3 Weeks Post-Op... Happy SALAMA BOOTAY to Me!

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I am 44yo, 5'4", 155lbs mother of three, half...

I am 44yo, 5'4", 155lbs mother of three, half black - half Chinese. I have waited so long for this - perhaps too long. I started looking into BBLs maybe some 10 years ago, and am finally taking the leap. I am doing this for ME. I want to feel confident and sexy(er) as I walk around - especially as a Black person whose culture values a nice round bootay.

Please give me a link if you are having yours done around that time.

I do feel a little apprehensive when I read about the BBL journeys posted here but...Deposit has been made, flights have been booked - so there is no turning back. My husband is coming with me, at least for the first 5 days, then we'll see how my remaining days in FL play out. He claims he is okay with my unshapely derriere but I can tell that he is excited about the potential outcome of my BBL. What black man does not like a nice full bootay!

One of my concerns is transitioning from a flat a$$ to a new sexy shape at the office. I have a desk-bound job. I will be off for 2 weeks for the procedure, but what do I do to make my sensitivity to sitting and my new shape subtle upon my return? Any tips? I have begun wearing a padded panty to create a hint of this fullness, but... Will I need to bring this boppy pillow to work? I hope not.

I am having full back and abdomen lipo (also doing arms)... my arms are thick and my legs skinny. With skinny legs, I cant afford to put too much in the caboose...lol...I want to look natural.

7 weeks to go! Taking it one day at a time......

7 weeks to go! Taking it one day at a time... made hotel reservations today~

Ladies, am I understanding this right - that I am...

Ladies, am I understanding this right - that I am supposed to start pre-op vitamins 45 days before the procedure? I have not yet received any of those instructions from Dr. S' team!!!

Vets, what should I be taking? I saw on Cola8's review that the course includes bioflavonoids, arnica Montana, iron vitamin c bromelanin - is that it? What is the dosage?

Time is going by pretty fast..I've gotta get...

Time is going by pretty fast..I've gotta get myself together!!!

So I called Dr S' office today and spoke with...

So I called Dr S' office today and spoke with Nomie. She was able to email me all the pre-op info pak. Lots to go through...but it is all essentially captured in the blogs here. I will share as I go through later this week/on the weekend. Anyway, for those of you who have not yet received your package, she said she was at May 14 Sx dates.

5 weeks to go - time ain't waiting...I have my...

5 weeks to go - time ain't waiting...I have my routine physical with my family doctor tomorrow, and so will have him work through Dr. S' clearance requirements. I have been having headaches and feeling kinda woozy lately - I don't know if that's a high blood pressure symptom(?) - hope not!!!

... had my blood work and EKG done today...waiting...

... had my blood work and EKG done today...waiting for the results.

Yay!!! So the results are in...they were good and...

Yay!!! So the results are in...they were good and I got medical clearance. I think I gained 5 lbs! Yuck - wont work, I was trying to lose 5! Had a tough last 2 weeks and have been eating to counteract the stress (excuses, excuses). Anyway, I think I can lose at least the 5 gained by Sx time. I think I am pretty much done shopping. Nomie said I didn't need all those extra garments - squeem vest, waist clincher, vedette or faja - I already had a couple and bought a few more - may just return them. Do I really need Depends? That just sounds a bit gross for me at this age. I have not yet filled my yeast infection Rx nor bought the Gravol. - will probably do so on the weekend. I have been on my iron and vit C for the last 2 weeks; I'm thinking of switching to the MakeMeHeal package come next week. Flight booked. Accommodation booked - staying at Residence Inn the first week, then at Hollywood Beach Resort the second week. Had previously booked to be in FL for 14 days - I am thinking of changing that and returning home a few days sooner. Lymphatic Massage Therapist identified. So what's next? - Arrange for final payment, pre-book massages. What am I missing?

..need to buy a measuring tape...

..need to buy a measuring tape...

...10 days to go for my ASSformation and yes, I am...

...10 days to go for my ASSformation and yes, I am ready!!! I'm all paid up....getting arm lipo and fat transfer to labia majora as well...cant wait...I am getting jealous of all you ladies who have made it to the other side.

Here is a list of what a...

Here is a list of what a purchased/gathered:
Plane Tickets
- 1st 5 nights at Residence Inn by Marriott (used points so free)
- $360 (for last 6 nights at Hollywood Beach Resort)
Arnicare Gel
Vitamin C
Moist Heat Pack
Wahl Heat Therapy Heated Therapeutic Massager
Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel
Diphenhydramine HCI
3M Micropore Paper Tape
Stool Softener
Neosporin + Pain Relief , Maximum Strength
7-day Plastic Pill Box
Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic Solution
3D Shaper, All Over Body Firming and Tightening Cream
Hibiclens Antiseptic, Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser, Liquid
VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre & Post-Op Program 4pc Kit
Kelo-cote Scar Healing & Reduction Gel
Nivea Skin Firming Body Lotion With Q10 Plus
Sterile Gauze Pads
Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear, Firm Compression Miracle Vest, XS
Dr. Rey Shapewear Womens Shaping Vest, S
Vedette Shapewear 128 Katia Strapless Lace Bodysuit in Thong, S
Lady Elegance P EZ Female Urinal
Dial Antibacterial Body Wash
Lipofoam (I know Dr S provides this, but I got them free)
6 pk A-shirts (to wear under CG)
Measuring Tape
Tylenol Extra Strength
Dark Bath Towels
Maxi Dresses
Latex Girdle Vest, Medium
Fredericks of Hollywood Corset, 36C
Ardyss Body Shaper, 32
I think this is it. Over $1000 spent here!
I am only taking the necessities with me to FL. Want to travel as light as possible, but I hardly think a carry on will fit it all ... We'll see. I may start packing tomorrow.
I also plan to schedule my lymphatic drainage massages tomorrow for when I return home.
The excitement is building ladies!!!

Am I over-packing?

Started packing and a carry-on by itself wont do!!!

Told my kids

So I finally told my kids, they seem okay. I will buy groceries tomorrow to make sure they have enough while I am away. You know what, come to think of it, I have never not slept under the same roof with my youngest since he was born. I think I'll be fine though...his siblings will take good care of him. I had planned to take him down to FL with me but eventually will not, as I think the experience of seeing me immediately post surgery will be too traumatic for him. He is good with that too - he says he does not want to miss school...really!!!

I'll be the 1st on Monday morning!!!!!

So I got a call from Dr. S' office today - for the life of me I could not get the young lady's name...should probably be buying hearing aids instead of growing my arse...lol.
Anyway, she just wanted to confirm my pre-op visit on Sunday afternoon, provide me with an access code for the building and also the office managers tel # if I was running late for my appt. I asked her how many sx Dr had on Monday...she said 3!!! Dr. S is serious! Anyway, she said I was 1st - so it's all good.

At the airport!

I'm on my way ladies....no nerves yet...it's all good.

Pre-op Measurements

So going in. I'll be:
150 lbs (yes, lost 5 as planned)
Waist: 33"
Hips: 40"

I forgot to measure my arms, and I did not bring my measuring tape with me. I'll try to have it done at the OR tomorrow

Twas the day before...

So after I checked in at my hotel (Residence Inn), I went to Aventura Mall and had lunch/dinner at Bela Luca. Then I went to see Ruben to complete my paper work and get instructions for tomorrow - major ones were: no eating or drinking after 12 midnight, have a good shower (scrub all that dirt and dead skin off - loofah works wonders), no nail polish or acrylic on either index fingers.
Then I went grocery shopping to make sure I had enough food to pick around post Sx. Post-surgery recommended foods rich in iron: meats, broccoli, spinach, dark leafy greens, water, Gatorade and carbs.
I took a couple before pics in swimsuit...uggghhh is all I can say. I will post at some point.

Beauty Feels lotsa pain !!!

So had my procedure done. I believe I am all good...was tired earlier but got some rest....abs sore as hell....booty is humongous and achy - cant quite describe it. I feel good while I'm lying but don't want to stand for too long. I get up but my walking is in short spurts...maybe 2-3 minutes a pop. Drinking my Gatorade, had some soup. I actually am feeling pretty decent - al things considered. Husband says I am a tough woman. My face is swollen - especially eyes'; hands are a bit swollen too. Yaneisay said I got 1100 ccs - haven't looked at it in cg yet - still have in my dress - how keep me warm. I will update more tomorrow and hopefully put up some pics.
Shout out to latina4booty and 'V' for coming by my room to check up on me.
Thanks for the prayer ladies. As always, they worked! XOXO!

Ass, Ass and more Ass!

I don't know what I'm going to do with so much ass. Doc says it is a lot of swelling and will go down. I am doing well...and already looking good. Had my first day post-op visit today...doc says I am looking good. It is awkward either just stand, walking or lying on my stomach. I have my first massage scheduled for Thursday...next painful hurdle. I am not in a lot of pain now...just stiff when I change positions. Hands are swollen, eyes were too but not so bad today. Posting some pics, but I really think I look better in the mirror ;-)

Scared to do #2

So I feel like a #2 but I am sooo scared? Vets how did you do this? Do you sit? I cut the slit deeper but I still don't know what to do:-( Help!!!
Went to the mall today...well, Target and Marshalls...I could feel the eyes burning thru my ass...lol.
Hands are sooo very swollen, but I am doing okay. Posted some pics taken after my shower today. Btw, showered yesterday too. Totally hate taking off and putting back on the CG - really sore.

1st #2 post-op

TMI, but...had to take off my garment, sat backwards on toilet - supported by thighs NOT butt, then let it go. Did not really hurt...just focussed on the task at hand. What a relief!!! Honestly, my garment feels looser. Cleaning was hard...booty too big - lmao...had to shower.

1st Massage

Had my 1st massage with Celia today. Yikes - that thing was painful! Took my 1.5 percs 1 hour before but lord did I feel the burn!!! I tried to remember to take deep breaths and did groan a few times. I have another tomorrow - they are not open on Saturday or on Monday (Memorial Day). I guess different strokes for different folks - I met someone there who actually loved the massages and said they were a 2 on a pain scale of 1 - 10. I would rate it as 11! Feeling a bit tired - so gonna have a nap...that massage was draining in more ways than one.

Feeling tired this morning

I'm feeling tired this morning...I think I need to step up my carb intake. Also, that massage yesterday really sapped me. I generally don't do well with deep tissue massages (even before sx).....I guess all the released toxins make me feel like crap. Also my bm's are too regular so I have stopped taking the stool softener. Will update on my massage later.

Feeling much better after 2nd massage

My second massage was just as painful, perhaps more. I had a lot of fluid build up on my left side - it burned!!! Eilyn was my therapist today. I also changed CG's - I am now in a large (with foams), down from XL - actually, does not feel uncomfortable at all. What I hate are my compression sleeves - god they cut into the insides of my elbow! Next massage is on Tuesday - $75.

Now at Hollywood Beach Resorts

So, sent hubby back home to the kids, checked out of Residence Inn and am now at Hollywood Beach Resorts for the remainder of my stay (6 nights). I got this equipped studio really cheap at $60/nt. The lobby and hallways are a 'dive' compared to Residence Inn; but the room is okay. I can see the pool and beach through my window, and walks along the boardwalk should be nice.
If you are here at the Hollywood Beach Resort to May 30, pls give me a link.

Mixed feelings about hotel

Last night I was miserable and was prepared to request a refund of my hotel fees. The hallways smelled of smoke and dampness, so was the room but a little less. The hallways and neighbours were noisy, children running around, furniture moving, could hear people going up and down the exit staircase, in and out the exit doors - needless to say I had a headache. I took 2 Tylenol extra strength and woke up a lot better. I went out for walk - and girls, it is gorgeous - the beach, the boardwalk. So, that said it is a good hotel for fun in the sun, but I would not recommend it for recovering patients like me who need quite rest and a room with clean fresh air.

New CG

Now, this may sound a bit nasty but I do not think I can shower before Tuesday - day of my next massage. My new CG is tight! And I have no one to help me put it back on and pack in the foams!!! So, I have been wiping my private parts and blow drying in an effort to keep down there as clean as possible.
I also managed to do 2 #2's with my CG on - so same posture, but opening up the slit before and as I sit on the toilet seat....and making sure to wipe real good, even the thong strings of the CG...not the most hygienic thing to do as bacteria can travel up and down that thong string - but it is my best option right now:-(

Re New Hotel - Hollywood Beach Resorts

...thought about this a bit more after I posted my 'feelings' and thought I needed to qualify my review with...It depends on the room you get. There are numerous accommodations available at different locations in this building, so I am sure other rooms will be much better - just be sure to ask for what you need before you book...

Surgery Day – as I remember it..

Woke up and showered with Hibiclens. Arrived at surgery site just before 7:30am – venue is actually different from Dr S’ office. As we pulled into a parking spot, 2 cars over, another car had pulled in with 2 ladies dressed in scrubs. We got on the elevator together and I noticed that Elite Plastic Surgery was embroidered on their clothing, along with their names (Monica and Yaneisay). I introduced myself and husband and told them I was having surgery today. We exchanged pleasantries; they opened up the office, told my husband to wait in the waiting room and took me to a restroom/change room. Yaneisay gave me my surgical gown, compression socks, a pair of ‘peds’ and paper panties to put on. She gave me a jar to pee in (for pregnancy test). As I sat on the toilet to pee, I suddenly had the urge for #2 and did it there. After #2, I cleaned myself with some moist toilettes that I luckily had in my handbag, undressed and put on my surgical attire. Left the pee cup on the counter and walked out.
Yaneisay took me to Dr Salama’s office, invited in my husband, then doc arrived. Yaneisay took my going home clothes and hubby’s phone # then left the room. Dr S looked over my paperwork, we talked about what I wanted, he marked me up, he said I may need a TT because of my stretch marks (will see how that goes), he told us about the risks, and asked if we had any more questions. I told him I trusted his judgment – just give me a nice, round, perky booty, small sloping shelf, filling out my hips. I did not show him any wish pics. We also made small talk. Dr S is very focused but also very approachable.
Then Eric, the anesthesiologist came in. He asked about allergies, previous surgeries, # of child births – vaginal or c-section, abortions, still births, any loose teeth, # crowns, # implants, when was the last time I had something to drink, etc, etc. Apparently he could not find a specific clearance test result in my file, doc said it may be at the office and that I should be okay. He then allowed me to say ta-ta to my hubby and took me to OR1.
The operating table was so narrow – I swear about 18 inches across. I mounted the table and lay on my back. Yaneisay strapped something on to each of my calves (maybe something to hold me in place - not sure). The table had two ‘arm rests’, so looks like a ‘t’ (I won’t say cross, but interesting paradigm of what we are putting our bodies through…lol). Eric poked the IV needle in the back of my left wrist – said I’d start feeling dizzy, then put the oxygen mask over my face while telling me to think happy thoughts. I started thinking about lying on the beach in a 2-piece on a warm, sunny day and… I was out.
In what really seemed like a few seconds of dozing off, Eric was asking me if I was okay. I felt the heaviness of my body and knew that I had made it to the other side! I was on my back, in my CG and Yaneisay helped me roll over to my front. I felt a slight burning sensation in my vagina, and which I suspected was a catheter; later I felt Yaneisay pull it out. I was in a different room with some heavy duty fans blowing warm air all over me – that felt really soothing as my body shuddered a lot; after the tremors subsided, Yaneisay brought in the wheel chair. I sat on a boppy pillow; I asked if that was good for my ass, she laughed and said it was okay. My face and eyes were swollen – she said it was normal and as a result of lying face down. She gave me a cube of ice – God my mouth was dry. The chair felt uncomfortable – my back ached, but no nausea, no dizziness. Then hubby came in. Yaneisay told me I got 1100 in each cheek, gave me 2 full size and 2 XL chux, wheeled me to the elevator and down to the car. I got in on the back seat, face down.
At the hotel, I struggled out from the car; we entered via a side door where there would not be too many eyes on my beaten-up state. I inched my way to the elevator and wished that I had asked for a room on the ground floor, closest to the door. I got to my room, barely able to pull the tube of my dress down, crawled and crashed into bed. Apart from the pain and discomfort, I was very thirsty. My throat felt slightly scratched from the breathing tube insertion and removal – but it was not sore. Hubby had to constantly bring me Gatorade in a sippy cup (very useful as u are face down - barely able to lift your head in those early recovering hours).
And the rest, my friend, is....is it really history?

De-formed my Bootay(????)

OMG, I think I just de-formed my bootay??? So I have been pooping all morning long - 4 times in 2 hours! I forgot to pull back in my thong string from off my right cheek and now, there is an indentation of where the string was when I had pulled it apart to poop! And, the pressure from the string kinda pushed the fat towards my butt crack! ... I hope it fixes itself soon...(bawling). I already have a flat spot on my left cheek that I don't know how happened...

3rd Massage and Back Drain Removed....YAYY!!!

Had my 3rd massage today...felt really good and therapeutic this time... not torturous! I did take 2 percs though. Also had my back drain removed - so now a single baller....lol. Posted some pics. Gonna work on getting to 145lbs in an effort to maximize my results.
Nothing exciting happening....ready to go home. My butt is no longer disfigured....fixed itself.
I have my 3rd and final EPS massage tomorrow, then Dr S will do his check up and send me on my way...

4th Massage Today

Had my 4th massage earlier this afternoon. Doc did his eval; said I looked good, had small fluid build-up on lower left tummy section - garment is a bit loose there,so adding more compression to that spot. Front drain is still in - have to wait for 2 days of only 25ccs each day; so I will have the pleasure of removing it myself (*ewww*). But I am good to go, and will be on my way tomorrow...

On My Way Home

At the airport, waiting for boarding. Had to do the body scan for security clearance...my drain showed up on the scan. so I had to cup my ball through my dress, then the agent swabbed my hands and scanned it. She asked what it was for, what kinda surgery I had....I told her back; Said she needed to have back surgery too...lol.

...Standing in a corner, waiting patiently for boarding, am in row 1 - preferred seating, will see how that goes...

2 Weeks Post-op

Well I made it home safe and sound on day 10 – flight was as good as could be expected. I presented my letter to the crew when I entered the plane, they were very cooperative and helpful – I stood or knelt the entire way home - only sat for take-off and landing.

Spent day 11 and 12 cleaning house, doing laundry, light gardening and getting back to mommy-duty and the real world.

I had the pleasure of self-removing my front drain on day 12. First I cut the stitches, felt a bit squeamish and was about to leave it for ‘tomorrow’ but realized there was no turning back as the stitches had been removed. I slowly pulled it out, all 5 – 6 inches of it – I felt a slight sting and warmth as it came out – deep breaths helped me through. It is a relief not walking around with this extra accessory.

Day 13, I took in 4 inches on my XL CG. I am guessing that makes it approximately a medium(?). It is tighter than my large. I will also take in about 3 inches of my large and then transition to my small Vedette.

I tried on clothes for back to work. My butt is too big for my pants (I am a pants girl). My size 8’s that were kinda loose pre-op, can no longer pass my hips. In a pair of size 10’s, they look like bowling balls – I do not like! So I guess it is skirts and dresses until this bootay drops(?)

2 weeks Post-Op measurements:
155lbs (I have been eating non-stop, really healthy appetite - too healthy!)
Bust: 38 inches
Waist: 31 inches
Hips: 42.5 inches
Hoping to lose a few more inches all round…but I also have to control this appetite while also feeding my recovery *sigh*.

...going to start using my board today.

All in all, I love my new shape - what a transformation! I just have a closet full of size 6 and 8 pants and I don't want to go any larger ;-(

3 Weeks Post-op

I had my period on day 16 post op – a couple days early but almost normal cycle. Not wanting to deal with it in my CG with leg compression, I squeezed myself into my small Vedette 128 – which unhooks at the crotch. The first day was TIGHT – no kidding, but by the second day, I was able to squeeze my board in. I don’t like the compression that the Vedette 128 gives to my lower tummy area so I am thinking of wearing it only during the daytime (since it looks better under my clothes) and then the regular CG by night – I have taken it in by another 4 inches – equating to a small (?)

Swelling is negligible, I think I have lost volume in my bootay (though the measuring tape doesn’t show it) which I really don’t mind – I am wary of the shape though – I think too much is gone from the lower outsides. My waist has gone done by another inch – after I lose another inch, I think I will be good with that waist size – so will be retuning my XS vest. I wish Dr S had lipo’d more from my upper back and just by the arm pit area – I have really stubborn fat there – another reason why I don’t want my waist to be too small then have this chunk of fat poking out. Oh, and bootay has movement – flexes and jiggles slightly – its alive!

Week 3 Measurements:
Bust: 38 inches
Waist: 29 inches
Hips: 42.5 inches

My masseuse says my skin is healing really well – firming and molding back nicely. I shed a lot of dead skin over last week too – masseuse said it is a good sign of regeneration of skin tissue. Massages feel really good now – I don’t want her to stop. I feel prickly/itchy sensations occasionally – I am dreading the itchy stage that vets have talked about…

What else? I spoke with Dr S on day 14 – he answered my aftercare questions/concerns. That pocket of fluid is gone – used extra foam compression (3 layers) and it disappeared overnight! I am wearing a marble in my navel to preserve the shape. I started scar therapy. I have not yet sat nor slept on my back or sides and I still hate my compression sleeves but, I am halfway there - I can do it!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I started out with Dr. Mendieta as my Dr of choice for the many years that I considered the procedure. As I got closer to deciding, I thought I would look up his reviews on the web some more; I found RS and consequently Dr. Salama. Salama's work looked great and comparable to what I wanted from Mendieta. The deciding factor therefore was price and value for money. But Salama had no available dates before Jan 2014! I couldn't wait that long and was prepared to back-pedal to Mendieta. Luckily for me, Nancy and Cynthia, with their excellent service attitude were able to find me an early date. I don't know if it is the ultimatum that worked! So May 20, 2013 it is.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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