#Yily, had me down for wrong date and no longer accepting discounts. Im waiting for quotes from Cabral and Duran

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Hello all my beautiful BBL sisters. I have been...

Hello all my beautiful BBL sisters. I have been lurking on this site for over a year. I am 25 5"8 165 lbs. A year ago i had decided to go with Dr. Salama, this was when his prices were 5,499.00. Fast forward a year later and his price is 8,500 and booked until October... Really? I guess thats thanks to all the reviews on RealSelf. Anyway I have been searching for a doctor and have narrowed my search to 3.

1. Dr. Salama
Quote: 8,499.00
Next open date: Oct. 2013

2. Dr. Ghurani
Quote: 8,499.00
Next open date: March or April 2013

3. Dr. Perry
Quote: 6,500.00 - 7,000.00
Next open date: January 2013.

Salama is my first choice put i don't want to owait until October. I am looking to put my deposit down with Ghurani in 2 weeks. Lord knows i pray his slots don't get filled as that is the perfect time for me to get it done. I also trust him as he his Dr. Salama's partner and i doubt another PS would allow someone to work with his patients, do a bad job and cause a bad reputation.

Dr. Perry is cheaper and his work is ok but I don't get the feeling I do when thinking about Salama or Ghurani.

So with the back and forth and back and forth...

So with the back and forth and back and forth again I have finally made my decision to go with Yily in the Dominican Republic. See below:

Hello! Thanks for contacting us!

The price for BBL and liposuction of abdomen, armpit, upper arms, back, flanks, waist is 3000$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, GLYCEMIA, UREA, CREATININA EN SUERO, HEMOGRAMA, VDRL, GRUPO SANGUINEO Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

The lipo of your inner thigh will depend on your hemoglobin levels because this procedure provokes a large loss of blood. It's 250$USD extra.

Your hemoglobin levels have to be more than 12 gm/ dl.

The lymphatic massages cost 31$USD each session (10 sessions)

For all medication is 250$USD

If you want to but a second garment, the price is 140$USD

The places we recommend to stay at are:

-Spa Jacqueline Marrero “recovery house”: 90$ per day. If 2 people share a room the price would be 75$USD per person. It includes: roundtrip transportation to the airport, room with 2 beds, 3 meals, nurse 24 hours, security, access to internet WIFI, Transportation to surgery. Phone number: 809-412-8239 / 829- 966-8878. Website: www.spamedicaljm.com

-The hotel of the clinic CIPLA: 100$ per day. It includes: 3 meals, no WIFI. The roundtrip transportation is 70$USD.

But if you want to stay in a hotel close to the clinic instead of the recovery house:

-Hotel Plaza del Sol 8096862614. It’s 45$USD per day. It only includes breakfast. No nurse.

You need to say to me the date you want to have surgery ( I don’twork on Sundays and I prefer not to do surgeries on Saturdays and Thursdays) and once the date has been set and you’ve booked your flght you have to send me a deposit of 500$ US through Western Union:

Name: Yily Loramny de los Santos Rosario

Before surgery

You should start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, vitamin C.

Stop smoking

Stop taking drugs

After surgery:

I will give you instructions and recommendations for your recovery.

You should bring loose clothes and maternity pads.

You will stay 1 night in the clinic and it’s included in the quote.

I am super excited and this is all to real. I will be confirming my date this week as well as sending my deposit. Anyone else for Team Yily the middle of March.

Really do not want to travel to the DR by myself....

Really do not want to travel to the DR by myself. Ladies if anyone wants to buddy up please let me know. Would llove to go thru this experience with someone else.

I think it will be a good idea for all Yily girls...

I think it will be a good idea for all Yily girls to post the dates of their surgery just in case people are looking to buddy up. Yily has began to get "BIG" on realself. Post your surgery dates ladies.

I was wondering how sex was after sx. How long do...

I was wondering how sex was after sx. How long do you have to wait and do it get better?? Lmao. I'm ready to throw it back. Ctfu. Don't mind me....

Yily is no longer accepting group discounts. I am...

Yily is no longer accepting group discounts. I am so upset at Yily's office, but maybe everything happens for a reason. I scheduled for sx back in Janurary date confirmed flight booked deposit paid. Something told me to call the office and confirm my date although Yily confirmed it in an email however Yira had me down for March 11th, which I only called to inquire about and emailed Yily and told her do not change me. Yily also stated the discount of a group will be applied. A month later she is no longer doing group discounts. Wtf. How does this work for the people she already confirmed for the discount. I am soo upset right now. No sx in March for me =( because of the confusion at her office. I was able to switch to the beginning of April but I am now waiting for quotes for Cabral (i know I know no need to tell me lol) and Agustina Duran --- they all work in CIPLA and as we know Cabral is the MAN when it comes to life size barbies. Duran also produces fat azzez and scuplts the body. I am still team Yily tho. Does anyone know if Paypal or Yily will refund my money if needed.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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