Diva Doll in the Making! BBL / LipoSculpture

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So I have been stalking this site for a few years...

So I have been stalking this site for a few years off and on, checking out Doctors reviews and finish product. I was undecided and a bit nervous........probably because of my ex-wasband (should have never been)....lol.....was so critical and pessimistic. Well....He is gone....Thank God...Won't he do it!!! (In my Tamar voice) Oh sorry...ok I am back...lol.... So a friend of my cousin recently had a BBL performed by Dr. McAdoo and had phenomenal results! She looks absolutely amazing, so after stalking some McADolls on here I was convinced I wanted to be a McADoll too!! So I called and spoke with one girl in his office and she was slightly pushy....her energy was just more than I cared for. I told them I would call back. Well another lady called me a week later to ask if I was still interested, I expressed that I wasn't sure and was still researching. Well ladies, she gave me her name and number and told me to contact her if I changed my mind and had any questions. I did call a few other Doctors but for some reason....I wasn't feeling like I wanted to do it anymore and was feeling discouraged. Well, I decided to talk to the hubby (new hubby). First, let me say God is so good......sometimes he will allow you to see the worst so you are prepared to receive....prepared to appreciate .......prepared to maintain the wonderful blessings hes has in store for you! We talked about it for a while (well i did most of the talking at first...lol), then he simply said I am proud of you......the woman you are and all that you have accomplished in this life already. He said I love and like the person you are.....there is nothing I want to change.....so make sure if this is something you decide to do its about you and what you want........I support what ever you want to do, especially if it will make you happy.......I just don't want to loose my beautiful and humble wife. I know that may not be a big deal to some.....but for me it spoke volumes and maybe because the sincerity in his eyes was enough to break a sister down. Needles to say we tried to tear the house down after that......sorry TMI right...lol.... Any way ladies, I did call the lady back a couple of days later.....and let me tell you I felt like I have met a long lost sister. Her name is Deina, and she is the sweetest most knowledgeable person I have spoke with. She answered every question even offered additional information I was not expecting. We discussed prices and scenarios......payment options........surgery times in comparison to my schedule.......like she covered so much and never once applied pressure. She was honest in discussing weight/BMI, pre surgery health, post surgery health, risk and proper post maintenance. We talked about men , kids, family, clothes, work.......like i said.....I think I just met my long lost sister. And like I said she was so cool, she just told me think about it and let me know....we will talk some more if you are interested and see how we can get the ball rolling. Well needless to say ladies I called her back yesterday and told her I was ready to go with Dr. McADoo. And lucky me, because now he is running a special and it is less than what we previously discussed. So after my "Shmurda Dance".....LMAO....(at least my version of it)......I made my deposit!!!! While on the phone, she did everything, sent over all forms, documents and receipts. So I am thinking about December.....my birthday is the 23rd and I have never done anything for me on my birthday because of the holiday. So I really want to do it early December.....but I need to work out a suitable budget as not to effect my regular financial responsibilities. Which i am going to review and then decide. So after paying my deposit...my emotions kicked in overdrive....lol....I have such a rough road with weight and physical appearance. In 2006 I use to be 325 pounds and it took a few years but eventually I lost 145lbs by 2008 and have been able to maintain it, sometime i fluctuate...but once i start feeling like I am gaining, I get back to it reminding my self I don't want to go back to that rough place. Either way I never had a booty....and I feel like I only look good in clothes. I do know I will eventually need a TT....but they advised to of the BBL first and then the TT, allowing for optimal fat cells for BBL. I am not mad, I always wanted a DONK!!! I am not gonna lie...I do not want a pimple on my back.....I want a nice size DONK!!!!! I am so Brooklyn and I am about that Bike Life....so I go big or go home!!!....lol....IJS
So the good thing is I already take multi vitamins, liquid iron supplement, ,liquid calcium supplement, liquid B12 and Vitamin C. I am going to schedule a physical with my pcp soon, just to advise him what my plans are and do an early blood work up to see where I am now. I know its early but I at least want to have an idea if there are things I need to work on. That way when I take the blood work before the sx I will have been preparing myself, especially since I am anemic. So that is it for now chicas.....I am going to start looking at recovery houses (oh, she also told me they have there own recovery house, minimum stay 5 Days/4 Nights. Everything included Transportation to/from airport, DR appt, to/from massages (5 required), 3 meals a day plus snacks, and 24 hour assistance for entire stay $900.00), hubby will not be able to travel for the extended period of time, but he said he will fly down to come and help me get home. So figuring that out and supplies are my next steps.......If any of you ladies have any RH suggestions please share and Is any one else planning to have sx with Dr. McADoo in December?

McAdoo Doll in the making!!

Finally starting workout and diet!!!

Hey Beautiful Dolls, do I finally started back working out today. 30 min cardio & 30 min light weight high reps.......did legs today and had a Smoothie from Smoothie King for Breakfast (strawberry/mango) Pure Recharge with extra protein (oh it has more sugar)......so I am planning to buy a juicer/blender so I can make them at home....it would be do much cheaper!!!! Planning to do vegetables and protein for lunch and dinner. I am trying to get away from so many bad carbs.....as I am realizing when I indulge in bad carbs I gain allllllll the weight in my mid section...no bueno...!!! So along with taking vitamins and eating clean, I have also become more conscious of my skin products. I have been doing alot of research and I am thinking (just my opinion), that nourishing the body in and out will set the body up for good health prior to surgery and assist in speedy recovery.....but mostly maintain a great figure McAdoo is going to give me! ...Oh and I landed a second gig.......getting these coins together for my surgery!!

Hemoglobin is coming together honey!!!! But I have been stalking another doctor.......smh

So first let me tell yall, I have been working out 30min a day during the week and 60 min on weekends.......eating clean allowing myself two cheat meals a week (don't judge me..i am a foodie), I just make sure they are before 7pm. So I decided to go see my PCP, get a check up and talk to her about this surgery. Well dolls, your girl is down 5lbs and she tested my Hemoglobin and it was a 11......Can I tell yall I was suuuuppppeeerrrrrr excited!!!!! My hemo is usually super low. I was getting my self prepared to harass my Hematologist........but maybe if I stay on the path I will not need to!!!! Ok, so let me tell ya'll....I have been stalking Dr. Fatima Almonte.............she is the bomb.com.....her work is amazing !!!! Especially on the thick divas like myself!!! So after looking at a million before and after.......on them TT and BBL.........she my new Doctor Crush! I contacted her office for a quote, I received a quick response , but no availability until February..........It would give me more time to put money together...........not sure what i want to do
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