Lipo N BBL

I am 40 years old with one son having lipo of...

I am 40 years old with one son having lipo of thighs abdomen flanks back n bbl done by dr mcadoo on oct18, hemo is up to 12.7 thanks to Hemoplex. I want at least 1800
Cc' s of fat in my butt and my waist 24-26 I'm 5,8 228 looking to finish my journey I had a tummy tuck in dr with contresas he is wonderful. Now it's Mcadoo turn to work his magic on me


I made it to seduction my coordinator Yolanda is wonderful this place is very nice. I just hate that the other coordinator didn't tell me all the labs I need now I'm here taking urinalysis and pt n ptt test the day before surgery and on top of tht $350 fee I have to pay $160.50 for shots to prevent blood clots which also wasn't added in my fee by my first coordinator
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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