far and my lipo'd areas are healing nicely and I use the heating pad every night (except when it's to hot in my room ugh). Im still taking lots of vitamins and eating very little, I haven't had much of an appetite but I still eat eat stuff like yogurt, fruits, vegatables, chicken and potatoes but I eat more yogurt and fruit than anything right now. My booty is starting to soften, shrink and taking on my natural shape (which I am excited about) just a little fuller than what I started with is what I was aiming for. I still have a little more projection than I wanted but I'm sure it'll go down by my 6 week mark. Im still rather swollen in my lower back and sides but it's all getting better with time. I will post pictures again when I get some energy guys, I'm beat

Booty Twitching?

Has anyone else experienced there butt twitching? Last week or so my right check would not stop twitching it was so weird. I took some oxy and took a nap and it kind of went away. now this week the left side is doing it and it feels weird like it's jumping. I feel like my booty is trying to tell me something. Has this happened to anyone else?

Oh the boredom

So anywho I see that I never mentioned my sx day...

(As I dream back...)

Day of surgery my mind was clear... The nurse called me and told me they were ready and I could come early. Got there changed, pee'd in a cup then met the famous cutie Alex. We went over my history and talked about my iron and what not and my recreational use of marijuana lol which surprisingly showed up in my pee and I had not smoked in 3 months but I guess that second hand smoke in LIV is a killer lol. So then Dr,Salama came in, and to be honest he wasn't as up tight as everybody makes him seem. Probably because it was Friday. I was caught of guard when I de-robed and he immediately began to mark me up and go over risk and complications. I was thinking to myself like wait? When do I tell you what I want. So he then proceeded to tell me I didn't have much fat and I said cool I don't want a big butt at all! Then he says well your butts already big lol. So I explained how I was more concerned about my stomach and love handles then I am my butt. So he said he'll just give me a little more projection and a little fuller appearance. We then looked at some pictures and honestly I think wish pics just confuses things, If you are going to use wish pics use someone who has a similar build to you because some things are just the way they are. So they come in and say they're ready and im like oh shit eeeeeeee lol... I get in there they lay me on he warm table I get pricked start talking about the night I went out and next thing I know Im waking up shivering and shaking SO hard but the nurse there is so sweet she was awesome. She just kept saying "honey you look beautiful" I was so not ready to get out that bed. but to be honest I don't remember much about the first night I was stiff and sore more than anything and the pain was manageable. I felt like I got hit by a mini smart car. getting in and out of the bed was hard. The beds at the Hampton are high up and I'm not that tall. I didn't feel dizzy I felt nauses only after taking the percs but I never vomited. like I said before peeing was a joke. I didn't have a appetite but I ate lots of mashed potatoes and steak and shake had some surprisingly good breakfast and salads. other than that my best friend who took care or me made me so comfortable she shoved Gatorade down my throat and made sure I ate and made me laugh when I needed one. So if anything bring someone who has your best interest and not someone who just wants to be nosey. I never tried taking my first garment off until they switched me to my stage 2. ummm lets see what else, OH my front drain site was pretty sore by day 5. I think I had a better recovery than most but I think it all depends on the person.

Hanging in there

OMG yall its so FREAKING hot! Having this garment on and foams and board is a task in this weather. I cant even enjoy outside right now.Im sitting in front of a fan as we speak and I'm still hot as hell ugh lol. But I did go shopping yesterday and it put a smile on my face (not for clothes tho) I went to Sephora and went crazy I got so much stuff. Perfume, new lipsticks, mascara, and the new hourglass ambient is the bomb. I went to lush to get some ocean salt too, so if any of you ladies still have dry patches or skin just not feeling good ocean salt is the best! I haven't worn any make up since surgery no pedi no waxing no nothing. So to go Sephora yesterday was fun and relaxing. Im pretty sure by the time I hit the scene again in the fall no one will even recognize me lol I actually plan on dying my hair too! This bbl is bar far the biggest most drastic change I've ever made in my life so it's like all other things are small to me know. This surgery will change your life and I was a social butterfly even before the surgery and had been in all types of places and crazy situations but it does something to the inner you and your inner confidence level because I was confident but only when I wore something that I felt comfortable in or that hid my love handles and gave me imaginary illusion booty. I mean I had projection and side booty but my shape from the back I hated. I had no top booty and my back fat made me feel so square and when I was skinny I had no booty just a little bump at the bottom. My mom said I had a long back lol but anywho Feeling better and better everyday and my massages are getting better too! Lumps and bumps are to a minimal. I can't stress enough how much the ultra sound machine helps with recovery. Scar sheets are making good improvements as well but when I can afford it I think I'm a still pick up some of that cream Dr.s recommends. My girl Legsdreamer is always keeping me company late nights I don't feel alone thanks to her. And Im wishing HunnyWingZ the best this week!

3 Month Post :)

Hey everyone it's been a while, hope everyone is healing well. As for me I stopped wearing my garment consistently at 8 weeks after that wore it only at work and sometimes to sleep in. I'm pretty smooth and lump free in my lipo'd area. I still get massages but only once a week now. ( Hell they're only $25). I haven't lost any volume since my 6th week (although it would've been nice if I did). I can still fit most of my pants so I'm happy about that. I stretch as often as I can, I try to eat lightly and right realize I said TRY lol. I haven't really had anyone say anything to me about it because I cover it up because I still think it's too big but sometimes covering it up doesn't help but when I'm at work I don't really care what the ladies there think nor do I think they care that much. I've had one friend say something about my butt but nothing major she just says my butt looks kinda big lol. I want to wear tight hugging clothes so bad but I am not trying to have the world go crazy nor do I like crazy attention like that (I do like attention tho) cause a big ol booty will have men and women go crazy! SOOOOOO In other news I still think my butt is too big I LOOOOOVEE the shape so much because it's still my shape just bigger, TO big tho I know I may sound crazy to some of you ladies but I'm serious. I spoke with one of the ladies at eps after talking to Dr.S and they scheduled me a date in April for a revision but I'm really really REALLY hoping for January. So if anyone wants to switch hit me up. Anyone else considering revisions?

Frustrated with a big ol booty

So right now I'm making arrangements to reduce the size of my bbl. I feel so alone tho because while I'm trying to make it small everyone else wants more so no one really understands. A big ol booty was never my plan just a better waist with no love handles and a nicer butt. There isn't anything wrong with a big booty it just isn't for me. So now I'm running into the issue of this procedure being so rare that I can't find anyone with pics or expierence of doing this. There isn't any knowledge of a success rate or anything and I feel like doctors a tell you anything just to experiment on you and then charge you over and over till they get it right. and in reality does your butt really get smaller or do we just get used to looking at them? ugh just frustrated ladies :)


and for the record I NEVER said my butt looked bad I said it's bigger than what I wanted. I look fucking amazing lol I just don't want a butt this big that's all. If I'm a pay thousands of dollars CASH then I want what I want SIMPLE. Even if my butt doesn't look big to you or my amount of fat transferred isn't as big as your number doesn't mean anything. Everyone is different and wants different things that's all dolls babies. I am very happy for you ladies that did get what you wanted or close to what you wanted on the first try!

5 Months nearing 6! Revision Coming Soon

So I'm just reflecting today. It has been such the journey. If I could do it all over again I would, except I'd go about it differently. I am so happy I made my choice to go with Dr.Salama. I can only speak from my experience but EVERYONE in his office has been so supportive and are genuine people! They have helps me sooo much. They always make time for me and it is very much so appreciated! even if they aren't available they always call me back and always return my emails including DR.Salama himself. Dr.Salama is very honest and will not lie to you and he knows the ins and outs of his technique.(every doc has a different technique) To be able to still call and have my questions answered 5 months later is awesome in my eyes. Some ppl feel like they are just a number but I didn't feel that way. any of you ladies getting ready to take this journey just be sure you talk and get to know the people at your doc office as they will be on this journey with you especially if you are single like me. but that is all other than that Im excited for my revision at the end of march (just a little bit of lipo nothing serious) and Happy New years ladies and also I'm not ignoring any of you that have inboxed me realself just becomes kind of blah after awhile so im not on here as much but happy new year again!!!

7 months just kinda flew by

Well I'm 7 months post now and kind of excited for my revision coming up for a reduction. Only thing that sucks is everything is expensive as heck in Miami right now because of the infamous spring break. Weird tho because this time around I still haven't received a packet or anything, no prescriptions, no lab orders, no paper work no nothing. My surgery is scheduled for march 31st. I just know the first time I had surgery I received my packet in may and my surgery was in july so idk I'm a little peeved about that but hopefully it'll come sooner than later. Other than that EVERYBODY thinks I'm crazy for wanting a reduction lol. Some say my booty is the perfect size for my body, but ultimately I don't enjoy my booty getting more attention than me and believe me after a bbl people WILL STARE AT YOU and want to touch you, Guys will stutter and spill drinks on accident when you walk by and you will also have haters, If you have a boyfriend who's insecure you can pretty much kiss him goodbye too. I really wasn't ready for that type of attention it makes me almost feel sorry for men that all it takes is a nice ass or boobs to take advantage of them lol. At the end of it all I still want a nice shaped booty just not as big as it is now.


So when I was healing in the beginning I tried garments from a couple places. My favorite place this far is cysm.com. There's only a couple folks there that speak English but they have a really good product. They have these thermal shorts that I'm waiting for that I'm going to try to lose some of this booty in. So if you are in the same boat as me I'd love to share... I'm going to work out in them up until my surgery and see if it changes much.


OMG and not to mention everything is so expensive right now, anyone going down at the end of march looking for a roomy hit me up

I did it I did it

So hey guys it is done! I love my ass now! Dr.salama and his staff really made me feel special and comfortable. They took really good care of me not to mention my anxiety was through the roof and I was really scared. Dr.salama is a booty genius he reconstructed my booty shape and gave me a upside down heart and filled in my dents where fat had died. My booty is throbbing like hell though but I can't wait for the swelling to go down. Alright y'all I'm super groggy but I feel way better than the first time. Thanks for all your support ladies


Everything is going well, still sore but I'm able to move around and use the bathroom with no help... Throat is still sore from breathing tube but it's getting better. My booty is starting to jiggle again already and will get better with my ultra sound therapy. Been eating like normal and again I'm so much more happier this time around hope you enjoy the pics I'll be taking them down after a while


Back at home and I'm mostly tired before anything. No pain really just sore to the touch. Getting massages and it is painful but will pay off. My booty is jiggling a already probably even better than before. I will be using my silicone sheets and biocorneum again and I'm already using my heating pad. Can't wait for the swelling to go away so I can start wearing tight clothes again lol

Just chillen

Here's some pics it's been 2 months since my revision to shrink my bbl I'm much happier about it now I just need to work out and tone up. And get some good skin care regimen going.. Any suggestions for skin care?

9 month post revision

Hey yall just wanted to share some more recent picks since my reduction. My butt is still soft probably softer than the first time. It jiggles and my scares have faded for the most part but the ones on my back could use a little work, only because he re used the same entries... I've gained weight around my midsection but it isn't to bad I miss how it was in the beginning but if I'd stop eating so much and worked out id be in great shape lol but even without dieting and exercise salaam still has me looking good I'll try to post more photos later. After my revision my results feel more natural to me and most ppl think I just work out very well some ppl ask but I just take it as a compliment :)

More pics


More pics


More pics standing up

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Very good dr, up front and very honest also great supporting staff.

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