Lipo N BBL

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I am 40 years old with one son having lipo of...

I am 40 years old with one son having lipo of thighs abdomen flanks back n bbl done by dr mcadoo on oct18, hemo is up to 12.7 thanks to Hemoplex. I want at least 1800
Cc' s of fat in my butt and my waist 24-26 I'm 5,8 228 looking to finish my journey I had a tummy tuck in dr with contresas he is wonderful. Now it's Mcadoo turn to work his magic on me


I made it to seduction my coordinator Yolanda is wonderful this place is very nice. I just hate that the other coordinator didn't tell me all the labs I need now I'm here taking urinalysis and pt n ptt test the day before surgery and on top of tht $350 fee I have to pay $160.50 for shots to prevent blood clots which also wasn't added in my fee by my first coordinator

SEDUCTION and Seduction recovery House

SEDUCTION, Have very nice staff but are very unprofessional, unorganized,Mcadoo was suppose to do my surgery it ended being another Dr Decio caravlho, I was 5'8.5 inches and 221I think for surgery they stated I had no abdomen fat so it will be hard to achieve a bbl and dr Decio said I already had a big butt but he will try to make it firm and lift up I'm not sure if I'm satisfied just yet I have to wait until all my swelling go down because my whole body got swollen including my face. Ughh. Seduction and their Recovery house is terrible the language barrier at the house is awful I had my translator all the time they were talking about the patient and everything I spoke with the owner who speaks fluently in English. He was not aware of the things going on at the house. Seduction clinic don't tell ppl everything they need and keep spiking up prices for their patients luckily I paid for everything expect those which I paid for and the dr that did my surgery don't use them. So I ask for a refund back. These ppl at therecovery let me just bleed threw the sheets and one pad the payed and told me it's ok no other English speaking word ashamed blood was everywhere I thought maybe because this doctor didn't use drains. But who wants to be laying a puddle of blood. SMH
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Dr Decio caravlho

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