3 weeks post. Snatched and Stacked (new pics)

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Hello my BBL sisters! I have been browsing this...

Hello my BBL sisters! I have been browsing this site for many months now and have been motivated by the various experiences shared. Now finally I have the time (and courage) to post. I couldn't push it off any longer with my date coming up so fast cause lawd knows I need the support! I also feel it's important for me to talk through my experiences because I have learned so much from others who have.

Now....I have had a flat booty all my life and BBL is my dream surgery! There is other "stuff" out there, but I would be way to scared to inject anything foreign into my ass....um no, never gonna happen. I know everyone wants a great body and posterier but as an AA female, its expected that you have at least a donkey if not a stallion (for all my RHOA fans, lol). Well, the booty gene skipped me. And to make matters worse, I have a belly and back fat...ugh. I dont have any kids so I can't use that excuse, lol. My highest was 215 after slowly creeping up over time. Well I have worked very hard and sacrificed good food and carbs and lost lost 30 lbs in the past year. I am currently 5'6 185 and I hope to lose 10 more pounds before my procedure. I turn 30 this year and this is my bday present to myself!! My procedure is 2 months before my bday so hopefully I will be healed and comfortable enough to really enjoy my new body.

My date is March 11th and I am traveling by myself and am looking for a buddy! I plan to have a nurse of course but if anyone else is getting theirs done on or near this date and are interested in buddying up, let me know.

I also have a dilemma... (opinions / advice appreciated!) A friend of mines has a short weekend cruise planned 3.5 weeks after my procedure date. Do you think I can go? I hate to cancel but it would be pointless to try to go and not be able to enjoy myself. I would try to avoid sitting as much as I can, but I'm sure we will be sitting around eating/drinking, etc...Other than that, I am not really sure how much time I would be in a sitting situation. I dont sunbathe, but if i found myself out like that, I would try and lay on my stomach if i could. is 3.5 weeks too soon?

The other thing I am trying to figure out is how soon before I can work. I really dont want to take 2 weeks off of work, so If i can take off just 3 days to a week max and just work remotely the next week. I just need to understand what the pain level would be and if I would be comfortable enough to work. I work on the computer so i would pretty much be on emails and calls all day. I'm also realizing now that pain meds may have me groggy and unable to work at all.

I will be posting my before photos real soon!

Went ahead and added my before pics. Boy they are...

Went ahead and added my before pics. Boy they are a HAM. Now I do manage to camouflage thangs in cloths but looking at the real deal like that is something else. Whoa Belly. Salama needs to work magic!!! I am hoping that he can suck enough out and still give me the look I want.

Hi ladies....So....i've been scouring the net for...

Hi ladies....So....i've been scouring the net for a good deal on a hotel over the past week. I did not want to book anything too early because I wanted to make sure my labs were good and I was a definite go for my sx date. I did my blood work late last week and started shopping for a hotel. Prices are INSANE!!!!!! The only moderately priced hotels were the crappiest dumps with terrible reviews. I spoke to a friend who is actually from Miami and he said that he thought i was joking about the prices and came back and said that the outrageous prices are due to the Ultra and Jazz in the Gardens going on the weekend before and the weekend after my sx. Just my luck....

So since it looked like either way I would spend a ton of money, I decided to go priceline name your price. I said what the hell, If I am going to pay a grip for a hotel then I am going to go all out and get a nice one on the beach hopefully on a good deal. My priceline criteria was for 2 adults since I wanted at least 2 doubles as I plan to have a nurse and a friend the first day). Well, they ended up putting me in Daddy-O hotel.....It turns out daddy-o hotel is a boutique hotel with only KING beds!!!!! It looks gorgeous but Ummmmmm NO. I cant do that with a nurse.... I called and tried to cancel, explained I needed 2 beds and told them about my surgery, etc. They were not hearing it. I called both priceline and hotel and no budge. I was literally about to cry because I refuse to pay that much (nearly 2 stacks) for anything that is already way over priced and not exactly what I wanted. So I called my CC to cancel it (the guy at Chase was so understanding and said I shouldnt have a problem....thank God for that). The thing is I need to wait for the charge to post to my CC before I can cancel through my cc. I am not about to book any other place until I am sure I can cancel this.

I need to be focusing on packing and getting everything I need, but I am still focusing on the hotel....Oh I tried air bnb and looking for rentals etc, but they are either not available, not meeting my needs or nearly as expensive as the hotels....And i need to be close to the dr because I will only have help for a couple of days. I am at a loss and back to square 0....I am hoping that by tomorrow the charge will post to my CC and I can get it removed. Suggestions welcome

Well the stress of the hotel has been lifted off...

Well the stress of the hotel has been lifted off my shoulders thanks to newbootyinc. Luckily she had her 2 bedroom villa for an extra week and I will take over it!! I'm so nervous but I've been so busy that I havent even had time to let it all sink in....Today I'm going to do a little bit of shopping and try and find a couple of dresses for my trip. I will be on my way down south this time next Saturday (had to slip an Sat night in to just have a bit of fun).....I'm excited and terrified at the same time.....what have I signed up for?!

Ok ladies...1 week away and finally got a chance...

Ok ladies...1 week away and finally got a chance to buckle down and start packing before going back to work tomorrow.

So here is my list. It's a compilation of what was instructed in Salama's packet, what I want, and some ideas that I've read here. Anything else I need to add?? Especially if there are any good things for scarring because I get hyperpigmentation.

Clindamyacin (antibiotic...I'm allergic to penecillin)
Doc-q-lace (stool softner)
Zoloft (will pick up tomorrow cuz the pharmacy was out)
Vitamin C

Dial Antibacterial body wash - Lavendar and Twilight Jasmine (Is this ok to use?? or do I have to use the plain antibacterial soap for my body...its so harsh and drying on my skin)
Antibacterial soap
toiletries (toothbrush/paste, Cetaphil face wash, spf moisturizer, loofah, lotion, q-tips)
Pads (What are these for again? I got the ultra thin maxi's that I normally buy, I will go back and buy the thick ones if needed)
4x4 gauze
2x2 gauze
Adhesive Tape
Cotton rounds
Witch Hazel
Cottonelle Wipes (Gentle Aloe & E)
Vinyl Mattress Cover
Heating pad
measuring tape
Funnel to pee. (it was 87 cents at walmart. Boy I seriously had to laugh at myself when I was searching the auto aisle to find this)

Several maxi dresses
a few little sweaters to go over the maxi's without shoulders
fitted tee's
yoga pants
socks for surg
beach towel
flip flops
sun glasses
my bella cusina mini blender

the other items I plan to purchase but have not done yet are arnica capsules/gel, bromelain, and maybe benadryl?? Dont you need an perscript for the epifoam? I didnt get one. Also detergent (walmart was out of travel size)

I saw a lot of women had gatorade. They are like 80 calories and I dont like to use calories in my drinks unless they are alcoholic... lol....any alternatives to the gatorade?

I saw chucks/surgical underpads on the list in my packet but I couldn't figure out what these were and no one in the pharmacy knew....anyone know?

I started to doubt the results I would get for a...

I started to doubt the results I would get for a min but team salama is putting it down it seems....March 11th I'm so ready!!

Heading down tomorrow....My nerves have calmed...

Heading down tomorrow....My nerves have calmed down and its excitement has taken over me....Im sure this will change again as my sx gets closer...I finding myself cheesing and getting excited like a little girl today....Ive jumped and clapped a few times....lol

Off to meet the other bbl ladies at our lunch and...

Off to meet the other bbl ladies at our lunch and then head to my pre-op! msbootyinc, her hubby and sis have been such sweethearts and I'm so glad it worked out with us sharing this "villa." And yes her hub can cook...that breakfast burrito was on point. :)

I been running around all day for last minute...

I been running around all day for last minute stuff. Then I had to catch up on some work before I'm completely unreachable for a few days (thank god). So I just finished... then I scrubbed down with an antibacterial body wash and now it's 1:30 am. My sx is first thing in the morning. I have to be there at 7:15. So I'm off to get a few hours sleep before I'm up again to shower and head out. This must be the calm before the storm because I'm so relaxed right now. My life changes in a few short hours.

Thanks for all the love and prayers ladies. I'm...

Thanks for all the love and prayers ladies. I'm doing fine. Surgery was extremely smooth. I'm just
in bed resting. Msbootyinc and her family have been truly amazing. I have crazy hips and ass now. Pics coming soon.

So I'm maunevering really well. Everyone tells me...

So I'm maunevering really well. Everyone tells me I'm doing good. Larry said I'm like 1 in 200 I'm terms of how well I'm recovering based on how I'm moving around. Also been eating well and having no probs getting food down. Appetite is less but still there. Main thing is my ass is sore and I accidentally bumped these new hips a couple of times. Very painful. Besides that I just been wanting to sleep all day.

Ok so first things first. I'm doing fine. Still...

Ok so first things first. I'm doing fine. Still recovering well. The main thing is I can't bend or turn easily and it's a struggle for me to get up or maneuver myself when I need to but it's doable. So in my preop Salama told me he didnt think he could get much in maybe 1000 because my skin was so tight. I wasn't the happiest but any improvement would be worth it plus a slimmer belly. So fast forward to my post op Salama says "guess how much I put in" I'm like I don't know 1200. He said I got 1500 each! I was surprised but every time I look at my butt it looks bigger so he definately did his thing.... Now the massages. I realized I been taking too many perkocets so I stopped yesterday and started taking the extra strength Tylenol including before my massage. The massage hurt pretty bad especially where he did the most lipo. I survived it though and before my next massage on Monday I will be sure to take the percocets before to see if it makes a difference. Also, I have met so many wonderful ladies here, most from real self, some not. It's truly amazing how wonderful and supportive everyone is!

Ok dolls I haven't updated for some time now but I...

Ok dolls I haven't updated for some time now but I a doing fine. Thanks for all the support and pm's ladies whove reached out. So Its been a crazy week I worked remotely and had to schedule my appointments for later in the afternoon then worry about dinner, meds, script refills. So I was mostly pooped by the end of the day. On top of all of this I had a death in the family so ive been dealing with that also.

So Celia was my massage therapist for my 2nd and 3rd massage and she was such a sweetheart and really good. The massage hurt really bad on my lower stomach where Dr. S was the most aggressive with the lipo. I mean burned! Even with the Percocet. I did feel better afterwards but I ain't gonna lie, it was tough. Oh and I got my last drain taken out yesterday too and that nearly made me cry too it hurt like a bitch! I had no idea the drain was so deep in there as it was getting pulled out of my stomach. Glad they're gone though. Phew. Luckily Dr. S referred me to a massage therapist in my local area so I already have my appointment set up with her for tomorrow. She travels so I don't even have to leave my house which is a plus.

So I have to say I really love my new shape... Dr Salama did the damn thang!! My stomach still needs a little work but with religious garmet use and extra pressure hopefully it will get where it needs to be. I'm surprised how flat it did get so far though considering where I started as I'm a little bigger than most of the girls here. Oh the other thing that still needs work is my back. I still have this 1 fat roll but its supposed to go down if I keep using the foam which I plan to do.

Oh and I have a dent in my booty! It's not super deep but if it doesn't fill out I may need a revision. I showed it to Dr S who told me to just keep an eye on it and send him pictures and it can be filled in later on if needed.

And the new garmet girls......mines was craaaaaazy tight. I only got it after my 2nd massage and I kept it on til the next day when I took a shower then put the old one back on. There was no way I coulda got that thing back on by myself. Celia deserves an award. I did bring it back to my 3rd massage and put it on again. Fast fwd to the next day with me arriving home now I had to take if off again and I'm back in the old one. I'll try and put it on after my massage tomorrow and hopefully stick to it for a while. It was super tight I was waddling in it lol and my ass was on fire. Celia seemed to think the size was perfect so I really need to try to use it to perfect my shape.

Ok gals the latest pics posted are not from today but from almost 5 days post where I have the dress on then 1 week post where I am not in the garmet.

2 weeks tomorrow and I feel great. My ass is still...

2 weeks tomorrow and I feel great. My ass is still hard (softening around the edges) and so is my stomach and back which are also still tender but only really affects me when i take my garmet off and touch for showers/massage. I've used my boppy 3x for a total of about 2 hours including the plane ride home and in the car out and about for shopping and some errands. Other than that i been laying, kneeling or walking around. One thing I forgot to mention in my last update that happened on the plane ride home. I was able to switch to an emergency row before boarding and I kneeled on the floor leaning on the seat until just before take off. The middle seat was empty but somebody ended up sitting on the end seat. So just before my flight ended the guy says "I noticed you were praying for quite a while in the beginning, I thought that was pretty impressive!" LOL! So the position i was kneeling on on the seat really would have looked that way. All I could say was well I did pray but not for the whole time. Hehe.

So I had my first at home massage on Friday with a mobile masseuse Dr S recommended in my local area. She barely spoke any English so that was a struggle but luckily I know a little bit of Spanish so we were able to meet half way. Whatever else we couldn't communicate she called her husband who spoke good English. So She came to my house with the massage table which was pretty big and comfortable and I must say she did a really good job. She pointed out some hard lumps under my skin which I didnt even realize were there but she said the massages will take care of them. Ill definately continue to use her for the rest of my massages.

Oh and my garmet!! The stage 2 was hurting like hell before but it's a lot better now. Its still super tight but its bearable. So I must have been just really swollen before which luckily has subsided some and I can even get the stage 2 garmet on and off by myself now. The hard part it just getting all the hooks connected. That part is a workout in itself. I even walked around in the mall for a few hours yesterday and was fine. For sure I had some stallion booty stares. Oh I bought a dress from Bebe for my cruise and my body looks bangin in it ;)

So it's 3 weeks tomorrow and I go back to the...

So it's 3 weeks tomorrow and I go back to the office tomorrow. I tried on some work pants and my ass looked so huge I had to figure something else out to camouflage this or else they gonna look at me like wth is going on. Ugh and I'm bringing my boppy to work but its like I don't give a damn anymore what anyone else thinks its just the extremeness of the change that has me nervous. Oh and I went to a bridal shower yesterday and just brought my boppy. I had a big ass bag to carry it in and since I had to pull it out before sitting at a semi formal table I just told the ladies I had lipo and some work done cause they were looking at me crazy. Oh well after I put it out there I was fine. I ended up telling way more people than I planned to but it's not bothering me like I thought it would.

As far as recovery goes I'm feeling great except for soreness still where lipo was done. It's tender to the touch but not as tender as before

Also my stomach has went down a lot! What I thought was pudge or leftover fat was actually just swelling and I still have a little bit of swelling so it should go down more.

I still have a dent in my booty though. I pray when my booty drops it fills in or else it will need to be addressed. I still have a back roll though but I am hoping it will flatten out with the use of garmets when the swelling goes down.

Oh and I got a squeem! Found a lady in my city that sells them so I was able to go try it first and bought it last week. I got the medium and wore it over my garmet. That bitch was tight as hell. I went to sleep with it on and had to take it off in the middle of the night. It ended up bubbling in the middle too where my waist is smaller so it doesn't lay completely flat which seems to be a problem now. Oh and I ordered the vedette 128 in a medium. I got it on but that ish cut off my circulation so it's on hold for now. I went ahead and ordered the vedette 113 in a large waiting on it to arrive so hopefully that will hold me down for a bit. I need the removable straps with thong type garmet to get by on the outfits I'm gonna rock such as the leather dress pic.

Well ladies I am leaving for my cruise at 3.5 weeks on Thursday with boppy in tow. I'm just go an have to work it out somehow. First obstacle is work tomorrow....
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