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Hello everyone I'm 26yrs. And have dreamed of a...

Hello everyone I'm 26yrs. And have dreamed of a bbl for about 6yrs. Now. I found this site by accident 3 months ago and I've been stuck ever since Lol. The main doctors that caught my eye were Campos, Duran, and Salama. Well Campos eliminated himself due to his rude a** staff members and he said that he could only promise me 400cc's...wth I thought to myself and he quoted me 7600... that's outrageous for Tj I wouldn't pay that price out of the states! Duran never got back to me and Salama got back to me in perfect timing! So Im one step closer to my dream and I'm to excited can't wait until next year when I can change my name from flatstackz to something to describe my donk!

this is why!

This is why I really want this done...but sometimes I feel like God doesn't make mistakes should I do this or nah? But I know one thing i think he made the decision not to cause I would be a hot a** mess if he did Lol...but when I do change my body I won't be a mess cause I'm a little older now and settled down! So since I've made the first step which is getting my date what's next? I've also decided to get a personal trainer and do the best I could with this body before my sx I know it won't be much but it will be something and continue with the gym life after sx...also does anybody know about carecredit? I took a chance and applied for it obeen the computer and they gave me some kind of confirmation number and told me to call them, they asked me a couple of questions then told me they couldn't review it cause the computers were down and they were gonna send me info but I never got anything.

if its not one thing its another!

So I talked to my mom, bf and sister about the procedure and my mom thinks I'm crazy but stands behind me on it because she knows this is something I really want! My sister and boyfriend were on board from jump lol. I wasn't approved for carecredit so I will be paying for the whole procedure :-(... so yes I'm saving my pennies, dimes, nickels, cans, bottles etc. Whatever will help me get this done lol! So now that everyones on board I have to figure out a way to take off work for a while I knew someone that would be able to get me a doctors excuse but changed their mind so now I'm like what the hell am I gonna do now! Only thing I can do now is pray and I know u guys don't know me but u guys can pray for me as well!

wish pics

As u can see In my wish pics I'm not really focused on the waist although I should be but I'm not I would love a smaller one but my main focus is a ASS

trying to shop

So I'm trying bargain shop and I see this I wanna know from u guys is this a deal? Or should I just get everything from Amazon and eBay, I really wanna weigh out my options before making moves!

5 months!

5 months to go now and I'm all over the place, one min. I'm like I can't wait until June an the next min. I'm like I don't know if I wanna go thru with! Clearly I have issues but anyway whenever I start feeling that way I just go look at some rs profile (bigbootytinywaist,hunnywingz and cinna_bunz) and I instantly get back with the program lol. I've really been thinkn I'm gonna go from no-ass-at-all to mo-ass-then-I-can-haul! Lol it's like what type of excuse do I use when people start to notice or should I just come out an say mind your freakn business lol I don't know lol I have five months to come up with something. What's u guys best excuse for those of u that didn't tell everyone about your procedure? Maybe I can use your excuse. Also can someone please be a nice BBL doll and pm a list of things I would need and cheapest places I can get them thanks dolls.

lost 6lbs yay!!!

I try to stay away from this site lol but it just doesnt work lol oh well I've lost 6lbs but can I keep this up? Is the question... I have 4 1/2 months to go and I haven't done any shopping or booking besides the procedure, no flights no room,car etc. I've been a last min. Person all my life and I'm starting to hate it lol but anyway I still haven't came up with an excuse...when everybody see my salarump (salama-rump) what am I gone say? the ass fairy came over night lol idk rs is here for us to help eachother I need excuse please.

whats next?

So I'm super excited I've booked everything flight, hotel and car I'm moving forward and I feel like this is really gonna happen now. So my boyfriend came home last night with a magazine with all these models saying if u gone get this done I want it to look like this lol then he keep sayin if we paying all this money for this thang it needs to be out of this world lol (boy boo!) I'm getting what I'm gone be comfortable wit so now all I gotta do is come up with the rest of the money for the procedure, my blood work and my after care stuff I'm feeling like I'm on the right track and I'm super ready! I will be flying in two days early so what are the hot spots out there around this time of year?


So booked everything thru yahoo airfare, room and car, $1,200 was the total for seven days we will be staying at the best western hotel, im only gonna be able to stay five days after surgery so I can be back in time for my baby's graduation, my room looked nice but I hope its everything I imagined so now all thats left to do is buy my recovery items which I'm having a hard time doing... I can't figure out what garments to buy what's the best for the best sqeems, boards, vitamins everything thing is a blurr! I just need to get it together... but overall I'm happy that I'm half way there with paying the ass off and all my stuff is booked so reality is about to smack me right in the face. I just can't wait so since I will be there for two days before the sx what are things me and my bf can do besides go to KOD,because that spot is a must this will be our first time there and it's sort of like a mini vacation as well.


If my period comes around sx what happens? Will I still be able to have it? And what r compression socks for and does Salama provide them? When should I got to the doctor for my medical clearance?


So my boyfriends aunt's birthday was yesterday and he told me at the last min. Ugh I went to the mall and walked in and out of every store upset because of the way I looked in everything I was so depressed, I was in a store called love culture for at least a hour and thirty min.. And walked out with a frown then I seen a blazer that I wanted but I couldn't fit (it was a large) so the ladies directed me to a plus size store called torid, I went there and asked for a small size blazer since it was a plus size store and it was wayyyy to big I walked out of there with a frown also, so these are the reasons why I stay home so much to avoid these kinds of hassles it's annoying I can't wait to pay Salama this visit so I can have my confidence back I'm in so much need for it, 89 days to go and I'm a changed woman!


So I had my first training session on Tuesday and I'm 160lbs. Not cool at all! I haven't weighed this much since after I had my kid! So I can't fall off this time, my goal is 140 range! My stomach is the biggest problem of my life! So this week I pushed myself to go to the gym 3 times this week! (No motivation) I'm not playing wit myself 30 min on the treadmill and another 30 lifting, starting out small so by June I'll be in beast mode lol. But I look at MzPhatBooty page (I hope I spelled that right) for motivation she works 10-12 hours a day and has a family to take care of so I have no excuses! So here I am waist training and hitting this gym hope to stay on board... until next time!

i know some of u will hate me for this!

I know some of u will hate me for this but I hope not, it would be nice for some of u to do before AND after photos and not just after! It's realself show us your body type cut your head off or blurr your face out so we can compare body types and pick which doctor to go with! Trust, u are really helping the next person decide, even tho I've already picked my doctor after everything is done I still want to be able to give as much info as I can! Before, in-between and after...

In tears!

I am in tears right now! I'm 35 days away and Zuny calls me to tell me I need to start taking my iron and vitamin c and she asked me a couple of questions about my health then she went on to tell me that I need to get my labs done which I already made and appointment for, so today I went to see my pcp (first time meeting her) and she asked what are you here for? So I give her the letter and she reads it and looks up at me and says Oh No plastic sx I'm sorry since I'm apart of Kaiser we are not allowed to approve these because these aRe outside doctors it's the policy! And then goes to say but I can still do your labs all except the ekg and the clearance letter, I wanted to ball up and cry my heart out but I just got teary eyed and she says there is other ways to lose weight and I'm thinking to myself working out won't get me No K.Michelle ass! And then she said there is ways to get a clearance I just won't be the one doing it I would have to.come out of the pocket and really look around and she said some other things but after she said she couldn't clear me everything she was saying went in one ear and out the other and it was a big blurr! I have not done my labs yet right now I'm thinking is there any point in doing them now I know I'm extremely depressed at this point! I can't even call the office because there is a time difference and they may be closed at this time ugh I was so close....hurt! I know I'm not the only person that has Kaiser did anyone else run into this problem?

need answers

Is this just my doctor doing this or is it a California thing or does all Kaiser's do this?

1 month!

Ssoooo guess who has 30 days to go? I do I do lol...so as everyone knows I spoke with zuny last week and she told me to do my labs and to start taking my iron and vitamin c 1000mg, I got the iron 65mg and 325mg ferrous sulfate and and i couldnt find 1000mg of vitamin c so i just got 500mg and will take two daily instead of 1....my doctor still let me do my labs but still wont give me a clearance *sigh* but anyway Zuny said don't worry still do my labs...so yesterday the doc office called to tell me my iron was low and to come back and do more labs but this time don't fast *sigh* again so now that I've gotten my package kind of late because it says to start my iron and vitamin c 45 days before...so tomorrow Nancy comes back from vacation and I will be calling her to make sure I don't need this clearance that zuny told me not to worry about! So far so good! Can't wait for 29 days to be up! Hey now!!!! And I also need to know from my vets are compression socks needed if so does Salama provide them?


Sooo I had to do my labs over because my iron was to low (sad face) and I let Nancy know that I wasn't gonna be able to stay the whole 10 days n she was a bit bummed but Hey... anyway I asked if I can do it a day early and she pulled some strings for ya Girl and I am now getting my bbl done on the 19th!...also a question that I've been concerned about is in my package it says 325mg of iron but that can't be possible since I can only find 65mg, so I asked Nancy and she didn't know either lol she said take maybe 3-4 a day lol so now I'm stuck with not being able to shit! Lol me and prune juice don't mix and I'm scared to take any laxatives because it's to many meds to keep up with on what I can and cannot take so I'm just staying clear of everything lol.... yall pray for me!


OK yall I think Nancy might be trying to kill me before i get my booty lol jk but since my iron was low and in the package it said to take 325mg of iron but my bottle said it was 65mg so I asked Nancy and she said to take a couple a day like 3-4 so Thank God I followed my first mind and took only 2 an went back to take my labs on Tuesday and my doctor said my iron was high lmao so my question has been answered 325mg ferrous sulfate is equivalent to 65mg of iron! So now I'm just gonna continue to take 2 vitamin C 500mg a day and 1 iron pill a day so now maybe I can release stress (poop) a little better BTW nothing still hasn't come yet :-(....

Two weeks!

Who else will be in Aventura in two weeks?

Period Problems!

So I have exactly two weeks left and I still don't have what I'm supposed to have! I'm gonna put my rx in on Friday and I haven't even paid off the sx due to this dumb period of mine... my plan was to pay for half of it two weeks before and then pay the rest pre-op day because u get a 7% discount when u pay the rest in cash! But my period is a week and a half late so I got nervous and took like 4-5 pregnancy test and Thank God they all came out negative, even tho I wouldn't mind another child but not two weeks before my butt then I would hAve to wait another year or two to get this done No No I'm straight lol...so adding more wish pics since I can't seem to narrow it down plus I have nothing else better to do but realself and wish pics lol after everything is all done...

Period came!

Hey everyone quick update! On Friday my period finally came and today is the last day that I will be on it but I won't get to happy because it comes when it wants to. But I'm hoping it will hop back on the right track because I don't wanna be on it for my birthday lol but anyway long story short I'm not pregnant yayyy!!! So No more stressing about that! I made another payment and now I only owe half which I will take the rest in all cash and I got my meds so I guess I'm getting it together now lol Hey now since I do have a week and 2 days left crazy me!

a mess!

I'm starting to feel like it's not meant for me to get this done to many bumps in the road and it's extremely bad waiting until the last min to get things done...first bump in the road is I've been to so many different pharmacies and No one will fill my prescriptions because they are out of state which suck ugh and I'm to close to turn back I have just one more week and this will be aLL be over! Ladies please don't wait until the last min. Signed Flatstackz!

hey hey yall salamafine!

Will update tomorrow and post pics this thing is big but Yes I know swelling is there... Thanks for the prayers I made it!


So I've been salamafied and it's not that bad I've been taking my meds so far I've only taken 2 percs and my sx was yesterday at 8am and the Sergio guy is a cutie! But anyway I'm feeling good I've been walking back and forth the restroom and my fiance is like not more fluids for u lol I been drinking pineapple juice, water, and Gatorade I only ate twice yesterday lasagna and a half of slice of pizza. When we first got here I went to do my pre-op and the office was indeed crowded so prepare to wait! I seen some girls who had just been salamafied and I seen some who were there for consultation but the ones who had gotten there's done was bomb! I don't think there was anyone there from rs after I left from there I tried getting my meds filled and wasn't that a hassle as Well I'm in fort Lauderdale so girls if u plan on getting your meds here prepare to be on a scavenger hunt I had to go 30min out to get those darn percs they tried to give me Vicodin but No Thanks they aRe weaker then the percs and more expensive and the wanted to give less pills No No I'm straight! But overall I'm glad everything is over and done with we have a room with a refrigerator and stove so we won't go out spending money crazy I've spent enough! I'm waiting for my honey to come back from going downstairs and picking the breakfast up so I can give yall some pics.

no lipo to the stomach

Oh Yea I didn't get any lipo in my abdomen area beacause He didn't want to damage my stomach muscles for my future tummy tuck

fresh and clean

I almost passed out twice trying to wash my cg and take my shower but I'm OK now!

dont see how

I honestly don't see how people get more then one sx at a time lol this shit it crazy I only got lipo to the bottom of my stomach and a bbl but when yall go n get arm lipo and or full body lipo yall are bold as heLL lol I can barely lift myself up and I didn't get my arms done smh but anyway I took my cg off again to wash it and it went OK until my babe started putting the benedrly on me that's when the room started spinning and it started getting hot that's when I knew I was about to pass the hell out so I immediately asked for a cup of water and help to the bed! But as far as everything else I can do by myself shower, clean, cook get up and down but not take the cg on and off and put my sox on I'm OK on everything else. My butt looks small now but I know it takes time and can any of u vets tell me how I can shake this headache I take my percs every 8-10 hours but I don't want to sleep all damn day lol

massage worst then birth lol

So today I got my first massage and yall ain't neva lied when yall said it was painful because that it was! Most painful parts were my flanks and bottom part of my stomach, I took a perc 45min before but that didnt help none lol but when she was done I seen all the fluid that came out and I did feel a little better she also put me n a smaller cg which I thought she was gonna do, my first one was a 2xl which I couldn't believe so she put me n a xl and that was a struggle lol I kept asking her are u sure I'm suppose to go in this today? Lol she was like Yes! So we finally got it up and on an everything was OK! And I got 1200 cc's

south beach!

Went to south beach today and had a cool time I seen all type of booties lol and didn't feel left out any more lol my fiance calls Miami booty capital lol I just cant wait to remove these drains they are so annoying! This smaller cg is also annoying ugh!

so far

So far I like my results only if I can get this waist smaller!


So I survived yet another massage lol my appointment was for 10 so since im leaving tomorrow they took my back drain out Thank God! And showed my fiance how to take the front one out (Oh lord) lol after I put my 1xl cg back on she wrote me another prescription for kefleX which is the new prescription He use now and then I asked if they mailed the boards because that's what i heard and she said No u can take yours now! Good because I don't want to be calling and reminding anyone and then I asked if u get a waist cincher and she said Yes if I write a review I get one, u have to ask or else they won't come out and say it! But I already had a review on rs so I just needed to do one on Google. So when I went to sign on my Google account it said my real name and of course I didn't want that so I had to make up an account right then a there and write a quick review it was really easy and I have to go back to pick up my waist cincher because I needed a medium an they didn't have my size.

my lie

I'm nervous going back home what is my story gonna be lol wait until this thing drop Oh lawd! Lol

to fast

Moving to fast forgot to post the pics

my stupid garment!

Now I see y they give u 2 free cg because they suck! This butt out garment suck! It's stupid lol I just wanted to get that out but ladies please make sure u stay until they take the drains out! Because I'm extremely uncomfortable with mine and I'm home now with this stupid drain and this stupid garment if I could turn back the hands of time I would! So today I thought about ordering a different garment but I forgot there's a store in the mall by me Where I can go see and feel what I'm buying so I'll just go there but if I don't get anything from there then Amazon will become my bestfriend! Happy healing ladies!

new cg shopping!

So since this garment is to small to pull up over my butt i will be going shopping for a new one today! Butt-in please lol

First massage back home!

So today I had a massage and it was nowhere near the lymphatic massage that u get from elite ugh it was a whole body massage and I'm like Thank u but I need just my lipo areas long story short I hated it! So back on the hunt for lymphatic massage therapist!

pics with no garment!

It looks like I lost volume over night! Not gonna worry right now because I know this is everyones review when they are a couples days post-op

3 weeks po

It's been rough still haven't sat down yet ,still swelling upper back area and my butt is almost gone lol 3 more weeks and I can sit down!


If your butt is still hard in some area's should you still stay off of it?

almost 2 months po

He y yall it's been a while but I'm still here so in three days I will be 2 months po and I will say this sx will suck the life out of u and give it right back! I'm doing OK I took my pictures down because I felt rs wasn't helping me only gotabooty lol... but in all the sx is life changing I never measured my butt but I know it's way bigger then before! I'm still wearing cg with foams... my right cheek is bigger then the other one but everybody that knows says Its not noticeable. And I doubt I will get it fixed because this sx is a pain in the ass literally lol.


is it fluffing time?

So I'm officially 2 months and currently waiting on my fluff to come this is a waiting process throughout this whole sx! Reason being is its a up and down thing one min. It looks like my butt is to damn big and the next min. I'm like ugh right back from the start...my waist got a little smaller but not much and I think it's because he didn't lipo the my whole stomach only the bottom so I still keep either a cg on or My waist cincher. So I haven't really been around people that would notice my change until yesterday, I seen some family members and they were like oh shit somebody been squatting lol I had to raise my hand like yup lol and then yall know it's always a hater somewhere near! An associate of mine wanted to know my business but of course she wanted me to say I had sx but nope she wasn't gonna hear it from me! So then she tried to make jokes and come for me when she couldn't get what she wanted to hear out of me and I'm like u can joke all u want but this ass might have ya man running after it later on lol....

question for the vets

Hey RS its been a while! And I've been thinking about getting more only because I want the world to be able to tell that my butt is bigger without having to wear leggings so yes the greed is real! But I did a before and after and I'm thankful for my decision! And yes it was some difference there! But I do want to know how do you know when you're eligible for a revision? Only because one of my cheeks is bigger then the other and although it may not be noticeable to others but you know there's always someone there that wants to point out your flaws and that would be one of them, a dead give away! So I've been thinking about getting that fixed even if I don't get the extra big butt I want just fix that cheek!
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