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Hello Ladies, I want to start by saying I am...

Hello Ladies, I want to start by saying I am totally addicted to this site. I am a recently divorced mother of 3. Ages 7,8, and 12. I am a bit overwight 5"4 210 and working on that now. If anybody know of something to speed the process please do tell. I was athletic in high school but had a baby my senior year and there went the figure. I went from a twenty ounce coke to a two liter. NO curves NO where. I workout 3 to 4 times a week and watch what I eat.

I am looking for a date for the first week of May. I have not officially set a date but heard its pretty booked up. I already been Pre approved through CareCredit and now waiting until the holiday is over to try to get that date. I had the virtual consult and since then gained 10 lbs but in all Im trying to lose 40 pounds. That would put me at 170. Which is where I feel comfortable. I was 170 a year ago and met my new friend :) so out to eat and eat and eat we went. You know the saying "you eat when you happy".

I walk on my job (mail carrier) and when I first started OMG I lost so much weight I didnt know what to do but after 7 years my body is like is that all? we do this everyday. So I have to really run on the treadmill to even sweat.

I will put up some pics.. I had the pics I sent Dr. S on my computer but deleted them I didnt want my kids laughing and showing their friends.

If anybody have any info about losing weight or changing a date please inbox me.

I will TTYL. Happy Holidays.

Still looking for my May date.. paid my deposit...

Still looking for my May date.. paid my deposit yesterday..Nancy was so nice. Its starting to get real... I been at the gym likes its going out of style..If anybody want to switch dates let me know..

I have decided that I will not be having the...

I have decided that I will not be having the surgery. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and im totally scared now. If anybody will be scheduling with Salama if I can get it done through the office to get my deposit refunded. PLEASE INBOX ME.... we can get it all done through the office so it will all be with Salamas office. If anybody will be scheduling with him please let me pay your deposit with mine and they can refund me.....

Anybody scheduling with Salama please please let...

Anybody scheduling with Salama please please let me know I really need my deposit back..

I am wanting to cancell and I'm in need of my...

I am wanting to cancell and I'm in need of my deposit back. Remember school will be on break great time to recover.

I want to cancel and really need my money back..

I want to cancel and really need my money back..

Merry Christmas and a BIG BUTT TO ALL!!!!

Merry Christmas. . I havent been updating because LIFE is so harsh it dont care what you want to do. I have shamefully gained some weight and Nancy told me I had to get to 180 at least and since have gained 20 pounds but been working out and lost ten so now I'm up to 220 :( but im trying actively. So any additional tips they are welcomed. I rescheduled with Dr. S for August so I will have time to lose the weight. But I cant not get off of this site long enough to work out. Ijk but it is addictive. You ladies are our therapy. You all help the beginners through the process and make the expectations more realistic, help give us the confidence to be open because we must all have some small type of insecurities to be even considering this procedure. I want to thank each and every one of you ladies and (maybe some men) for sharing your journey and caring enough to share it. Thanks and again.Merry Christmas (Felix Navidad) and to ALL A BIG BUTT....and I will post a preop pic today when my boo thang get up and if you say girl you dont need a bbl cause you have a BIG OLE BOOTY, then flip your phone around cause you will be looking at my stomach.Lol

I need a tt and bbl together.

I was trying to get both procedures and Dr.S only do one at a time I'm coming from Alabama and taking that much time off i need to do both recoveries. I want to stay in the US but i also want hips can anybody give me some suggestions. I have lost over 30 pounds and I will post new pictures of my weight loss. But the flap is still there.

wish pics :-D

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