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We all see these video models and these strippers...

We all see these video models and these strippers and some of us wish we had a body like them, right? i know i do. Well 2 of my home girls and i decided shoot we want some big asses too! lol... today we had consultation.

We got there at 9am sharp. we met nancy and cynthia who are such SWEET HEARTS! but any who we filled our paper work next thing u know we were in the room getting undress (we decided to get consulted all together). dr.salama came in the room in not even 5 min.. everyone was quick on there feet, their were barely wait times.. dr.salama examined all 3 of us.. One thing about him he keeps it real no sugar coating!

I'm about 5'7 and 200lbs.. I was told that i needed to lose at least 20-30lbs which i already assumed. so time to use that gym membership i been paying for but never use! i always been on diets but never sticked to them. but this time im all in!! If my body don't come out the way i want it to, i can only blame myself. After being consulted we met up with Nancy and Cynthia. These 2 ladies make u feel so comfortable.. we shared laughs and stories and they as well gave us advice on how to lose or gain weight being that one of my friends had to gain weight. We also talked about payments and financing. they also informed us that will have to do blood work before the surgery as well. u can do it at there office for 150 or have your doctor do it.

We all put 10% down to lock in our price and date. since our procedure date is not until October we decided that we will make payments until then and if we have to we will finance the rest. so i guess were putting our ass on layaway huh?

I'm overly excited.. i see so many ladies on here who has gotten the bbl done by dr.salama and so far everyone's procedure has looked nice. some people think girls who gets their body worked on has insecurities but its nothing like that.. i rather say im enhancing my beauty! im not tryna be just a pretty face i wanna be the package!

I will update u guys as much as i can but to be honest u probably wont be hearing from me till September being that we have to go in 2 weeks before to do paper work... but before i go i will post before pics!! LIVE LAUGH LOVE ladies.. mwah!!

4 more days!!!!!!!!

Hey ladies!! Correction I weighed 244!! And lost 24lbs like I was told. So originally my date was set for oct 3 2013 unfortunately I had to reschedule for the 21st and was charged an extra fee of $250!!!! Anyway last tuesday went in and did my lab at their office for $160 and also signed paper work. Everything went well. One of the nurses pretty much broke everything down to me such as to what to expect after surgery, things to get, things to do, etc.... I requested 6 weeks from work being that i sit down allllll day. Feeling excited! I'll post before pics for u ladies.

my wish pics!

before pics

trying to lose weight for your bbl??

For the last 4-5 months I been on this weight loss journey and i was able to lose 24lbs. It definitely takes discipline. I've tried many diets. A cpl of ones that I have tried are the master cleanse and phentermine. Now im just excercising and eating right. Master cleanse is a liquid diet so no eating! Surprisingly I lasted 6 days and lost 7 lbs. The Phentermine is provided by a doctor. I took one every morning. This included a strict diet and light excercise. Currently I am not taking the phentermine only the vitamin c and iron pills I was told to take prior to surgery. I eat a lot of fish, chicken, and vegetables. I try not to eat over 1200 calories a day. I dont drink juice or soda. Water and green tea are now my best friends. I work out atleast 3 times a week, I usually work out 1-2 hours. Ladies im trying to get right. Next year is my year. I will continue with my weight loss im hoping I dont lose my butt in the process! Big is beautiful I agree but its not a healthy lifestyle. If I can do it I have faith that u can too. Good luck. Any questions just ask.

recent pics

Here's recent pics of me in clothing just to get a clue of how I looked before.

damn... is it monday yet????

Im literally counting down the hours. Monday cant get here soon enough. Today I picked up my prescriptions and everything else they advised me to get. Tomorrow I'll pack and will be on my way the next morning. Im scheduled for 7:30am so I'll be his first patient of the day :). Wish me luck ladies!!


So there was a mix up in time.. ugh.. im scheduled for 1! The day before surgery there's absolutely no drinking or eating after 10pm... oh god what I would do for a drink right now. Guess I'll take a nap then. Later ladies. I'll post pics asap.
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